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Jaffa Factory 1 - Jaffa Cake Factory Planning (Tekkit)

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 9,070,896 views

Simon has set us the task of building a factory to make delicious biscuits! We're joined by Duncan to help us make Simon's dream a reality! Next:...

Like if your watching in 2014
By far the yogscasts best series and the best series I have ever seen on youtube
Then you probably just recently started watching
Watching this entire series over again!!!!!!!!!! HYPE FOR ME!!!!
its about my 108th time watching thiss seriees
thumbs up if you are tired of people asking for thumbs ups
This wasn't even meant to happen...
Who is watching this in 2014, or if your from the future, 2015?
3086 earth was destroyed so I went back in time on my spaceship to get wifi
This really was The Yogscast at its best. Now they make most of their series scripted and it doesn't have that charm anymore.
+eduardo shurikin If you don't look for hate in the comments, because you're here for the entertainment, then why are you replying to it? Video not entertaining enough? (Jokes :P)
+Aladdin Dips Hacks Every Thing I'm New. :-)
I remember when mine craft was awesome. But since Microsoft bought it it became crap.
I've been playing Minecraft for a couple of years and, in my opinion, the updates add to the game.All they need now is for the trees to fall down automatically without mods. xD
+Leah Gregory i know, that would be epic! also 50th comment lol
Like if you're watching in 1942
I remember watching this when it had just come out...
+Joey Coveyduck There's something called ' having multiple accounts', or another one, ' recreating accounts '.
Like if watching in 2015!
is this it? has the height of humanity been reached? Morons playing a video game and talking about it? 
Are you trying to start a comment war?
Is this the Tekkit Lite, classic or the new one?
Ok, that version is old and not updated anymore though 
I remember when I watched episode one and thought "I wanna watch all of these!" Then when episode 17 came out when I was catching up i thought "bugger i wish i watched only one every day" of course this was before I was a brony
guys you spent 1,872 hours on this series 
ok i live in america and never head of a jaffa cake WHAT is a jaffa cake?
It's a flat lil cake with orange jelly in the middle
guys somebody ids watching this in 2026 but we cant connect becuse this is in 2015
Like if your watching in 2015
I love how they laugh about building the whole factory out of marble and thats wat they end up doing
Watch my videos if your reading my comment :)
As much as I'm nostalgic for this series, I can't believe they've been using Sphax for so long. Minecraft has always looked so much better with SD textures, and it really disappoints me that they've insisted on using HD textures for two years now, especially with a pack as ugly as Sphax. :\
for modpacks I think it is better but for vinilla minecraft I use faithful
eh, I prefer soartex myself, but that's just me
Like my comment if ur watching in 2015 Or Below or higher
Like if you're here in 2015!
they should make a new series on somthing like this
This is weird cause I just finished watching moon quest
And so begins the hopefully-not-all-day watching of the Tekkit series.
Spoilers: oh wait the series never ends. nevermind. 
Re watching this in November 2014 makes me sad
I'm revisiting the memories, this was legitly the best....
I loved this series it broke my heart when they ended it 
Like if you remember when right or left clicking a door toggled it.
Best series the Yogscast has made... * Sheds Tear * WHYYYYYYY. * Sobbing * RIP JAFFA FACTORY
What song do they use in the beginning of these videos? Its been killing me.
No one knows though I think they said it in there little inferno series
I feel older then i should cries (no joke)
Like if your watching 2015
Is it just me or is this the start of a about... 500 episode series?
+GoodGuy50 That's not really the same series or even the same server... Including those it would be 304 episodes so far. It would be about 90 hours.
+GoodGuy50 according to lewis(the main stockholder) every minecraft survival(not the adventure maps) are all linked
Like if your watching in 2015!
Like if you're watching in 2015
Like if you're watching in 2015!
Like if you are watching in 2015
Like if your watching in 2015 or actually don't since that makes no sense to like just because of the year so... Just don't like do something else.
You guys are making a jaffa factory. Me and my brother are building a coffee beans and instant coffee farm/factory.
This series never gets old
Binge watching Jaffa Factory this weekend, can't wait for Santa's belt!
Im Whatching This In 2015 And I Was A Fan Since The WOW Videos But Man The Memorys!
Is this tekkit Classic or just the official modpack?
I just love to see people not read the date on videos, It makes a lot of people mad for some reason.
well this was made in 2012 so its classic the other one and less good one is not existed yet
Like if ur watching in 2015
Any one else rewatching the best minecraft series ever?
I miss this series. They don't make series like this anymore. They're still funny now, but it isn't as good anymore.
Like if you're watching in 2015
Like if your watching in year 3000
*Is holding stone* "I haven't got any stone!"
Like if your watching on 2015!!!
Its awesome im back to watch this a fifth time in 2015 c: still halarious cx
can someone give me the link to download this mod please!!!!!!
Flax is string! Anyone get the reference? x3 And yes.. I know I'm late before anyone tells me.. I'm rewatching the series and just remembered that line..
my god this makes me want to play tekkit, it always crashes though :'(
Like if you're watching in 2015
If anyone lives in bristol just ask why they ended the series
Because of the damn fucking bees. Which is why Simon or Duncan NEVER allows Lewis to start with bees if they're in the modpack
would this now be called tekkit classic or ? 
Time to re-watch the whole series as it is near Christmas again! :D
Exactly what I doing XD
i miss this series :'( watching this whole series again tho <3
I love this series 👽
Hey people I'm new to Jaffa Factory and have reached episode 92. Should I bother watching 93-117?
is it me or does Duncan's voice sound waaaaay different than it does now
Wow ! That game looks fun. Can somebody tells me what it's called and will they continue to play it ? I am looking forward to future episodes. Thanks. -Obama
This series is just filled with nostalga
if you wear a pumpkin and look at a enderman it wont attack you
What texture pack are they using?
Like if you watching in 2015
What is the resource pack they are using?
oh shit let the nostalgia floweth forth
this is my fourth time watching :P
Old times, I'd say Yogscast gone shit now.
Marathon anyone?
What mod pack do you use
Like if you are watching in 2015
"Flax is string." (Sjin)
whats the texture pack?
what is the texture pack their using?
Best episode 👍👍👍👍😂😂😂
What was the version of tekkit was this. i dont think that tekkit classic has everything that they are using
Is it tekkit classic or tekkit lite????  Plz Help
Oh sorry I didn't know..
+Cristian cuellar then dont answer someone in need of help if you didnt know.
Thumbs up if 2 + 2 = 4
I loved jaffas ever since I was 7
I loved jaffas since I was 5 lol :D
Everyone seems to love this series imma start it now
What's the texture pack used in this?
Sphax pure BDcraft
Build it like a Jaffa cake
its been over for about a year or so now
Watching this series again because... Nostalgia.
watching this series again 
hey Yogscast, you guys got some competition  :)
Don't underestimate us......
What the hell is Jaffa cake?
+Thundernoob88 Eating some now! They are amazing!
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