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Narnia Dogs Can't Stand

by CollegeHumor • 568,953 views

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funny if your under 4 years old.
+BatDude27 Haha, I love the profile picture btw.
They should title this video "me when I'm drunk".
That was painful to watch 
saw the movie most animals walked and all fours exepet the satyr  
Really? Your mother looks up fine. Had to.
They should have worn shoes. ;)
why is this supposed to be funny? there were even no dogs in Narnia movie...
Is this based off this crappy version of Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe where the actors wear cheesy fake costumes (the wolves stand upright) and there was also some bad acting?
+TishYou what's wrong with CGI?
Michael Adkins Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
can anyone tell me what this kunibert person said?
Why do they all remind me of kingsley????
Reverse furries.
that would be fleshes 
Kynaru Helio Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Didn't the best sniper in the world have less than 300 confirmed kills? I don't know if it's just me, but I don't think that you're being all that truthful.
Hehe. :3 I keep coming back, this makes me giggle. ''Enchanted animals.''
Not to mention that you see that comment copied and pasted in other youtube comment sections from time to time
wrong kind of gorilla, I think you meant guerrilla... but I'm sure you knew that since you're a navy seal
Enchanted animals that walk and talk on two legs= furries.
It's Guerilla "Smart" "Marine". *cough CoD fan* *cough*
i1223.photobucket. com/albums/dd513/Katreda/whoosh_by_medli20-d520mia.gif
The top rated U.S. Military sniper was Chis Kyle. He was also murdered February 2, 2013. You are nothing more than another internet troll. Shut up and have some respect.
I think ThePitbull66 just headshot your post Kunibert1000. Achievements posted on the internet are about provable as me claiming I work for a top secret government program run out of Cheyenne mountain that travels to other worlds.
Oh really? Then I am god. How the hell can I be sure you are a Navy Seals top operative, I think your just saying that to instill fear in him, let go of it mate.
lol i love it how the grey wolf says ah, fuck! XD lol
Oh shit thats fucking hilarious. "Raptor Jesus fighting Narwhals in space." XD laugh for 10 minutes straight.
You're a wolf! Just go all wolf on him! XD
That rhyme refers to King George IV, not a fictional character. So no.
Well played. Too bad Youtube is full of people ignorant of the Internet Culture they are surrounded by. This copy pasta never gets old.
so those that havent yet learned the ancient ways of the internet deserve to suffer?
Narnia dogs cant stand..... YOU DONT SAY?
ummm no... I'm pretty sure it's fine to judge someone based on their pic.. that's kind of why it's there
You are just cranky that someone popped your bubble.
That fat kid eating chocolate the whole time
This is so funny!! XD love that wolves so cute
I think that if you were actually trained in GUERRILLA warfare then you would know that it's not spelled "gorilla". Stop being a keyboard warrior.
what the fuck is gorilla warfare is it something you just made up to make you sound cooler
"The SNOW messed me up"....sounds like something Daffy Duck would say
wolves can't stand on 2 legs, but humans can stand on 4. humans > wolves
you do know navy seals are'nt autoritshed or however the fck u spell it to just kill right? how long do u think it takes to even hit a target? 1 minute ... those snipers are on the roof checking the wind, the distance and even then they are there for 5 hours concentrating just to get a hit... you my dear sir suck balls btw that comment of yours.... yeh i saw it like 50 times from 50 diffrent users so DONT PRETEND YOU KNOW ANYTHING
One of those wolves/dogs sounds like John Cleese at 0:33.
First of all, you don't graduate from the Navy Seals, first issue, second 300 confirmed kills already goes against certain codes set by places like the United nations. Next, you spelled gorilla warfare wrong, any person who knows anything about war, and I know a lot of servicemen know and are taught correct spelling Guerrilla Warfare. Finally, if you were an actual servicemen you wouldn't reply to anyone in such a fashion, our servicemen are respectable men not people that threaten others lives.
Ha look at the dog on the left at 0:36.
I'll be honest, lots of college humor sketches can seem to go on more than they should but this was hilarious xD
LOL! Its comments like that will make people who actually serve in wars look stupid. evry time I see someone spamming this comment, I facepalm.
im gonna go ahead and call bullshit... if you were at the top of your class you wouldn't sound so... dumb...
if we believed everyone one who commented this then Al-Quaeda has been eliminated a million times over
You realize how much of an worthless piece of human refuse you are, right?
somehow, i know what's behind that "show the comment" button
Do you realise how much I don't care? I had to deal withbeing an idiot on the internet, but I learned fast. Quit being a whining bitch and be a man, or whatever you are.
Example 1: You think that people that don't recognize copypasta deserve to be trolled.
Ahahahaha! The bicycles makes me giggle so much. XD
Hey dumbfuck it's not even spelled gorilla warfare. its guerrilla warfare
My gosh, yes. So many commenters taking this dude seriously. He deleted his comment, but I know exactly what it said. :D
This should be in a movi.. EHEHEM I MEAN THIS AINT COD BRO
Stop trying to impress people and if that was the case and what your saying is true then you wouldnt be bragging about killing people unless your a psycotic maniac
As a furry, I have to say... Those poor dogs wish they could stand, oh owww owww owww-arrooo, haha... X3
You need to be more creative, I've seen this three times before... SHEEESH.
And still you don't know it's guerilla warfare not fucking gorrila.
was that the navy seals pasta? his comment got deleted.
Why would wolves help out Peter, Susan, and Edmund (and Georgey?) when they're servants of the White Witch? I don't know, man, too many deviations from the story to be funny.
There's no such thing as gorilla warfare dipshit. You meant guerilla.
I have strep throat. i found out it hurts to laugh really hard with strep throat.
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