10 min Booty Shaking Waist Workout- Lose inches off your waist by shaking your hips!

by TiffanyRotheWorkouts • 22,917,048 views

Lose inches off your waist with this hip shaking workout. Guaranteed to shrink your waist and tighten your core. Shake, stretch and roll your way to a sexy body. Join the INNER CIRCLE FitClub and...

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I just feel the pain of my fat rolls being squished from me trying to bend that far lmao
That's the pain I feel as well LOL!!!
Girls... if you are wondering whether this workout works... THIS IS THE BEST ONE OUT THERE! I used to be a little bit chubbier around my abdomenal area and with this workout I have an hourglass figure. It really is working and I feel great doing it! In a week you are going to see the results, I promise you, at first it may be a little bit difficult, but it gets easier and easier and right now I do it plainly because I find it fun :)
i started doing this workout like 2 months ago and i've lost a stone, along with this i just do squats and some abs every now and then but i do this workout every night! i haven't changed my diet at all i still eat what i want, all i have done is stopped drinking fizzy drinks/sodas. so i drink alot of water now. highly recommend this if you want to lose some weight it has really worked for me and i look forward to doing it because its not strenuous it doesnt have you sweating much or going out of breath, you really do feel it the next day and ive had a lot of compliments on how much smaller my waist has gone and my stomach has gone flat too!
I would love to see your before and after pics
Thanks Tiffany I love this work out.  Very good for beginners.  I started my weight loss journey about 3 months ago.  I did this video twice a day and 1 hr cardio.  Also with a diet.  I use to weight 158 and now I'm at 120.  Just had a month break but now I'm back at it.  Look forward to tighten my belly. 
+lindalnd90 she said she started about 3 months ago  
Oh My Gosh!!! I just did this...stopped at 7 1/2 minutes!! I'm sore!! I feel it in my sides already. I'm going to try to do this every other day
+Kendra Desmone Well considering this workout only uses a person's own body weight for resistance, you could amp it up with light weights in each hand. I used 1kg weights and definitely felt a huge difference.
I just did this workout for the first time today and I absolutely love it!  Will be incorporating this into my daily schedule for sure!  And looking for more workouts from you, too!  I am beginner in the workout world, and because of my weight right now I am limited to what my body will let me do, but this one was not too hard on me at all!  :)
I'm sold! This workout looks fun!
I've been doing this routine for just 3 days now, but I can already feel it working...I'm a man with an overweight problem (due to my ''fuck it all'' attitude) and recently I began developing heart issues ( a.i. chest pains, cold sweats, legs cramps) so I looked for an exercise to help me lose the overweight...tried most of the other exercises on youtube, but this one feels like its working....I'll keep doing it!
+Dani Rush i managed to break my leg, fell on ice at the begining of december, so i had to stop. Today was the first day back on this routine. A general oppinion on this: it works!
+nasucbt  hope you haven't given up and have kept at it! how are you progressing? 
+TiffanyRotheWorkouts Fans  i went from 250 to 223 with this video! thank you so much
Omg congratulations😀😀😀
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I recommend thus greatly guys!! I haven't used it enough to see results but I feel it. When I first did it I felt nothing until the next day. I will keep doing this because I really feel it work out my abdomen. I had also gotten my belly button pierced recently and a lot of activities hurt but this doesn't bother it at all and I will continue do it :D
I couldn't tell you how many times I've done this workout.  Love it, and it works!
1. How many cals does this burn? 2. If I do this about.. 2 times a day for a week, how many pounds will I lose? (I eat about 1800 calories a day, if not more or less)  3. I've been doing this for 2 days, w/ 10 minutes of treadmil + lots of water and I already lost 2 pounds is that bad or good? >_<
My arms hurt more than my waist did during the workout! Does that mean that my arms are weak? I'm looking forward to feeling the burn tomorrow though.
This is also a really good workout for toning arms, so it's normal that your arms hurt a bit too.
Thanks for the confirmation!
Excellent workout.  It is amazing how the shape changes when you lose abdominal fat.
This is so fun!!! i feel it thank u!
this was such a fun little workout! I just finished a shred workout but still had energy, so i clicked on this video and it was just what i needed! the lead girl had such great energy i didn't even realize i started to smile while working out! loved it and will defs be clicking this video again!
I really enjoy your warm up and 10 min workout videos. I started doing these 2 weeks ago and with maintaining a semi proper diet I've lost 7lbs already. YAY!!!!
which videos are you using?? I am going to try this one today :) Already on the diet and doing well just want to step it up a notch with small workouts!!
I did this workout yesterday only for 10 mins and today I woke up and I could literally not move!! The sides of my waist were killing me! 
me too.. I was like ok 10mins not bad.. I woke up next day.. I felt like I ran a Marathon lol. still sore... but I must go on!
Beauty is pain (; worth it in the end 
starting this today for 3x per day!!!! looking forward to some results!!!! ps. I've been practising this workout for about 4 days doing it once only and can now finally get through it and the beginning u have up at 3 min!!!!
est-que quelq'un a deja essaye ça?? ça marche vraiment ? :)
Hi Tiffany. I just tried your workout for the first time and I must say I worked up quite a sweat! 22 year old college student and this really does fit into my busy schedule. Great moves!
I have been doing this workout for about 3 days now, and it already looks as if its already working! i just finished the workout and i asked my bf if there's a little difference and he agrees :) I'm keeping this up!
short, easy & effective workout!  One of my fav's ever on YouTube!
Carol Lewis Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
fitness to the fullest
This is the best workout I've found for someone who just had a baby. I'm working on getting back into shape and this wasn't very strenuous. It's also a good warm up for someone who wants to seriously dance afterwards. :)
i want to get thin legs which workout have I go to do? I do this workout 3 times on day. 
look for leg and thigh workouts! there are a lot of them, POPsugar fitness is really good..
OMG, you really do feel this the next day!
Definitely feeling it today! So so so sore! Absolutely loved it though and am definitely making this one of my work outs!!!!
awesome workout, can feel burning in my muscles now and they hurt for almost two days after the workout :)
every time I check out   new workout vid,  always read thru comments to see if it is god (If people have had results, etc) looks like ill be trying this one for the next few weeks! going make some b*tches jelly! Lol GOOD LUCK LADIES!
woah easiest workout video ever the burn feels great i think i could do this 5 times a day plus my other 2 workouts ;))
I love the video it makes you feel sexy while working out. I been watching your videos for 3 years.
ja również! :D pierwszy raz robiłam, chyba dodam obciążenie bo nie czuję tego aż tak jak niektórzy tu, ale te ćwiczenia to idealna rozrywka :D
+Jolanta Zoltowska zgadzam się-ćwiczenia są lekkie,przyjemnie się je wykonuje i  nie męczą ale efekty są :) zamierzam robić je regularnie :) dziękuję za odpowiedź i również pozdrawiam Pani Jolanto :
watching this video at work and I started to sweat, later it's on. I'm. Sold..
I sweat when I do these workouts but I do not sweat as much as the trainer does. Does anybody know if its because they use Albolene before working out perhaps?
You don't need to sweat, those are just her genetics, i don't sweat much either, it takes me 2h of running to make me sweat like her. Don't worry about sweating, that's just water weight, as long as you feel the burn you're doing it right :)
wow great workout ms. Tiffany. thank you now i can totally workout at my home anytime <3 xox0
I love this workout! I can shake my booty and get some exercise. lol
Hey ummm this is hard to say, I'm 10 and i have a big butt like nicki minajs.... HELP lol!
You're blessed sweety. Lol. Be proud of that because a lot of people out here do tons of workouts and remedies just to get a big butt. Me on the other hand, I started having big boobs at 12 and it stopped me from doing certain things due to the fact that they would hit me in the face all the time. They still do, but I'm starting to get out there more with the things that I like. You should love yourself just the way you are. You were meant to look the way you are for a reason.
i just started this yesterday and im so sore i could barely do it properly today! im going to do 3 sets everyday of this mixed with 2 sets of her "waist, butt and thighs" video, plus some running. ill tell you in like 2 months on how its going if somebody is curious :)
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I love this workout, it made me so sore the day after! 
How often should I do this? should I do it 5x a week? I already do Poms (dancing at halftime for football and basketball) at my school and we run 4 laps around the 3rd floor as warm up, but i think my diet is the problem. I'm eating healthier now, so with all that combined, how long will it be before i actually see results?
I love this workout, every time I do it the next day my sides burn! I was just wondering, how many calories does this burn??
I love this workout! Super fun, and sexy! My favorite move is the bounce, it's so flirty and fun to me! Love your workouts, please don't ever stop!
I felt this the next day!! Thank you for the upload, keep them coming. :)
how can i find this video translated to spanish?
this looks quite easy but effective and I will be try it tonight as I go home.
loved it. will do this every day for ever. yay found something that works for me :)
ILUVIT!!!   Watch my  video by BRUNO MARS TREASURE by KL Angel & Cali **  (2stars behind it)   Thank You!!   Your exercise helped me get into SHAPE!!!!    Thank You!!!!!
Think im doing it wrong..... can only  feel it in my arms
Only did a few minutes of it yesterday, felt the burn this morning. Gonna do it more and see if I see results.
Awesome quick work out thank you!
I love Tiffany, I meat her at Brighton Salon in Beverly Hills, she was very polite. We both had our hair and extensions done by the superb and fun staff of the salon. Brighton Salon is the best.
But does it actually shrink your tummy?
I've been working for a month or so to get back in shape, I'm not there yet. But today is the first day I could do this video without trouble!
I love your workouts, you loose weight and have fun at the same time!
This is my favourite work out! I love U, Tiffany! Thanks! :) Greetings from Poland! 
i did this yesterday morning and right after i felt like it didn't do much. well i just woke up and my hips are so sore! it worked! i'll do this everyday.
Absolutely LOVE IT.I made it to the end. it feels amazing.                                                                                        THANK YOU TIFFANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Does anyone know the title of the song which is after 'California gurls'? It's so great! 
Did this yesterday around seven pm and omf you can definitely feel it the next day , my lower back ached all day !
Hi all. Please write me the name of the song that starts at 8 min. Thanks
I love how Tiffany's videos make me feel sexy when I work out! Thank you so much!
love your work outs. i would love more tummy ones tho. thanks for inventing a fun way to work out. 
That was great! Just finished. Thank you for sharing.
I've been doing this once everyday for 4 days. I feel tighter and ive noticed my love handles get smaller. But yesterday I did this video 3 times, and today my underarms/upper sides is quite sore. I'm trying to do the video right now and Im only 1min in and my underarms/upper sides hurt a lot. Should I try a different video for a  while until the soreness wears off or should I trudge through?
sometimes its not good to workout everyday heavily, let your muscles relax for a day or two drink alot of water and do some calm stretching
Does anyone know how many calories this burns?
Wow the time just flew by, FUN workout!!!
Great exercises, I love them, they work.
whats the name of this song?
I'm trying to track calories burned...how many does this video burn. Thank you for your reply...I love your workouts :) Thank you, thank you, thank you
I'm trying to find out the calories too :/ 
BY FAR my favorite waist workout; super fun and it works! Thanks for posting this! :)
This kicked my ass!! Thanks for such a great workout. I'm bookmarking it so I can come back to it later.
I've been doing this for probably about a week now and I can already see a difference in my waist, love love love!
That was so much fun to do!
Can anyone help me? I was wondering if I do this video 2 or 3x a day if I would see results (including a diet)? The reason I ask is because I've tried cardio exercises but I just can't seem to be able to do them. Lol. Guess I'm a beginner or something.
Thank you Tiffany! I love this workout. Burns but it's fun! Bookmarked for lots of use! <3
Wow!! Exelentes abdominales me gustan mucho!! Grasias
Does this work with boys/teenagers
I'm pretty sure it does! Good luck! Xx
how many cals does this workout burn?
I did this yesterday and can barely move for hurting so much but I have done it again tonight with the boxer babe one I love Tiffanys workouts they really do work! I will loose some weight and shape up!
hips don't lie :D
Someone please reply fast! Did anyone see a big difference
Yes, this workout is very effective on the obliques 
Thank you! I think i will do this then :) +Alex Andrea 
definitely going to feel it tomorrow morning! haha
edward okesokun Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Take a look at this video on YouTube:
Looks like fun...just started today, want to see BIG results in a month...
tiffany i done your bum workout and i got less fat but the muslce got wider and took it place can i just have a falt butt little round maybe i even start running and i only made my arms skinner is there anything i can do?
Thank you for this workout. I have a bad heart and back so I know how important it is to keep ones' weight down and keep the body strong. I work out 5 days/week but I need workouts that can 'fit' with my body.
Can someone comment a link of similar workout just bit harder? :) 
You can amp it up with light weights in each hand. You'll feel it, trust me!
Alternatively, you could do this great abs video from FitnessBlender: /watch?v=_OCa-IN2EdA&list=PL5lPziO_t_VgfB_jYUsKy2dkYi_bMNBYP It may not be booty shaking but it works :)
Hey, 2 minutes in the workout I felt some sharp pains on my side. Is it normal for your sides to hurt during this workout? I know its not, but can someone help me so my sides won't hurt? Thank You
Try warming up a bit before the routine, it will help loosen up your muscles!
Yesterday I did this 2 times and the 'Small waist, tight butt, thin thighs' workout 2 times and now it feels like I got hit by a car hahaha. It's definitely working so thank you very much!
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