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Chaos Sauce

by Bobby Brony • 19,077 views

Discord all fads! All vectors belong to their creators and not me. If you are creator of any of the images I will gladly credit you in the description. First image (Unaware of the creator):...

Was anypony expecting a Discord wub wub face? xD
This message has been brought to you by...
he should be dancing smoothing criminal
these _______ sause videos are beast,but I still like when I'm ______ videos too.
the episode states he's a draconiquis. (apologies for spelling.)
title should have been chaos sausage just for the lols
00:09 dat dress.... it don't fit him for some reason.
Twilight x Discord, Derpy x Discord, Celestia x Discord, Luna x Discord
new subscriber loving some of the random shit u make lol fine it funny as hell
oh u stole the idea i had back to the dwaring board
0:15 or 0:16 Balloon head/headless Discord lolz :)
I love all of these videos of myself~
Y'know, when Discord introduces himself to Twilight..."I'm Discord! Spirit of CHaos and Disharmony! Hello~"
oh do you? well go to 0:15 and see that derpy does too....SUPPORT DERPY!!!
@TerrorWolfX The responses tend to use the character itself saying his name, and there are very few instances of discord saying his name.
D̵̫̖̯̞̱̘̲̳̺̔͋I̵̗̤̖̲̝̟̹͂͑͒͌̀̾̄ͫS̵̡̻ͭ͂̓̈͛ͤCͭͤ̚ ̸̛͓͕͓͎̮̺͙ͣͦ̈́ͪÖ̞̗͓̫̭͙̪́͊̇ͨ̎̀Rͤͬ ̔̀̓҉͏̳͚̹D̳ͤ̍͑̀͡ ̯̤̘̬͉'̑ͤ̂̌̌̂̏̇͘ ̟͇̻̝ rules, Celestia drools.
Why didn't you use a mentioning of his name directly from the show? Like Celestia saying "Discord"?
Whoever made that first vector...WIN.
It's spelled draconequus by the way. There are 2 us not 2 qs!!
Indeed, that's the line I used. Unfortunately, it sounds very different on it's own.
ok wtf is all the animals he is!?
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