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Ellen Scares Julianna Margulies

by TheEllenShow • 349,144 views

The star of "The Good Wife" has a big fear of snakes. What better place to face her fears than on Ellen's show? Ellen felt the same way.

Poor Julianna! I'd never wanna be a guest on her show, I'm afraid she'd scare me and freak me out!! lmao
Love Julianna's laugh though!!! :)
Snakes on a Plane... :D i think that's the reason :D how can someone be so adorable like these two women? I mean?! HELLO?! How on earth's that possible?
Love Jules and her potty mouth
I died! I love Julianna! ♥ FYI Stop talking about One Direction no one cares for them! Talk about the video Julianna is only in this video. Stop fighting over people who are NOT even in this.
Her laugh is so hot I can't even!!!
RE: (xzamin) is forever alone and a troll....
That looked so real because when she reached into the tank it's head started to move up and it's mouth opened towards her hand lol, I thought it was real.
I expected them to throw snakes at her
A drink to go with your cursing........omg, that's the funniest thing I've seen in ages.
there was fishing line attached to the lid so when she opened it, it rised up.
@jamiehv my thoughts exactly!!! LOL but I keep seeing more :P
I should make you a bitch? No. You probably are on a good way to do that on your own.
I really think the ellen show should disable commenting on their videos, because alot of people have irrelevant arguments and make irrelevant comments...
Julianna and I have something in common. We are petrified of snakes, I wouldn't even use the word scared, because I am petrified, like really, very petrified. Snakes and I, we don't get along. Nope. Never. NOPE.
I know it was fake but how did it start to rise up when she put her hand in there?
You gotta do smthing about that JCPenny commercial
Im on the ellen side of youtube again...
she should call her farm old McDonalds farm ;D
You think so? It just sounded longer than, "bitch," to me.
omg, how could not love that woman! i love those 2
That would be so funny. We can find out their real sex when "boys" squeal like girls.
That was hilarious! And hey i just realized were's Amy! I feel like I haven't seen her in a long time lol! :D
Ya really I WANNA SEE my Justin get Scare . it ll be very funny . lol twitter @niyazsky
Ikrr!!! Im not the hating on a star for no reason type of person and i wanna like One Direction but with all these comments "get one direction on ellen!!" is getting REALLY ANNOYING!!
Is she Epps from Ghost Ship?
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ooh, congratulations! I've known about them since September 2010 'cause of X Factor. You are pathetic. :')
I was only kidding, didnt you hear Ellen say the same thing at 1:48 ?
thumbs up if u were crying ahah
She looks great! Ellen, you're such a jerk. lol ;)
She reminds me Sofia Vergara in the start! Lol.
It seems like Julianna cursing on Ellen is a tradition now!
I love her voice! She's a really good and beautiful actress!
Why do Americans make such a big deal of cursing on TV?!
Ellen I believe you have an addiction. To scaring people!
Snakes are the most disgusting creature
is there a link for the whole enterview
Haha never tell Ellen what you're afraid of :P but then again shell find put one way or another xD
i watched snakes on a plane weirddddddest movie everrr
they used a thread to tie the snake on to the cover of the container.
WOW u idiotic one direction fans spread so fast, like STFU... its gonna be another bieber
did she just call ellen a bitch?!
OMG!! ellen's face when she tries to scare her LMFAO 1:15
heck no! ellen only invites decent, educated people. not some "Boys" who make desperate young women "wet" o.o
One of these days, one of her guests are gonna have a heart attack on tv, it's like her mission! Seriously though ellen, high blood pressure could ensue~!
I confess, I screamed when the "snake"came out of the cage.
Can we get the full interview?!
Same here! I already imagine Kevin in snake costume!! LOL!
u know u should bring bridgit mendler and girls aloud to ur show!! and scare them
ahahahahha " it's fake , you fucker ! "
What they should have done was to sneak up behind her with a real snake while she was distracted with the fake one. xD She would have really freaked out.
i really hate when they change the swearing to 'Beep'. I mean i wanna know what she said
Love her show The Good Wife!
we should put a troll face on Ellen sometime :P lol
thumbs up if u were crying ahah
Get Chris Evans (Captain America) in your show!
where's the snakes right watch foundation to see what Ellen is doin with this peaceful creature ? :)
Who cares that genre they play... Whatever they do play they are bad at it.. Stop talking about it now.. Just admit they are shit
It did look like it had fangs and moved
where can I see the rest of the interview?
She was not That scared i think ellen degeneres is loosing her scaring skils .
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