The Vegetarian Myth

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Peak Moment 191: What we eat is destroying both our bodies and the planet, according to author Lierre Keith, a recovering twenty-year vegan. While she passionately opposes factory farming of...

My primary motivation for videoing this conversation with Lierre was to look at the unsustainability of monocrop agriculture (primarily for grains). Just read today that 75% of food crop species have gone extinct in the last 100 years. That's a lot of important bio-diversity we will/would need in future -- to reduce reliance on pesticides, herbicides, irrigation. I salute people who are experimenting with food forests in their region. As Lierre said, we need perennial polycultures rather than monocrop agriculture.
So, I painfully watched the entire 28 minutes of this video and Lierre Kieth did not present a SINGLE counter argument to a vegan/vegetarian diet.  1. Name one nutrient that is ONLY found in meat that cannot be found in a plant-based diet. 2. Name one disease or deficiency that is ONLY found among vegans. 3. Plant protein IS digestible. Animal protein actually makes your body acidic and messes up your pH levels. 4. Did she really say vitamin A, D, and K is not found in plants? Vitamin D you get from the sun and the rest of the vitamins and minerals ARE found in plants. 5. A vegan diet has been found to prevent and sometimes reverse diabetes and cancer, not cause it. 6. The Eskimos may not have got cancer a lot, but they sure did get osteoporosis and had a very short life span. 7. How come the countries with the highest consumption of meat and dairy also have the highest rate of osteoporosis? 8. The human brain runs on glucose (sugar), NOT fat. 9. The U.S. alone could feed 800 million people with grain that livestock eat. 10. Meat has 0 fiber -- have fun being on the crapper for awhile. I love to hear Lierre Kieth (who is only an author, not a doctor or nutritionist) or ANYBODY please try to refute and these 10 points. Otherwise you meat eaters are all just talking out your ass and are just trying to finding excuses to justify your meat eating habits and the slaughter of 58 BILLION animals per year!
R. Giskard has been asking for an idealized vegan menu. I'm curious about the same. Not down to the portion sizes, but just a sense of what foods can be included in a vegan diet. I've been reading about the downside of many foods which, if eliminated, make for a small set of choices for a vegan. (In addition to all processed foods, I'm thinking of gluten, fructose, vegetable (seed) oils, and unfermented soy).
+Clyde Rembrandt Love refried beans and also love Indian spicy lentils.
You know, each of us is experimenting with our own bodies, and researching, to find the diet that works for us. What would happen if commenters focused on what they find works in their life, rather than discrediting others? I think we'd learn a lot more from one another about living healthier lives. 
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+KetoBabe I am, I hardly consider myself any label, but I do eat meat...not a lot though, and no red meat at all as it just doesn't agree with my digestive system, never has. But I love fish, and turkey....oh and very rarely (as its so damn greasy) Bratwurst, but I really really like almost every type of fruit and vegetable too and eat a lot of that, more so than meat (I used to work as a chef, and am trained as such so I keep variety in our home) I am also an avid mountain bike cyclist, and was noticing very low energy days out on the trails, went to the clinic, they suggested b12, so I did, and boom, very rarely do I have a low day now.
I also love fish.   My grandmother would actually serve us fish for breakfast with vegetables (kippers or haddock). She would also give us sardines in olive oil and lemon and salad when we came home from school. I did not grow up eating cereals and pancakes or toast. My grandmother bless her gave us real quality food.
sykeo123, you've been spewing trash, disrespect and expletives for long enough. Either clean up your act or I will ban you from this channel. 
your video is totally biased, subjective and is propaganda
Cows "are long and tall and strong" yet they eat no meat.
+Jade the human body is not designed to eat raw flesh. The only reason humans are omnivores is because we have the ability to cook flesh. Human beings cannot disgust raw flesh. We cheated nature by becoming omnivores by eating cooked meat. Without fire and cooking, we simply cannot eat raw red meat. Human beings can survive on a diet solely on plants (vegetables and fruits). But a human being cannot survive solely by eating meat like a tiger because without plant matter, you will not have fiber which is essential for bowl movement.
+AmandaNerdBot I know.. I never claimed anything else......
Nonsensical arguments, her points have no scientific basis and contradict epidemiological data. Meat eaters have all the ill health problems that vegans do only more so. What has grains got to do with a vegan diet? meta eaters eat more grains and as a former meat eater for 46 years I know this. My brother eats half a loaf of bread a day but he is a meat eater. I am a vegan of 21 years so how come if we cant get all these nutrients from plants am I still alive? This woman doesn't even look healthy.
Disregard heart disease, diabetes, & tumor growth, then we can disregard veganism. Hunter-gatherers rarely had diseases of old age because they rarely lived to old age.
+AmandaNerdBot That's an assertion, but not a proven point.  You referenced hunter-gatherers, implying that meat was virtually insignificant in their diets.  That just isn't correct.  There is no society anywhere on earth that traditionally ate no meat whatsoever.  If meat and fat and other animal products and nutrients truly were so unimportant and non-vital, why wouldn't there be a significant portion of the various populations of the planet that were vegan?
+AmandaNerdBot Why are you telling _ me_ that?
Did anyone think that maybe the reason it was hard to stay healthy in the past as a vegetarian was because if their food source was ruined by drought or whatever and that they had to go without? or that some foods with high calorie intake where not around? Or my favorite do you ever consider that in the past we didn't know about calories and what vitamins we needed to consume to stay healthy they also probably didn't know what vegetables to eat to get calcium and protein because they didn't know what it was. They probably ate what was available in the quantities available. And the whole thing about bad teeth? Really? There was no toothbrushes back then. People who ate lot of fruit consumes a lot of sugar which without being removed rotted there teeth
I just Googled vitamin A and there is a ton of plant foods containing it, where does she get her information??
I think veganism can be healthy, however... I hear so much quackery out of vegans, if I was to go vegan i don't think I could be friends with these intellectually dishonest quack vegans who claim the mongols where vegan or the stupid idea that humans were vegan in prehistoric times, among other BS they spew. Don't get me started on greenpeace or PETA... However, this lady is dishonest. Meat is not a necessity in any diet. You just have to spend all day planning meals yo avoid nutrional deficiencies or take supplements. Use your logic and reason, both sides.
(+Mr. Vegan the only reason humans are able to digest meat is through cooking meat. Without cooking, there is no way humans can digest meat. The ONLY reason humans are omnivores is through the invention of fire and cooking. That's a fact. Try digesting a raw pork stake. You can't because your digestion system was not designed to digest raw meat. The digestion system of true omnivores and carnivores (who were intended by nature to eat meat) is short and very acidic in order to quickly digest meat before it decays in their bowls. The human digestion system is long and not very acidic, best designed for digesting plant matter. True omnivores like bears can digest raw meat. Humans can't. Therefore humans aren't true omnivores. Even cows and goats (herbivores) can digest meat if you gave them cooked meat. Doesn't mean they are designed to eat meat. Human beings are inadequately designed for eating meat, and only cooking allowed us to eat meat. That being said, human beings are only capable of digesting cooked meat. So can we eat meat? Yes. Do we need to eat meat to stay healthy? No, that's the biggest myth most people believe in. Is eating meat unhealthy? Not necessarily. Does eating meat have health benefits? Not really  because we can get all of the essential vitamins and minerals for good health from a vegan diet. Then why do we eat meat? Because it tastes good and we have been conditioned from childhood to like the taste. While I have nothing against people who eat meat, I acknowledge the fact that it is definitely possible to have a healthy diet without eating meat. I also acknowledge the fact that humans are not anatomically designed for eating meat. Just because you can digest meat doesn't mean you need to eat meat to stay healthy. Some animals NEED to eat meat to stay healthy. These animals are called carnivores. Tigers, sharks, snakes and Komodo Dragons NEED to eat meat to stay healthy. What the woman in the video is saying is debunked myth. Humans do not NEED to ingest animal protein to stay healthy. We can get all of our essential nutrients and vitamins from plant matter.) Full ramblings of a vegan quack.
+Jon Engel agreed that was rather mindless and rambling in most parts
Noone has the right to decide how the rest of us are to live. which is essentially the totalitarian green left. Keith is over-pessimistic, the world will adjust itself. And global gorming ?? puleasse... no warming in 18 years now - the theory is bunk.  Capitalism is nothing but agreegate decsions and free trade. It becomes ill when it is linked to government subsisides (artificial signals) - and the kind of cronyism seen under Obama - bailing out and cosying up to big business at the expense of small business. 
If Vegans don't want to eat meat, fine. Nobody is going to force you. But fuck off with "meat is murder" crap. We don't care, we're Omnivores and your rhetoric isn't going to change that. 
I chose to be vegetarian becase of the impact on the environment and for my health. I chose to be vegan on an ethical basis. I know we can't sustain good health on a vegan diet without supplements, but she doesn't have her facts straight when talking about plant based nutrition. The only supplement needed on a well composed plant based diet is B12 (with some exemptions: with lack of exposure to sunlight you need vitamin D supplements. Eating no seafoods you need iodine supplements. You might need supplements of selenium depending on the quantities in the soil where your food is grown.) Energy and proteins are no problem if you know what you're doing. Seeds, nuts, beans and cereals are all rich in energy and proteins. Proteins does only need to be of high quality if you eat small amounts on a daily basis (less than 0,4g/kg of bodyweight/day) and/or if you have an energy deficiency for more than a couple of days. Some of the most important things to do when choosing a entirely plant based diet is to eat larger amounts of food, take supplements in some form and avoid eating a lot of salads.  Here's more specifics:  Vitamin A (retinol)- the body does only need it when it doesn't get enough carotenoids like beta-carotene, which we find plenty of in many plant bbased foods like carrots, kale, sweet potato, parsley and rosenips.  Vitamin K - the body absorbs it in the colon from our normal intestinal bacteria and therefore we do not need to eat it.  Vitamin D - is produced in our skin when exposed to sunlight!  Hem-iron - though it's an easy accessible form of iron it is not essential that he body gets hem-iron. Iron is essential and there are plenty of plant based sources like pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, soy beans, lentils, spinach, parsley, strawberries and so on.  CoQ10 - is manufactured by most of the bodys tissues and is therefore not an essential nutrient. Only those who are born without certain genes that are essential for biosynthesis of the co-enzyme in the body. 
(her own recorded quote re when she, Lierre was a "vegan"):"I never ate beef, but I certainly binged on eggs & dairy every chance I got"  Well, there are certainly plenty of "chances" to eat eggs & dairy, so you likely had them every day. Some "vegan" you were! (Lierre quote re a so-called "study" on "vegans"): "Vegans eat beef once a week."  So many problems here!: 1/ You, Lierre, were a lacto-ovo vegetarian, at best, ( it's fair to doubt your "never-beef" claim after your other white lies. You were likely an omnivore all along), never a vegan. 2/A "vegan" who eats beef is called an omnivore. Disregarding the absurdity of your so-called "study", doesn't that mean either A/whatever problems they have could be from the beef?, or B/  they should be ok because they're eating beef? Lierre, you are so wrong it's embarrassing. I hope the beef, pork, chicken, dairy, & egg industries are paying you well to humiliate yourself like this.
We can eat raw vegetables, grains and fruits. Try going on an all raw meat, raw dairy diet and see how long you live. My cat does just fine, because, she is a Carnivore, she can deal with it, we can't and conversely if I feed raw grains to my cat as a staple diet, she will get sick and probably die. 
+Steve Bergman “To get an idea of what an actual paleolothic diet in eastern Africa might have looked like ...” Well, I'm not willing to expand this discussion to pre-history. I apprehend your grasp of that topic is commensurate with your understanding of nutrition. “Lierre is right when she points out that we shrank 6 inches after shifting to a grain-based diet.” Please provide a citation for this. Also, even if the average height decreased by 6 inches after agriculture, this does not mean that grains caused the height decrease. I conjecture (unlike your paleo diet gurus, I don't assert as fact what is merely speculation) that a more plausible reason for this purported height decrease could be due to decreased survival pressure. In other words, the population boom in agriculture increased the odds of those modest in stature to survive and reproduce. “As you well know, you can't do it without supplement pills. And I can tell that you're not even aware of all the supplements you need.” The only supplement vegans need are B12 supplements. If you have a problem with B12 supplements, you should stop eating meat because 90% of industrially produced B12 is for livestock animal use. (see: http://www.b12d.org/where-does-b12-come; http://www.flemingoutdoors.com/rooster-booster-b12-multi-species.html?ref=lexity&_vs=google&_vm=productsearch) I guess you prefer to feed your supplements to an animal then eat the animal. I'll simply take the supplement directly. “But you know that I caught you by surprise with choline. And you know that the cauliflower isn't gonna do it. How long can you keep up 16 servings of cauliflower per day?” Actually, if you haven't already evinced your ignorance, I would have been surprised that you were unaware of the association of choline with cancer. (see: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22952174; http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2441932/) I'm glad I don't eat 16 servings of cauliflower per day if it is that high in choline. I no you have a bad memory, but I simply don't have the motivation to give the sample plant foods that contain choline. You'll have to search through the comments for the example I gave earlier. My efforts to explain won't increase because your cognitive functions are diminishing. “Even today, vegans are sitting at something under 1% of the population of developed countries, and are nonexistent outside of that.” More bullshit. This article reports about Iranian Villagers in 1960. It indicates that some villagers did not eat animal foods. http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/8/3/374.full.pdf+html Moreover, I don't eat vegan to assimilate with my culture's eating habits. I guess I'd eat at Burger Hut if that were my goal. “This could be eggs, cheese, or fish. A small daily portion of any one of them would fix a lot of the problems with vegan diets.” Indeed, vegans may think of themselves as pariahs because they suffer from heart disease, cancer, and diabetes at lower rates than the general population. Perhaps some eggs, cheese, and fish could remedy this problem while insuring vegans consume adequate levels of mercury. Do you eat animals for the perceived health benefits, or is it something you do to fit in with your peers? Psychotherapy has helped many who ruined their lives in pursuit of becoming a model conformist. Do you consume animal breast milk to quell your bestiality urges in a socially acceptable way? Are these the reasons why you produce contrived arguments touting the health benefits of animal body part and breast milk consumption? Perhaps animal sacrifice is deeply rooted in your religious traditions, so you retroactively construct bogus health claims as a guise to ensure the tradition continues. Anyway, you don't have to admit here which instance is applicable to your circumstance.
the only reason humans are able to digest meat is because we can cook it. Humans were never intended by nature to eat meat, until we discovered how to use fire to cook meat. The human digestion system is not designed to digest raw meat because humans were never intended by nature to eat meat. We are facilitative omnivores in the sense that we use technology to make it possible to eat something that we could otherwise not be able to eat. Just like how we use technology in the form of clothing to make it possible for us to live in cold climates that we were otherwise not adapted to living in. Human beings were biologically designed for living in a tropical to semi-tropical climate since we lack in body hair for insulating our bodies. But with the invention of clothing, we could live in colder climates.  Human beings are able to use to technology make it possible for them to do things that they were biologically not capable of doing. For example, human beings can use technology to fly in the form of airplanes even though we are not anatomically designed for flight like birds. Fire and cooking is one of the most basic technologies that allowed humans to become omnivores.
looks like a lot of vegans and vegetarians got together and found the dislike button while putting the video on mute, since they do not want to be educated. I am glad finally someone wrote a book exposing the truth about what is going on. Lierre is amazing! 
+peakmoment I'd love to see polyface type farms spring up in every area where it would work, and then people could buy such healthy foods locally, from those farms.  I don't disagree wtih Lierre's naming of the problems...I'm just wanting a peaceful solution because the biggest problem with humanity right now is inhumane treatment of others and violence.  Sometimes I can't wrap my head around how some people could treat other people!  So I wish we could have a solution that allows people to live with the environment and each other in a peaceful way.
How dare you! You call me a liar! Never speak to me again! I looked over your posts and you are not worthy of my precious time on this planet! Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID
2:10  in fact the brain prefers sugar then fat.. so yes u can feed the brain by eating only plants.. in fact thats the only thing your brain needs.. its plants.
+Steve Bergman You fall for those low carb studies?  They all are based on calorie restriction.  Sure, triglycerides will go down for grown men eating fewer than 1,800 calories a day.  Personally, I'm not into starvation diets.  I eat unlimited carbohydrate calories (almost always over 2,700 cals a day from carbs alone) and have textbook blood tests. 
+Steve Bergman I'm not surprised that you don't cite a source for your claim. 
she's right re fat is necessary, as is meat. rejoins the "paleo diet".  However - "patriarchy and capitalism ?" please.... lets have global communism run by man-hating women... or not.  Camille Paglia famously said "if it wasnt for men, women would still be living in grass huts".  And if it wasnt for men and capitalism, we wouldn't have the internet, global travel, cat scans etc, which Keith all uses. 
Edit: I appreciate you relaying this information by hosting this conversation. How could this woman be so intelligent and yet be a Feminist? It's astounding. Nobody controls their reproduction with the exception of recent generations. Anyone who isn't ideologically driven who studies history honestly can see this. I bet Lierre Kieth would see this if she cared for the perception and treatment of men as much as she cared for the ecosphere - but she doesn't. And neither does anybody else. Everyone controls their reproduction today, and we still have our population problem outside of the suicidal middle class - for Patriarchy to still exist we have to take a step into la la land where giests float about forcing people to do things in the name of one gender or race or another. In which case, I coin Matriarchy Theory. Women don't give a fuck about men, and because of that, men don't give a fuck about men either - so nobody gives a fuck about men. Thus we have Patriarchy......... derr... I can talk shit as well, just like the Middle Class white women of the Western world.
Your health is more important than raw/veg*n dietary dogma There is a phenomenon known as failure to thrive (FTT). This occurs when one carefully and strictly follows a specific, recommended dietary regime, in this case raw/veg*n, but one suffers poor or ill health anyway. Such poor health may range all the way from clinically diagnosed nutrient deficiencies to a mild but noticeable general malaise--e.g., loss of libido, lassitude and fatigue, emaciation and Poor health is not limited to physical symptoms, but may include mental problems as well (e.g., depression). Signs of poor mental health that one may (commonly) observe or encounter in the raw/fruitarian community and vegan communities (more often in the raw vegan community) include: severe obsessions with food and/or dietary "purity," eating-disorder behavior patterns (binge-eating), and, sometimes, incredibly hateful fanaticism (e.g., some of the fruitarian extremists), and so on. Awareness of FTT obscured by self-censoring due to moral ostracism. Hard statistics are not available on the incidence of FTT. Many if not most of the people with FTT self-censor themselves; that is, they switch to a diet that works for them, and leave the raw/veg*n community. Anecdotal evidence suggests that FTT is very common--the usual result--of following a strict fruitarian diet for a long term, while it presumably is much less common with conventional (and relatively diverse) cooked vegan diets. (The narrower the diet, the more likely FTT, per anecdotal evidence from raw diets.) Note also the possibility, though, that FTT may be more common among veg*ns in general than one might think--consider the number of former veg*ns around, and the ostracism (discussed earlier) that usually meets anyone speaking out about why they may have abandoned the diet. The ostracism syndrome very commonly--and also very effectively--shuts out awareness of FTT in the raw vegan community. That it may also do so in the wider vegan community is well worth considering, especially given the similar prevalence of reflexive pat answers in response to any mention of examples that could raise the possibility of FTT. Psychological patterns: Feelings of superiority and recitation of mantras result in blocking of contrary information. Observation of this type of behavior pattern--at its most visible, perhaps, in rawism--suggests a more general rule: Habitual recitation of such standardized replies or catechisms has a predictable long-term psychological effect, similar to ostracism, on those who engage in it. It tends to screen out awareness of the topic even as a worthy question open for discussion at all, let alone serious consideration. Finally, contributing to both the patterns of ostracism and screening of awareness can also be a circular, self-fulfilling prophecy that fosters a superiority complex which feeds on itself, further perpetuating matters. The form it takes is the following: Since any failures to thrive must be failures to comply with the recommended dietary guidelines, then those who fail must not be complying, because they are not intelligently following the guidelines like those of us who are succeeding. Thus, those who fail tend to be assigned second-class status as lesser, unworthy information sources. Those who succeed, on the other hand, are obviously the ones doing it right and the ones to be believed. Yet both sources are just as "anecdotal." Such a sense of arrogance, then, sets up another psychological block to really listening to those who might have contrary information. Thus, in some cases, not only is the information reflexively rationalized, it may not even be fully "heard" to begin with. weakness, etc. http://www.beyondveg.com/billings-t/comp-anat/comp-anat-9b.shtml
Her information checks out to me. I am a former vegetarian who suffered physically from eating that way. The second i started eating meat again, i saw a huge improvement in my health. Then i went the other way and started a ketogenic diet ( high fat, medium protein, extremely low carbohydrate ) and dropped weight ridiculously fast and felt even better. I do appreciate peak moment for sharing this. When i was a vegetarian, i downrated the video because i didn't like what i was hearing. It's funny to come back to it years later and click 'like'.
+Steve Bergman Here you go champ.  See if you can spot the choline remark in this thread.  You can do it if you try harder than most people would have to. 
+Steve Bergman When meat-eaters get diabetes, obese, heart-disease etc., doctors often say that they weren't eating correctly.  I suppose meat-eaters have a monopoly on saying that "You just didn't do it right.", do they?
I'm personally not vegetarian but if you are a vegetarian it's not wrong at all like this woman is claiming. Vegetarians can have complete proteins by combining incomplete proteins together such as beans, rice, lentils etc...You can receive the proper nutrition when you are a vegetarian. This lady needs to take a nutrition class because you can recieve vitamins and minerals from plant sources. Also your body was not  made to digest certain meats anyway. This lady has no clue what she's talking about. Her statement is false
+vanessa Gratton-Misek These people are delusional basket cases here to comfort each other in their deluded state.  They don't let things like facts interfere with their fantasies. 
+Steve Bergman Some people last longer eating animals than others.  Bill Clinton quit eating animals when he realized that animals simply don't taste good enough to justify acceptance of atherosclerosis.  You may believe that bacon burgers taste good enough to tolerate plaque buildup in one's arteries, but not everyone shares your point of view. 
if people do the research instead of making emotional outbursts, conversation would be a bit more intelligent and less angry. its funny, many of you are vegan from what i can gather and are doing exactly what Keith said, denying the inevitable truth because it doesnt fit your beliefs. i appreciate this video, i was vegan for many years and my body couldnt take it anymore. when you LISTEN to your body and not your ego, you'll bea happier and healthier person.
Lierre ignores the immense variety of foods that are plant or fungus-based: mushrooms, seeds, nuts, an incredible number of fruits, leaves,(kale, spinach, mustard, collard...)  stalks,(celery...) stems, roots,(potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans carrots, beets...). She apparently lived on wheat, milk, & eggs. No wonder she wasn't well.
+Dee Smith I was responding to Lierre's over-simplification of what a vegan diet is. Turn-about's fair-play.There's much more evidence to support a vegan diet than one woman's claims against it. Kempner's ("Duke") rice diet was probably the  longest running project, (70 years), & largest sample of dramatic benefits from  a vegan diet: weight loss, reversed heart disease, kidney disease, blood pressure, stroke symptoms, diabetes & related diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, and control of other diseases such as Crohn's.    Ok, I don't  _know_ about the wheat, but Lierre herself  refers to the milk & eggs.
After 30 years being a vegetarian I still like what she is saying. We need to change what we do...factory farming has got to stop. Thank you for radical thinking. 
Lierre Keith is an author, a writer.  She has no qualifications in nutrition or dietetics, nor any other topic mentioned in this video.  Anyone who takes this video as factual is seriously naive. She has an issue.  She desperately tried to be vegan but failed.  She binged on non-vegan foods "at every possible occasion".  She constantly craved non-vegan foods and gave in.  She failed.  She is desperately trying to convince herself, and the world that she didn't fail and that it's necessary to eat meat, dairy and fish.  Her book is simply an unscientific attempt to try to justify her own failings and her return to animal products.  It's like an alcoholic trying to convince him/herself that humans need alcohol for health.  The problem is that there are a lot of meataholics out there just as desperate to believe this bullshit.  At least be honest with yourself:  You enjoy eating meat and enjoy it more than your compassion for the suffering of animals.
+Dee Smith In a previous comment, you said, "I have no problem with vegans who do their own thing, I have a problem with vegans who feel a need to discredit and character- assassinate ex vegans who want to tell their story. I feel we need to be allowed to speak honestly about our health and experiences and not be attacked/ridiculed by some vegan propagandist like Durian Rider!!" To this, I reply: "I have no problem with ex-vegans who do their own thing, I have a problem with non-vegans who feel a need to discredit and character-assassinate  vegans who want to tell their story. I feel we need to be allowed to speak honestly about our health and experiences and not be attacked/ridiculed by some anti-vegan propagandist like Lierre Keith!!!"
+Dee Smith Lierre talks bullshit.  Vegans do not all get ill.  Her health wasn't damaged by veganism.  She wasn't vegan.  Why can't you understand that?  Have you not actually heard her saying it?  Do you think we''re all lying?  The video is on Youtube.  Lierre is a liar.  She is deceitful about the books central point:  That she became ill because of veganism.  Yet she was not vegan.  People defending her and who know this really do have denial problems.
This is my reply to Jade below in part reply to her assertion that humans 1, could not catch animal food without weapons and 2, cannot actually eat meat raw. She [someone] has repeatedly deleted this reply, I would like to state that I find this extremely dishonest and actually typical of many vegan's attitude. Surely any debate about this should be in the spirit of discovery, acknowledgment and sharing of the truth, the actual truth, so that we can become educated and empowered with our ensuing good health. Not pushing or proving a propagandist agenda, like:" humans are herbivores " We couldn't eat raw animal food" "Meat is bad for you" "Humans Are Not “Designed” to Eat Animals" "Vegan Diets Can Easily Supply All Necessary Nutrients" "Vegetarians and Vegans Live Longer and Have a Lower Risk of Killer Diseases" This is propganda, true scientific research should'nt take a moral stance or wish to prove an idea. SO ----  PLEASE STOP DELETING THIS REPLY   Many people all over the world eat raw or minimally processed meat, many tribal peoples have animal blood or dried meat as a major part of their diet. This is a desription of the tribal peoples of  Nadym Region, Siberia, so you see it is quite silly and niave to say we cant eat raw meat obviously even small children do and enjoy it. "The reindeer, their heads all facing to the east, were slowly strangled. Occasionally one wouuld rear its head or even try to stand up but one by one they all eventually stopped moving. Not a single drop of blood having been spilled, its hide was slit open and tugged off. Then they opened up its belly, still without spilling any blood, most of which seemed to lie in a pool at the back half of the animal's body. Slava, the head of the encampment, sat down on the snow next to the carcass and said, “Sit with me, Edik.” I did as told. He then reached in, tore out the liver, cut it into two halves and gave one to me. While we chewed on the organ, steam from the reindeer's warm innards engulfing us, someone passed Slava a large metal ladle. He dipped it into the pool of blood inside the carcass, in which various organs and lumps of fat, gristle and meat appeared to be floating, and stirred it around like a chef preparing soup. He then scooped out a ladle of warm blood, drank half himself and gave the rest to me. I downed it in one, finished my liver then was passed a kidney and a piece of intestine. Men, women and children sat around the carcass, greedily reaching in and tearing out whatever they could get their hands on. Radik's daughter Nihowe, a pretty sixteen-year old girl, got a long, thin piece of fat, popped one end in her mouth, stretched the other end away and sawed through it with a knife, the last string of fat to resist suddenly snapping back in her face and bespattering it with blood. Soon everyone's cheeks and chins were painted bright red and people who had had enough were standing up to walk away. They wiped their faces and cleaned off most of the blood but some had frozen solid already and left grisly, scabby streaks around their mouths. My own hands were covered in blood as, I expected, was my face. My stomach rumbled, a burp escaped me and I wondered whether I had not taken the whole travel thing too far. A meal straight from a reindeer carcass is known as aibat and is a favourite of the Nenets, who eat it once or twice a week. They claim it has all sorts of health benefits and it certainly is the only rich source of vitamins in this land without fruit and veg. For the untrained stomach, however, it is preferable to try just a small morsel of raw meat and a sip or two of blood as I had done on previous visits, rather than the full on aibat meal I took.  Nadym Region, Siberia
The cows emitting methane...please! That is utter nonsense. The biggest source of methane by FAR are the oceans and the Volcanoes. Get informed. There is NO global warming. And as for climate change, well, there is ALWAYS  climate change. It can never stay the same. Give up those paradigms. You were brainwashed. The rest of the information is good.
she said the following you can't get from plants: vitamin a (you have in carotenous veggies, red sweet potatoes with high absorption), vitamin d (..which you get from sunlight wtf), vitamin k2 (which you get from healthy gut flora) and vitamin e (just how exactly do you get vitamin e from anything other than sufficient plant oil and nut intake?) i knew this woman was speaking bull but this was just icing on the cake 
So. Much. False. Information.
We need animal proteins. Our monkey ancestors were insectivores, the species that preceded us, Homo erectus, developped cooked meat and we currently exist because it gave them better chances at survival. If your still concerned by eating vertebrates and by the poor energy efficiency of mammal and bird meat production, then eat insects.
Lierre Keith has ZERO QUALIFICATIONS on any of the topics discussed in this video or in the book.  She is a charlatan and a fraud.  The references she gives in the book are from other unqualified sources such as authors and even Wikipedia.  The book and this video are totally misleading and fraudulent.  Unfortunately, many people lack the necessary information to be able to discern the difference.
Great stuff although corn prices have doubled in the past three years.  If you've ever seen CAFOs and then are willing to eat from what they produce, you might as well drink from a bottle with a skull and crossbones.  And calling for just feminist principles is one-sided too because we need the sacred masculinity to balance.  Overly feminist views (like total vegetarianism regardless of what Lierre writes) are just as out of balance as dominator masculine.  It's a pendulum that we are constantly trying to keep in balance.  
It's only a pendulum when the mind is in dialectic logic.
Is this a joke? Lol
It's a huge joke and the joke is on all those who take this stuff seriously.  I can't believe how many gullible people are out there.
"meat is at least 100 times more nutrient dense than vegetable matter, and organs are at least 100 times more nutrient dense than muscle" what a scientist! what figures! what certainty!
JESUS CHRIST. I was going to buy this book because the topic interests me but, after seeing this video, I'm glad I didn't. She is spitting factually incorrect information that puts her pretty much on the level of a quack. Absolutely brutal.
The archeological record does not show that human beings exclusively ate meat - ever. Human beings have always been hunter gatherers. Gathering seeds, roots, leaves, fruits and eating meat. While the argument that human beings were not evolutionarily vegetarian exclusively is valid but completely false that we are meant to be or historically are exclusively carnivores like lions, wolves etc. We have the same design as omnimores.
I'm on page 179 of this book; I'm kind of surprised that I'm not seeing more comments about how incredibly well written this book is!  I'm mesmerized by it; I've taken breaks from reading to do other things like work and run errands, but if I just had all free time I wouldn't stop reading it.  Lierre writes incredibly well; very passionate about what she's discovered.  I love it.  Of course I came to it with a very open mind because I haven't lived a vegetarian or vegan life.  I admire the great intentions of people who are vegetarian or vegan.  But this book really resonates as true based on other books and other research I've read.  I guess it is controversial to other people; to me, I just keep nodding my head because I know she's right.
and then I checked out her other videos and realized she endorse underground militant violence in order to fight the powers that be and end civilization to save the planet!!  Oh boy...too extreme for me!  the planet matters more than the people because of "overshoot"....I did like her veggie myth book in the first half but I hate her underground ideas...lots of people would get hurt that way.
I was only half way through when I wrote this...I didn't know about her militant underground stance!
If we are not meant to eat meat, then why is it so much more pleasurable to the human brain/taste buds than lentils and all that vegan crap? Checkmate, vege fags
This ain't about vegetarians this is about vegans, should be called the vegan myth ;)
This is a very important interview.  Thank you for sharing this!
Hey, guys! The Ancestral Health Symposium 14 videos are up and they're great! (No A/V fiasco like last year.) Here's a good one relevant to The Vegetarian Myth: Plant Food Toxins in an Evolutionary Context http://youtu.be/fnjX3cZ4q84
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+Weston Butcher The evidence does not seem to fit this hypothesis - The levels of prostate cancer seem to contradict - this is an over production of testosterone but maybe this is the bodies response to excess estrogen intake or chemicals that masquerade as estrogen. See nutrtionfacts.org - particularly his video on prostate cancer & flax seed as a treatment (phytoestrogen).
Lierre Keith states that Vitamins A, D, K2, and E don't exist in plant foods.  This is simply NOT TRUE.  Vitamin A (carotenoids) are found in sweet potato, carrots, spinach, kale, mustard greens, collard greens, turnip greens, swiss chard, winter squash, and romaine lettuce.  Vitamin D is found in mushrooms, and the best source of vitamin D is the sun!  Vitamin K2 can be found in Natto (a fermented soybean product), and Vitamin E can be found in tofu, cooked spinach, almonds, sunflower seeds, avocados, olive oil, and squash.  
+TechnoCougher I'd take natto over liver any day. 
This lady makes some good points, but misses the primary reason that humans MUST go vegan.... and that is that animals are NOT ours to use for our purposes.    Please read The World Peace Diet by Dr. Will Tuttle, which is the most stunningly brilliant and important book EVER.   Also for the scientific proof that humans do NOT need to eat anything from animals read T. Colin Campbell's The China Study.   It's silly to decide that humans need animals to survive when so many of us are doing so much better without any animal products in our lives!!!   But also, more important than all that is the karma.   It's wrong to exploit, torture and murder anyone (human or non-human sentient beings).
Lierre Keith is an unscientific pile of cobbled together pseudo-science, lies, misinformation and placebo effect.  But some people like what she says...and that's a big selling point for most naive people.  
Outstanding in every way. Thank you for posting this. (shared far and wide)
There is a lot of misinformation here.  The video begins with a half-truth.  The diseases that agriculture brought like small pox for example, were from living next to animals.  People slept in the same buildings as their animals for warmth in bronze age times.  That has nothing to do with a vegetarian, or grain-rich diet.  It actually has more to do with eating meat...or raising meat.  Lierre Keith went from being a preachy, self-righteous vegan, to being a preachy, self-righteous paleo.  Regardless of the diet, she's still a wingnut, and probably not someone you would want to get information from.
This is totally ridiculous  there  are 500 million Indian vegetarians who do not eat animal flesh or seafood flesh  and vegetarianism has been part of their culture for 1000's of years...Vegetarianism is not a myth...it is a reality
This is so funny. Livestock animals eat much more plant food than humans. Especially when there are tens of billions of them brutally raped to reproduce every year. Claiming that agriculture destroys the planet, the very first rational step is to stop "farming" animals. Just in that one step we significantly decrease and even decimate the ag demand on the world, we learn compassion of others, we get fresh healthy nutrition. Then, and only then, can humans start looking at the deeper problems.
+peakmoment Grass fed livestock requires MORE land than CAFOs!!  What is with you people and your wacky beliefs about magic grass-fed livestock? 
Primative hunter-gatherers have been found to have severe osteoporosis and other diseases.  It's a myth that there were disease free.
This is full of misinformation. She claims that "we can't get to" protein from plant sources. Tell that to the swathes of vegan athletes and bodybuilders. She then claims that we can't get vitamin A from plants. A quick internet search gave me this list of plant sources: sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, winter squash, cantaloupe, pink grapefruit, mangoes, apricots, oranges, spinach, kale, beet greens, broccoli, dark green leafy vegetables. I stopped watching here.
What was the average life expectancy in hunter-gather societies before contact with Western food?
I've read that if they did not die in childbirth or from accidents, hunter-gatherers live as long as we now do -- into their 70s.
People are overlooking a certain element in this. Health does not only come from food. Some people are repulsed by the idea of eating meat. Meat eaters need not feel victimised by this comment, there is nothing wrong with eating meat and I am not attacking it. But it would cause me so much mental distress to do it myself, that I would get ill from that. Perhaps meat eaters, and Lierre Slug (I think that's was her name, sorry, I forget) do not accept that it is possible to experience emotional stress from eating meat. Or, perhaps they accept that it is, but consider that such trauma is harmless to health and that the corresponding 'increase; of protein can offset any psycho-emotional damage. Or perhaps meat eaters would just feel happier if we all ate meat. In whichever case, vegans and meat eaters are no better or worse than each other, just different. And as this post/thread/video proves, there are total idiots in both camps!
This one is specifically for a person who calls himself "Mr. Vegan" A person who doesn't have the courage of his opinions, a person who spams other people and then who runs away. Mr. Vegan +celt130 You call him an 'extremist' as if the word has a specific definition. It doesn't. It's obviously your ad hominem attack to dismiss his ideas. (I assume he's male). Mr. Vegan +celt130 As for your self-flattering assertion that you "will prove [people] wrong: This is self-delusional. You TRY.   Well Mister Vegan WHY DON'T YOU TRY? I am waiting for you and your courage...
I wonder if this lady has looked into perma-culture related methods of farming like hugelkultur and forest farming. I have watched videos where deserts have become forests because of people reintroducing life into those areas.
There are so many discrepancies in this interview, but let me first ask what scientific background does she have that certifies her studies? Does she have any authority to talk about nutrition, environmental science, psychology? How can she conclude, for example, that the lack of certain nutrients has anything to do with the rate of suicide? Correlation does not necessarily equal causation. How can she conclude that hunter-gatherer diets were successful enough to thwart cancer when hunter-gatherers were pre-civilization, nomadic people who had short lives and barely reproduced. Once again, correlation and causation. She has such an extremist attitude toward everything (her diet, society, environment) that no wonder nothing works. She thinks we can abolish civilization, when civilization is what humanity strives toward and thrives within. People aren't hunter-gatherers anymore, not because of these huge agendas she talks about, but because it doesn't. work.
Walmart doesn't drive all the local businesses out. People choose Walmart over those "local" businesses. They continue to sell everything really cheap and they do not have a monopoly. Walmart have several massive competitors. 
More land is cleared for livestock every year when comparing it to agriculture. I know Lierre said that factory farming is wrong, which it is, but if this is the only way to get meat for most people, you have to clear land to raise the "meat". Also, she talks about all of the horrific dangers that agriculture apparently causes. Does she want everyone to stop eating agriculture? Not to eat anymore plants? Kind of a ridiculous argument, in my opinion.
She may be right about some of the problems in this world, but how can you "take down" civilization without having people prepared for such a cataclysmic event?  If her resistance movement gets their way, they'll do whatever they can to destroy civilization and to hell with all the dependent people; it's our fault, so f. us!  What a crap attitude she has!  Yea stuff doesn't work as it is, but a solution has to do way less harm than good, and hers wouldn't.  Hers is the typical "the end justifies the means" and that's as bad as the 'bad" guys!
+carfreelori make no mistake, she cares way more about the planet than about the people on the planet!!!  and you vegans are worried about her eating meat?!  Check out her other videos if you really want to be shocked!  She's got an inhumane plan, that's for sure.
+carfreelori if lierre's group takes down infrastructure there will probably be collateral damage, making her group no better than the collateral damage done by drone strikes.
Her rabbit face is proof humans are vegans.
I put up with the ridiculous claims of this video until the point where she asserts that vitamin A isn't found in plant sources. Research each one of these claims yourself before you believe anything. She's not citing research, she's discussing her own extremely flawed opinion.
This lady seems to be as dogmatic about her new beliefs as she probably was about her veganism.
Joshie, you suggested a month ago that someone interview me. (I can't get the Reply feature to work on that comment). I was interviewed last spring -- not about personal aspirations but my view on the state of the world. Peak Moment episode 235, "Living with the Predicament." Living with the Predicament
Should be titled vegan myth
Blah blah blah. She was a vegan for twenty years who binged on eggs and dairy when ever she could. Sugar is the primary food of the brain. ALL cells feed on sugar. The brain has actually shrunk the size of a golf ball since we included meat in our diet. Read,Left in the dark by Tony Wright. The foods that we easily digest are the foods we were designed to eat , and they are FRUITS. What is the real myth was Lierre Kieths vegan ism.
+Dee Smith   If anyone has money to pay for for propoganda, it's the meat-industry.  And, I can tell you, they do pay for it.  You see ads for meat EVERYWHERE you go?  So, shut up trying to paint vegans as pushing their ethical views when the meat industry push (with far more finances) their profit-booming industries.  If there's one thing you should hand to vegans (and even Lierre does this!), they push their views for reasons that try to help the planet, the animals and people.  The meat-industry solely and purely do it for selfish, financial reasons.  So, before you start pointing the finger of 'evilness'.  Just take a look at who may be more worthy of that pointing. And, the fact that you can't see that, suggests that YOU are the biased/blinkered one.
I got the following from this source:  It seems interesting to me. http://www.beyondveg.com/billings-t/comp-anat/comp-anat-3c.shtml To Summarize: Since the inception of the human genus Homo, ~2.5 million years ago, the human diet has included meat. "Early hominid diet was probably like recent hunter-gatherer diets in the sense that it would have been a mixture of plant and animal foods, depending on habitat and season. There are no strictly vegetarian hunter-gatherers, and purely "carnivorous" hunter-gatherers (or nearly so) are rare (the traditional Inuit's 90-95% flesh diet being the only example); mixed diets predominate. As a universal, long-term aspect of culture that includes consumption of animal foods, biological adaptation to a diet that includes animal foods is an inevitable outcome of evolution. This occurs as a result of the feedback loop between evolution and long-term behavior patterns (including culture as an important element). As a significant part of the range of diets we are adapted to by evolution, meat--specifically the lean meat and organs of wild animals--can be considered natural (food). However, as humans are intelligent, we can use our intelligence to choose a different diet, if we wish." It seems to be indicating that, historically, from the beginnings of human ancestors, the diet was a mix of meat and plant/nut/seed sources.  So omnivore seems the appropriate category for humans. But we are intelligent and may choose a vegetarian or vegan diet.  But it is an individual choice.  Our long omnivore history does make it plausible that the vegan/vegitarian diet could work for some and not for others.  So each person has to figure out what works for them.   I would love if all animals could die a natural death and never become food for any other species...and I get this wish of vegans, I really do.  But I'm saying a human being, historically an omnivore, ...we might not all find the vegetarian or vegan diet optimal for our health...some of us will and some won't.  We've got to realize it's not black and white, all or none, and the meat eater who feels they must, for optimal diet, eat meat isn't a morally bad person.  I don't know about where I'll fall because I'm taking a close look at all of this because I do love animals a lot.  But my health is a top priority too.
+carfreelori And one more thing, when I first started researching all of this it was because I'd watched a slaughter video and I really wanted my research to point me in the direction of veganism; it hasn't and I'm not apologizing for that.  I've been seeking what I find to be true and my conclusions aren't what I'd originally wanted, but I'm not going to distort my beliefs to fit what I'd wanted to find out.  I'm realizing that I will always be an omnivore and a meat eater but one who is very, very appreciative and respectful to animals and one who will never eat meat that comes from factory farming and bad conditions or a bad slaughter.  These are my ethics and I stand behind the idea that this is completely moral and valid.
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We should go back to the basics, before all these diets become popular. Vegans should eat some animal produts and meat eaters should eat more veggies. Balance is the key.
Curious,I looked up Vegan sources of K2, and they exist in natto, sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha. w00T
mmm ... kombucha.  GT's Synergy Gingerberry and Trilogy.
Please read the China Study. It looks like you need to touch up on some of your nutritional knowledge. " Vitamin A, Vitamin E are not found it plant based foods" ? That is a blatant lie! Vitamin D is sourced for the sun and Vitamin K2 is NOT an essential nutrient! The information on this video is misleading and a lot of it just isn't true. I advise anyone who watches this video please do your research before listening to this tripe, because clearly Lierre has done her's well enough! 
This book contains so many inaccuracies, inconsistencies, contradictions and pseudoscience that it renders the whole thing worthless.  However, a lot of people are unaware of this and do actually believe it all, especially as many people desperately want to believe that we need to eat meat, dairy and saturated fat.  It's like telling a small child that eating plenty of candy is good for you.  Lierre has done no research of her own, and 'borrows' from other pseudoscientific publications, very rarely does she give references to the original source.  She's obviously cherry-picked her information to back up her own view.  If you believe this book, you'd be forgiven for thinking that no study has ever concluded that a vegan diet has positive health effects.  The book is totally unbalanced in favour of huge quantities of meat and dairy. She places a lot of weight on her claimed "nearly 20 years as a vegan" to imply that she has experience and knows what she's talking about.  Apart from the fact that she was frequently 'binging' on non-vegan foods, Lierre actually has no scientific training of any sort, yet claims that she used "the scientific method" to determine whether a study should be included in the book.  Many things she claims should be blantantly obvious to any reader.  E.g. She claims that humans are like dogs (omnivores) because dogs swallow food without chewing.  No human being eats a meal without chewing!  Good grief.  Another example is that she claims humans can't move their jaws side to side and nor can humans.  Her conclusion, here again, is that humans are omnivores because of their supposed inability to move their jaws side to side.  Go on!  Try it now.  You CAN move your jaw side to side. In the end, Lierre doesn't have a single qualification in any of the fields she discusses.  She has zero scientific trainging or education, yet expects intelligent readers to take her book more seriously than those who are qualified and have actually researched and published their own findings. The book is factually bankrupt.
+Dee Smith​ All Lierre does is cherry pick from those that agree with her claim that ALL VEGANS GET ILL. I know this to be false. She claims that she's never met a single healthy long-term vegan who didn't regularly cheat. Okay. She's never MET me but it's obvious from her email responses to me that she dismisses my claim to be a long-term, non-cheating, healthy vegan. She doesn't say directly that I'm lying but she does reiterate her claims. She simply dismisses anything that contradicts what she believes (or wants to believe). That includes all publications, all studies, all personal testimonies. I have never said that veganism is a wonder-diet but it most certainly is not the intrinsically unhealthy diet she claims. I'm not sure whether she is simply in denial or whether she knows she's painting a black and white view of veganism and health. But she is incorrect. She also fails to realise that some people are vegan for reasons she's not mentioned in the book. So even if she WERE correct in everything she claims she still hasn't knocked MY (and almost definitely others') reasons for being vegan. "You'll get ill because I did." doesn't carry any weight for a 4-decade long healthy vegan. She accuses vegans of being 'in a semi-permanent state of anger'. I'm not surprised that she meets many vegans who appear angry. Her book is highly insulting. 'Immature', 'childish', 'unable to see reality' are just 3 insulting untruths she uses in the book. She blames the vegan diet. This argument can not be used for the other groups who are angry with Lierre. E.g. The LGBT people who are angry at her for her viscious verbal attacks on transgendered women. In my opinion, Lierre is, herself, internally angry and is attempting to release that anger by directing it at others. She is quite probably unaware of this. However she has stated that mental illness is in her family; including members who have never been vegetarian or vegan.
+Dee Smith No. I am not claiming to be different users.
I can't say that Lierre is much of an advert for eating meat...making huge assumptions about why we are not so healthy and that we are naturally meat eaters. This is utter tosh...there is massive evidence that meat eating is not good for the human body such as having an intestine that can't digest it. All  apes are basically vegetarians. Chimps are mostly vegetarian, but they will eat meat once in a while. Gorillas are completely vegetarian. So are orangutans. The interviewer is also very naive "really???" "wow wow!!" etc Watch..."fat sick and nearly dead" and "food matters" much more convincing By the way...I'd say Lierre's teeth were probably more suited for carrots than meat :)
+Adrienne Toth One more thing, regarding the video, though it talks about the need to get away from corporate pushed agendas in public health, you might find it useful to know that the Weston A. Price foundation, itself, is a lobby group funded wholly by its members which are mostly companies whose products are in line with their principles. They are as authoritative a voice in the matter of public health as Monsanto. Corporate funded or sponsored agendas in public health is indeed a problem in the media. In the science, however, it's actually not much of a problem at all, due to the strict regulations of the peer-review process. In addition, all conflicts of interest and sources of funding are required to be listed very plainly at the end of each paper. The World Health Organization, American Heart Association, National Institutes of Health are some of the most authoritative voices on the matter of public health. It's there you should be looking for the bulk of your nutritional recommendations; not the WAPF.
climate change is a myth and a joke... pay al gore trillions and he will save the planet and u... he psomises ;)
hemp protein is a complete protein it also contains all the fatty acids the body needs. meat can be good for us in small amounts but not as we consume it today. you have to take into consideration that the meat we choose to eat isn't of good quality whatsoever and contains excessively harmful chemicals mainly to the pineal gland and the whole glandular system. look up the china study it s possibly the best example of what a meat based diet can really do to you and the benefits on being meat free.     
I've known for a long time that a strict vegetarian diet will eventually lead to sickness and malnourishment. I have a relative that has been vegetarian for about 35 years, so I've seen first hand, the slow decline in health. You may think you're doing great and living a healthy lifestyle, and for the first 10 or even 20 years, that may be true, but it will catch up to you eventually.
What a pathetic piece of shit.  I've seen many people get sick that aren't vegans.  I can't believe what utter fools people like Becky are.  Go visit a hospital ward, Becky.  Most of them eat meat and always have....By the way, go buy a brain too.
Maybe some people do get sick, but there are probably some who are able to be vegan in a healthy way if theyre careful to supplement and get a variety of foods.
So you're saying lets stop agro and not feed all the people.. then they will die and decay into the soil and we can start the world over with revitalized soil!!!  How did nature allow the earth to evolve to this horrible situation. Definitely required reading for women's lib.  "A nuclear disaster is better for the planet than civilization"  Really? And what would be the importance of the planet if there were no people in terms of it's value to people more than say Pluto?  Oh that's right... it would make a great zoo and a few million years down the road we might get a better species than humans.
she believes this!  check out her other videos...here's how i sum it up...she cares way more about the planet than the people on the planet...she's a blindly angry woman who has pinpointed some of the problems accurately and then come up with an awful and terrible solution re the underground militant militia!  its crae...crae..crazy!   sad that she's got intelligence when she doesn't care about innocent people enough.....she, I think, is an "the ends justifies the means" kind of person..I hate that way of thinking.  If the vegans knew of her other ideas, well.....they'd be even more infuriated!
It really bothers me when people who have no science background pretend to be scientists. 
Many vegans/vegetarians live normal life spans and don't become sick from it. She is attempting to force her lifestyle on people who are different, and I have a problem with that. Nature does not revolve around Lierre Keith. And my initial point is that she has no science background, yet the premise of her entire argument is scientific. She is not qualified. And I can't see why everyone can't agree with that. 
+Jazz Man I'm reading her book right now and am about half way through.  It seems like she wrote the book from her own independent research.  A person can self-educate without obtaining an actual degree.  She does have a ton of resources listed in the bibliography.  I'm not saying they are all research articles, but this is a book and not a research paper.  She doesn't seem to claim that these conclusions are result of a scientific experiment, but rather she's presenting the views she's come to as a result of her reading and experiences. I agree that the views in her book are from her perspective, but why wouldn't that be true for any author?  I think vegans are up in arms because she's saying that growing crops to feed the world isn't the answer.  But really, isn't it becoming common knowledge that crops do deplete the earth if they are grown in a monocultured way?  Is that really in dispute?  Can you really and truly say that clearing land to plant a monoculture crop doesn't take this land away from animals and plants who lived on this land before it was cleared for the crops?  Gee, I just don't get how these couple ideas of hers are so controversial!
She needs some education. I am biggest and healthiest example of sexy hot and healthy vegetarian . Bullshit.. She need some education on global warming and animal sufferings
Did you watch the show? Her sensitivity to animal suffering is what led her to be vegan for decades. Her analysis of the unsustainability of monocrop agriculture was partly motivated by global warming concerns.  
so why don't we just eat fruits, vegetables, and insects? insects are high in protein in general, and minerals as well. they could easily replace meat from larger herbivores which require more of the environment and more input for less output. why the fuck aren't we raising grasshoppers en masse instead of cows? it doesn't make sense.
Actually we were foragers for the vast majority of our evolution
+Seb Rogers I just looked at lots of anthropological evidence that we were omnivores as far back as the human ancesters go...this isn't debated amongst anthropologists...it is accepted as fact.  you are going back further than the "homo" (and no cracks about gay please) species goes.   http://www.beyondveg.com/billings-t/comp-anat/comp-anat-3c.shtml the link above includes a summary of the anthropologists' discoveries which I just spoke about.
+Seb Rogers humans were developing tools 2.5 million years ago..spears and the like...homo habilis had spears to hunt with even before homo sapiens.
Brave woman. Not easy to see where you're wrong and then say so and give reasons why.  A seeker of what is true. Complete admiration for this woman.
We did not evolve as a species on veganism. All these fad diets started cropping up in recent history as a result of mankind disrespecting its natural food sources. We are so far detached from our food sources it's sad. Okinawans and Sardinians are the healthiest longest lived people on Earth and they consume meat at least once or twice a week not including other meat-based products they intake. Of course their climates and activities have a lot to do with their longevity as well, but it just proves that having natural food sources in proper moderation and balance is key to everything. I've been adopting this lifestyle for myself. I couldn't be happier.
I've just found this post in my archives. "I am the host, not the guest in this show. I do not claim (rigidly or flexibly) that veganism is unhealthy. I think that veganism requires some very careful balancing to get sufficient nutrients. But then, that's true of any diet for healthiness! Where I stand is that there is no one right way to eat. Our genetics & our heritage's native foods are big factors on what we can assimilate. People whose heritage is the tropics will thrive on very different foods from those in the far north." So, if this is the case, I have absolutely NO problem with PM. My issue is with LK who claims rigidly and inflexibly that veganism is unhealthy.  
If Lierre really did want to stay vegan but felt 'forced' to eat meat due to health issues, why did she never contact any professional vegan nutritionists?  The reality is, she seemed to have felt that veganism was more ethical but her food cravings were causing cognitive dissonance.  So, she decided to reduce the dissonance by cherry-picking websites that claimed humans need to eat meat.  Anyone who can't see the pickiness in her book are either naive or just plain stubborn, or maybe have the same cognitive dissonance problems Lierre does. It's full of anti-vegan anecdotes.  Is she seriously telling us that she has never met one single happy, healthy vegan, ever?  Apparently, that's exactly what she claims when she dismisses them as all binging on beef and dairy once a week.  The truth hurts Lierre, whether you close your mind to it or not.
+carfreelori but looking at her other videos, shes extremely out there about how to achieve her goals; she condones militant violence, and attacking of infrastructure that humans need to survive.  I can't agree with her about any of this...check out her other videos if you don't know what I'm talking about.
This woman lives in a world all her own. Why are there so many healthy Vegans yet so many sick, diseased meat eaters? Don't waste your time with this video.
What your study shows is meaningless. Your study is showing the odds and numbers. I know people that have eaten meat their entire lives that are sickly and anemic. Explain that. Vegetarians still eat dairy products, and for many of them, that IS the problem they are sickly. What about the fact some people are subject to illness due to genetics. On Dr. John McDougall's website there are endless people that were sick meat eaters that turned to a plant based, starch based diet and have recovered from high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, obesity and the list goes on. Humans are not designed to be meat eaters and as Scott points out, many Vegatarians and Vegans quit due to the pressure of the uneducated public concerning nutrition, including uninformed Doctors giving advice
How can you take someone who says u can't get vitamin A from plants seriously? Vitamin D is only from sun or supplements and neither meat nor plants can provide adequate amounts. This is a person who wrote a whole book. I was enjoying listening until she said this very amateurish statement and now I don't know if she is worth listening to.
Meat might "feed your brain & body" . But we need to feed our soul not our "Body".  We do not need more strong apes. We need soft human beings eating food that feeds the soul.
She doesnt know what she's talking about. She probably married a Farmer and he ate meat and told her that meat was good for her.
No. In short, she had many undiagnosed illnesses and desperately wanted to find out what was going on and improve her health.  One Chinese doctor told her to eat meat.  Even though her health is still very poor, she believes that it was veganism that caused her problems.  From that assumption, she extends her own experience to every vegan who ever existed or who ever will exists. She totally ignores differences in diet, metabolism, genetics and any other lifestyle factors.  As far as LK is concerned, every single vegan on the planet will get extremely ill.    As I've said many times, I've been vegan for 38 years and I'm in perfect health. 
She looks pretty unhealthy for eating corpse....go vegan!
+Dee Smith Well, you can't say, "Steve is lacking nutrients!", can you?
"Hunter gatherers had no cancer" Absolute bullshit. First, there are more risk factors for cancer than just diet. Radiation, carcinogenic chemicals, stress, genetic disorders, etc. Are you seriously trying to sell me this crap about how hunter gatherers, by having a different diet, are somehow able to prevent the effects of these other cancer-causing problems? That is absurd. Every species, regardless of diet, is susceptible to cancers. Animals get them too, even strict predators.
Both agriculture and pasture destroy ecosystems, 
The biggest problem with what you are saying is that it is agriculture which allowed mankind to be able to settle down, to think, to develop into what we are today. Agriculture has allowed us to feed billions of humans, whereas hunter-gatherer societies could never hope to accomplish such a feat. Agriculture has its problems, but we do need it.
Im just curious, who payed you and how much? Where is your proof for your claims and facts? I could write a book, make up some facts that sound logical to an average joe and, voila, I manipulate a small population...
Those who bought her book paid her! Where's her 'proof'?  A bunch of unqualified websites, links and other books by non-professionals.  She even uses Wikipedia as a source.  But then again.  Anyone who can write can write a book...and anyone who can convince a publisher it can sell, can get it published.  (You can even pay for a book to be published and printed yourself).  You don't have to have your book checked for facts or anything.  Literally, there's nothing to prevent someone writing a book claiming that the moon is made of cheese.  Nothing. She's a liar.
Ok, another expert going to the opposite extreme of what other experts say - which bears the question: who's to believe in? Is someone deliberately lying to everyone? 
+Mottahead I do see your point about, unless we provide evidence that Lierre is wrong as opposed to simply saying she's unqualified, it's like the old creation v/ evolution debate. Lierre is effectively saying, "I tried veganism.  I got ill [assuming that veganism was even the cause] so every other person on the planet who tries veganism will get ill too."  She does indeed assert this claim."   
+Scòtt Chadwick Now you've got my full attention. When she gives an interview expressing her views she is practically asking for anyone to dispute her claims (which I agree with you are really not that solid).  I think science is going to show, even if the food industry fights it, what the best way to go is (and then the food industry is going to adapt to that).  I do believe that eating lots of fruits and vegetables and avoiding industrialized food products is the best way.  I'm not 100% convinced (perhaps I'm on my way there) that completely avoiding animal-based foods is the healthiest choice.  I know that consumption of red meat has been linked to a higher probability of horrible health problems and that trans-fats, corn syrup and too much salt are really bad.  I think we're on our way to being more aware of what the best choices are.  
This planet wants to be a grassland and a forest. . . . Oh. My. God. . . . So, the Sahara and the Sonoran deserts are just fictional places?
I wonder what Gary Yourofsky would make of this video.
+carfreelori I see you were talking about Gary Yourofsky but I meant Lierre.  I think she names the problem well, but she needs a better solution...she can't view people as deer and it's ok if we die because we've overpopulated!  
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, TAKE A SCIENCE CLASS! I'm going to hit this chronologically 1.) poor quality protein is not called that because we "can't get to it because its wrapped in cellulose". It's called that because each plant doesnt have all of the amino acids--which is no problem if you are eating a variety, AS YOU SHOULD. 2.) There ARE plant sources for every single nutrient she mentioned. Vit A - sweet potatoes, carrots, and many more. Vit D- is synthesized by our bodies when we are in the sun. Also, mushrooms. Vit K- Kale. Vit E- nuts and seeds, avocados, spinach. Coq10 - nuts and seeds, broccoli.  Iron- beans, tofu. Also elevated iron intake has been linked to and increased risk of Alzheimer's.  -- what cracks me up is that she doesn't even mention the only true nutrient that vegans can't get from plant sources, B12. 3.) The animal fat she says we need to be eating is primarily saturated fat and omega 6 fatty acids which have been strongly linked to cause heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. We could be eating plenty of fat from nuts and seeds and avocados that doesnt have saturated fat and is higher in omega 3's 4.) our bodies use glucose as a primary energy source... meat has no glucose. Eating less glucose is a great way to throw your body into ketosis. Also she talks about the insulin response. Since we are designed to use carbs as an energy source, we are efficient at digesting it and taking it into our cells for use via insulin. Insulin's job is not to turn sugar into fat. Insulin is not an SOS response for the body. The amount of sugar you get in plant foods in not nearly enough cause your body to go into alarm because it is accompanied by dietary fiber. A big gulp of coke, on the other hand, might. ACTUALLY, a high saturated fat diet (as you'd get with increased meat consumption) causes buildup of fat in the cells which can inhibit insulin function leading to diabetes.  5.) Cancer eats sugar because our cells eat sugar and they are just mutant versions of our own cells. So if you starve the cancer cells your are starving your own healthy cells too. If you were to follow her logic, you'd think that we'd be seeing a drastic decrease in cancer rates over the last 50 years seeing as the western diet has steadily decreased the amount of plant foods and increased meat and dairy consumption.... but that's not what we've seen is it.  6,) a vegetarian diet does not have consist of white sugar and refined oils. and if hers did, no wonder she had health problems.  7.)Funny, if a society holds certain foods as sacred and held ceremonies around eating them, its probably likely that it was not a major component of their diet. Also all of the things she attributes to what makes animal fats the best are all found in plants, and are even more concentrated in plants.  Her woeful nutritional knowledge aside, I dont see how her main point about changing industrial trends has anything to do with vegetarianism. This problem of factory farming has increased proportionally to our meat consumption. Why not have that acre of land with no cows at all? Why not grow veggies?
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