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Rooster Teeth's Prank King

by Rooster Teeth • 1,186,068 views

Click to Tweet: RT Shorts Season 3 DVD!! Song at End of Video: Gus sucks at pranks.

prank war Michael vs gavin... who's with me?
winner gets pizza? (loser pays) loser is first to say F**k you or bloody. (so it's fair)
Michael would slam down a piece wet bread on gavin he would puke and we would be done 
"Naw you made it disgusting" Lol these are all funny, but Burnie is definitely the best at delivering lines.
Note to self: Do not prank gus...ever
Call us Hardie boys cause we are hard for boys....lolllllls
Burnie with aviator sunglasses on is quite... intimidating
Papa johns...POOPY Johns!
"I guess you could call us the hardy boys" "yeah because we're so hard on naughty little boys" lol.
Papa johns? More like messed up buns......fuck you it worked
2:19 greatest acting ever
Joel and Burnie are amazing in this one
Was that red baron at the beginning?
the caboose is strong with joel in this one haha
The most thought out prank ever.
I didn't find anything funny until 5:45
That is the funniest part, but the rest was funny too.
joel caboose in real life as a cop lel
the most sinister prank ever. lol 
The play translates to I'm Pongo. Nice touch.
You can see the cameraman in the reflection of Burnie's sunglasses
cookie? DISABLED. 
had to come back to watch this after the cameo from the rt recap
Ha! Burnie and Joel has the same role in that one RvB episode as they do here!
You mean in that RWBY episode?
They played as a cop in the pirated videos and this one causing them to be known as the cop duo.
Lol it's rated TV-Y and the last line is fuck your cane.
So what we've learned here? Matt the boss acting like a clueless Sarge. Gus being a sycophantic kiss ass like Simmons who wants to usurp his boss Burnie acting the dickish Church And Joel for once not teamkilling his colleagues like Caboose.
I want a 'fuck your cane' shirt
Best CEO ever. Of all time.
Haha the pie at then end was beautiful
Song at the end was pretty fitting.
ive seen this at least five times and i only noticed just now that the play gus gives him tickets to is called "yo soy pongo" lmfao
It all makes sense until he gets the gun. I know it's a short but they could look up who purchased the gun.
rooster teeth vines volume 2
Honestly burnie and Joel as cops is my favorite thing evar!!!!!!
Is this the first Hardy Boys reference? I love that Monty put them in RWBY, too.
Second one, they were in an earlier Short... not sure which though
hahaha! gus fucking ate the pepperoni  after sitting on the pizza 
Did Adam sound like Wyoming at the end???
Its cuz he's the person who voice acts sarge
Cookie? Disabled.
the apple one is good cause mac sucks no one wants mac PC
Ahahaha, that reminds me of the Tom Hiddleston Loki'd video.
Haha, that's what I thought of too!
i like how you can see the camera equipment in burnies glasses
It's funny because sarge could put together that meta and wash had Simmons but Matt can't put the prank together!
Holy fuck that was brilliant.
Pizza hut more like pizza butt, dominos uhh duminos. Papa johns well that what doesn't work but im still delivering shame and humiliation in 30 minutes or less
Whats the song on the outro with all the video links?
Can't Trust Anybody Now. It's from the Red vs Blue soundtrack. Season 10, I believe.
Why does it seem like that is something Gus would actually do?
I wish I would get "pranked" by Gus. My car needs to be washed.
Gus with the fucking Rick Astley shirt
This one was atcually really sad
Matt could easily be a 2nd Tom Hanks if he screamed more.
Ha the movie tickets in the beginning said " I am pongo" XD
gus is such an evil genius
god sounds just like Sarge, never noticed that
made no sence at first but HAHAHA LOL
Is that Burnie and Joel at the end, driving away in Burnie's truck? :)
Papa johns.. Poopa johns
Lol I never new Matt was Wyoming when he was speaking in that old man voice also the skit was a lot like rvb !!
You should really do these videos again
Joel's newspaper was upside down. It made my day
Cookies? Disabled...
why are you bringing bake goods in this?
joel and burnie are way too hot in this
"hard boys........." omg joel why are you so creepy
Correction: Joel and burnie
What's the song at the end of the video? The link in the description didn't work for me.
gus , matt, these are obviously fake names thats church and simmons from red vs blue. ha tryin trick me will ya next you'll say that that tucker isn't the biggest lady magnet on earth, or anywhere else for that matter.
Matt plays Sarge, Burnie plays Church
I feel as if this is a short Streeter and Amir would seriously....still, Matt and Gus >>>> Streeter and Amir.
Papa Johns?  Papa buns. 
Lesson learned: Gus is a sucky friend
Stop posting the goddamn complaints about the comment system. If you want to change it, go set up or sign a petition to change this. Bitching about it on the comments is the stupidest form of passive aggression I have witnessed. And yes, it is passive aggression; you aren't doing anything, you're just bitching about what we have.
Exactly, somebody give this kid a fucking lollipop. Thank you Laura, for doing something about this.
+Jark Wimbley I didn't set up the petition I was merely drawing attention to the people actually doing something about this.
Lol hardy boys. Now I know where Monty got it from in rwby
You do know the 'Hardy Boys' is a classic book series about two boys that solve mysteries, right?
+burritosenior they also have an ongoing joke about the hardy boys
how come joel is old and gus isn't?
No Gus, you're the podcast king, Michael is the prank king
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