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COPS TV Show, Shots Fired, Kansas City, MO Police Department

by COPSTV • 1,126,352 views Officer Caleb Lenz of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department attempts to catch up to an officer that is in pursuit of a stolen vehicle that was spotted earlier in...

Why are colored folks always violent and trying to murder people?
So I guess the amount of white people who go and shoot up schools must not really ring a bell to you.  You disgust me for what you say.
+popsingerstar  'LAUGH"  You got that right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Scumbag piece of shit, they should have killed him
But if they did then people would protest police brutality.
Recently a gang put a $10,000 bounty on gay cops in Frisco. Apparently they were buttfucking suspects.
That's freakin Hilirious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dumbest thing he did was taking his shirt off... all bets of getting away were practically off at that point... the dog gets a whiff of you and well, you got an invisible bulls eye on you now.
+flskywarn why cant we shoot cops without it being wrong? just like cops shoot us 
Should have let the dog rip his throat out.  Now we have to pay for his sorry stupid ghetto ass.
I love the comments saying that the cops were being racist against the suspect...I mean really? He shot a cop and actually murdered two random people earlier. And the cop ended up being diagnosed with PTSD.
At least you understand the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think they should of let the dog kill him myself!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Black people acting like Animals..Why can't I live in a world without black people..You see,,I don't dislike Asian people,,or Spanish people,,I don't dislike European people,,or blacks from Jamaica or Haiti...I can't stand the American Black....Your lazy,,crime riddled race...You kill each other...43% of the American blacks are on welfare...Your neighborhoods are disgusting...Your one of the only races that creates chaos on yourselves..But,,you still beg for crumbs from the white man.....Amazing
Should've let the dog rip him to shreds. Ghetto trash niggers rotting in prison with taxpayer dollars.
Im from kansas city, raised there my whole life  and ill be the first to tell you Kansas City cops are very brave, they deal with crack heads, drug dealers and all kinds of crazy shit in between, and I have mad respect for them. 
Poor guy i can't believe those pigs let that dog bite him like that....
Dog shoulda ripped the niggers throat out
+davefan16 u said it! this is what he gets 4 shooting a cop!
Police doge saves the day.
FTO Jon Rivers is one ugly man. This was a good episode of cops. Lots of freaky looking people in this state. You have to be a complete mad man to shoot a cop. This black fellow probably got life in prison for this. What a waste
>> how many times does the good cops have ta tell ya as long as u cooperate they'll be as nice as possiable they are capable of being nice just let them do they're job as officers i know there are some bad cops but don't take that on the good ones just shut up and cooperate
Cops sometimes abuse and kill innocent civilians in feats of human error and poor judgment. And yet this man was lucky enough to have a camera crew beside him. I hope he got a big beating at jail because he murdered two people before he decided to shoot this cop.
And that's why whites fear blacks.
+JamaicanTrapMan are you a cop blocking pussy?
In these days of cops killing innocent black men I am surprised this one that fired on cops wasn't killed.
+Ozzy Musa do you have any specific sources and facts to back your claims? What is your expertise in the subject of use of force policies and procedures for law enforcement? What specific training have you received to ascertain that using a 24'' nylon baton is excessive force? What specific, credible data do you have about innocent African Americans being murdered willfully and deliberately by law enforcement during this time period? Do you believe, in your expert opinion, that the subject who fired at the officer was using his weapon in accordance with use of force policies and procedures that the officers are legally required to follow?
give police dog an ebola vaccine quick! no tellin what that savage ape has in it's system
This is almost Independence just north of Raytown. About where the Blue Ridge Mall was but on the N side of the 70 hwy Interstate off of Sterling and 40 hwy.
Now, thats why the police always takes out their weapon after the pursuit is stopped.
Did he have on a pimp coat?
I think so.  I thought I was the only one who noticed that!!!
meanwhile, as 27 cops stand around looking at a negro, an old lady is beaten, raped and killed two blocks away 
If someone breaks into your house, I don't believe the proper action is to call in the local gang to also shoot you and/or your dog.
Are you naturally this stupid or did it come from hard work
Lovely dog! I hope it will bite more idiot crimminal scums like this..
American blacks when aggressive are more than blacks on other areas of the Americas except Jamaicans who re a threat anyplace even Costa Rica my place
Yeah how many cops does it take to get one guy?? Ridiculous, I mean yeah it's good they got the guy but that many officers trying to get one guy? I don't think that's needed.
if i was those cops i would give that nigger a real good beating then lynch him from a tree
I agree with you Angela, American black people seem to commit most of the crimes in this country. I agree, blacks are built more like an animal or an ape. Blacks seem more aggressive, in nature and they seem very uncivilized,
I agree with you on that Pamela Andersaan!
Murica: 45 cops to arrest 1 guy.
This is why there are so many laws, gun laws drug laws etc...because people do stupid shot like this.
Let the dog chew on that piece of shit for a minute.
fuck that dude is a OG triple G he might do life, but he was probably a 3 striker get mad points in prison for killing a cop
He is an asshole who shot a police officer cause he got caught with a stolen car. The guy probably would've got less than 10 years for stealing the car but no he shoots a cop and gets 44 years, now how smart was that?
Typical, lousy, rotten NIGGER.  Truly, they should have let the dog attack him within inches of death.....never mind, take him to death.  You fire at an officer, expect consequences.  Take someone's car at gunpoint.....I'll leave that to your imagination as to what should be done.
this dumbass deserved 2 get mauled by the dog! good boy! :D
To all the people who say whites fear blacks, well I'm not afraid of them.  If someone white black pink or orange threatens my life, I will exercise my right to defend myself by shooting them and if the person happens to be black well then I guess that I'm a big racist bigot in their eyes.  It seems that if you do anything against a black person your racist, they have been singing that song and dance for 50 years.  What it boils down to is blacks want to do whatever they want with no consequences and that's not how it works if you shoot at me I shoot back and I shoot to kill.
I personally know Officer Lenz and My step father is a detective in the KCPD. I can tell you that Kaleb is one of the most Generous and thoughtful guy.
Now the dumbest thing did was try to shoot a police officer and thank God he was caught thanks to it I witnessed and the dog god bless all you good cops!!!!!!!!!
Laughed so hard when that dog bit his ass! HAHA
Its funny soon as a white person does the same shit WHICH THEY DO then there's no racist comments...Black person does it you get all these internet "tough guys infront of a computer screen" people who talk mad shit. 
I think he lucky they didn't shoot him on the since for shoot cop
That dog chewed that fucking nigger up!!
Actually, I agree that the southern rise didn't accomplish anything. But I do highly doubt that he was trying to impress his "redneck buddies", let alone buddies.
+Trisden Voss  He makes racist comments, then you make racist comments. A wash.
Who else loves watching this show?
Give that officer (K9 dog) a steak.
Cop pepper sprayed the suspect and gav3 chase  in his 1995 to 97 crown vic. When I be a cop and pull you over you better put you goddamn hands on the steering wheel.  get your dmv ready before I approach your car  and donot attempt to flee the vehicle or exit the vehicle without the  officer's knowledge. 
"The man tasted like KFC" -Police Dog
I hope the dog bite the shit out of him!
Then you wonder why cops keep there guard up when it comes to feral street monkeys
i would of Been GONE! YO I Would BEEN GONE NON-STOP Running ! Full Speed! if that was me i would of got away !
That fellow coming out of the car shooting..scary!!!
They look just like those NYC police that they use to look like back in the day.
another unarmed innocent baby teen black male under attack by the racist white cracka!
Stupid black people..he should be killed
I must have watched dozens of these COP'S shows and not once has a shot been fired nor any life threatening knife attacks which is a good thing, but if it is not down to editing then is our fear of violent crime  out of all proportion to the reality?
Of course it would be a damn nigger
Of course, what else would it be?  They cause 90% of the crime here in the U.S. 
its over when the cops get the k-9 
That GSD Cop Dog was doing it's job and biting the criminal for shooting a cop.
I heard Pow pow pow, p p p p pow
Dam I know its a shots fired call but dam that is a lot of cops when they took him down
Watch this shit, get pissed, play some GTA, start world war 3 with cops, get bored, watch TV, rinse and repeat.
I just love how the officer trying to get the dog off is just like, eh, nah, ill give the dog a few more seconds with his chew toy. Aight, dogs done, time to jump on this fucker's back.
he should have no business with a gun anyways 
Damn,.....dude look like he got bit by a dog or somethin'!!!!
The shot of the k9 latched to that worthless scumbags arm is awesome!
fuck yeah, rockin the dog!
the cops should have shot his ass on sight he's armed and dangerous, and just shot an officer and killed before he shot the officer.  If you shoot a cop, you should be sentenced to life in prison, if you kill a cop, Death penalty no questions asked.  I don't care if it's by needle or by a hail of gunfire from the cops, you don't shoot cops.  if you don't agree with them, fight them in court, but don't try to take someone's mother or father away from them.
at 2:46 i just laughed because of the dog enjoying biting him because he kept on barking like more more more more
This is very shallow but Kansas City has some of the ugliest out of shape officers to ever grace the camera. 
tip, kcpd and indepence suck in high speedz through crowded areas
Scary to think that could happen to any cop at any stop
He's lucky a camera was rolling or they'd would have plugged him in the garage
Then people wonder why us law abiding citizens need guns.
I need me one of those dogs...
Area looks familiar...I see independence showed up too at the end.
bola de ignorantes ...los odio y todos mis amigos y familia odia al departamente de policia ...por que no se mueren todos y acabamos con esta plaga?
the gun was planted, they just had to arrest another black guy for their daily quota
And I suppose te cop shot himself HUH?
Exactly Taye!!!!!!!!!!   That idiots  lucky they just let the dog chew on him a while!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  When you get out of your car and start shooting at the cops "FOR NO REASON AT ALL", you are just asking for a Deathwish!!!!!!!!!!!!  He's Very Lucky the cops  didn't kill his dumbass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If i was a cop and he shot a partner of mine, i would definitely kill the SOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
fear !!! only for those really fear. so you know what you did .
The K9 was angry at the man for what he did to their best friend, it wouldn't let eh man go unbitten. 
I wush they would have killed that dirty nigger scum bucket.
I hope he gets a infection from the bite and dies! 
cop killa..wat the fuk?? why would he get out of that car n star shootin? wats the deal here?..
Yikes. I'd rather be tazed that have that dog on me. 
to bad the cameras were there.........
the cops is the same like a gang..And the government is mafia 
Yes jasmine simonsen, but what would it be like without Cops in this world???  Think about that one a while!!!
You are a stupid bitch. They were justified in letting the dog bite that fucker
why did he shoot a cop anyway huh he thinks its Grand Theft Auto
Good dogie good dogie
White privilege is not being hunted down like a dog and being mauled by racist cops who would rather take revenge on a man rather than treat him like a person. People who watch this video saying the suspect should be killed should be ashamed of themselves for showing their true views on race.
You don't know what the F... your talking about !!!  Do you realize that guy shot a cop and could of killed him?  When you shoot at the cops that is to be expected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What if your father or brother was that cop who got shot?   I bet you would be thinking the opposite then!!!  Wouldn't you?  Just think about that a while if you have a brain in your Freakin head???  
good to see another pos monkey locked away for life good riddance
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