Guiness World Record for most T-Shirts worn at one time.

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someone please push him over...
I remember seeing this when I first watched the music video for Pork and Beans years ago
Play it in reverse and it looks like he's losing a lot of weight. c:
More like a man just loosing a lot of cotton!
hey does anybody know the song thats playing ?
when your mom hear you sneeze
his facial expression is the best L0L
Jean Sandell Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
How many t-shirts can you wear?
Send me your shirts ill do it better.
Wow he must've been hot towards the end
the shirts are devouring his head!!!!
is this bullet proof?
Now let's see him take them off...
the 155 shirts must have cost him some money
imagine he jumped in water after all that
Hiw would he die though
he gets fatter and fatter
How to take them out xD?
now go to the coldest place u know
Aww, kwanghee beat ya out.
Daniel Bryan's theme song Thoo
A hero of our time ...
Now he looks like Garen.
notice the last 20 shirts or so had no logos or anything.  Probably all custom made.
I wonder if he always has that slightly bemused expression on his face.
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I saw that there were ten on the same t - shirt that he wore
Gustafsson Eric Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
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I think I'd have a panic attack....
+1 if you skipped the video to see the end
if you notice it looks like hes about to cry at the end.. but smiles at the begining
No way he put them on by himself haha
it just showed him putting each t-shirt on. how is it fake
this reminds me of that scene from willy wonka and the chocolate factory with the blue berry girl
It's sad that people are actually becoming obese enough to need a shirt that big
I wonder how far a bullet would go through that if he were to get shot.
0:25 8x5 40 4 corners 0 ´in the middle´
uhh, why is this even considered a world record? its stupid!
1:05 : "These fucking t-shirts are eating me alive D:"
Lol, you act like there aren't that big of shirts all over the world.
They should have filmed him doing every day things. Like trying to drive, eat...take a shit...etc
Guiness World Record for fastest T-shirt folding /watch?v=8d51oRbGTeA
i bet he is really hot in there.....
4 hours? What were you doing with the extra 3? I can't get even one on my dachshund within an hour.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the civilian version of a bullet-proof vest.
I can't even afford 5 t-shirts.
i think he wont get cold anny time soon
I love how the last tee has a dog on it
and now you have to take them off xD
Reminds me of this: /watch?v=HVJ-XrWXT0Y So many clothes...
he doesn't have a neck anymore.
Because you can probably fit a 10 XL shirt over a car... that's why!
So that's how you become fat :|
NO, IT CANT. ONLY IN RED! Ok I'm sorry for yelling ;(
And now he looks like a football player lol
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