Top Ten Mortal Kombat Fatalities

by mkmd13 • 2,240,892 views

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE COMMENTING! I did not include any classic fatalities in this list because I want to show the more darker side of MK besides all the fatalities that you already know of. If...

Take that music off man it kills the whole video
@ashrising87 My god. That's the smartest comment I've ever read.
@ashrising87 I HATE THIS MUSIC SOOOO MUCH!!! IT'S SO DUMB AND GAY!!!!!!!!!! -Whatcha goin' do?
Ummm pretty cool except the number one fatality kinda sucked it was cool but not the best
@warhead213 You're pretty sure? Well then if you're sure then it must be true right? Haha I've grown up (suprisingly) Now, it's your turn.
the number one could be bettter... and they have infinite blood 2:09- 2:24
@horrorkiller123 haha i love how you stop commenting back.
None of these are the best fatalities in the MK series.
@slouguii See CSI: Las Vegas and feel some gore at dinner time
@g3tg1rlz I agree I even think Scorpions animality is better than Kung Lao's
Personally, i like the music. Fairly catchy, IMO. Anyway, I like the hat throw where he saws them in half with the hat, personally.
@warhead213 Pmsing is the way to go. Who's ur gf? Oh that's right, no one.
Arguing over the Internet. Good job kids.
Only one thing: The real name for the Liu Kang fatality is "Dragon Snack" not just "Dragon". You can check this in the MK website
@Skitzo520 no war is violent, every war game is the same thing over and over again
This is the only 009 sound system song worth putting on a video -_-
Quan Chi's leg beat should be numbers 1-10.
Mom, I Have A Confesion. I Like Justin Beiber. FINISH HIM!!!!
Personally I think the top fatality is shao kahns body rip
this sucks, sub-zero's spine rip owns 'em all!
this guy must be a Kung Lao fan......lol
Cyrax shoukd be number 1 :-/ It was the most brutal fatality in my opinion :-P Btw nice vid!
@Killuminati1997 Are you saying they couldn't put a hole in the opponent's chest when they could put a BEATING HEART in Kano's hand and a spine dangling from the head of Sub-Zero's opponent?
i think kung laos 2nd fatality in mk 2011 is awesome and brutal lol.
I kinda feel lui kangs fatality should be number 1 instead of number 2
liu kangs dragon is better than kung lao
fatalities are not impressive without original sound keep that in mind
@warhead213 Lol that gave me a good laugh. I think you used that, hmmmm let's see, about 5 times. And that was 3 years ago. If want to offend me why don't you come up with some new and recent material. Oh and FYI it wasn't at Six Flags dumbass. Get your facts straight.
This is mortal kombat 2,3,4 and deadly alliance.
wdf mane the number 1 fatality is liu kang fire kick off of sholin monks duh well i dont think its called fire kick doe o.o
subzero's spine-rip should be in there too :)
nisiciera dejasde el link del juego
@High Grade Tj Um, because I'm 12, I should have been raised on the new generation of games. But, I still like games like Mario, Sonic, Zelda, Metroid, Castlevania, Pokemon, Kirby, Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein, Mortal Kombat, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, EARTHBOUND, and a ton of games from the 90's and 80's. So watch your mouth, sir.
.....Jeez just stop....Both of you. Jeez acting like 5 year-olds.
Reptiles mk2 fatality where He eats his opponents head
@NotTooBadQuality isn't it smoke that blows up the world?
The vid is okay. But the music is distasteful for the subject matter. Did you make this song using fruity loops and forced it into this vid?
@horrorkiller123 na you havent grown up trust me your maturity level is lower then wills you may have think you grown up but you got a long way. you only in 6th grade so you cant really say that lol.
possibly the most annoying song i've ever heard that isn't on the radio
Kung Lao's hat slice? Really? Plus....wut happened 2 Shaolin Monks fatalities? But otherwise not bad tho...A-
@ClementineFlFlFl do u mean bad because it sucks or bad evil
I cant understand why mortal kombat 1 form snes got better graphics then mortal kombat 64!!
god this new mortal kombat is so much better then the ones for ps2 and gamecube.
@horrorkiller123 lol you were crying because she dumped you at six flags for 2 reasons your a pussy ass bitch and you couldnt ride anything because of your short ass lol grow some balls kid if i ever saw you i would whoop your pussy ass bitch make the effort to come down to PA and see whats coming for you lol doesnt look like you had a gf? hmmm
was sonya naked in the beggining?
kung lao the master of the all fatalitys
Chingones fatalities la neta... Esos si q están perrones... I love mortal Kombat
my 2 most faves are Stryker's "Time Served" and Sektor's "Scarecrow"
that is bullshit the real number one fatality is sub-zeros spin rip
Personally the face chew should of been number one at least if this was judge by most brutal
my favorite is Scorpion's in Deadly Alliance. Just kinda funny, yet really brutal
I disliked the Spine Rip. It made no sense for Sub-Zero, as he should have been using ICE for his fatality. I also didn't even like Kano's Heart Rip because he just puts his hand on the opponent's chest and a heart appears. No hole or anything.
i like the old school fatalities much better because there is more blood
@thejejeno This video was uploaded a few years ago. MK9 wasn't out yet.
What's up with Cyrax I mean when ever I see him use the internal grinder when he puts who ever in his body FREAKS OUT
You say in your description you want to show the "darker side" of MK? Well, all these fatalities are being performed on computer generated character models. The old school MK games portrayed actual human actors getting torn to pieces. To me, that makes the older ones seem much more brutal and disturbing.
nothing special but I will always love "TOASTY!"
Marioandluigi;It Was An ARCADE GAME You Dumbass,You Expect It To Look Real In 1992!?
Not a bad list, but the music is too cheery for a video of people killing each others in the bloodies way they can.
These guys are going to get aids
n°1 is now in MK9 when noob and his clone cut their oppenent in two half! So gore :D
Damn. Forgot how crppy games used to look. And imagine, years from now children will look back on our current games and go like, "what the blarkus?" blarkus=f*** in future language
The pink text on blue background was annoying, and those were just okay fatalities in my opinion.
Nah, I liked Scorpion's "Scorpion" better then the hat slice (although I do admit that one is cool too). I also like the classic Reptile's "Head swallow" where he eats the opponents head off.
what mortal kombat in number 9?
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