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What Do I Wear in the Pool? | Gigi

by Gigi Gorgeous • 2,014,514 views

It's difficult for some people to grasp what I wear when I go swimming, so I just had to show ;) For more videos, subscribe: XOXO Follow me on Twitter!...

Fucking degenerate piece of shit. You will never contribute anything useful to society, and yet you make more money than many scientists, engineers, firefighters, etc. ever will.
omfg she said that u had to wash all the "salt water" off from "the pool"
some pools are made of salt water lmao
I feel weird seeing gigis nipples here lol cause in this video i mean its normal bc guys dont cover their nipples for the pool so its normal for gigi in this video but i mean now she has boobs so i feel weird actually seeing her nipples here and thinking that these nipples cant be seen anymore bc she has boobs now and omg lol
+byebyekissthesky i never said they were obscene i was just saying from experience as a transgender woman that estrogen makes your nipples wider in diameter like a cisgender womans. i think all bodies are beautiful and no one should be ashamed
im a fan of your damn confidence! work!!
Lol omg this was funny!:) no fucks given 👌
Rinse the salt water from the pool......... ok
There are salt water pools. They are cheaper to maintain and don't need chlorine and are also have a positive effect on skin after swimming in them
Ok What do you wear in public pools?
+walkedincitylights When she's out of town, at the beach, in a spa,...
+Channie's 여자친구 ♥  she made one video at the beach where i think she had on a girls suit (cant remember if it was one piece or two) and shorts and also +walkedincitylights love the icon
I miss her 30 year old business haircut.
mdrr méconnaissable aujourd'hui il a tout transformais mnt il a tout comme les femmes tant d'éffort pour dounya et le jour du J tout va fondre mdr
+Aïcha Fleur grave c des gens qui sont loins de la vérité ... mais wallah elle est devenue grave belle mtn cette pute
Damn those legs giiirrrrlllll
Trick question! I don't go to the pool hahahahahahaha
Gigi to dog, 'Keep my chair ok?' Dog jumps off chair Hahahaha😄
I'm sorry, I just barfed in my mouth
Who was filming this...
that blue and black coverup tho
Wow looking at this video and the newer ones it just blows my mind how beautifully you transitioned GiGi
I would murder all these inbred slack jawed haters for those LEGS, gurl. 
Oh my gosh the camera was shaking (as in not on a tripod) Who was filming?!?!? Lol
On my god you're fucking gay i thought you were a girl
+kenia c and you're so fucking homophobic.. asshole
+kenia c and you're so fucking homophobic.. asshole
so creepy femalish head mans body. wonder what her BF thinks of  these sexy vids
As a pansexual human being That was hot!
That Oprah censor though.
High heels in the pool... THIS CHICK IS BADASS
Learn to spell you dumb Americans.
I feel weird seeing gigis nipples here lol cause in this video i mean its normal bc guys dont cover their nipples for the pool so its normal for gigi in this video but i mean now she has boobs so i feel weird actually seeing her nipples here and thinking that these nipples cant be seen anymore bc she has boobs now and omg lol
Lol copy and paste much?
I hope that was just a joke...
I like how she wore heels but no clothes
so she wears heals to the pool lol XD love it
casually walks out of the pool in heels 
It's weird looking at a mans chest but besides that you look really Cute
Wtf! He is transgender? Ohmygod i watched her new videos and i was like this pretty is gorg af I want to be her and now i saw this
She* and yeah she is and theres nothing wrong with it
Wait so is she transgender not being mean or trying to offend anyone
What I wanna know is...who's filming this video for who!?!!
She's a transgender and she got surgery
Everyone should CALM DOWN, its a funny video!! I mean really: she put Oprah Winfrey to censor her junk k?? Just have a laugh and keep the hate to yourself! Gigi isn't perfect but she sure is herself and that's more than we can say for most of us.
Who took this video ? :(
That moment when you realize someone else had to film this and see Gigi naked and wonder who it was.... XD
You look best with the shorter hair. This is your cutest look.
There are salt water pools dumbasses....
She's so fabulous that she doesn't even take her heels off when she goes in the pool. Get it girl!! 💃💃💅💅🎀🎀
Wow some of these hate comments go away Gigi is an amazing person
I'm sorry but saltwater is the ocean not the pool..... The pool is chlorine.....
Um I have a salt water pool....?
+Aries Skylar it is not against the US law hah
Why are ppl saying that pools don't have salt water are they retarded there are chlorine and salt water pools I have a salt water pool but it used to be chlorine but my family realized that the salt water is better for the skin
Someone I would love to know!
The only time you'll see gigi topless lol XD
salt??? there's no salt in the pool loool its called Chlorine......
U might want to get out more babe
does ANYONE know the song Gigi uses for her outro???!
This didn't really answer the question rofl, what do you wear at other pools or spas??
Uh okay ew , don't y'all realize she was naked in front of the person who filmed this
the dog didn't keep her chair ._.  but I absolutely LOVE you Gigi!!!!!
Wait...... He wears high heels in the shower haha only you G would do something like that
well normal people don't have a big pool with everything in their garden...
Honestly your beautiful♥ You definitely fooled me ☺
OMG this is the best thing I've ever seen! Get it girl! You're a sexy bitch, screw everyone else!
Who was filming?!! Must have been really awkard…
just accept her for who she/he is bitches whos hatin on her... just sayin
what do u where at pool parties?
wait i know this is bad but is she transgender
She has no womens private parts
IM DYING!!! I can't stop laughing, lawd someone help me!
why dint u show u peter?
What happen where the parts no shirt
so fabulous! you go girl :)
Is it a he or she it looks like a she I'm confused
she's a transgender (:
I thought he was a girl
Go, have a breast implant, u fcking faggot...!!!
shave ur pussy before getting fucked by someone!!!
You're obviously a 9 year old
I miss the old Gigi :( 
Shes the same gigi.
love legs sistarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Is Gigi a boy😕
OMG y are not wearing anything if u want to be a girl y need a bra and I'm sure you have one!!!
This was before she started transitioning, if you notice this was 2 years ago. 
Even though she was always a girl, she still had a masculine body at the time of this video plus she wasn't out as a transgendered woman yet so they don't count as boobs I guess
I usually wear a bikini. But now that I'm pregnant, I'm gonna start wearing onepieces
Ps. Salt water pool in a hot country? That's asking for a sunburn. 
Well he lives in Canada so..
I am so confused right now!!!!
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