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Jim Gaffigan talks about Waffle House in this clip from his new stand up special and DVD "King Baby", on sale now!! CD and DVD available online at JimGaffigan.com, Amazon, iTunes & in Target stores...

LOL. I used to work at a Waffle House in North Carolina after moving here from Reno, NV. I thought I'd be like Flo in the old TV show "Alice". It sure wasn't that way. The job is harder than it looks. Now I have an Associate's Degree in IT and Programming. I've always been a Geek at heart LOL
Last time I went to a waffle house I ordered 2 waffles, I watched the lady behind the counter make 2 pancakes 3 times before she didn't burn them. That's the reason I go to waffle house, I get breakfast and a funny skit to watch.
Heard this on the radio today and lost it.
After struggling for 7 years to get my bachelor in science business degree, I might be managing a Waffle House soon!!! I can't wait!!! And I'm still asking myself "Is this weird path my life has taken really... real???"
Your path is what you choose. Nobody can ever tell you no. I'm just a simple hillbilly. Shine. I got your back.
Yeah no waffles for me
I love waffle house, but he's definitely right..
Haha, I've seen them smoking while cooking....
It's a wonder this guy isn't doing commercials for all the stuff he talks about. I bought Hot Pockets after watching that one. Now, I feel like buying some Camels and getting myself a waffle.
he talks about mcdonalds in his recent one and it has the same effect
True story. Went to a Waffle House several years ago and as a joke asked them if they had anymust with their name on it that they sell. They said "sure how many do you want"? We said 2.  The waitress walked over to the big metal dishwasher and pulled 2 just been washed mugs off the "clean" rack and stuck them in a bag for us. You can't make this up.
You can't make up someone wanting to buy Waffle House mugs either so I can't blame them for just selling you the mugs they had to use lol
+BobHutchinson    Your path is what you choose. Nobody can ever tell you no  <<< "Be, all that you can be,....... in the Army"
I went back to Waffle Crackhouse back in '05 in South Florida, it took the waitress 2 hours to get our sweet teas, Ik I'm gonna get a lot of hate for saying this, but she was black, so she was probably high off crack rocks
What was the point of this racism?
Got to be my all time favorite comedian!  I can listen to the sketches over and over and still laugh.  
I never been to A waffle house. Of course, I don't get drunk at any point. Period. 
"There it is! :D" XD oh god, I love this guy!
You are so fucking stupid! he's a comedian you dumb piece of shit
The IHOP I go to is pretty classy for a breakfast join, the Waffel House on the otherhand is still a Waffel House.
Wait, you're defending Waffle House? I've seen everything
38 people were too drunk to remember what a waffle looks like x3
i<333333333333333333 waffle house but this is very funnyXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD
@ShmoofPHI Well he makes a point to make all of his comedy G-PG so that anyone can enjoy it. In todays day and age, that's a huge feat. Food is also a huge subject for most people, seeing as we need it to survive and all of us have experiences with it.
"this place looks familiar, I think I threw up in here, oh look! there it is!" I died
I LOVE Waffle House! Don't hate Jimbo!
16 years at WH and your "college edumakashun" doesn't tell you to run away? Must be a Community 2 year degree, we all know those are as good as fake.
I'll have 12 of those for a nickel:)
Hmm, in that case...I think the sausage is rat shit
Well no you misunderstand me sir I find that i don't need to spend and possibly go in debt for a college education when my passion in life isn't included in a college education and yes people can live happily without college but im not here to judge or bash
yea they should call it the i barely ...move ... lol !
He actually used to swear a lot in his early days. Weird eh?
Sooooooo god damn funny man!!!! I absolutely love this guy! Something you'll never hear in a Waffle House "Nice job cleaning up!" Haha...absolutey hilarious material!!!!!!!!!!!
People with college degrees don't say things like "people that is employed by WH." Also, try researching observational comedy.
It's refreshing to find a comedian with clean humor.
@ChaseTerrier I work at a Harley-Davidson dealership in Texas, where everyone in our service department keeps their guns THERE!!!
I work at waffle house and I like this bit.
You have a college education yet CHOSE to work at a Waffle House?! At least one of those statements is bullshit, probably both.
Its almost 1 am and I'm legitly goin to a Waffle House in one hour!!!
Yeah, Waffle House is pretty good but they are usually incredibly filthy...
LOL I am watching this at 2am...
It's two a.m.... there's still time for one more bad decision <3
this place looks familiar..... i think i threw up in here.... Oh and there it is!
@Mcrlover2death I have to say this. I. Love. Your. Name.
I hope you get run over by a truck then your dead body gets set on fire.
so true but the waffles are so good :)
He only seen a gun three times...he needs to go to Texas. He will see three guns a minute.
"This place looks familiar, i think i threw up in here.......oh there its is!"
Thank goodness he decided to go that route. When he first came onto the scene, he swore quite a bit and was vulgar quite frequently. The clean humor is always the funniest humor.
Of Course he wanted to get a PHD to work minimum wage
I have both an IHop and Waffle House on my street... I feel ashamed of where I live now. LOL
Shut up you buck toothed inbred down south mullet wearing college grad?waffle house worker. Tennessee...oh brother...what a hick place.
...I wonder how he'd react if he saw the resturant "The Awful Waffle."
Holy shiit! Me and my father went into a waffle house at, like, 1:00 AM and him and his buddies were SO GOD DAMN DRUNK. This guy's a prophet!
This is sooo funny cuz ive eaten in there!
My family went to Disney World last summer and we did a talley on our way back of how many waffle houses there were to starbucks: Starbucks=15 Waffle House=94 HOLY CALIENTE POCKETS THAT'S ALMOST A 9 TO 10 RATIO!!!
"Gas Station/Bathroom that sells waffles" ROFL
i think i threw up in here...THERE IT IS
42 dislikes......... theyre dead
"I've seen a gun 5 times in my life. Three of them have been at Waffle House." Best joke in the whole album.
If you have a college degree and work at waffle house, there is a serious problem.
I don't think I've ever seen someone campaign so hard for a dessert bar.
But I like Waffle House... Its not the cleanest or anything, but it tastes good...yum...
Ive never been to a waffle house but it reminds me of this place i went to called EAT RITE. basically a trailer park home with a mom and 30 yr old son cookin breakfast at 2am.
Oh yeah it's like a plaid pancake! xD
@swedishfish110193 "choke pocketttttt!"
Me, too. I love that they will cook your food any way you want it. You can go to really expensive places and they won't do that.
@lkafjkakjf333 Well apparently 5 months ago you were new to the internet. It's called Ctrl+F by the way. You're welcome one of many overused comments.
"Speaking of diapers, I went to Waffle House last night." I almost choked on my Hot Pocket from laughing so hard!!
Haters gonna hate o.O (lovetherain75)
Well that makes it easy for me, looks like 49 people are Waffle House employees.
My lord, how many people on here work at Waffle House?
I'm watching this at 2:52 am :-P
31 people dont know a waffle is a plaid pancake
He should definaltey run for presidency
I really wouldn't call a one semester drop out a "college education".
He brings up a good point. My siblings luv it and I don't no y. They think I'm crazy wen I say I don't like it. I have a sick feeling wen I think about the food their
Its 2 a.m. still time to make one more bad decision hahaha
wo exactly 600 coments. Ha now 601
saw my first waffle house a few months ago and of course there was a light out on one of the letters lol
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