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Parkour and Freerunning is EASY AS SH*T!!

by SteveGreeneComedy • 354,149 views

"Parkour and Freerunning" is easy, Steve Greene PROVES IT!! SUBSCRIBE!! Click LIKE and Feed the troll!! Caption the pic at 5:19 to get your comment featured next week! Like me on Facebook!...

Lil dude was the lead cheerleader at my high school
You need to find the balance beam kid again to get a follow up, we all need to know if his balls have dropped, did he leave the KKK and has he become more interested in arseholes!!!! Keep trolling....!
One Year before Man of Steel came out.
God made you for this man
CaptionMy name is Ian and I like WHITE POWER.
Not sure... Maybe that i was fucking with you??? Would you care to elaborate?
I'm surprised that somebody hasn't kicked your head in yet.
"God, you smell like shit. And not good shit, shit that's been sitting in the sun for a few days..."
This motherfucker is so funny hahahhaha
Why wasn't I subscribed years ago. This is gold
Tintin was getting quite angry lolll
"Parker" had me dying lol
"well that's a gay joke if i ever heard one" lmfao
I used to think this kind of thing was cool, now SeveGreen was funny now he kind of just seems like a dick. The only real problem I have with this is that he has fun and gets views at other peoples expense. 
keep in mind though, with this kind of video, he would need permission to film in there. The owners would know what kind of video he was making. The people in this video, even the guy who got mad would have given their permission to show him in the video. They probably went to the guy after everything and was like "hey, it was all a big joke!". and im sure everyone walked away with a smile.  I get what you mean though, i could see that point of view more with people getting in trolled in public. I think the thing that keeps me from being upset about this guy is that he isnt malicious. He is more about twisting what they say and confusing them. his stuff is more about him being some sort of character, and seeing how people react to that character.  
The way the you spelt "SeveGreen" makes me think that this is the first one of his videos that you came across so you pulled the old "long time viewer" garbage to make your comment seem important. Also you basically defined youtube as a whole... having fun and get views at other peoples expense.  That kid never told Steve to leave him alone
caption: i finally came out the closet
caption: your momma tries to deepthroat ur tiny dick, then vomits on her pussy and u lick it off while she squirting like a bitch and putting her finger in your asshole.
+McEwreikl  caption: ah you showed your fantasies to the world
hahaha that kid in the grey tank top is such a fucking tool
Bleach blonde hair dude is such a good sport!
Parkour isn't a french word
actually it is.. :)
This Fucking idiot says it wrong xD
I gotta admit, I did laugh often. . . but you're still a dick bro. Do some soul searching.
He has a girlfriend :s
You should of doge him and push him so he would fall thats a right way to troll
do more videos like this plzzzzz
No there are only Noobs there just see the provideos
if you guys think this guy is being serious you have no BS meter.  This guy is not being a dick is just joking around.
PLEEEEASE do gymnastics :) lol it would be soo funny :'D
Lol peter (PARKER) is a funny sport with steve
the "Why am I even here" method LOLOLOL
That gay is a ass hole
+Michaëla Berding please don't take him seriously 
This guy's a fucking dick! >:-(
Every American I’ve met has always been over–enthusiastically super–friendly. This guy must have REALLY pissed those people off!
I take it we've never met.
this is fucking great lmao
ive been doing parkour for about 4 years but this is fucking funny LOLOL
I fucking love this guy
the guy ian is my cousin
Your family doesn't really vary its name choices, does it?
Caption: I'm a high class douche bag. Nahaha
+Erin Walker Yeah great.... Your sarcasm sickens me.
Caption: Where's the lube for this mic?
This video is 2 years old, lmao
Steve Greene you put down these people for no reason whatsoever you unfunny piece of crap, god those guys were good at parkour you did not school anyone you suck at parkour you can't even say it correctly you fat, dumb high school dropout. Go and get a life and maybe one day you will actually get good at something.
+Freerunning For life  he is pronouncing it wrong on purpose and he knows he's not very good at parkour he is just fuckin around
I guess so but it is mean to put people down
You don't even know parkour is hard as crap. But fun
Pls give me aaa Gerl bc oz I homeless pls giv me a Gerl wiv big booooob
Parkour and Freerunning are two different things. Idiot
that kid ian needs to get the sand out of his vagina 
Caption: asshole it's good for breakfest
caption : what are you even looking
he talks just liek ricky of trailer park boys
Caption: For all you new parkourists out there, im a pro.
caption: uhhhh robama
"Well thats a gay joke if I ever heard one." The other guy had to hold back laughter
he really doesn't give a damn. just goes for it
I've logged 12 hours of mirrors edge im reading for fucking anything.
wtf, am I the only one who thinks Steve actually has pretty impressive balance? he walks through the balance beams pretty easily lmao like at 3:22 what a legend hahah.
My testicles itch but im not sure if this guy is using his manly essence to tickle my nickles
i was itching my balls while reading this..
holy shit that guy is comedy gold
Caption: Oh that dude looks hot.
You were bullied a lot in high school huh Steve?
 Easy as shit , sure but didn't you try anything else than ballancing beams ? Scary pussy ?
this is why i really enjoyed your trolling videos playing games, because the gaming community is usually god AWFUL. but i honestly got kinda mad myself at this one because the freerunning community is so nice and they get this shit in return?! i know its just trolling but i really hate to see this happen to people who don't deserve it.
Reminds me of tom green
As a person who actually does freerunning... I should probably find this stuff annoying. But I don't. It's freakin' hilarious. Maybe mostly because I like seeing Americans getting pissed off. XD
"I don't play violin, i play heavy metal guitar" lmfao
I want to hate him...I really do...
Mr. Dick Nugget here to help.
Caption: you can probably tell I work out
Caption:i can smell......penis
Parkour is the martial art of running away
+Lucas McManus Or impressing chicks to sleep with you.
this seems like the sort of thing that people who aren't good enough at climbing do.
He wants to bite ur dick
you are the funniest guy on youtube
I could not stop laughing!
that guy really hated you...
What's that place called
Tempest Freerunning Academy
Ive been doing paker(parkour) for over a year, and i go to this gym, god i wish i couldve been in this video
funny as fuck, but loose that belly man
Caption: I'm a little tea pot
anyone esle think that kid sound like tofuugaming
check my parkour vid. im the best!
"Captain Faggot saved the day again with my safe poll walking"
"id like to see you try" ...tries it nails it first time
Steve is funny as AF please do another of these...
I find it amazing how patient Americans are (not only based on this video) it seems they can take bullshit for a long time and try to outsmart the person by the words. In France you'd get pushed or punch as soon as the person notice you're being a dick.
Fucking thank you god for giving this here man the idea to make a Parker trolling video!!! I can use this now to pass off my Parker friends and show them what's up.....And I can say that because I'm a tricker and Parker it's half the skill level of tricking lol xD
Catch the mistake and I shall like your comment
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