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Lollipop Chainsaw - Introduction

by omegaevolution • 9,677 views

*PLEASE READ THE VIDEO DESCRIPTION* *SPOILERS WARNING* *JTV LIVE STREAM: *Twitter: Its a Suda51 game... which means insta buy...

I love this game and cheerleading
He's cute like my future boyfriend james
Lol, holy shit! I already like where this is going.
Oh god, another Suda 51 game, lol. Time to raise some hell and release the bogus, cheerleader style!
Tara strong must love her job...
Inb4 references Tara Strong voicing, this game is going to be special
"That's about the worst thing that can ever happen!" Famous last words... Anyway, I like the main character already. She's funny. ^__^
Finished this game today, so aweeeeeeesome! Now i gotta finish it again with different difficulty for the extra stuff
@Copyblade5 I feel you man im also going to do a bayonetta walkthrough and this game to pretty soon just do them 1 at a time and you will get the hang of it
Seriously? Out of all of her voices, you get exited over Twilight Sparkle? Sure, My Little Pony is great and all, but you're forgetting her best work! Fairly Oddparents, Jak and Daxter, Final Fantasy X, Powerpuff Girls, and she's Presea Combatir from Tales of Symphonia! -ahem- If I still had a PS3, I would put this as number one priority, if only to hear TS.
btw at 2:00 is that mokujin from tekken
0:10-that's from "twilight's special message".
So does this play like No More Heroes without all of the bullshit (town exploration, earning money, odd jobs)? If so then I kinda want.
First Rise, then Bayonetta, now this chick. How am I going to get any gaming done?
Wait this shit is out now?! I thought it came out NEXT week!!!
From Twilight Sparkle to Juliet Starling, From Timmy Turner to Princess Clara, from Omi and 10-year old Ben Tennyson to KAREN Smith of Killer7; that's how powerful the versability of Tara Strong God, that woman is awesome!
oh twilight, i am going to love this game XD
this game is about zombies and there was a canibal attack in miami.......o.o
Just finished this... definitely not done with it yet so much more to do!
aha already almost beat the game :D
first glance it looked like no more heroes ish
as soon as i heard the waythe girl was talking a the looks of the it i said to myself " Suda51 " and when it came up i was like " Knew it!! " they are awesome :D
twilit sparkel water u doing twilit sparkel stawhp stawhp
0:33 sweet, that means she's legal
YAY ZOMBIE GAME 8D. Sounds like interesting so a day it will surely spin in my 360 *___*
Please tell me your uploading a full walkthrough. I know your streaming this stuff, but I never get around to watching your stream.
Does this lead me to believe that you're doing Lollipop chainsaw footage Omega?
As soon as I heard Jimmy Urine was in this I died xD MSI for a win and then a Suda 51 game? Why do I not own this yet?
Tara Strong may be Twilight Sparkle, but to me she'll always have magic little fish that grant her every wish.
It's weird that the first thing I thought when I heard her talk was Twilight Sparkle? But, that's only because I just got done watching three episodes... Anyways... I enjoyed No More Heroes 1 and 2, so this game is a buy for me.
I was gonna wait for a price drop, but saw Amazon had this at $45.. so I got it from them.
What did I just watch. Oh my god.
Tara Strong? I know Twilight Sparkle's voice anywhere!
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