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Justin Bieber Boyfriend (Audio + Lyrics) New Premiere Single 2012

by JustinBieberTROX • 148,576 views

Watch Now Boyfriend (Official Video Preview) this: Music video by Justin Bieber performing Boyfriend. © 2012 The Island Def Jam Music Group (Audio +...

Kayan AlSarraj Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
guess i had to fall for this #song ,, every girls dreams of such a #boyfriend .. #justinbieber  
Austin mahone you gotta cover this song
Who thinks that Justin kinda sounds like Nick Jonas at 1:18 when he says " I'd like to be everything you want Hey girl let me talk to you...?
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yesterday i hated him today i am alright with him cant wait till tomorrow to love him
.... no words when did he get sexual ..?
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i think he should quit....its sad and pathetic how girls can make a guy blazingly rich in a matter of days....tis sad that girls allow themselves to seem so stupid
it's like a "hack" .. like robots haha... "the the the world ends" like that.. i think. lol
my boyfriend sang this in front of da whole school :)
i wish he was mine bc my exboyfriend is a manhore like this post if u wanna know is name or phone number
No offence justin but u luk kinda like jake t austin from wizards of waverly place :)
The first time I heard this song I laughed so hard when I heard Swaggie!!
I don't think he really says anything. But, to me it looks like they cut out the word f*cking. But, I think it's just part of the song and he didn't actually say that word.
"I can take you places you ain't never been before" Thumbs up for "thats what she said"
would love the song better without the rap
This is the first jb song im not so adored with
i like the song but not the rapping. just saying
Loved the vid :-) loved the rapping lol esp when he says swag hehe
All day in class I always write Swaggie on my papers and turn them in xD
i listen to this song every morning
im loving this song i wake up to this song everyday <3
Бибер педик! Biber rules!
this is high pitched! but I ♥ JB
love it totally awesome bieber fever again!!!!!!!! lol
All this nigga sings about is love. That's how he makes so much money he tells "you" that he loves "You." what a douche
what is Justin Bieber? My....(press 3)
Alors la ....ben il gère quoi !!!!!!
ik vind het refrein NOT leuk, de rest is wel leuk
I dont like Justin Bieber , but I like his songs :D Keep it up!
im not his fan..but some song are good. why u guys hate him??
I love this song.!!!!!!! It is like the best song!!! Love u Justin Bieber -3
best song ever for a young popstar
he doesnt say anything its just the nose of a record scratching....
dont usually listen to juatin bieber but this song is too cute!!!!!! ''Swaggie"
this doesnt sound like him.. u did something with his voice ha but love the song and him!
so sexy i love him to death i love u justin
la amooooooo......... i could be your buzz lightyear fly across the globe...... love the son and love justin....
@Princess Ofori Atta I also wondered that I think he says 'you could be my girlfriend until the fucking world ends' I'm not sure it's not very clear does anyone else know what he says??
I'm from Iceland but it's kinda weird cuz i don't know you ... I'm sorry :(
Wow HOTT 💗❤💓💗❤💓💗❤💓 ya JB 💋👄💋👄💋👄
never let me go justin <3, people, shutup!~ he didnt beat you up or hurt you? dont say he hurt your ears, that doesnt count! jeez, maybe we should make everyone hate you for a day! or even more! a week, you wouldnt like that now would you, so shutup and pick on someone else!
Since i heard this song i can't stop saying SWAGGIE ! lol ;)
he totally rocked he totally brought the bieb swag!!! i believe again
@PrincessOforiAtta he says "until the fucking world ends"
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J.B.= Justin Bieber J.B.= Justin timberlake gonna Be luv dis song...
He sounds like Nick Jonas at 0:30 - 0:38 :) !
this is not the real version. they changed the pitch.
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