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RE: Father Catches 47-Year-Old Man Raping 4-Year-Old Daughter & Beats Him To Death!

by craftnation • 17,977 views

A furious Texas father pulled a man who was molesting his 4-year-old daughter off of the child and beat him to death, he told police. The dad spotted the man on top of the girl behind a barn during...

There is no better justice what a beautiful guy.   Even if I were there I would have beat him to death and im not the dad.
father of the year! i would pay for his legal fees if i could
I enjoyed watching your views! Well said!!!
Agree with you 100% props to the father for protecting his childand
If I was the dad, I would had got a gun and shot the rapist in the face!
How can you say it's only Americans? You don't these people on here or where they came from/where they live. So that was a retarded statement. Second, no rapist should be allowed to live. (Yea, that's harsh. But Raping a 4 year old is and ruining their life is too.)
Okay sure, killing someone is obviously a bad thing. But as a parent witnessing not only some sick man hurt his daughter but rape her would have sent him into a blind rage. I'm sure most fathers in the same position would have killed him too.
He won't rot anywhere. He'll be right back out in a few years to do the same shit again! And you know he will! I say kill him, fuck it. Save us all some tax money
1..It's NOT like they are on Facebook, and have their name/town/etc..PLUS, They have NOTHING to be ashamed about!!!! 2. Their point is WHY they learned self-defense and if they feel the need to express WHY because they are NOT and should NOT be ashamed!!!!!
I couldn't have said it better myself.
Might I add - I read from someone (Not sure if true) that he got knocked out or killed with one blow to the head. If that's true, then that's probably even further saying that something was probably wrong with his head. If that's the case, instead of saying he deserved it. Feel sorry for him, the father, and the daughter. If that's not the case, let him burn in hell.
It's the internet. Why the hell would I bother to read all of it? I didn't even know there was "A whole conversation".. Nor do I care. I gave my opinion on the comment I replied to. Not what he said After or Before that. Also, it's not really any of your business. So buzz off.
Thats not what I mean , I mean that knowing that the pedo is alive is going to inflict fear for years and years because she isn't a woman or teen shes a 4 year old girl , so this could potentially ruin her early years but since hes dead the fear can be eradicated because she will associate her dad with safety , I dont literally mean protect her. As for as the father goes he done a good deed by getting rid of a pedo so I don't think he will ever have a guilty conscience.
@radicalawesomeness how in the world would a four year old girl ask to be raped
I don't blame you... its not your fault you are gay but its ok because I forgive you. Forgiveness is the key to action and freedom, it's facing anger head on. To err is human; to forgive, divine. <3 I forgive you <3
Well like I said, everyone deserves a second chance. Chances are this guy already got one and continued doing this. In which case, yes, I would agree with you. But who knows, if this is somehow the first time he's ever done something like this (for whatever reason), I still think he didn't deserve to die.
They should rule that perverts death as a suicide, 'cause he made that dad kill him. If seeing what this father saw won't make you snap, noting will. BRAVO for DAD!!!
Ik this is a serious topic and nothing whatsoever is funny but what he said "she came out of his Nutesack" tht made me laugh
uhh lol how is he a poor guy? he was raping a 4 year old girl, are you stupid?
People like that don't change. How sick must a person be to rape a 4yr old kid? And how many other victims did he have before he got that sick? I feel like this...You rape my 4yr old and I'm supposed to let you live? Then on top of that you get 3 hot meals and a cot everyday I'm paying for it with my taxes???? After you ruin my kid's ENTIRE LIFE??? Hell No! He better pray there's someone nearby to pull me off of them. peopl die for less. He deserved it!
the only way i could be happy with the prison sentence is if he was put in gen pop with all the other prisoners and the guards turnt a blind eye let the prisoners have their way with him
Can we give this man an award! Or something!
you want me to choke on your dick and you call me the faggot?
I think the father should get a Medal of Valor for a cilivian for getting rid of this 47 year old child raping Sandusky cockroach out of society . I was thinking about this and the child rapist should have been smiling as he got beating to death as the thought of he was going to be ass-jellied in prison then killed . I doubt a jury would even convict this father for protecting his child kudos for the dude .
It's so funny how it all depends on where you grow up, what you think the justice system should do. I mean, in Russia, people will 100% agree with craftnation, but in places like Norway, it's almost unthinkable to lock someone up for life for murdering 1 dude, or raping a 4 year old. That's tops 30 years (murder) and probably 5-10 years or so for raping a 4 year old. It all depends on your background, what you think are facts. Almost kind of scary. I partly agree with craftnation though.
Lol, you're talking about natural selection which doesn't really apply to humans. And I don't see how that has anything to do with this, since I doubt there is a "gene" that codes for pedophilia. But regardless, I'm getting way too many responses for this. All I'm trying to say is that some of you are taking a human life too lightly. Nothing more. Of course it's a good thing that they stopped a pedophile, but you can't let statistics dictate whether or not someone should lose their life IMO.
i should hunt you down and kill you, you dumb worthless piece of shit
i understand y he killed him and i probably would hav done the same thing. butt cant any 1 agree there is also too much death in this world
Clearly you don't understand how powerful forgiveness is. I don't understand how you can joke about the well being and mental state this girl will have to go through. Oh well, what can I say, I am what I eat, unlike you dick.
Romans aren't really a people to look up to for how to treat fellow human beings.
Ill buy that father some beer and celebrate with him. And buy the little girl a new toy :) Thats a true father right there. Cheers to him!
Don't be surprised if they do...dumb government! Always going against those that did the right thing.
Thank God the guy didn't get jailed
that man truly does deserve a medal... that sick fuckk
READY, AIM...FIRE!!! In texas...maybe he woulda been fkd up in prison, but other places...he woulda "fit right in". I was raped when I was three by my headstart teacher and because my bio mother was retarded, the panel said anyone could have done it...why did I have to accuse him? BS!!! I'm 33 w/5 kids now and yes, I will kill a mfr for real. 10's of thousands of proposals...and they won't change the laws! WTF!????
What parent wouldn't be pissed about anyone molesting their child!?! Lemme point out that I would too revert to violence to protect a child from a man like that!?!
You're right, it doesn't. But what you're saying, is "If someones sick in the head, they should die" You did say "Or put in a mental home" but it's obvious you're more in favor for someone dying, than getting help. Which, is really sad. Also, to your other comment. You're saying it's none of my buiseness? It's the youtube comment section, anyone/everyone can read it. If you wanted it to be private, you could have sent him a PM. But you didn't, so don't tell me to "Buzz off"
thank you ur the only one who actually cares
I only want to remind you the guy diden't want to kill him, but he got so frustrated and uncontrollable angry and he called the police as soon as he had unleashed his anger. Anyway this is gr8!
Eh, all I needed to know. I thought you were being a dumbass by defending the other guy. But, since you weren't. Well, you aren't a dumbass.
If you were to let the Justice System take care of it he'd be back on the streets to terrify other kids and people. The world is a better place with people like him Gone.
The Romans had it all figured out. They believed everyone had human rights UNLESS someone showed disregard for another persons rights then that disregarding persons rights were no longer recognized... So in this case once the rapist old guy disregarded the little girls rights then the rapist lost his human rights which would mean it wasn't a crime for the dad to protect his daughter even if he killed the rapist
Justice has never been defined so clearly as through this man's actions. The courts would have locked him up and wasted our taxpayer dollars to keep that piece of shit alive until he died in prison - and I don't think the father or daughter would have piece of mind knowing that bastard was alive.
As in this situation, I rarely agree with either extreme side of the debate. Nothing is black or white. But even if I lean towards an individuals point of view, I do not accept said individual using stupid, incorrect, arguments to support their view. On this video, as in many others, I see many people's comments, who did not thoroughly think the situation out, and run simply on emotion.
1:03 so that's how babies are made...
I'm pretty sure a father can protect his daughter and makes sure that she knows she's safe without killing anyone. If I were in a situation where I literally had to kill someone in order to protect my daughter, I'd obviously do it. It is a pure fact that you were doing whatever you needed to do in order to protect your daughter. But it is also a pure fact that you ended a life with your own hands.
you do stupid shit steal articles claim your a reporter and make money off peoples death
I say kudos to the dad,that came to his little girl's defense. I would have done the same thing,if I found some Chester Molester touching my child. Now the grand jury wants to string this dad up? I think our govt and justice system,need to grow a pair,and stop protecting the perps,and protect the victims of crime.
Honestly, if they press charges on that father, there needs to be a rally or something to show support for him
thank you ur the only one who actually cares
im glad kuz i would have killed his ass too this is one reason why i dont want kids i dont want anyone hurting someone i love
Wait, so was he molesting his child or raping his child? I'm confused. Aren't raping and molesting two different things? idk...
let's save the world together.
I hope all the evidence is in order for this guy and there isn't even the slightest hint or doubt that he wasn't justified in his actions. This whole ordeal is going to haunt the family enough as it is even without possible legal repercussions adding to it.
To those of you who think killing rapists, pedophiles and such is bad and you shouldn't do it. What if the victim was your daughter.. or your wife/girlfriend I don't have a daughter but if someone tried to rape my girlfriend I would fucking make them suffer For any of you who have seen the movie "Law Abiding Citizen" Id be like him. I wouldn't just want them dead I would want them to suffer. Anyone guy who loves their girlfriend/wife would agree with me
I would have done the same thing
im so sorry i thought you were the guy who was saying that Americans were the only people to do that. My bad
....Then why are you here if you dont like the people who watch him. your watching him right now! you idoit!
How the fuck did he BEAT this bastard to death? Anyway, I am happy for him, he's a true hero.
I don't understand what you are trying to do?
In south Korea, they started using chemical castration for sex offenders. Idk if it's working well though.
Either you're really trying to pull me off, or you actually believe what you're saying. This is the exact quote of something you said "Rapists/Murders/Pedos shouldn't be treated like sick little kittens. If they're doing it cause they're ill in the head, they should still be gotten rid of." That, is in the first reply you sent me. Again, you did say "Or put in a mental home" but it's obvious you think them dying is the better choice. Mainly because you have yet to deny that assumption of mine.
Raping / trying to rape such a small, DEFENCELESS, child makes a person mentally ill. Leaving such scum like that alive is dangerous. The Dad did his job, he protected his kid like a badass. If the rapist had been left alive he wouldn't've got the sentence that ill people like that deserve. He'd be back on the streets, probably looking for other small kids to try an rape. Bloody sick people who think the Dad was wrong to kill him. How else are you meant to react to Your own kid being raped?! ><
y would u dislike this video who ever did ur sick
You either really like twisting my words, or I've simply worded myself the wrong way. "Not all the people who commit those crimes are ill. If they are, put them in a home, if they aren't ill, they should die." Do you understand now? Or will you find another way to twist it? But either way, in this case, there wasn't much choice for the Dad. I still believe he did the right thing.
no not really i dont know much about that stuff. but i think molestation and rap are the same other then the fact that molestation is with kids.
I wouldn't want to kill someone either, but if they did anything like that to my kid, I wouldn't hesitate. It's a parents duty to protect their child. he did what he had to do to save his daughter, and then call police to take care of the rest. And I respect that.
You were molested at 11? at you just willingly posted that comment on the internet, an official record, linked to you now states that you were molested and your point was that you learnt how to defend yourself?? WHAT, the point to your comment made no sense.
The inmates at whatever prison he goes to would most likely kill him anyway. That's what happens to paedophiles and rapists... they get what is coming to them. Props to the guy for killing the sick fuck.
The fathers a man. a real man. i hope he hit as hard as he fuckin could and made the sick cunt cry like a bitch.
good enough for d sick bastard,all dem dirty motherfuckers shud b strug up by der balls..
Hey, I was 11 when some asshole molested me, which is why I know have black belts in two disciplines of martial arts, weapons training with a sword, staff, and sais, and I have learned to handle guns. That mofo better be glad the dad killed him, because if he had gone to jail, the inmates would have do it while raping his ass.
I did not defend the opinion of the person he was arguing with. I defended the continent. I also do not think of the person s comment about Americans being mentally ill, as bashing an entire country as he added the qualifier regarding only those who feel this father did the right thing. Whether I agree or not with his opinion, it is his opinion. The other fellow lowered the bar by his immature (and incorrect) rantings.
keep preachin man your a great man
Father catches some next nigger trying to rape his daughter = Father kills man, that's what was supposed to happen, i don't see the problem. He deserved it.
What makes you think the rapist ain't gonna fight you back, and run off in the amount of time it takes for those cops to get there? I Agree with 113000816
You're effin' sick. The rapist got exactly what he deserved! And the Dad did the right thing, I'm glad he didn't get sentenced for killing him. Anyone sick enough to rape a 4! year old child only ruins this world. I wish more people were like that Dad.
thats so fucked. Poor little girl hopefully she doesnt remember what happened to her when she is older. its just plain fucking sick and wrong any sexual abuse or rape or violence to women. Im glad as hell that fuckers dead.
I have no doubt that he had something wrong with his head. But that doesn't justify what he did to that girl. Rapists/Murders/Pedos shouldn't be treated like sick little kittens. If they're doing it cause they're ill in the head, they should still be gotten rid of. Or put in a mental home. I do not, whatsoever feel sorry for the rapist, whether he was ill or not. My heart goes out to the Dad and daughter though.
I can't agree with yo on that, yes the molester may not of killed his victim, but you must realize that little girl may grow up dealing with some fucked up issues for the rest of her life that can seriously screw her up, so he may not of literally taken her life but may of very well figuratively taken it
How the fuck can you say that. If someone was sitting there beating or raping one of your children what are you gonna do stand there and watch him doing or just nudge him off and let him run away to get another child. Im sorry but its a parents inscint to harm another if they hurt thier children. "you have the animal right to protect the life of your offspring" -Juliet Lewis in Enough
I dont have children however I would still be killing somebody if i found out they was fucking with my nieces.
I hate violence but I would be lying if I said I wouldn't kill a sick fuck if they were hurting a defenseless child or ANYONE for no reason. it's unfortunate but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. well said kevin!
Right, sorry about that. Let me rephrase myself. What you're saying, is "If someone commits a crime because they're sick in the head, they should die and not get help" Or, atleast that's how it is for this guy. If, something really was wrong with his head. Also, don't just say "though. If they do, then put them in a home" when before you just said "If they're doing it cause they're ill in the head, they should still be gotten rid of" Don't change what you said to fit what your point was.
I'm a huge fan of Kevin and and even bigger now!!!! More people should be outraged when these sick focks are given a slap on the hand for a life of torment for their victim/victims!!!! If they would put more of these sick bastards in the ground to begin with..I bet many of them would would think twice before doing it. But, they know even if caught, their jail time won't be NOTHING, but adding insult to injury to the victim/their family!!! As a single mother, damn straight, I'd kill them!!!!!
i dont think he should of killed him only because the old guys life would of been terrible in prison. But either way the dad did nothing wrong...
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