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Torey Pudwill's Big Bang

by ThrasherMagazine • 4,206,091 views

Speed, pop, and technical command produces a BIG BANG. Torey Pudwill delivers the goods, silences his critics, and propels himself into the 2011 SOTY race. Get the FREE full-length HD download at...

It's funny how I watched this in 2011 on the day it got posted and it feels like it was just last month
If you see the top comment on this video, hes doggin out frostman and shit its almost crazy
What's with that filthy look Eric Koston has when Torey shakes Atiba's hand first? Hey Eric! The shit you were doing in Yeah Right has been crushed by ams! Just check Make It Count 2013 (element am comp). Your time has passed and I don't know why the fuck everyone insists on sucking your dick with praise left, right etc. Rick mcrank was always better than you! I mean, what? Is that look the look of a man who knows he couldn't do that trick at his prime? Atiba's contribution to skating is far larger anyway. Basically every historic trick in the last 20 years was shot by Atiba. Get your head outta ya arse. Berrics.....Steve was ground breaking in his time, so were you. But you don't see Hulk Hogan taking first dibs at the UFC do you? I'm not a hater, that was just a fucking dirty look that really pissed me off! Along with all this epicaly latered crap. I love the show by Patrick, but you aren't god! Tre flip nose blunt - done by hundreds of guys, nollie back nose blunt - same deal. Come on. This is the new era of brilliants and frankly, genius in skateboarding. Most of what was done in this clip would've actually been hard to believe, if I hadn't just watched it for the 100 time. No peace out, no laters boy, no bull shit. Fuck Torey! You have a brilliant mind. Kinda Daewon,!
Ross Courtney if you couldn't give a fuck, why comment at all? Also djwhatever the fuck, Ronnie Creager, Daewon, Rodney and many more were much better tech skaters around the Yeah Right era. Eric Koston's bs nose-blunt down hubba was his 'Danny way chopper moment'. He went on, like Nyjah, to dominate competition skating while many other guys just destroyed the streets without so much spot light. I stand behind my initial comment. Nearly every trick in this part could be an ender...
Sam, bit out there your story but still thumbs up from me. Edit: Torey is still fucking awesome.. as a skater atleast.
I always wondered how this skaters have no fear to get hurt😥 They just jump stairs, huge gaps, skate rails half theyre hight.. When I broke my leg on a 4 stair set I didn't want to do stair and gaps anymore.😁👎
+Julian Barragan Gutierrez Its worse if its swollen I also twisted it and ive already broke my ankle once and for some reason it being swollen hurts way more than it being broke,probably because you dont move it and if its twisted some people dont care to help so youve got to walk on it well atleast i did. I have a mean family.XD
they get lucky when learning tricks and stuff
2:26 looks like the university campus on skate 3. was that made after this spot or something like how 2nd and navy was?
jesus its been so long but this litterally legendary
Anybody know the song? Darude sandstorm wasnt it
Torey Pudwill's Big Duliewopper.
A.K.A. Torey Pudwill's Big DICK!
I could and do, watch this over and over. Also added to my sick skating playlist.
Watching this part makes me wonder why skating isn't in the Olympics. What sport is more physically and mentally challenging than this? Most of these grinds/slides are hard to push beyond a meter or two....most of Torey's are 4 meters plus.
Truly brilliant skateboarding.
Old part, but gnarly! Torey is one of my faves!
I remember when I was like 9 or 10 and I was playing Tony Hawk, I had just started skating and soon realized that what I was doing was super unrealistic... until I saw Pudwill skate.
I like this, but all I see is feebles,blunts slides,kick flip variations,tail slides, and board slide.
How in the world does Torey just float across ledges like just grinding a stick of butter? XD
0:56 through 1:00 what trick was that he like tail dragged horizontaly? but not a tail slide.
this part is so awesome it gave me spontaneous tourette syndrome!
That little girl doesn't knows at who she is laughing!Best part
Years later, this video is still badass
Terry pusillanimous is one of the best skaters I saw
i swear they must have spent so much money on wax for this video
Looking back I wish I voted him soty instead of wes...
that shit was bad as hell!!
Someone who has bought and used Grizzly Grip and is over the age of 18 tell me if it's any better than your standard grip tape.
Me puenden decir el nombre de la primera cancion x favor :)
Torey has done a lot for skateboarding, now with an addition from his new "true" part, one of the best in the game for sure.
T Puuuuuuuds! The Best
Sickest torey part ever
Skaters like torey could release a video part just doing a kickflip and still be a god
I feel like torey's arms didn't flail in true as much as his arms flailed in this video part
better than his true part IMO
This gave me goosebumps just from whaching it😱😱
is there even 4 mil skaters in the world
Andrew Reynolds is amazing but he ain't Torey Pudwill. I know that's wrong to say since AR has the longevity but... I can turn it around and say that Torey isn't Chris Cole!
The views might be game though.
Watching those long grinds is SO fucking satisfying.
Totally my fav video ever in the history of the world ever.
Yea that's right! You tell him. Officer Garcia you prick... This is at 4:22 bt dubs
He literally has the best back lips ever
4 mill views 1 mill views for Nyjah
This video is actually killer
5:12 I live this every day and same look on my face
I haven't seen ''normal'' tricks in this part, have you ? Awesome ! :)
why did the guy pretend to spit on his board ??
Literally the highest pop out in the skate community
+Paulo Preis Go Luan oliveiran, hes pepole champ
You guys should make a loop of death
holy shit 4m views for a crazy skatepart old but gold!
That guy at the end probably got fired for this.
Como se llama la canción ? :'( la eh buscado por mucho tiempo ! xDD
Wow this is amazing damn
1:48 how the actual fuck do you ollie that high, into a back tail.. damn he so good
Skate videos in every season on my Channel ! Its dope !!
security guards in uk are defo not like the one from end  
I love Torey's passion for skating. He's so rad!!!
what a nerdd he as no life nerd regect pot smoker fvck skate
Sam Genthner Shared on Google+ · 4 weeks ago
one of the best skaters in the world
I would soooo just ___ in his _____ Figure that sentence out fags
someones desperate for attention
seems to struggle a bit with the tech
Finally...someone who got it....
+Val Lind Lol, those people are fucking idiots.
This video is awesome
Nice Video Part Torey Puddwill
Torey Pudwill´s  Big Bang Video !!
torey pudwill is that dude and the last guy with glasses hes that dude too forrreal
check my channel for awesome skate videos
You really had to add the part of him exhaling smoke? I had that a lot of skaters smoke it's so stupid.
+Outtamahmind You can see it when its cold out. Because the hotter the temp the more water the air can hold.
A lot of people in general smoke, and I don't see how it's stupid. It's no more/less stupid than choosing to eat popcorn. 
2:40 "I DONT NEED NO TOW ROPE" like a boss.
Who could ever dislike this. It's amazing!
Apparently 404 people
one of my fav skaters soooo goooooooooodddddddddddddd
Hey Guys, whats a good board to do like 4 stairs on that wont snap. I also want a board that has good kickflips. I heard that plan b's are good but Girls are good too. Someone pls help. Also what trucks have the best grind?!
The RocK ShOw Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
el skateboarding no es un simple  deporte.Para aquellos que lo practican saben que es mucho mas que eso, es una forma de vida, si conectas con el skate creas una gran amor hacia el y  un gran respeto, los que tiene este deporte  como hobbie  sabrán que el skateboarding siembre te devuelve el golpe.                                                                         gracias skateboarding
he's not technical at all....
What shoes does he skate
Douglas Smith Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
He's like an alien that is not from here but is here to sk8 for sometime.
Dan Goncalves Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
it's very very crazy tricks T-Pudwill.
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