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Champagne Cork to the Face - The Slow Mo Guys

by The Slow Mo Guys • 2,468,057 views

Gav celebrates good times by firing corks from champagne bottles into the side of Dan's head. Dan felt pretty sore afterwards, but after he'd downed all the leftovers, he felt great again. Strange...

For anyone else who came back to this video after seeing "Inside a Camera at 10,000 fps", 2:27 is the moment with the two different moments in time. 
If you put the video speed to 0.25 and pause it right when you see the cork fly off, you can see the frame.
That looked wrong in too many ways
It's interesting how he feels the pain after the cork hits and flys off, but like not right away. Hard to explain.
This video had so many unpurposeful sexual references
Oooh.... it's so beautifully phallic... it makes my fudanshi organs throb
this shit looks wrong. XD
1:25 Okay. That looks so wrong...
SPERM EVERY WERE ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
so i gotta be the immature one... It looks like he just came in Dan's face, all the white stuff, Dan yelling in disapproval, come on  
you two are defenitely not alone
And that's what they call the moneyshot.
the mouse trap finger challenge was the first ever one of your videos i EVER watch and now im hooked to these videos. u guys are awesome!!! this one was the most funniest one i have ever seen......... yet!!!! LOL!!!
(2:32) look top of the screen above Gavin's hand and there is a ghost like object spinning
looks like Gavin is firing his jizz at Dan
When Gav shoots Dan at 1:14 he's all like, "Wasn't me!" LOL
You know how Dan doesn't react immediately to the cork hitting his face? I think it has to do with human reaction time.
At 4:00 block of fav and the wine just look at Dan only.
how come that Dan gets hit so much >:(??? i wanna se you get hurt Dan's cooler xD
3:07 stop i have bloody tits
He said it is bloody tense...
Dan is such a gentle giant, and I love him for it 💕
The best cumshot ever xD (Joke) Ahah good video ! 
This isn't disturbing at all.
what is a cheek hole? lol sounds weird hahahahahhahahahahahaha wink wink
There are some gifs in that video... Dirty dirty gifs.
The slow mo sounds like a lion
It's quite funny how 2 or more videos are flagged on this channel, and this one isn't, even though it's DIRECT subject is alcohol, which is not for kids.
+JohnnyBoy98 98 refer to the year you're born? Go to somewhere in Africa, you can drink at any age there. It makes you live longer! Forever if you drink enough in one go!
cuz its not forbidden
haha gavin likes everything in threes i bet he had a three way with dan and meg
Pause at 3:30 keep your dirty mind
Just saw this video on the show, Clipaholics. :)
This looks so wrong! XD
In slow motion it just looks wrong...
January 19, 2015 anyone??
Well this beats my fan fiction
el que sostiene la botella párese que esta asiendo otra cosa xD  
...I don't even gotta say what I think it looks like here...
DANG it sounds like a dinosaur in slow mo! cool!
I always had suspicions...
Dude, he could have died if that hit his themple... Just sayin.
i wonder if they realized how suggestive this would look before they made it
I think Gavin looks like PewDiePie  
Looks like milk at the first part
Listen to that with your eyes closed XD
so your saying Dan got hit with something hard then got white liquid sprayed all over him
It was my 6 th birth on this day
why couldn't Gavin get hit in the face this time?
İts like gav masturbating and dan face full of sperms XD
It hit him In the jaw bone gavin
Sexual references. People have way too much time on their hands
Gavin's spanking his meat and finished on his face
I did that before and it didnt hurt 1 bit :)
in slomo, it looked like the cork didnt scratch him, but the champange did
Dudes..... I don't know what to think about this video...
This is not gay lay off the porn.
when it's slowed down block off the bottle lol
Cover up the right side of the screen when watching this
2:34 what's that weird looking reflection In the top of the window?
I usually don't say it but this is looking so gay :D
Looks like Dan had his face sprayed with loads of cum.
The first one it was just below the goggles...
looks like hes cumming on his face
Dam that cork didnt make his face move at all
We dont have to do that idiot this isint school
This video is one big pause moment 0_0
Looks like Gavin jerked off then jizzed on Dan
this is the most gay thing i have seen gavin doing
And in his mouth really
Just shows you how long it takes you to sense pain, and use reflexes.
Your reflexes come before pain on purpose, so your potentially saved.
no brazier jokes anyone
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