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Introdiction - Scroobius Pip

by Scroobius Pip • 2,001,569 views This is the first teaser track from my upcoming solo record "Distraction Pieces". Produced by Danny Lohner. Drums by Travis Barker. Backing vocals by Milla Jovovich &...

Is that R Kelly on his shirt? If it is that's hilarious.
Train by day. Joe Rogan podcast by night. All day.
Really wondering how I've never heard of this guy til the most recent JRE was posted. This is exactly the kind of music I love.
Olive Garden Butthole
Not bad... Not as good as everyone in the comments are saying he is, but not bad...
timsk coomber Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
>>you see a mousetrap I see cheese and a challenge - #livefree  
quality lyrics >>> "Introdiction" I saw a dead fish on the pavement, and thought "what did you expect" There's no water round here, stupid, should have stayed where it was wet... Hello my name is Pip, and I would like to speak some lyrics, Into this microphone that's amplified so you can hear it. This piece of diction is the intro to 'Distraction Pieces', That's all the shit that flies around my head and keeps me sleepless. Such little food for thought my fucking brain feels anorexic; So many typos when I write, oh, I'll claim I'm dyslexic. I've got your poem here, I've put it in this envelope... I'm setting fire to it; hope you all can read the smoke! Most people where I live don't know me and I fucking like it! Some people where I live don't like me and I fucking know it! Some heads won't know my name or give me a look, since I flow kinda strange like spina bifida footprints. Ha! I flow kinda strange like spina bifida footprints Nothing's original, I stole this flow from the creator, And from some others too, can't think right now I'll name them later. If I say 'fuck' a lot well then I may gain more attention; If I say 'cunt' well then with some of you there will be tension. I find this interesting 'cause in the end they are just words, You give them power when you cower, man, it's so absurd. But all that was covered by Lenny Bruce, back in the day. Nothing's original, now I'm repeating what I say! Paralysis through analysis could stop me here But that'd just be an excuse to run in fear! So I'll brandish the blandest man's anguish with a round fist, Directed at the throat of any man that can withstand this. I will brandish the blandest man's anguish with a round fist I see these rappers that say things like 'no homo' and such; It always seems maybe the lady doth protest too much... I'm really speechless but I speak less than you might imagine Sometimes I stutter and I sputter like the words are catching. I'm known to write about the shit most people won't discuss; Some find my music's too intrusive with their words and such. You see a mouse trap, I see free cheese, and a fucking challenge! But you stay quiet for fear of tipping the balance! When it's horses for courses my horse is distorted I bought it for four quid then forced it through horse shit! We walked through these morbid remorseless discourses, And discuss these disgusting new sources. When it's horses for courses my horse is distorted I've seen the world; I've seen the good and the shitty bits; And all I've got to say is, "God damn, y'all are fucking idiots." Some people heard my words and thought it meant they knew me Truth is, I don't exist; I'm just the soundtrack to your movie! Some background figure in a story that's already scripted, And what I feel's just felt for you to hear me fucking spit it! I jump in many different heads, through these words and poems; Always hoping maybe the next leap will be my leap home. Ziggy says that if I keep writing this shit There's an eighty percent chance that Al can make it a pop hit. But Al's an alcoholic and I'm a fucking schizophrenic, So I'll close my eyes on this whole fucking world and that will end it...
I'm impressed, not only by your command of language and communicative ability, but also by your musical sense. Keep up the great work. We need more intelligent musicians and communicators. Thank you for saying "fuck bands" and doing what you do. Not that I've got anything against bands, but I've been through the bullshit and bandalism. If you hadn't taken the road you did, those who appreciate your work would not have it to appreciate in its current form. Also, thanks for doing the JRE podcast. It was one of the best I've seen.
I'm aware, and was when I posted. My first exposure to him was in the Joe Rogan Experience podcast that I mentioned.
If you want another great example, try Porter.  He talks about being a porter in an asylum, and talks about three women locked up in there.  Alice (Alice in Wonderland), Dorothy (Wizard of Oz), and Wendy (Peter Pan).  His command of the language is amazing.  I truly believe he's a genius with music.
You see a mouse trap, I see free cheese & a challenge!
free cheese and a fucking challenge*
"You see a mousetrap, I see three pieces of cheese and a challenge".. Fucking killer line!!
I see free cheese and a fucking challenge
he is wearing 2 watches
This track is quite honest dude, I really like it. 
"You see a mouse trap i see free cheese and a fucking challenge" so frickin true! Everyone sees things in black and white yet never risk anything to stay on the safe side! Scroobius you are an inspiration
How am I only seeing this now 😱🙌
Good, why are there so many 'JRE brought me here' comments? Who gives a fuck?
Nice work , nice T-shirt ...... fuck 'en cunt :)
thank you joe rogan
WOW KID!   Just seen you on Joe rogan! I am Deff your target audience!!!
The music was prerecorded, the second part was done first and vis versa. But each take was done in one shot
nah, i read my sentence... its grammar vomit, i was probably drunk that day.... a person could technically dictate all of the sounds into a machine before the song is complete, then it is prerecorded. thats technically how a savants mind works for stuff like music
Hey man, I'm listening you interview Russell Brand.  You're cool!  Stay Real!
I would rather have a schizophrenic as my leader, than a liar!
it's so painful watching him cut that beard off...
anyone notice the R Kelly "PISS" tshirt hes wearing?
White Mike Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Bloody hell I fink I lauke dis guy
Beans Martoccia Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
is it ok to pirate your ep if i pay for a ticket to your live show?
this is a troll right?
fuck that's good. goosebumps.
if he had an american accent he would be much less popular
Someone's got a hair fetish
Thumb up if JRE brought you here
Damn, gave me chills. Can't stop listening. 
Powerful PIP, Powerful JRE
god i fucking love this guy can't wait to see him
you have to be white to enjoy this.....
love this, ire brought me here
well, that was fuckin awesome
I've just spent 4 months growing a beard and watching him cut his like that made me cringe XD
oh my god this is amazing
why is everyone on Joe Rogan's dick all of a sudden?
2:20 you see a mousetrap, I see free cheese and a f*ucking challenge
Damien hargrove Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Good Sunday to all Introdiction - Scroobius Pip:
Fucking incredible, found your music through Joe Rogan. You're an awesome guy, who makes fucking awesome music. Good on you, man! Glad this has done so well!
As an american i don't know how to say this... On the podcast he sounded like he would look more "British"
Fuck it eat tacos and grab ass !!!
such a sick song.                                   If you wanna hear the dopest three inch dick faggot rapper check my queer ass page homos and trolls allowed
This is my favourite song
goddamn that's a fucking great track! I also have that tshirt! 
"Most people where I live don't know me and I fucking like it. Some people where I live don't like and i fucking know it"  
Another cool person Joe Rogan has showed me. Wicked
So that's actually Milla Jovovich on this track...Dayum
You had me at Travis Barker
"You see a mouse trap, I see free cheese and a challenge" ...fucking awesome lyric.
Check out Indie Raps on facebook!
Mark Grist is better ;;D
You see a mouse trap. I see free cheese and a fuckin challenge. I'll fuckin lyrics my friend.
Maybe the best song ever written?
The podcast brought me here. Dude is a wicked rapper and stupid smart. 
i applaud you my good sir impressive shit mayn 
great job on rogan's keep working brotha.
JRE Brought me here and I'm lovin' it! Subscribed :)
What's more, Me too, in addition to you, also, as well, moreover, similarly, learned about this strapping young lad from the same human as you who happens to hail from the mysterious land of JRE. #straighttothepointbitches
Train by day Joe Rogan Podcast by night all day!!!!
JRE brought me here too ! Loving your work, shame this is not available. One of my fav tracks. I'll keep my hopes up. Anyhow thanks for the music, rock that beard !
You see a mouse trap I see free cheese and a fucking challenge is a brilliant line
Pip the powerful. looking forward to the release
Tommy P Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
dope song, never had heard of this artist. On'ya Rogan.
Powerful. so fucking awesome
@farmface symmetry man.
check my shit out !!!!
James L Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
free drinks at the bar!
Jacob Barker Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
I haven't found a track I don't like.
John Cudworth Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Ant Thomas Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
DJ Spada Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
I heard you on JRE! If i Can get your album on Itunes I'll buy it next payday...
attention seeking twat.  bet this mofo isn't as good as beetlejuice from howard stern.
+GBDazzler i agree, this is dope and dark this could easily pass as rap its almost icp like or twizted
but is it as good as beetlejuice from howard stern?
Noahs' Ark Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
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