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Happy Wheels - IMPALED - Part 12

by TobyGames • 1,535,255 views

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dadade I will die dadaeda cause im noob but I totally lied
i cant beleve toby is famos
Close your eyes on the Wipeout part and you will laugh like me lol
Toby is soooo Hot omg he is smoken hot 😍😻
Why did you do the same level twice
Hey, Toby, you should do a video of your "Blue" parody.
Hey Toby are aloud to like chat with your youtube fans? Or talk to us like txt or facetime or stuff? I'm bored lol and you seem funny and cool 
hey there is no better queen than the watermelon queen!
On wipeout you should use segway steve
you should get a record deal toby (loves your singing)
Toby, you should make all ur songs in episodes into real iTunes songs and parodies, and resing them and add music on YouTube. Please?! Ur songs are awesome! :) plus, it would make you more popular, have more fans, and everyone could be happy. U don't have to dough! :)
E did the mount mayhem too much
Someone totally needs to animate the part where he's singing the I'm blue song. That would be amazing
Dude only 2 levels wow.
Hay, Toby it's jtrose9898 and u are so funny with your videos on HAPPY WEELS!!! Thank you.
Sharlot pushed you out for saying your X girlfriend was prettier than you  
the song that he said was called I'm blue
Toby fucken idiot mental problems
+THE DIAMOND MINER I agree. But you are kind of acting like a fanboy (not to offend) :P Dont kill me plz
i really wanna buy "i will die" on tunes badly xD
fuck  this go on browzers levels
HAHA You kidnapped a child and won XD
The way he was so excited at the end when he finally won is beyond adorable!
you should have been biker
Toby Needs To Get The FUCK Back To SCHOOL. He Needs To Go Back. He Is Like A Stupid Little 5 Year Old Idiot.
You should have let timy and dad on the wipe out level
lade lado da da da hummmmmmmmmmmm..... GO MAN ROCK ROCK IN ROLE
I was thinking Pogo Pete when you said Pogo Peter...
Did you see how well I did that?! SPLAT!!!
Tobuscus: Did you see that dodging... 2 seconds later SPLAT
Look at the Tsars, Charlotte...
5:02 the second half of the featured levels, where there are no breather stages...
Did u see tobuscus vs piewdiepie
 you ember and gavin he is the lord and you two s**k
That is offfffffeeeeennnnsssssiiivvvvveeeee Jk
at the end of the vid Toby became bouncy Toby
god dangit i broke my FACE
how do you control the jet on the wheelchair?
 but if you you want to move the jet you push control and space
Toby:Did you see how well i just doged that!?!?.......IM DEAD!!! Me:Wow toby....just wow
Wipeout is so cool I hate you now toby games
Ohhh ya i remember that little girl video lol u awesome toby
You epic Toby it would be amazing if you made a happy wheels level
i was play a hard video game and i sung "i will survive" like toby did!!!! also Who is Charlotte?!?!?!
5:34 This suck look at what pogo is DOING
im gana die daramb de bdarum da!
at 2:00+ that song you were singing so i started to play the song in itunes on my mac
I was listening to halo and just for everyone to know, it dosnt go good with this video..... O.O
i luved that song LOOK AT ME IN GONNA DIEEEEEE!!!
you should make a album
Hey toby can I have your album
Why do you always sing songs
So r u going 2 sell that parody of 'I'm blue' on iTunes then?!? Lol
I love you toby xxxxxxxx
my brother very like toby
05:55 that cute little laugh! OMG! ^-^
toby that song is epic and u should make a music vid of it
i might have a little bit to watch... JUST A LITTLE
I was watching this while annoying orange was on the tv and my little bro was so confuzzled
Gray and blue are NOT THE SAME THING I HATE GRAY AND LOVE BLUE!!!                       0.0                   
2:04 - 3:15 Best part of the video! :D
im playing happy wheels in another tab right now
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