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Raw Video: Hunt Underway for Escaped Inmate

by Associated Press • 1,552 views

Authorities in Santa Cruz, Calif. are searching for an inmate who used a stun gun on a female deputy then took her gun while he was being transported to a hospital. The manhunt has prompted...

@SalemStorm he can be your hero right up to the point, he forces his way into your parent's house, kills your dad, rapes and beats your mother, steals the car and burns the house with your mother still alive and tied up in there. Still gonna be your hero then? Yeah it does happen, we visit my Aunt and Uncle's grave every year since another one of your hero's did just what I decribed above to them.
@Oreocremerocks Who assumed anything? I don't even assume that you're telling the truth about your family being killed to be honest. I'll take it 1 further. The likelihood of that being truthful is slim because violent criminals don't usually commit white collar crimes & vice versa. But if it's indeed true, I'm sorry for your loss. Nevertheless, my original premise stands: you can't make assumptions that simply because someone was locked, he's a murdering rapist car thief.
@sidewaysntraffic He used a non-lethal weapon on her. The same weapon could be used on a 250lb man. Don't assume her gender caused this. Misogyny ain't a good look dude.
@Oreocremerocks You're assuming the guy's murderous, rapist, arsonist, car thief. Stupid assumptions, while serving as a nice blanket of fear to keep you warm at night, aren't the most effective reasoning. Sure he's desperate so I could see him stealing a car. But that's a far cry from burning homes, killing fathers or raping mothers. He could be a political prisoner, a framee, a petty drug dealer or embezzler for all we know. Y'know, your brain isn't there to prevent cranial collapse. Use it.
@warlordei Yea so that way we have no protection and the real criminals can get back to robbing and killing us all abd ur family too!! SMH... I know the police dont protect as much as we would like but hey at least theres some protection fool.
@upabittoolate You must be black or hispanic to be a fan of escapees.
@chingon711 for once i agree with you !!! lol !!! a pic might help, na !!!
He'll be in Mexico in 6 hours.
a picture of the fugitive would do a lot of help in capturing him or her.
@therockkkkher gawd dang it...i almost burst into tears after reading this.
@longhairfan You must be an imbecile to assume I'm a fan of an escapee. Also, you must be a racist to assume that only minorities go to prison, escape & develop fan bases. Pathetic.
@VertSk8er12 Your a genius friend. Write a book about it, 10 years from now... It will make a great movie
what dont they say why he is in jail? if he murdered and raped someone then the people should know; if he evaded his taxes than who the fuck cares...
hahahahahah i like like 30 min form there lol wait :(
Run homie run!!!!!!!! We got your back.... WAY back here! Fuck police... some are good, but even the good guys go to far and never get slapped back.
@sidewaysntraffic i agree, they do it all the time, women should work in womens jails/prisons only, and men with only men, alot of male guards thinks its cool to watch the ladies undress and shit even though they may be married the fuckin sickos !!!
@upabittoolate The man who killed my family was convicted for check fraud. You can't assume that even though they may be in prison for nonviolent crimes, that they won't turn violent. The point I was trying to make was it is ridiculous to root this person on and wish them a successful escape. Bad things can and do happen. Im sure my Aunt and Uncle never thought they would be murdered by someone who cashed bad checks either. You should use your brain to educate the misguided hero worship here.
was it prison or jail escape? deputy means jail escape?
Lol my house is right there run nigga run
This is what happens when you hire women that are not physically able to do their job.
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