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karla homolka (serial killer)

by tigelaseca • 170,562 views

relatos da serial killer Karla Homolka

The fact this woman is now free, and married with 3 young children disgusts me beyond words. A horrendous miscarriage of justice and failure by the Canadian justice system.. I will never understand it. I don't agree with capital punishment but she's about as deserving as one can be.
I predict at least one of Karla Homolka/ Leanne Bordelais' children will commit suicide.
And the award for 'most full of sh*t' goes to.....Karla!
I always felt like she was more messed up than Paul. Its that dead look in her eyes and face.
the way she talks about it with out an ounce of emotion WOW!!
Gotta start getting Medeval on these fucks again or it's gonna keep getting worse!!!! Idiots, break out the rack, god damnit, strap her in for starters!
Canada really, really screwed up by giving her the plea deal. She should be in prison. Or dead. Psychiatrists objected to her release. Now the burden to keep track of her is on the public, who are at risk of her re-offending. As if the 3 tortures rapes murders of young girls wasn't enough...or the 14+ victims of the Scarborough torture rapes....this vermin needs to leave the planet & go to her special place in Hell.
@cutiemekitty I agree %100. I wonder who is doing the advocacy for her. That movie Karla is completely unbelievable and paints her as a victim. I've seen battered women, they have sympathy for other women- they don't keep them locked up AND when they retell their stories it is like reliving a nightmare- they are visably shaken. She is as cool as a cucumber in that interrogation!!
This goof WILL burn slowwwwly in hell! Good riddens scum bitch;)
Again you have no evidence to show me and you weren't there..And you cannot throw stones at her like you never did anything wrong in your live..Im not condoning murder in any such way im just saying we dont and wont know what ever really happened we just gonna get what the media wants us to know
Not that I would condone such a thing but I can't believe she hasn't been killed yet. I mean we had an office pool on her to see how long it would take for her to be executed upon release. I gave her 3 hours. Needless to say, I lost.
I dont mean to be mean but you sound pretty sick. This is a woman who raped and murdered here sister and to this day has shown no remorse. she also allowed to other young girls to be raped and killed. I dont but the mental abuse crap because she had every oppurtunity to do the right thing but she didnt and three innocent girls got killed. Seriously i hope you get help
@meme88lilmami THE MOVIE ISN'T FACT IDIOT!!!! SOMEBODY MADE IT TO PORTRAY HER AS THEY DID- MORON!! #1 you can't spell #2 do you believe everything you see on TV? you fucking retard- go to school or jump, you are the stupidest person I've ever seen!! I live in Canada, I know the WHOLE story.
She seems to be enjoying this chat with the detective doesn't she? No tears? No distress? My god, she is even using the dum blonde routine. I am so stupid, I should have done this, my mind was so messed up. Somebody get me a bucket because I want to puke in it and throw it on her.
@7pretty7 Why? I don't understand why you're calling me a bitch. I don't understand why you're saying that I'm a 'Karla lover.'
Sometimes, I wish Dexter was real...
lol @ "stupid" that's all you have to say about yourself?
How stupid of you? More like how vile and insane you nasty, cold, sick, bitch. Can't wait till your kids find out what you did and leave you to rot. Pretty ironic that you took life from 3 young girls and you gave life to 3 kids. Something those other young girls will never be able to do. Karma clearly hasn't caught up with you yet, but when it does, you will know the extent of your actions. It's not over yet EMILY BORDELAIS.
Her mind was messed up? Ya sure it was, she called her own sister so he can rape her, you thik her sister's mind wasn't messed up...knowing your sister is watching and wont do shit to help you, who knows she probably even killed her herself ecause she probably was jelous
lol why in the hell is she any more innocent than the other guy? she basically did everything he did and helped him and shes acting like she was an innocent bystander.
@epicbattle7 What do you mean what the fuck is abviously? Its ABVIOUSLY a fuckin spelling mistake.I spell apostrophie right but not abviously? Haha theres one letter missing from obviously and all this sudden you talk from the side of your neck sayin i cant spell? But i spelled apostrophie right? Haha! You DUMBFUCK. Whats up wit that?Oh and not being able to spell "period" would mean that every goshdamn word i said would be allover the place.But was it? Nahhh.Fuck off. You wrote to me.Remember?
@piggymonster627 - you are incorrect. She participated in multiple rapes, at least fourteen that they know of, that is a fact. She raped her own sister with a wine bottle until she choked on her own vomit and died. That is on video tape. I will never be in her shoes, nor will 99% of the people out there because they are not psychotic narcissistic sexually deviant child rapists and predators. She lured young girls to their deaths - she enjoyed raping & torturing. This scum should be in prison.
@urkoil Well, I know every time she had sex in prison, she had to simulate a rape scene...
Karla if your reading this Tammiskins says BURN IN HELL SICKO! She said The Devil is waiting to torture you in the afterlife! And to say your not going to commit suicide because your patents alteady lost one daughter is bullshit.. your a sociopath! DIE BITCH!
@sweetkittytwine exactly, if you are messed up it is no reason to set someone free, if you were messed up the first time and murdered 3 (some think it might be over a dozen) people then there is a good chance next time that little mess in your head comes that you'll kill again. if she was really reformed in 12 years and did not get all the free shit 99.9% of people can't afford for her OWN crimes then i would be less reluctant to let her go but she got rewarded and i can tell she is still crazy.
@epicbattle7 Yess...i cant spell. The fact that i didnt put any apostrophies means i cant spell. And put fuckin as fucking. Dude thats how i FUCKIN said the word you dumb fuck. So dont tell me i cant fuckin spell well all the fuckin words are SPELLED RIGHT. you lard ass. GTFOH. Oh..and i dont believe everything i see on tv.So JUMP of ma fuckin shit,get off ma case, and try to stick to yourself. Heres another idea... dont like to hear what i have to say? JUMP OFF.And im not on her side.thx :)
The rposecutor who gave her the deal should have his daughter tied up and raped and be forced to watch the videos every day. I fucking hate the way our 'justice' system in the west treats woman as incapable of committing crimes.
I think if she murdered (helped) rape & murder her own Sister?....she deserves to die the same way!...or? the very least? rotting for the rest of her miserable life in a jail cell & have however many kids she has taken away along with that sick f*** Bernardo!...u can just look at the both of them & see that they were sick people with messed up heads!....even more so that she stayed after her Sister was murdered & moved in to a home & married the guy! went on joyrides with him to
the man who knows her back ground and have kids and live with her is as sick as her.
And imagine being the stupid tool that married the piece of shit! 'Oh well long as you swallow and let me do ya in the ass I'll look past all that inconvenient, messy business of you killing & raping your sister etcetera. Pass the salt, please?'
At the end of the day NOBODY knows what really happened except HER, BERNARDO, and the COURTS who seen the tapes..Even with the tapes tho you have no idea what kind of mental abuse he caused her since he met her at 17(a age you an older man can easily influence a female)..She has done her time and only god can judge and forgive her..i hope she repenets for whatever sins she commited and is saved!!!
She talks like a victim but the videotapes tell a different story!!!!!!
it is spelled "care". Get your language straight!
This fucking Karla cunt never ever should have been released. She may pretend to be the victim in this recording but she's no victim since there's video evidence of her raping girls and getting fucked up pleasure out of it. In my opinion she deserves the same fate she did to her sister and the other girls.
Lying cunt . she loved it , and she got off on it .
But my Mom was so messed up.......Because of you stupid biotch! Youre sick......
ecco l'esempio della follia umana. Libera e con un figlio. La mente perversa che diventa madre, lei che ha ucciso i figli degli altri. faccia di culo! assassina e bastarda!
i wonder who would win her or Susan Atkins
Filthy lying slut! One day justice will be carried out and you'll be raped and tortured to death. You'll never be forgiven. We'll never forget what you've done. You think you can still have a normal life with your husband and child? No fucking way! You will regret every day you've been married with Paul Bernardo.
@Loraguy man what would make some one do that. Thats the question that i really want an answer to. These people are nuts. I agree with you, do not defend this bitch, she didnt kill out of compation or love. Shes a straight up murderur.... a cold blooded killer
@SunnyHappy2008 oh ok I am a " fucking psyco " casue you feel sorry for a FUCKING PSYCO ?!?!?!!! wow get a life and have a nice day..
dammit we share the same name D; saaaaaad
yeah. too bad she's such an evil psychotic fuck.
@YEELKEED She actually has a kid now and live in the Caribbean. I feel sorry for him, everyday he has a risk of getting raped and murdered, also his dad is a male pornstar. So much for restarting her life lol
karla wasnt the serial killer people. she participated in the murders and rapes.her husbands is the real monster more then karla but that doesnt really matter.but not only should yall be goin all crazy on her but on that fuckin guy too.
@urkoil Yea she stupid .goin out and fuckin some other prisoner and gives him a fuckin baby. dont need to do research cause ive done enough research and im done with this. I just went by the movie and i think its most true.but you know what who really knows. except those fuckers.
im fucked? how exactly. And im not sticking up for her. Why do you keep watching videos like this anyways just to yell at people. ITS IN THe FUCKING PAST! shes trying to start over with her life and forget about it. GET THE FUCK OVER IT!
@7pretty7 Paul Bernardo wanted Tammy before Karla started planning it. Knowing Paul's history, he probably would have raped her anyway. Karla didn't start anything; Paul was raping girls before Karla got involved. You ever hear of the Scarborough Rapist? Yeah, that was Paul. From May 1987 (BEFORE he and Karla met) until May 1990, Paul assaulted several young women. What kind of sister does that? Obviously the crappy kind. But it doesn't make her more evil than Paul.
she's out of prison and moved to Antilles and changed her name to Emily Bordelais. Do me a favor fellas, hunt her down and kill her. She deserves it. I'd be more than happy if someone did just that.
@karmalevel I don't understand how she's more evil than Paul Bernado.
Watch: Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 9 (Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka) Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 13 (Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka)
and i see how unintelligent your are by the way you spell. I am done with the going back and forth because i don't do that. When you can have a civil and intelligent conversation without getting mad or ignorant then we can have one.
When I was a kid my Dad would always drive by the church where Christian French was abducted and tell me how such evil exists. RIP Ms. French, and all the other people. You deserved better.
@piggymonster627 - That's a lot of traumatized (and DEAD) people & their families you're asking to "just get over it". She is a serial killer child rapist & murderer who will go down in history as such. Why don't you & the lunatics in her family who defend her just deal with the public anger as a natural consequence of her actions? Why can't you "get over it"?
Should have been life in jail. I was about to say "let's bring back lethal injections" but then I would be swooping down to her sick level. Life in jail, without bail or any way to leave would suffice.
Homolka aka Emily Bordelais said she wanted to have lots of children w/ Bernardo so they could *#%! them all. This is on video & in the transcripts. The Bordelais family will always take care of them whether the evil whore is in the picture or not. She's a manipulative user who cleverly married her attorney's brother.
@TheLordAnnatar--Forget Dexter. Agent 47 needs to be cloned at once.
@TheStaticage01 First off, I didnt comment on her, I commented on you justifing promoting her for any reason, I suggest you post a video about her victums and not her, Secondly , it doesnt affect anyone but her victums and her, you have no ramificiation, shes locked up. . Your also believing what other say about her and a few sound bites. You nor anyone will know exactly what or who shes killed or had others kill. But you can keep expressing your opinion cause thats your right but its also mine.
what she just said is a total lie
She lives in Guadalupe (street address pending) on a goat farm w/ her 3 kids & runs a website called Bebe Douceur, selling homemade diapers to parents who do not know she is a convicted serial child rapist & murderer. How sick is that! I hope the gov't doesn't have to pay for the evil whore each time she needs to relocate b/c everyone on the planet wants to smoke her ass. And I can honestly say the Guadeloupe police do not care what happens to this scumbag family.
I agree, I wish her life is rotton on earth right now and in hell later
She is living with children and a husband, she killed 3 people who will never get to do that. Kill this bitch.....
I wonder if she would rape and/or murder her kids.
How isn't she in jail for life? Helped kill her own sister. Canadian passive jail system
As a canadian myself I feel disgusted that my government allowed this bitch walk free after what she did. Not only is she now free: she has a FUCKIN SON, and they let her move to the fuckin caribbean so her son "can have a normal life" he NEVER will with her as a mother and I fear for him!!! its only more dangerous for her to be abroad where shes not recognised as the predator she is.
Why it very simple and i am shocked you havent learn, woman, especially in western nations are not held responsible for their crimes, just google 'gender disparity in sentencing' this takes into account convictions for the same crime and shows woman are not sentenced in the same manner men are. We dont want to believe woman are capable of these things so they walk, even when all the evidence points to their involvement all they have ot sya is thast a man made them do it or that they were abused!
Is she reading a book or something ??/ no emotion at all.... shuld be put in jail 4 ever.... how can u kill ur own sister... baaaad....
more evil than Bernado and that is saying something
Thise evil bitch must die and will spit and piss on her grave's the same bogus defense Jodi Arias is trying to use. Believe none of it.
@meme88lilmami Oh yeah...ON YOUTUBE.Whos replying and wrote to me in the first place? YOU. Ma bad this may be the third one to you but ma mistake i left that piece out. If you think im an idiot...Then waste your time on YOUTUBE writing back? AND IM THE IDIOT AND ALL THOSE WORDS YOU SAID.HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! DUECES
She kills 3 kids and ends up with 3 of her own after a short stay in prison.
Absolutely not sicker than what she did. Nothing is worse than that. My point is she should never have had children. It was a deliberate, manipulative, selfish move. Why should anyone show mercy to her kids? How can a sexual sadist & psychopath raise healthy children? They CAN'T! Those kids will end up being burdens & dangers to society, just like their mother.
I don't understand why people are more induglent for men who kill than for women.... Sorry for my english xdd
how could someone stand by and watch him do this? Even if you are a battered woman ( which i have no doubt he abused her) and are afraid,how can you not cry for help? She knew those girls were going to die and i can't fathom her reasoning.. and her own sister.. How could you live with yourself and stay with him and continue to try to please him.No matter what the consequinces would be for you, no matter how deep you thought you were in the situation....
Watch: Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 30 (Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka)
i know its fucked up to say but i would fuck the shit out of her, she was sexy as hell and had some big ass tits, she used to eat Pauls asshole out and everything.... what nympho....shit is pretty hot though if ya ask me lol regardless shes a fuckin' nut, if you have time and want to read some fucked up shit, google the transcripts of their home movie. shit is mind blowing, and you probably won't forget it ever
She is pure psychopath. Can't believe they are allowing it to procreate. She should not be allowed to have children. And now the father of her children is being sought because he has mailed body parts including a foot. And they are thinking he videotaped the whole thing. Video hmmm.....and we all know how much Karla liked taking video.
Apparently Homolka was spotted with her daughter shopping at a store called Carrefour in Destreland Mall, Guadeloupe recently.
@IchWerdeSterben111 is Karla Homolka married to bisexual porn star Luka Magnotta ?
@clintonearlwalker oh wow. a part of me wishes i'd never had clicked on this video. that's just sick. i may look on the wiki, but i don't know. thanks for the info, take care. :)
Fuck you Karla,must be fun living life in fear!
Anyone on here who sympathizes with this bitch and murderer:PLEASE KILL YOURSELF!
... Why is this woman still alive? Honestly...
@piggymonster627 - It's "in the past"?? Are you kidding? Tell that to the women & families of young girls they (SHE) raped, tortured & murdered. What is the victim count again? At least 19 women tortured & raped & 3 young girls tortured raped & murdered? Seriously your argument defies all logic. You sound like a total lunatic.
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