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Dota 2 Patch Update 04/20/12

by DotaCinema • 19,753 views

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Wait what, is blizzard making the game? The resemblance between copyrighted "Defence of the Ancients" and by Valve copyrighted "DOTA" isnt an issue? And you can have pretty much the exact same model but with a different name, as long as it doesnt hurt the copyrighted trademark.. Which it dont. If you keep denying the fact, just read the DOTA-RELATED forums. Also, why is storm a fat mexican and not a panda?
I don't like that the primal spirits die at the end of the duration.
He is a panda! Just not a giant panda, he looks a lot like a red panda with a giant panda colour scheme.
as I lay so wtf? and how to put gold and leveling high lvl?
People should be happy about this. it couldn't have been a Panda or else Blizzard would be up on Valve's ass. This is the best Valve could come up with and believe me, he could have looked a lot worse, like being a human or something. Be grateful.
and then there are gonna be some retarded fanboys who will said OMG A COPY OF DRUNKEN MASTER -_-
It's because China protects pandas and DotA has a huge fan base in China so Valve wants to avoid any legal troubles with the Chinese government.
Because Valve can do what the fuck they want because it will be a free game
Can we all drink a round for the celebration of the coming of Brewmaster?
Thunder clap is no STD, its the sound the nutsacks do when they smash on a girl's ass...
20 of April - for some strange reason Americans write it Month/Day/Year instead of Day/Month/Year. God-knows why.
Brewmaster is Splinter from TMNT :D :D: D:D:D:D
The old ball shape ultimate was better
yes all pandas are not Pandaren. but the design is copyrighted. even a kid could easily spot the resemble of brewmaster and the pandaren model in wc3. try comparing an old gen iphone and samsung galaxy ace. notice the resemblance. well its like that! im done trying to argue with you. if keep denying the fact, just read the official statement of blizzard in the WoW forums.
storm panda's nice but it looks gay the way it normall attacks ;D
his ultimate model look more like pandas than the original brewmaster
because "fantasy" is such a restricting genre, right?
lol.. league is way older and dota just comes out..
i know whats great?? finally i´m watching this video without giving a fuck on what change^^
son, blizzard has not copyrighted pandas.. As you said theres hundreds of others... Did you read your facts here on youtube? Oh wait- you did
i think they can't use pandas cause of sumthing to do with the japanese not using animals in war or abuse or some shit like that :D
True that, i couldnt give less of a shit about wow. Yeah brewmasters and Pandarens are blizz copyrighted. Pandas are however now. And thats what we're talking about you stupid faggot. And no, a fighting drinking panda is not a pandaren, they could make him a panda as long as hes not a "pandaren".
world of warcraft's new expansion, pandarens are copyrighted to that
i just got a betakey but i didnt recive the 2 free keys for friends :( did valve stop giving them out or is this just a bug, pls help
those who what? Man go get laid instead of raiding youtube videos. Im tierd of your shit, for all your questions i have already answered, still you just keep claiming the same fucking things. Pathetic lil hobo
I'm not saving my money for this game anymore. There are 33 heros left and they releasing a hero every 10 days
hey i just have 1 question ! y is my char. on the bottom left screen close to the mini map is not moving ??
Dude i wont reply again after this one, youre obviously to fucking thick to take in facts from anywhere outside your bubble. And you saying blizzard has Shit to do with DotA pisses me off. Yeah, and making him a panda doesnt mean hes originally a wc3 hero. Not even if he has a stick and a barrel. Brewmaster tho, whould be on the edge, and i understand the other reasons for him not being a panda. But this discussion about pandas are WAY older that brewmaster. You still dont have a clue, fuck you
Pandas are retarded. I'm glad he isn't one.
Man your so stupid is amazes me, and you keep talking out of your anus. 70% of the DotA models are from WC3, and they are now in DOTA2.. and what the fuk is a "lightning model Pandaren"? Storm Spirit is a modded model, his spells are scrapmade by IceFrog+crew, and his voice is from "Druid of the Talon"... there is no such thing as Storm Spirit prior to DotA.. Why do you keep talking when you dont know shit? srsly.
So let me get this straight. DotA came out in 2003 DotA All-Stars comes out 2005 (Brewmaster included as one of the heroes) LoL came out in 2009 (Gragas comes out). Dota 2 (DotA remake) fully releases in 2012. (All heroes are being ported over to a new engine). Yep definitely something wrong with your logic.
Troll's mindset: Hey look at this guy, he's fat, he carries a keg, and my tiny little brain can only remember a guy named Gragas who looks kinda like him, so this MUST be a rip-off of Gragas! Oh my god, derpy derp derp!
If Brewmaster's NOT a panda, why is his ultimate clearly three pandas? :i
why do you think Apple keeps suing samsung? because Apple claims Samsung has infringed its copyright design in its products. the same goes for its model. its obviously the whole design idea of that hero came from the Pandaren model. the way he holds a stick and a barrel. its clearly derived from a Pandaren model in wc3 if Valve made brewmaster a Panda its like, Valve did what samsung is doing.
I think they made the primal's look like pandas in honor of the old dota 1 panda :D Rip panda <3 we'll miss you !
title says april 20th. please fix
WTF does dota 2 out .. or not yet !!
wrong! there are hundreds of games and cartoons in china that has characterize a panda as a warrior or a villain. reason valve cant use a panda. because like the others have said, its copyrighted by blizzard in WoW.
I think I know what he is brewing...
Your powers combined, I am Captain Brewmaster!
LOL! obviously you have never been to china. and yeah blizzard did copyrighted the whole race of Pandarens for WoW.
create your own lobby and theres an option to edit your settings and you can mark 'enable cheats'
Why can't they be pandas... is it conflicting with Blizzard?
Think you should look at a "Rat" again, Cause you apparently don't know what a rat looks like.
the only real differences between how brewmaster and and primal splits is that Brewmaster is made to look more aged and grey, with the hair on his ears forming a point, and different facial hair. Other than that they look identical
Why not make a polar bear with black spots? It's not a panda then... it's a polar bear.
Brewmaster is the masterpiece of Icefrog. Love this hero.
no they wouldnt, there pandaren brewmaster from dota wc3 is popular in dota, it has nothing to do with that ye twat, its purely blizzard copyrights.
its not , but machines are science fiction and fantasy is related to history and myths, not fucking machines like in the kindergarden
i cant wait for the day they actually fix the broken copyright laws, like seriously what is it 75years?
Well first of all blizzard didn't create anything similar to silencer.In dota 2 he is not an elf and blizzard don't have elfs trademarked anyway. They did however trademark pandaren for the new wow expansion, so making brewmaster an alcoholic PANDA would be an almost exact copy of a pandaren from wow , not to mention the pandaren hero you have in warcraft 3 ladder that was also created by blizz.
Pandaren Warriors, and the Pandaren Brewmaster. So if they were going to make him a Panda, they were going to be sued by Blizzard for making a character that looks like the Pandaren Brewmaster model of WC3: Frozen Throne.
How do you get your shop to look like that?
Its not all about the looks. Its more the case of how the character acts and their personality , which would be identical to the wc3 one. Besides blizz didn't trademark elves.
i did that and survey too.. its been 2 days now.. where am i going to see the message? or
Yes, it will only take them only a year to finish releasing all the heroes, only a year. And you don't need to save your money for the game, since it will most likely be Free to Play.
which rat is black and white? what does a rat and he have in common? ever seen one?
its because storms model in wc3 is from the lightning model of a Pandaren, you think the reason valve didnt use the a panda because its sacred in china? LOL! thats bullshit thats not true.
are u an idiot? league is a DotA inspirational game in,fact league copy DotA
Still waiting for my favourite hero's Sladar guide :(
well to be honest i realy think if they wanna make it a panda they can do it blizzard not owns copyright on panda's overall just the name and model so its not realy blizzard to blame that they dont have a panda but they guys of dota 2 did not whant it ( think it got something to do with teh fact you cant call it a panda brewmaster only 1 of the 2 becous of the new class in mop )
ho4u ogra bl9d kogda ego dobava9t((
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