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Pixel Density: Explained!

by Marques Brownlee • 108,655 views

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In researching process for 4k TV i appreciated this video. Already bought Vizio 50" for $698! but not happy with it so I'm going to exchange for Samsung UN55HU6950. Anyways wanted to say i found it ironically funny that you said u didnt believe macbook with retina would be coming out, yet that is what i just watched this vid on. 2013 model, lol. Love all your videos Marques and appreciate what you do and also wanted to say it makes me smile to see a prediction like this. You're so good at everything you do, its nice to see your human once in a while. Thank you for sharing your passion with the world and thanks the inspiration. Hopefullly soon this year i can get my channel up and running.
Woah man! Don't get ahead of yourself, a Retina Display on an iPad?! That is absurd! That sounds like something too futuristic to even imagine...I mean, retina display on anything is hard to imagine! haha
funny im watching this on a retina mac
And ironically came out the same year as the video lol
I view these videos on my iPod 4, and a set the video quality to 360p. It's about 1 and a half hand widths from my face, and that's good enough for me. Of course, I would pick a higher resolution if it weren't for the fact that my Internet is terrible. Shaw has grandfathered our bandwidth twice, meaning that they have raised the minimum bandwidth for new plans above what we have twice already.
I am happy with my 4 ppi. So there
if we increase pixel per inch doesn't it increase resolution of display as pixels are increased 
Thank you very much Marques for your video on Pixel Density - you explain really well and it helped me understand. But I don't think I understood the calculation for the ppi. For the full HD pixel display, I calculated thus: to get the total number of pixels on the screen display . . 1920 x 1080 = 2,073,600 total pixels. Then, to get the total size of the screen display - the area, I calculated . . 20.5" x 12.5" = 256 total square inches. Then, in order to work out the pixel density (ppi), I calculated: 2,073,600 divided by 256 = 8,100 ppi. But this doesn't seem right - it seems awfully high. What have I done wrong? Could you, or someone please kindly enlighten me. Thank you for your help. Chris
The actual formula is this: √(X² + Y²) / diagonal display size in inches Using your specified example: √(1920² + 1080²) / √(20.5² + 12.5²) = 91.75 ppi Not sure about Marques formula in the video, but yeah...hope this helped!
+Chenhao Liu Chenhao Liu, thank you for your kind help - yes, you really helped me! I tried your formula step by step to make sure I really understood the formula you sent me, and I came up with the same answer! Now I know how to calculate them. Have a nice day, Chris
528 PPI? iPad? I thought is was 226?
Awesome video well explained the math helped big time !
Moto G, 329 PPI. iPod Touch 4g, 326 PPI. Not bad for me then :-)
+juicy jared Vooc charging is really worth it. But the unified storage issue is not very pleasing if you want to flash roms.
+juicy jared 45 mins to charge from 0 to 100
Well I have an iPad 3 and of course it has a retina display! :)
It's very neat to look at this video and just think of how much tech has evolved in the past coupes years.
Precise, concise & easy.....typical marques!!....thaanx man!!!!
His microwave is warning us of impending doom
Lol ironic watching this on a iPad mini retina (this is how I know this video is old)
Now 2560x1440 means qhd
Alex Junior Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Somehow I keep on doing the calculations wrong. According to every reputable source my phone (HTC 8X) has a PPI of 342. When I calculate this [(resolution = 720x1280 = 921600) / (sq/inch ~ 4x2.25 = 9)] = 102400. A whomping 300 times more pixels than sources say. What am I doing wrong? How do I get the numbers that are on the tech-sheet? I came to this video to try and figure this out.
i'm actually trying to solve this with little luck as well, but i can tell you that since you're dealing with area when measuring the display, the answer should be squared at the end. hopefully that will help
haha iphone sucks only 326ppi loool
ummm if the ipad 3 has a 2048x1536 if has 263 ppi
lol , you did the math wrong ! iPad 3,4,Air have 264ppi not 528 , you have to divide by 2 here because of 2Xlength and 2Xbreadth . 
 hey MKBHD, the current ipad has 264 PPI . and it is 2048X1536.... so there is something wrong with your calculation  
This video is 2 years old
Awkward moment when I am watching on a late 2013 retina macbook pro...
Is all u talk about is phones
higher ppi gets handy in durovis dive type solution. 4k or 8k would be awsome for example watching movies comparable to 200" sreen or more from couple of meters distance.
Wow, the PPI on the S2 shocked me! I agree, 250 PPI on a phone is the threshold for quality.
This is what I think too. At least 250 or more is needed for a fine display.
You've just said a lot of wrong things. The iPad 3/4/Air has a pixel density of 264 ppi, not 551ppi. It's quiet imponsible. And the iPhone 4/4s has a display of 960x640, not 960x540.
thumbs up to you for pointing it out and to him for correcting. 
I presume Cheerios sponser you?
seriously dude!!!! whats wrong with your Oven?????
Lol he didn't do anything it has something to do with the camera, you can see it happen with an old tv and a camera as well
(+1) & Subscribed, I kinda knew all this already just loved watching you tell me I'm right,except I can convert it to pixels per sq. millimeter.
Dang my ipad 3 is awesome I cant see a single sub pixel This is a first
You explain it so well
WARNING:  mkbhd video descriptions are black holes. each video links to 5 other videos which in turn link to even more.   this is where i finally hit a dead end. phew :0 
this guy is the smartest black dude i've seen so far.... the black dudes around my block, usually are always saying..... "heyy Blooood, Where You at Niggaaaaa" "hahahaha Its Braizy My Nigga" "thats on pirul" and they where there pants all the way to there ass to prove they are "EASY ACCESS" ........DOPE REVIEW
Alvaro Ordoñez Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Superb review. Now i know how to calculate the ppi of a device without using any software or anything. I will just need a calculator.
+ashish mukundan hey man i tried your method and FUUUUUUUUUU
Great video, simple yet informative! MKBHD is the boss, hope you continue doing this for a long time.
nice! my Laptop has 141 dpi(leonovo y 500), and my phone has 240 dpi(xperia u)! so thats really not bad at all!
That's a very good video! Thanks!
Using a tablet typically THREE FEET away?! I don't think so.
Another way to calculate it is (the data and numbers like the display diagonal size and resolution are the only things that change in this formula) √(1920² + 1080²) = 2203 and then you just divide the product by the diagonal size (in inches preferably), so this would be 441 ppi.
1080 x 1920 = 2,073,600 Pixels. On a 32" LED 1080p Screen, that measures 15.625" H x 27.625" W (10,963.656 Sq. mm).  2,073,600 Pixels (1080p) divided into 10,963.656 Sq./mm Equals 189.133 pixels per sq. mm. That's ppm if it exists.
then why pc monitors has a clearer display than the ordinary phones?
You are holding it farther away from your face, so it's harder to see the individual pixels.
Wait, what!? The iPad Retina's PPI is 264 not 528!!! Still looks pretty darn good, but I think you made a mistake right there, Marques.
Para todos los que no saben como esta esta eso de la resolucion de los dispositivos moviles, les comparot un video que les explica. Saludos!  #GDG   #developers   #Android   #Retina   #Display   #PixelDensity  
Ali Shawkat Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Woah Woah woah wheres aa in this vid?
Four feet away from my computer screen? Holy crap. I sit like two feet at the furthest...
yeah but the s3 has a pentile display meaning it cant have a retina display...
Please forgive me for asking such foolish question... So is that mean Traditional RBG which has 3 subpixels in every pixel is better than pentile which has 2 subpixels in every pixel?
Here's a synopsis of some info I found on that. There are a few factors that cause that. Basically it has to do with the type of camera used for filming and the aspect ratio they use which is 1.85:1 and/or 2.39:1. Film always uses a wider ratio than that of our standard 16:9 televisions so the black borders are pretty much unavoidable. There's a bit more to is but this is just the main stuff so you can understand somewhat.
my tv hasn't got pixels because it projects the image on to the screen from behinde or it would be fatter than it already is but it is a big screen not a new tv it is second hand
wh video editing software u use here ..plz do let me know
nexus 10 has nearly 320ppi, that's insane, never realized how astonishing that was until I watched this video.
i believe it was supposed to be the "does not equal" symbol. AKA "≠"
That retina display MacBook Pro....IT IS ANNOUNCED :P
uhm awkward. But where'd you get that android little figurine thingy?
nexus 10 has 300 PPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It definitly is interesting watching these videos when all this stuff has been released
Marques. iPad 3/4 has res. of 2056x1538 on a 9.7" display, not 10.1, and ppi of 264
math is wrong...dd u try n divide it urself
HA! Galaxy s4 will have 441 PPI
iphone has 960x640 not 960x540!
"From a typical viewing distance". You don't squint and scrutinise the screen typically.
Marques is apparently anti Apple fan
Yes, but only for huge screens which most of us can't afford anyway lol. Of course marketers are going to say that 4K is necesary in every screen
Yea, grab a bucket full of water and splash the screen to see the pixels up close
7months after this video we have retina macbook pro and retina iPad
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Everything you predicted about apple actually happened, they have the ipad with retina display and the macbook pro with retina display...You sir are a BOSS
Pixels per inch isnt the amount of pixels in one square inch, it is the number of pixels in a line with length 1 inch. If you do the math on 1:24 it would be over 8000 ppi.
528 PPI iPad ? 528 / 2= 264, the real PPI number.
You got it all wrong MKBHD. The right formula for calculating pixel density is: square root of (x-squared plus y-squared) divided by the diagonal length of the display. Thats why your iPad 3 calculations came at a crazy 500ppi when in reality is just about 256ppi.
Love how you used the cwm wallpaper.
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