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Summer Outfit of the day! feat. High low hemline skirt

by Bethany Mota • 750,064 views

Thank you for watching my loves!!!! Let me know what you think in the comments and if you have any video requests leave that below as well :) Love you all! XOXO, Beth Check out my new show Make me...

June 2014 So proud of u Beth ♥
watching this in 2015 and im so proud of you. grew up so fast. love you bethers. 
I miss the old Bethany she used to be more caring now that she's gone more popular she barley even does videos 😕😢
its july 2014 and back at this 
When i heard you singing at the bloopers i wished you would make a single and now it's coming out aahhh i'm so excited!!
This was the 1st video I ever watched of Bethany. 2+ years going strong of being a motavator (:
Watching this in September 2014
I'm watching this on may 24th. Beth youve grown so much perfff 😘😘😘
iKR she is so pretty and so gorgeous
Watching in February 2014 top that boo-yaa suckas :-) lol
Well that was pretty amazing!
love that skirt so much!!!!!!! bee do
Loved this! 😍 xoxo
btw I know it says like Anthony Osti so ur prob like what the heck a guy? that's my dad and don't worry im his DAUGHTER
this lip color is so pretty and I love that
Watching this in March 2014
I like seriously want to know if like ur friends record you or if its just you idk why but yea
anyone who knows what camera she used?
You sing really good, you should record you singing a song! 💁
You have a gorgeous singing voice
did anybody notice the girls 3:48 to 4:01 lol i was like omg 
I rlly want summer to come 😩
Puhhlease January 2014
3:56 someone on the right pointing at Bethany ahaha
Watching this June 8, 2014 :P
lol whispering: ( theres a guy staring at me...yolo) lol nd thats an akward wave but its cool doe wearing pink sugar lol i love her shes funny
I cant believe this is a year old
Can you do a video on how to style hi(h low skirts please
Thumbs up if you're watching this in January and you're probably gonna be in february.
Make OOTD for summer 2013 please:)?
where did u get the perfume and whats it called again??
Even though you put this up about a year ago, I am in love with your outfit! So cute!
I think that guy like you bethany :)
Thumbs up if ur watching this in July! Top tht huh!! :P
Of course, he's looking at u, ur beautiful
thumbs up if your watching this today! Beat that.
I have a high/low hem skirt and i have been looking for aa way to wear it so this video really helped!
4:00 little girl in the background!
Believe it or not but u made this trend.
omg ur so pretty and i love ur videos u rock
hi guys, i am a new you tuber, so please check out my videos and if you like them then PLEASE subscribe and maybe leave a comment at a video?! it would make me soooooo happy if you would subscribe! - byeeeee!
5:51 lol "there's a guy staring at me" U are so attractive. So,why won't they stare ?
It's so sad that I can't get all those things you have, make up and everything, because I live in other country ó_ò
Exactly a year ago :o and I have a mint hi low skirt just like that
thumbs up if you watching in April!!!
thumps up for watching in February.
I'm watching this in August... Who cares what time you're watching this video?
I wish i could met you! You're the coolest Girl ive ever seen!
This is so pretty! :) I'm just going through your older videos. Heh love them, btw!
check out my 4th of july nail tutorial on my channel ! :)
Thumbs up if you watching this in June. BOOM BOOM :D
bethany worse high low skirts before they were cool :D
Thumbs up if you're watching it in May!:)
Woo i am watching this in October 2013! lol
love u beth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thumbs up if you're watching this in August! Triple Beat That!
"Byee!!...that was a really awkward wave...but its cool wearing pink sugar" hahah that makes so sense at all xD
Could you do more OOTD videos? :)
*theres a guy staring at me*YOLO..
Can anybody tell me how it got the name, "High Low" hemline?
Great video! This video was uploaded a day after my 12th Birthday... Not that matters though
WHAT CAN YOU WEAR ON YOUR FEET other than wedges ???? I have a high low dress and I don't want to wear wedges and flats look a bit weird with the dress so what should I wear for the high low Teal dress?!?!?
At 3:58 that girl in the back was pointing at Bethany.
it is awesome thumbs up if you think the skirt is beautiful
There's a guy starring at me, yolo hahaha
i LOVE to watch ur summer videos over and over again:Dcuz its make me soo cheery when its rainy and freeking cold outside:((but i love uu<3xx
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