Chris Medina - One Year Later

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Chris Medina and Juliana's mother Janet, thank everyone and provide a one year up date in October, 2010.

God here is not the Deity we all know and love. God is Chris and Juliana's mother. God is everyone who supports her. God is Love. That's it.
Go fuck urself u shithead
I will be fucking myself, and your mum's vag. 
I'm about the biggest Jerk on youtube and this made me take a step back and just WOW!  I see so many asking as to where is GOD for this woman and child and I say HE'S RIGHT THERE!  See that man standing by his woman and mother standing by her child?  I see GOD in them!  How can you know Joy if you do not know suffering?  How can you be happy if you once weren't sad and how can you know the difference if you never experienced these things.  I for one am speechless and That man right in this video is my new hero!  JUST WOW!!!  You hear about these things but seeing them is just WOW!!!
Amen! I have known great joy only because I've experienced great pain. That man is amazing, and God is definitely proud. Your comment is awesome, and it brought tears to my eyes. Bravo.
My sweet Juliana, we have da same last name, Ramos :) what a beautiful love inspiring story, I hope i'll find a man just like Chris. U'll always be in my thoughts&prayers, hang in there, b strong, i'm following your recovery closely, prayers from London, Ontario, Canada :)
Juliana, you beautiful girl. You keep fighting, you have all our support and love going out to you. know that our prayers are always with you and you are surrounded by love by many who has never met you but feel they know you.  Even when situation changes, never give up hope. where there is a will, there is a way and where there is live there is hope. You have been bless with a God sent family your special chris and your mom and rest of family and your fans. You keep fighting and breathing the fresh air God has blessed us with. You and your family is in our prayers and may your body quicken and transformed beyond everyone's expectations and may you do greater things yet. God bless you
Dear Juliana...You keep pushing on girl!  My JOY suffered a traumatic brain injury on Jan. 21, 2001 and it's been a lonnnng road...but here we are - 13 years later.  She's still pushing and getting stronger!  I've been by her side ever since and Lord Willing - won't be leaving her side anytime soon!  I see Chris and his devotion - his beautiful music - it gives me strength to keep strong for my JOY.  If you haven't guessed, my wife's name is Joy.  She is my JOY.  My everything!  It means a lot to me personally to know that I'm not alone - but am praying we all can pull through these days and be happy!  My Joy loves her bird feeders and enjoys watching all the birds come feed by her window!  I enjoy doing everything I can to make her life happy!  God bless you guys.  Thanks for sharing your videos.  Mike & Joy.
i sometimes think to myself what is love and why does it exist and just by watching this video i know what love it and it inspires me to respect everyone and always love everyone this guy deserves respect and Juliana deserves a man in her life and she has got that man and plus the story it brings tears to my eyes and also how Chris shows his love it makes me think about my future and inspires me to love a girl as much as he does i hope the best for Chris and Juliana and as story's say i hope they live happily ever after  <3 <3
+Anders Moen Lol:) Er ikke veldig vant til å se bokstaven ''ä'' I guessXD
+Anders Moen Vadå nynorsk? Det är Svenska.
Deam this video broke my fucking heart
When I see this video and I just Wow... he's amazing, nobody can does like he does. I love you, man
Hi,Juliana..keep on fighting,and Claim it in the name Of Our Lord Jesus Christ that you will be healed.Hoping that you will be ok  soon..all thing are possible just Believed and have Faith..  <3 <3 :)  
We thank God beacuse instead of her being dead, she is alive, he is still able to live with Julia and be an inspiration to men all around. Not every man would stay with a girl after something bad has happened to her. Especially men with an evil heart, no real love for the girl.
Hi Juliana, hope that you read this message. We all hope that you get better and stay strong. Love from Malaysia.
All I can say is that there,s no words other then there is a God a living God. She is a beautiful girl and courages and when we think of God think of the word LOVE for is what this couple truly shows the meaning of sickness and in health through better or for worst till death do us apart. This child of our great LORD in HIS NAME Juliana will and shell recover you'll  see and you both will and shell be bless to walk down that path of matrimony as how GOD writing it so amen to you both
Get better soon Juliana....God has promised you something... Revelations 21:4 And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.” God is offering us a promising future. Hang in there and continue to fight, you will see better times ahead. :)
Incredible Juliana. Therapy is tough but the more your do and the more determined you are the faster you will recover.
Chris Should Get A Man Of For Ever Award. And Julianna's 1 Tough Cookie!!! It Was And Still Is...SO HARD For Me To Watch This. I Know I Have To Watch. And Send Love And Support. Life Is A Shitty Thing. Especially When Things Like This Happen To People That Don't Deserve It.
How can people still praise God in the comments now? If he was so good and powerful he would have helped this great woman already and not let her suffer this much. No offense.
How amazing! Love goes far!
Good bless you Juliana , my prayers to you keep figthing girl you can do it , my preyers for you and all your family.
Its, 2015 already! Juliana you are a fighter!! Keep on fighting!! We will pray for you!! Love from the Philippines!!
God bless you Juliana...I'll have you  in my prayers...have faith ...<3
Seeing her like this hurts me and I won't question God. His glory is being full filled in this. This man didn't leave her side and there still pushing through. Jesus suffered for the whole world if it wasn't for God we would be in hell right now. God is always present He never promised easy life. He said your going to face trails and tribulation. If you read His word the bible then you would understand. But cause your hearts are like stone ypu don't let him in.
Such a great man you Chris and God bless to her..This means True love.
Holy shit... Her mom is hot
the mom is beatifull too
I love this guy and I love Juliana
What a beutiful girl.. Keep fighting Juliana. You are so strong .
Fight back! You are such a inspiration for all of us!!
She was in a severe car crash and suffered major brain damage..such a tragedy it was 2 months before her wedding I think.
If youbelieve in miracles then please bring juliana in nepal. There is a very powerful men which has a abilty to cure cancer aswell as other, he's workshiped as a fom og goddess nepal, please try it. I want to see juliana as she was before. :(
Im so sorry if this sounds really rude, but what causes the twitching ? Im so curious and cant help it. All my prayers goes out to you guys. Hope shes a step forward to getting 10x better!
God bless you, juliana...singing and praying from Indonesia for you and your family
im not hating but its just so hard to watch, i just get emotional 
Melted. God bless you both. A true inspiration for all.
I stared to cry! I wish you good lucky with everthing<3
You and your family are covered by the blood of the Jesus and in his name you shall be well .. Your story touches my soul and I pray for you everyday!! You have a good man & and a wonderful mother by your side... Please stay positive!! God bless..
You are the most amazing girl ever!
Juliana is so beautiful !!! congrats Chris
To Aidenpro: While I understand you may not read this, and I would not go so far as to call you an Atheist, I can empathize with your viewpoint of why God allows those who are good and trust in him to receive pain and hurt in their lives while others who are much worse to be "blessed" in this life; however, you have no idea what an impact has been made on me and those around me who see people CONTINUE to trust in God DESPITE their circumstances... It really does make an impact on those who don't believe in God the way Christians do...
I just saw the video, all I can say is. MUCH RESPECT
 Do you people even know the beliefs of a christian? Wherever there's good there's also evil. And think about this one: An accident in a car, a car is made by human, if humans didn't make a car in the first place the accident wouldn't have happened. God gave us free will so he will let us do as we please and we'll get punished later for the sins. I already said this once before but please think about something first before you comment and have an opinion.
I don't believe in God. I'll start first by saying that because it downplays what this woman went through to simply say all the classic things that Christians say to people who have been through literal hell. Juliana, you're my idol in the sense of will and strength. You're accident and the state it left you in is heart shattering and I wish you didn't have to go through that. You're a beautiful woman and I have a respect for you I cannot explain. I wish you the best in your recovery, as best as it could possibly get and more. Thank you for showing me that no matter WHAT is going on in my life, it could ALWAYS be so much more worse than I could possibly imagine. Chris, you're more of a man than most women will ever see. You have been at her side going through her hell as your own and love her after all. On her behalf, thank you.. <3 I bestow upon you wishes of love, hope, and happiness. Health, peace and prosperity.
Vida longa ao casal! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
I feel weird cus she might be or must be more fullfilled than any of us.
it breaks my heart :(
+Scott McMiron Do you even know the beliefs of a christian? Wherever theres good theres also evil. And think about this one: An accident in a car, a car is made by human, if humans didn't make a car in the first place the accident wouldn't have happened. God gave us free will so he will let us do as we please and we'll get punished later for the sins. Please think about something first before you comment.
Well if the driver drives carefully there will be no accidents think about that
Hey Juliana,...get well soon.....Yo Chris....you're the man dude...BEAUTIFUL COUPLE!!!!! God Blessed
How can people dislike this?
It sickens me to think why god does the things he does. Why would he let this happen to an innocent family like this. To cause this much strife for chris and juliana. out of the millions of people who are absolute jerks and bullies, the best people always get hurt the most. we do not need god right now, we can get better by ourselves. Chris and juliana, you stay strong ! Your supporters are with you.
+MyAnchorIsJesus Well apparently God is in charge.  So explain.
+Antonia McCutcheon What's there to explain?  My comment was aimed at Sarah.    Man, books, opinions and perspectives did not give me my faith, they only showed me how much humanity really doesn't know because man has a thousand different answers for every question, which is the same as not having the answers at all.  When I realized that, I realized I didn't want anything to do with life until I knew the truth, and I knew I wouldn't know the truth until I died because man would never be capable of answering my question with one answer:  What is the truth?  I wanted to give my life just so I could have it.  That night, in a vivid dream I remember every detail of as if it happened just seconds ago, I died to who I used to be:  A drug addict, a long-time sex addict with a side of bestiality, a hatred for "religions", and "goody-goodies", as I'd called them, a habitually fowl mouth with selfish motives, continuous depression and a rotten attitude.  I was given Jesus, and I woke up an entirely different person than I was the day before.  I relate to the born blind-man of the Bible who couldn't explain to the pharisees how it was he could suddenly see because it was HIS experience and not theirs. If you expected to get something out of me other than a reason to debate someone with entirely different experiences in life and perspective then you're just wasting your time because man did not give me my knowledge so man can not take it away. I'm sorry if my perspective and beliefs go against everything you believe is true, but it's my life, my testimony, and no one can change that; so I'm not gonna stick around and argue.
That´s a reality check. God Bless you all...
I have seen only seen two videos about this incredible woman and her fiance. They just got me. I wish my aunt would pull through like this.
amazing story respect for you all bigg hugg
guys , get out from from your clob of hatred and negativity. life still has a wonderful things .
Its about Faith Mr Scott McMiron, Chris, together w/ his loved ones believe that Juliana will recover from this. If u keep believing,surely it will bound to happen.That is if you have a great FAITH.
Juliana, espero te recuperes pronto, le pido y oro a Dios, para que te recuperes en un 100 % a mi Dios de lo imposible, saludos desde Venezuela...y gracias a Chris por ser un buen hombre y ayudar a Juliana en todo momento, para ti también bendiciones de Dios, El premia la buena voluntad de los hombres y de buen corazón como tu. 
keep working hard ^-^ ummm just something I notice umm chris kiss her more right? not just a quick  peck on the lips? just wondering ^^;
dont see the 2 year update
I pray for your recovery juliana and i know that our God is doing his healing power unto you. Stay strong and stay in God, cuz the safest place in the world is not when u away from the danger, but wen u near in God. Bless you guys!
Juliana keep ur head up high!! U are very beautiful, u have such a good man by ur side who loves u.. u can do it ♥ stay strong.
grande Homem um abraço grande e tudo de bom para voz 
scott... Jesus really loves you so much he stretched out is hands and died to show you He loves you....Find faith in your heart and whatever the world has done to you God is here to be your help and guide. 
great  man <3  ... can't deny the fact that it makes me cry :'( 
keep thinking positive, miracles happen and they can happen to you and have!
i pray for you and it gonna happen
God bless both of you! :-)
If all the guys out there were like this , the world would be a better place :') bless your soul dude
this broke my heart i swear! :( ...watta man and a love story in real life :)
What an amazing couple! You both are such an inspiration :)
Man! I'll never bitch about my life again!
His sister is in my class
Wow...keep going girl!! Xx
this is horrible i feel soo bad for her i hope you will get better
I'm really not trying to be offensive or anything but if you don't mind me asking, why is she always shaking or shaky? Just wondering. I hope I can help in any way possible!! 
Que deus vos proteja!
Scott McMiron: i don't know what you believe on, and am not gonna lecture you. just think of people who don't help themselves. by smoking "its killing", drugs "its killing too". God created us free and we have to taste bad things to feel the beauty of good things, like her Fiance "a real man" standing by his GF and stick to her, you never know how she feels now with people around her supporting her like that.  
Stay strong, Juliana... Always. And you too, Chris... <3
It's crazy to think how an accident, just in one second how your life can change.. Stay Strong Juliana. <3
i have tears in my eyes! this is sad that she came in a accident
I have watched, 3 mins ago, your history. I realized this is from 2010, i hope things turned so much better on these days ... Abr4azos desde Perù !
podia se traduzido?? para português.
well now we know where juliana gets her beauty from! of course its mom lol <3
if all things happen for a GOOD reason what was the reason for this and it better be a FUCKING GOOD ASS REASON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am very angry at god right now  D:<
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