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Ju On The Grudge Part 1 - DONT WATCH THIS BEFORE YOU SLEEP ;_; Walkthrough Playthrough

by PewDiePie • 4,352,183 views

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whos watching this in 2015??? haha✋😂
These were the times he made good videos... Rest in Peace, PewDiePie.
+Marty Barty No problem,brother o' mine
I hate to say it, but I really do miss this Pewds too.
Pewdiepie was actually more funny when he made videos like this like deep voice, long hair, crappy face cam, and his reactions. PEWDIEPIE MAKE VIDEOS LIKE THIS AGAIN PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D
How to deal with a grudge-fueled spirit: Call the Winchester's, they'll deal with it after they are done bitching at each other about stupid shit.
Yesssss they will!!!<3
Old pewd and Current Pewd are two different people. I kinda miss this one :/
+venessa lee I am speaking metaphorically.
These old intros, with these games... It just makes me realize that Pewdie has grown (in my opinion) less geniuine. ( if I spelled that right) Back in these days every scream felt real, every laugh was good-hearted and every mistake was a true accident. Now-a-days Pewdie feels so fake compared to how he was in the past... I just wanted to vent, back to the video.
I honestly agree.
These "I miss the old pewdiepie" comments are so annoying. I didn't watch pewdiepie until later on when he was more famous and caught my attention. I have watched tons of his videos, more time than all of the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars movies put together and I still think Pewdiepie is the same person. He is funny, cool, and most importantly, fabulous. Quit those comments and accept pewds for what he is now. Peace.
Everybody is entitled to their own opinion including their preference with how pewdiepie managed his videos.I used to like pewdiepie since i subscribed to him early on and i saw him grow and more people came and started subscribing and i loved it because i saw that more people loved this guy that started out so small but grew into this big thing. But even so he changed on the way,he became less appreciative of his fans,instead of actually being honest he just sort of asshole to say the least.I dont hate him and never will but he just became what he didnt want to be.He seems less passionate about his work and this thing that he started doing for the love of it and for the fact that he enjoyed doing it and entertain us. Pewdiepie can be funny sometimes but his passion for what he does just sort of fades away.It's less about the job and more about the attention and i don't like shitting on people but Pewd's fanbase has also gone to the pits,its all about how Pewdiepie is the best and how he can do no wrong and if you wrong or criticize him youll be crucified.
I just watched the grudge last night XDDDDDDDDDD
I'm cringing at the XDDDDD
+Knightwing its japanese movie and real game is japanese
the grudge is back!!! >.< I HATE IT!!! my mom dared me to watch it when I was 12 or 13. I was sleeping with my mom for two nights ;_; it is no fun. my best friend said it is not scary movie. I said seriously?? are you kidding me??? I WON'T watch it AGAIN!!!
i saw all 3 grudge movies.. why is it that the video game is scarier than the movie? oh my..
I have only seen the grudge 3, and that was enough for me to sleep in the living room for a month, and to shower with protection (with ptotection I mean I called my little brother and let him acompany me untill I was finished, so he kept talking to me behind the door of the bathroom, what caused me to rest alittle bit arest.)
Then you should watch all the japanese ones too. I saw all of them, including the remakes, when I was younger and I couldn't sleep at night haha
Ok im 9 and I wasn't scared of this movie hahahah
+🐾 Kawoiε Fɑzbeɑr ♥ same here when i was like 6-8 years old i like watching it even though im afraid. And now i grew up no movie scares me anymore
Seriously kid, nobody gives a fuck.
To: Those of you who have seen the Grudge (Ju on The Grudge) Everybody in this was really dumb... I ain't hating or anything but I was yelling at the TV screen for these people to get out of the freaking house. Also that one scene where buffy the vampire slayer (Yes that is actually the same actor so I just call her that because my memory of names is awful) is sitting in a bus and the Grudge's face pops up in the window... Freaking scary man... ;(
You'll be killed no matter where you go once you enter the house anyway, so it doesn't make any difference weather the characters leave the house or not.
Sarah Michelle Geller or Gellar I don't know
Good old time i miss his intro
Yes, I miss it too! :'( Long live the Barrels, Piggy, The Statues, Jennifer, and Stephano! Also, Long live Old Pewdiepie!
I hate this scary movies xD on trailer my friends watch it alone. but i need some lights,knife and chips when im watching the trailer XD when im watching the actual movie i will cover blankets all over my place when is in credits i will run to the bedroom and turn all of the lights XD
The Lil boy sounds like a cat because his father drowned him and the cat at the same time
That scared me at 04:16! That thing that was standing by the door when you opened it looked like an eyeless kid's ghost. But why did I hear a cat meowing? I just don't understand, if there was a kid's ghost then why would I hear a cat meowing? That just doesn't make any sense.
+SixteenPerfectWishes M Well, yes. It's a series called Ju On. The English version is called The Grudge. Unless you're asking if the movie is a real life incident. (It's not) 
I know Pewds has grown to how he is currently, but at this time, he was funny, screaming, laughing, and honestly, yep eating this again, funny. Now it's all forced out really and I've grown less and less to liking his current videos and would rather watch the old ones. Yes I know this is mean, and is a irrelevant opinion but I just wanted to vent this out.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I disagree however. I still find him incredibly funny and I love his new videos. I'm also glad he's not doing the fake jump scares for more views, even though people still want him playing horror. I'm just glad he isn't being fake for his fans.
These videos were the best... <3
Lmao me and my cousin Erica were watching this; she was terrified.
who watched this before they slept i know i did
I'm 12 and I did :{
It's so so scared just in out of house i was trying just iam in there it so very scary in outside it so so so scary
Im gonna regret watching this...
I'm on my brother in laws computer and I'm trying to get him to wake up by playing your videos really loud and its working thanks pewds!! Your awesome love you!!!!!!!!!!
R.I.P Old pewdiepie....):
OOOOOHHHHH!!!! So Pewds is a Scorpio! Nice, same as me and some others
glass of water and then you can you want an amazing time to get a chance to go go for what does the same way to make it out and forth between a European union of Bob's red Sox right now and then you can put them in a bit more
because of this i had 3 kind of nightmares that they chase me so i dream i have powers and the power to stop them and these nightmares so what ever you do just dream hard of stoping ur nightmares or if u just cant sleep in the dark or alone  and because of tapping noise and my uncle said it was the tap water so the point is u can watch this at 10:00 pm or 12:00 pm or later u just need to face them :)
Um... I... I uh... I have no idea what you just said.
I miss that intro cries
watched this while eating a meatball sub it went all over me
Pewds "Erika" voice sounded like Rachel Tice from MPGIS! Hahah
Watching right before I sleep cause I'm a rebel #thuglife
These old videos are the best compared to his recent ones. He did it naturally and enjoyed it, but now he seems to try harder than usual.
lol The dragon created the virtual world hahahahaha
This was painful to watch after playing the Wii version.
Like if ur watching this with headphones like me 😱😭✋
I watched it right before I slept and could not sleep. 
I miss that intro! :( Scary vid tho! :()
Your b-day is in November OMG mine to mines on the 4th of November
The hell are you talking about guys? Pewdiepie still is the same Pewdiepie. Yes, he grown up, #LifeIsLife . But he still is really funny, hilarious and I like his new videos more then these old. Really, stop...just stop, you won't change anything #forever #bro
Srry i was an Scorpio! I was 3 Nov and actually 1996
Watching this in 2015 with an adorable Pewds shimeji running 'round mah screen.
Me too Watching in 2015
I think that was amazing when the fucking baby came out
So many people have told me I look exactly like the girl from the grudge ;-;
I can also make the same noise as the grudge ;-;
This is the first video I've seen of pewdiepie and it was the day that started it all and I became a bro(sis bc I'm a girl)
GUYS!!! the grude 3 is the bess in the grude series if you dosent watch the grude 3  I hope you will watch  soon its amazing
I don't find the game & the movie scary . I actually find them rather funny and entertaining.
Yah me too I'm reading all the comment and I'm like challenge accepted and won
Ahh nah this is some scary shit I think I prefer ducks
maaaan this game is hard to control D:
OHMYG!!! The grudge!! I love this!! You should play this using oculus and loud sounds anddd close lights!!! Hahahahah!!!
The sound that the grudge makes was made by the director as something that he could do
Who else watching in 2015
I have seen The Grudge. And I'm only like 10 years old X3
I don't like the noise either Pewds. Thats why I'd have to watch the grudge movies on mute. XD
I agree to not that I'm trying to be mean because you are the best
"Someone really fapped a lot" xD
4:20 nearly crapped my pants
i'm so scared after this video...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
Do you like your girlfriend voice like it's to sweet
fuck idk if i wanan watch this but i will and im about 2 sleep
Imma A Baddass XD I'm watching This 3:20 PM XD
Read the tittle thought about it at 7:16 pm and watched it
mee he looks soo young
A zodiac is your month's symbol
Watching this 4 years later
Halfway through and I want to stop already
heavy breathing
But i watch it before i sleep
Wtf Erika is my name!!!!!
Just enter the house with a flamethrower. Then they'll fear you
Hmph.  Well, I could give it to you bitcoin.
He says bro all the time lol
OK... that was scary
Poods b day is the same as mine brofits anyone
HAHAHAHAHAHA ! Pewdiepie is really funny XD
Ben drowned neko Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Yay pewdiepie!!!
I am going to regret watching this in the dark with headphones on... o-o
I really hope you're okay. When I watched the grudge (1,2and 3) with my cousin, In broad daylight, literally couldn't sleep for three months. So I truly hope you're okay.🌸
Im 12 and i watched this alone home with no lights on in the house and before i was going to sleep
All those things you said you didn't do you probably did
i really wanna know the song that plays at the end
I am if u want to visit me I live in nuke town
My friend and I watched the Japanese version last night. We just made stupid comments the whole way through XD. It wasn't scary
This doesnt scare me even at not ght and im only 8
Ok my name is Erika and my zodiac sign is Scorpio. This is getting weird.....
when i watch this i want to watch now the grudge  MAKE MORE VIDOS PEWDIEPIE
I'm watching this in 2015 who else?
sees title ....checks time ........*makes the challenge accepted face * TRY ME PEWDS!! at the end of the video curled into a ball, shaking and whimpering why did I use headphones, WHY DID I USE HEADPHONES?!! 😭😫
hmm should I watch this imza bout to go to bed... :I
OMG pewds im scorpio to are you born in november or october?
I was born Oct 17. Oddly, Libra doesn't fit me very well
He was born in October 
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