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The Original Tazered Less

by Sean Gratton • 1,274,573 views

Jacob Less, the king of the hobos, gets jumped by OPP near Brantford, Ontario. The cops refuse to tell him why they are trying to arrest him, and he refuses to acknowledge their illegitimate...

With all the police shooting people left and right as of late I almost forgot they had tasers. The warrant was probably bullshit. They just wanted to book him for using big and smart words on them.
+malmapunkrock actually doing things like this guy does makes you look like a fucking dangerous nutcase. screaming and yelling and rambling incoherently. You need to be put away when you do that. You don't even know what the guy did and you're going to blindly defend him because you're some fucked up idiot with a chip on your shoulder about police and government. If you were in an actual shitty country with no freedoms or rights you'd all be dead instead.
I don't understand some people. If you have a warrant out for your arrest you need to go with them. If there is some mistake it will be worked out at the station and you will be let go. Generally that is. There have been some exceptions and they have resulted in pay outs. 
How do the know he has a warrant out unless they checked his ID? 
Police officers are public servants. They serve their masters, their masters are the public. If someone demands to know why they're being arrested police are required by law to give them that information. 
They did say he had a warrant out. Dunno how they would know though... he doesn't strike me as the kinda guy that has an ID haha Glad he got loose though
This guy is awesome, these pigs are always abusing their authority, I'm glad this poor man got away.
Not by legal definition, no.
+Wrist Violin at any point in time, in which an officer of the law stops you, you are being detained. If you ask otherwise and are not answered, you are not detained by any law and may leave at any time.
I came watching this video from a neutral point of view.....i have no idea who this hobo king is or how did the situation get to where it is in the video. had i seen a man starting to scream things about god like this i would have assumed he is on drugs or just a nutcase. however,the fact that we have 2 police officers refusing to tell a man why they are holding him down,and why is he under arrest - which is the most basic right of a person being arrested. that fact gives all of my support to that man.
For all those who have read this please take what I said to heart. It is nice to believe that such things will always happen the opposite is true and depending on the state connections, corruption, they will use whatever tools they can against you. I advise caution rather then straight out confrontation. I've seen people do this and get thrown in jail and you may argue all you want about the legalities of such a thing. Yet it still happens and people still get slammed for it. Our "freedoms" have been for the most part taken out of the arena because of our fears and need for safety. I showed no conflict, no confrontation, no indicator towards doing any crime, in fact I was jailed under the pretense of resisting arrest with and without violence. He called me shocking from a blood choke as resisting with violence. You are fortunate for your events but down here in miami beach where corruption is obvious and rampant, such ideals are naive. Again I advise caution over anything else. People get shot here on the simple case of stand your ground. Do not forsake your life simply to show your knowledge of the law. The law is not set in stone and their is alot of technicalities which could end your life in felony. Use the system against itself and give them nothing. Yes sir no sir, I dont consent to a search officer, but never threaten him or attempt to educate the man. Speaking from personal experience not a single person helped me out, not one. Also prepare to find yourself in a costly battle just to show that your innocent from the claims of a police officer. Remember if they fucked up they will do whatever it takes to prove its your fault. The less you say or do the more in your favor the out. I do not care if their are "good" cops out there assume the worst every time you are approached by an officer. It is better to air on the side of caution when the man is armed and wears a badge. Trust no one and give simple yes or no answers. I do recommend you inform them that you will not answer any questions without the presence of a lawyer. THEY will use whatever you say against and they don't have to tell you if they are lying or not. 
also I was outside the car he had a hand on his holster ready to shoot. Again never been in a situation like that, ever. No cop has confronted me till that day like that. Did anyone care no, people believed him over me and that was that. It was their that I saw exactly how  effective the law was. Though it shouldn't have been surprising since we put more people in jail then the rest of the free world. If only I had a lighter shade of skin tone...
"What's the charge?"  "It doesn't matter".  What... The.. Fuck???  This cop needs to go to fuckin jail man. 
Phil Davis Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago (edited)
Never tazer a crazy man, it only charges their batteries ;-))) (wait for the end) only charges their batteries. Dead!
I was on board until he started talking about God.  But yeah, fuck cops.
you'd be surprised by what certain spiritual/philosophical principles can allow someone to do. the human consciousness is an unfathomably powerful thing, regardless of god.
6oodfella Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
Checkmate, Atheists!
i first read the comments and this n i was like why is this dude saying this than i saw the video than i went to ur comment and i died laughing ima give u thumbs up ahahahah 
lol if it was a black dude they would have shot him in the back
This is funny, and awesome!!!  This dude leaves these cops speechless, and leaves them behind! LOL
Why where they arresting him??
Fucking violent pigs. Need to see them roasted.
I am defending myself!... IN FAVOR OF THAT! Run like a boss.
You mean to tell that this happened five years ago and im just now seeing this?
Read all of my comment before you pass judgement please. :)   Just to be fair, the police often do not know what the original charge for a warrant is.  They can find out if they take the time to, but most of the time they just see that you have "a warrant" and act on it.   So, the fact they didnt tell him what the exact charge was didnt matter.  They did tell him he had a warrant and they did explain to him that he was under arrest and not free to leave.  I can't speak for other states, but in Texas it is illegal to resist detention or arrest even if it is an unlawful arrest.   For example, if the police are arresting you for a warrant because of probation violation...if it turns out that they got you confused with say, your twin brother and you resisted the arrest, they COULD still charge you with resisting.   They probably would not but if you hurt an officer in the process, they might go ahead and charge you.    Having said that....  I think its EPIC that this guy got up and ran away and all these two cops did was stand there and watch him go.    As a former police officer, I can say that if the man had not done anything serious enough to chase down and re-catch, then he wasn't worth pinning to the ground and tazing in the first place!    
Sometimes you have to break the law to fix the law. All drastic changes in the social conditions of a society have been criminal at their birth. But that's slightly besides the point.  I'm more than willing to buy that it's completely valid self-defense to run the fuck away if police officers are using a tazer on you without even fulfilling your rights as a citizen to know why you're being detained in the first place. It's definitely a situation that contradicts itself in the legal issue, but my argument is that the rights of a human as stated in the constitution trumps whatever law it contradicts. His fundamental rights as a citizen would dictate this as a situation where escaping indeed is a valid form of self-defense. Especially considering he not even once showed even slight aggressiveness or violent resistance that would break laws in other ways. And there was never a solid ground for the arrest either, unless the police officers intentionally lied and withheld information, which is also important. And I'm more than willing to see that judgment set as precedent for situations similar that arrive in the future. He used his rights as given by the constitution, which could possibly break a law at the same time, but since there isn't anything even remotely solid to sustain that fact, the law should be reinterpreted so that it does indeed not violate constitutional rights. In that case, the issue would be with the phrasings of the law rather than the individual it effected.  It's an interesting situation overall though, in many ways. And the dude was fucking epic. 
Those cops deserve a good amount of harassment for this. They claimed a warrant was out for his arrest but they wouldn't actually name a charge because they probably knew that was bs. When there is no charge you don't have the right to arrest someone. Fuck that man I would resist an unlawful arrest too.
This guy is a weido...Police are in control..Dont act like a idiot and this wont happen to you that simple fuck tard..
He was praying for them, it was his religious beliefs, which he has a right to. Yahweh is hebrew for God, if I remember correctly... I remember it from church, he has to right to /pray/. He also has the right to change his name. But do officers have the right to physically assault a homeless man? No.
Hot damn! Arrest this man for being an idiot! The law prohibits anyone from acting idiotic at any time. LOL Slavery at its finest.
I know some people will have a mixed reaction to this video. Honestly, I do too. The man is clearly being difficult, however, don't we have a right to be difficult in the face of official oppression? The behavior of the officers actually isn't all that bad, which might have to do with their Canadianess (it's a word). The man asks, "Why am I being arrested?" The officers answer, "It doesn't matter," is an illegal answer. The other cop tries the Mobieus answer of "you're resisting arrest." How can you be arrested for resisting arrest? No one is required to comply with an illegal order from a policemen. These guys don't even try to explain why this man is being arrested and that is wrong. As someone who has needed a police response to the bad behavior of my own encounters with street people (when I was a street person[and kinda still am]) I'm not one of these "Fuck the Po-Po" type of subversives. Society needs police. No way around it. But the police can not just have free reign to impose force, restriction, pain and even death at their whim. I acknowledge that all of those things, every last one of them, are necessary tools for the police to have. Now apparently we need to train police in law, in compassion and frankly in a fucking sense of humor which wouldn't hurt either. Hey, this guy is actually talented. Why couldn't they deescalate the situation with a quip. "Hey, you got a nice voice." "Wow, did you come up with that on the spot?" Clearly this man has some sort of ongoing civil action and he does not strike me as someone unprepared for a day in court. It does matter why he is being arrested, the cops are required to tell it to him. "Just because" is the kind of answer that leads to nightmare societies and we should avoid that at all costs, including resisting unlawful arrest. Especially that. Of course if this had happened in the United States in all likelihood the cops would have shot him in the back and there would have been no repercussions. It also looks like these cops could stand to go jogging every once in awhile, because that guy gets loose and he is GONE! Ha ha, yeah ok, fuck the po-po because it's funny.
Looks like he got his prayer/request to Yahweh was answered.
tracehd1 Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Thank-You God!!
+Dave Stuart Well, I happen to agree w/ the video premise....this guy called on God and God helped...LoL the Miracle of God also saved him from getting shot in the back!!!! These Asshole cops remind me of the ones that caught my daughter and her friends at a park drinking....everyone ran but my daughter....the cop screamed at her to go get her friends....😳.... Wtf!! Lmaoo I'm glad this guy got away...tff!!
if he had had donuts tied to him they may have chased after him , ha ha fat bullies
I love this vid. piggy was fucked. they could not say what the warrant was for?? BS.. run man, run for your life.
...he was told why he was being arrested.....and he did resist as his behavior grew into an unstable state........and he got tazed and broke loose and ran away.....amazing really....and I don't see the cops doing anything wrong here, except they didn't run after him! LOL....
+Manuel Ferreira Coming from someone that couldn't follow simple discourse, I'm sure they felt insulted.
Another person who thinks they can disregard police orders at their discretion. Fight it in court, but you can't decide when and where you're going to obey a police officer.  AND the guy has an outstanding warrant, so apparently he can't follow the laws of society.
They could not say what the warrant was for?? Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit.
Fat cops can't run a block! LMAO
"I am defending myself in favor of that.." (he runs away supercharged1) hahahahahahahahahaha! this is so funny, I am in tears laughing so hard right now!
Lol this is priceless. I feel sorry for the cops they surely must get some grief for this dude escaping.
where is the rest of the video??.. no way it stopped
LOL! FUCK YOUUUUUUUUUUUU! Fat ass cunt couldn't chase a nigga.
Their lack of aggression tells me that they were at least being affected by what he was invoking.  He was not insulting them he was calling upon humanity and compassion within them that is more esoteric and altruistic than the false color of law they obey.  He even blesses them before calling upon and harnessing the power of the divine universe which surely by the outcome all conspired for his freedom, even the cops who were obviously shocked that after getting tasered her was super humanly charged to escape being kidnapped for extortion. 
"The cops refuse to tell him why they are trying to arrest him" man the first thing was the cops saying they have a warrant for his arrest.
Also just need to say something no cop can arrest you and take you into custody or into their car without telling you THE REASON THEY ARE ARRESTING YOU!! Otherwise they are violating the rules and the code.
that dude is my hero!!! 
he takes off... hahahaha
It is situations like this that get minorities shot. Had this been a minority they would've killed him and said they feared for their lives. But then again, the camera is on so maybe not
I know why he had a warrant out for his arrest, it was because they had picked him up for living outside and wanted to charge him for trespassing, so when they brought him in he gave them a fake name, but they were able to identify him anyways and now his charge is trespassing(probably in a park after hours, just needed a place to sleep)+lying to police officers + identity fraud now when he's saying "for what! changing my name(though he made a dumb mistake giving them a fake name)"
Winston Edmondson Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
My son thinks they would have killed this guy if he was black. He's buying in to the media's bs. He's turning into a Liberal. :-(
+DJ Jones However even at that, I do not go so far as to say all police officers are bad. In fact, my best friend's dad owns a contracting form to train security guards at maximum security prisons. I have MUCH respect for officers of the law so long as they don't abuse their power.
+Amahl Hodge the nation's police departments numbers are all reported to thd FBI. You can find it all at their site or The DOJ. Thats accessible through the FOIA for civillians. I will take the "without name calling" comment as a compliment. At least I think it was. I am a retired Paramedic, worked with many major police depts in the US and I have seen some bad dudes that I get right in their face. That does not fly with me. I dont wear Kevlar and if you get me shot because you let things escalate, theres a problem. Check out David Clark. He is a great man. Keeps up with "the numbers". Very intellectual, with the right amount of real human if you know what I mean. The thing that needs to happen, because I dont want to have a fidgety officer pull me over all nervous and lacking confidence, is get across that most police officers are not racist. They are just doing their job. They deal with some real shady characters all day everyday and have to make split second decisions, and the general public hasnt got a real clue whats its like. They see things on tv and social media and become so desensitized that nothing is real except what is tangible in front of their face only. Who knew this silly drunk guy in the above video would run off like that. They knew he was harmless, but "aint nobody got time for that!" Some little old lady is being the victim of a home invasion while he is fooling around wavin his arms. In PDs mind he is gonna grab a gun any minute, right? They have to think the worst because the one time they dont, theyre dead. The #1 rule in EMS is "your safety first because you save no one if you're dead." The civillians in this country need to own their own arses too. Stop acting like beligerent little toddlers and obey commands when dealing with police. Even if you know they are out of line, record it, but obey. As soon as its done, go to the nearest station and email yourself a copy of the video first then request to file a complaint with video evidence. That way nobody gets dead, & bad cops get fired. Right? Or am I too much on the Spock side of logic? I have stories from work prior to my spine injury on a medical call, omgoodness do I have stories! I miss it! I would never behave the way some of these kids behave! There is a socially acceptable behavior, & and they are just crisscrossing that line like a tornado playing twister! They know better, so I cannot feel for them. Sorry, I am very longwinded.
To Quay Bowen  since she took down her rant.  This is in Canada not USA likes you are saying and no you don't have a first amendment right here you are American not Canadian so I say to you shut the hell up about stuff you know NOTHING about.  I pointed out you profession as you put in our face that you know better than us all.... and you spewed garbage in your comments.  For being such a pro with all your sure don't sound like it and go as far as spreading more hate.  Try and delete this too if you can Quay Bowen.  People called you out on your comments and you cry about boo hoo.
The US bill of rights enumerates natural human rights, not just American rights. It only claims to protect the rights of citizens but the rights exist for all the peoples of the planet.
The saline from your tear ducts energizes my ego.
WOW so the main difference between western "civilized " regimes and Islamic oppressing "dictatorial" countries that still live in Middle centuries is that Civilized governments uses teasers to make you submit instead of lashes when breaking laws or Sharia ? Well that's really bullshit
What a beautiful soul. I love how the tazering him turned against them. They're lucky he didn't react aggressively torwards them, with that supersayan strenght
He seemed pretty normal til he busted out the evil witch Queen. 
Nice to see a peaceful non-criminal get free from the hands of TYRANNY !! Go bust some real criminals and leave good people alone.
we should stand up to these motherfucking pigs anywhere everywhere and all the time
And the last shot of the officers watching him run away is a testament of just how dangerous of a man was, how serious of a situation this arrest was and how crucial their jobs are.
Most embarassing cop video ever. Way to tarnish a religion. At 1:40 cops are like "is this for real?"
I'm pretty sure the tazer didn't even connect, his jacket was pretty thick.
I want to meet this guy so bad. This is the best thing I've ever seen.
And the Lord responded the prayer!
damn I hope they lost their job.
If he was black this dude would've been dead 1 minute into the video. Jus saiyan
I have seen cops kill for less than that, do not thrust them!
LOL fat pigcops calling reinforcements
Fucking pigs. Lol Said "Fuck it" he is too smart for us.
fuckin pigs fuck em propz to that guy!
Ellim Sluouf Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
#StopPoliceBrutality   Lost the post where this came from .....................But : 0
+fushapanther don't understand the medium you're using, let alone the other people using it:))) Your "private porn collection" is part of your public profile < mutters > wanker scum (Most decent types don't alter comments retrospectively - edit) Oh yes, < mutters again > wanker panther scum
He ran outta there like Usain bolt lmaoo
Wake up. The police are the enemy.
I like the part where they can't run..
As NWA would say: "Fuck tha police!"
I hope the cops shoot him next time.
+adolphto A cop needs to murk your stupid ass ASAP.
Control+C, Control+V. Information wants to be free. Please copy this video to other formats and distribute on bittorrent, i2p, freenet, gnunet, xdcc, tor, and all other information sharing platforms. 
This guy should join Twitter.
Fred Williams Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
That's a strong jew hahaha
My name is Sean Gratton and give me credit for my amazing Youtube uploading skills wa wa wa wa my video, me me me.  I want credit GIVE ME MY CREDIT, ya'll can't do what I do.
What is amazing is how fucking retarded everybody commenting has been. The guy had a warrant, and he was resisting, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the actions of the cops other than those fucktards didn't even try to keep him down or chase him. Continue being ignorant though..
+masonfreeparty ok thats ur opinion I thank god we have them :)
EVILisEVILdoes Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
You don't see this everyday...Watch till the end
this guy's a hero
What would it be like if police weren't specially trained? Hmmmmm? Would they be like thugs?
They shoulda pepper sprayed him, maybe he'd let out a giant fart
+Dooley Mudbuster yeah no coincidence he was able to get away like that.. against 2! Police officers.. crazy man.. :) and my pleasure Dooley!
yeah man he prayed for it and it appeared thats how it works right
Hes a slippery motherfucker.
this was canada lol
He sure got away easily. Holy shit those cops suck at their job.
went from king of hobos to getting tazered into the FLASH
 now thats democracy! why they didn't shoot him? 
I was so please he got away- great video
You ain't catchin' no crackhead. 
is there audio to this?
schirij Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
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