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Always Summertime - Sarah Sings with Babies

by schmoyoho • 2,309,200 views

Sarah Gregory sings a cheerful-sounding summer song with babies. Download the mp3 on iTunes: Subscribe:...

I remember watching this when it came out and listening to it all the time wow good memories
I remember when I didn't give a fuck about what you did. Good memories.
+Massive Douche Wow, you are such a d.... oh wait.
shes the only one who doesnt needs auto tuning cos shes so good
Love this song.  
Wow, her voice is fantastic.
Once you notice the background shenanigans, it's really hard to ignore them.
This song sounds cheerful yet so deep and I'm crying like shayt )-:
This might be one of my favorite songs of all times...
I really like your ideas and songs!
Hnnnng nostalgia. 
Still playing this song a lot, too.
Thumbs up if you think this sounds like the theme song of some new sitcom. "Divorced housewife rebuilds her life in the big city..."
Silly americans, they rarely make this type of feel-good fun music and when they do they have to justify it by saying it's for babies. 
Silly aakksshhaayy, you must rarely listen to the lyrics of "feel-good fun" music..."so very broken, beyond repair, I'm here, you're there. Cuz, you changed your mind." Wow, that does feel great! BTW, have you ever listened to the lyrics of a lullaby? Think of this as a lullaby for Michael's babies.
Her voice brings me to tears
I still say this is a theme song waiting for a TV show. Some producer would be smart to use it.
I always get this stuck in my head from the first time I heard it almost 5 years ago…. I love it (:
sarah u should make MORE  songs :)
i can't believe this came out 4 years ago - i remember the day this was uploaded, i listened to it on repeat for the whole evening :')
Well, this just made me cry.
Wow! Thats the most ive ever heard her sing before. She's phenomenal
I have watched this video many times over the past couple years, but now that I finally have a youtube account I can tell you how much I love it. So unique and catchy. Keep up the good work! 
This is fucking awesome
False advertizing, what kind of babies are these?  Mutated, medical experiment gone wrong babies past puberty? 
i love this song throwback <3
That poor man's nipples are bleeding all over the progress line!
this is my favorite schmoyoho video!!
Sarah makes schmoyoho.
That's just not true. Of course Sarah sticks out, because she's the only woman. But I think every single one of the gregory brothers has it's own role and it just would't work without any of them.
Spot the feminist
I'm surprised  americans are still able to make this kind of  songs. Still, it's sad that they have to justify themselves by saying it's for babies...
Not at all you must be touched if you think that's anywhere close the the greatest comeback.
+DaftPhan909 Is it that impressive ? Anyway it's just a joke, long live America !
This song still gets me :)
This song is my ultimate online throwback haha
one of my favorite youtube videos. :)
Wait, I don't understand, why isn't she naked?
She has such a beautifully plain voice! So many people people go crazy with ornamentation it's ridiculous, but Sarah can really sing!
Awww Sarah! I'd like to bite your nose sideways
wth is michael covered in at the begining?
 tell you one thing this song was around during one of the best times in my life with a girl i used to work with. The song pretty much sums up what happened there... lol
I can't belive this was 2 years ago......
if those are babies what the fuck do i have in the crib in the room across the hall
Sarah before the you know what :<
Damn Sarah is so cute ;)
Billy Hollingshed Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
It makes me happy and sad at the same time.
First link in the description. Itunes is for pc too ;)
need to adjust those levels boys...
More Sarah Gregory singing originals! She has the most beautiful voice. :)
Are there any more original songs like this?
Are there any download link for us PCfags?
Why not, she's wonderful at singing? Do you prefer listening to people who can't sing?
Begging request time!!! Since we all love this channel sooooo much but not all of us (ie me) have iphones or apple products, can you all please make this song Always Summertime; Hello again by Michael G.; and many of the others available on Amazon so us proud android people can hear this song while in their car or on the treadmill, please?! :)
After all these years, i still love song
Why do I constantly find myself coming back to listen to this song?
<3 <3 <3 You make so many hearts go pitter-pat, Sarah... You'll never know. (sigh)
The babies wave goodbye like Morchael. Suspicious ;)
0:45 ooooooooo he almost caught it.
My long term girlfriend broke up with me not so long ago. Hearing this sends a wave of emotions through my body. I love her to death and hope i can be with her again.
Sometimes you catch one. How long do you hold on to it?
Very creative video and she has a beautiful voice. Love your videos.
so sad, still so beautyfull *-* love the song <3
better than 90% of the radio music...
Sarah looks like a hot version of Ronda rousey. Great voice and so talented
i loved the song but i cant keep my eyes off the goddamn guy jumping for the frisbie
Hey Gregory brothers.. Take this song to a freakin studio because I'm pretty sure you can make this into a chart-topping song pretty easily.. That is.. only if you want fame and fortune..
sarah is so hot right hot right now
0:57 - Background Frisbee Catch FAIL
Sarah is like a hot Pam from The Office.
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