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Sonic For Hire - Paperboy

by Machinima • 2,926,224 views Click here to watch The Game Show - Episode 5: WWE Legends of Wrestlemania Sonic For Hire - Episode 01: Paperboy (Sonic the Hedgehog Machinima) Sonic is...

Really sad this series ended :(
Yeah, I suppose it's good they ended before it went stale I suppose. 
yeah well i have a hole playlist of the entire series
This isn't funny. It snot.
Where can I see the voice credits for Sonic for Hire?
If you've never seen Sonic For Hire, WATCH IT AND LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF! XD
Imagine Tails with a dunce cap on his head, because he was the one who gave Sonic that DreamCast stock, until Sonic blew it all on coke. That's not like Sonic and Tails at all. The REAL Sonic and Tails are brothers! Brothers, I tell you!
For once tails isn't annoying
tails sounds like lawrence lol
Funny thing that now he does have new games AND a new cartoon. Kinda eerie actually.
"washed up hedgehog delivers paper" sonic working as paperboy???lol
lol. "This is Bullsh*t, stupid break dancers, get out of the way, F*ck this..." xD That part was just funny. 
Dymitri Holmes Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Hey everyone! how's it going? watch this video!
Hey, logan, if u r there, plz say something.
hey dymitri i was not at school on friday so i couldnt send anything
Is this CollegeHumor?
This looks and sounds like the guys who do CollegeHumor. Tell me, is Dorkly part of that crew? I'd love to know.
+Jon Kelley Yup, a sub-division actually. 
If you look at the newspaper at the beginning you will find " Luigi still sucks ".
Playlist is in wrong order.. plays from newest to oldest.
my playlists are all in order though :P
Sonic:This Is Bullshit Stupid Break Dancer's Get Out Of The Way Fuck This UHH...out you HAHAHA Sonic Wins...Oh Shit!
HE DIES!!!!!!!!!!
Singularity BB Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
you guys gor to eatch this series or watch this episode at least (warning it contains swearing) but its super funny click on the video now
Sonic shouldn't worry about cops lol.
And so is the start of something great!
LOL XD gets hit w news paper WACTH IT SONIC XD
Your Watching A Poster
What the fuck is with this game
This summer...Mountain Dew took the gaming world by storm..fuck I hate this ad
came back to watch every episode...
This is popular the same reason 8-bit theatre is the most popular final fantasy i parody: no one else made a high quality sonic series parody.
Cool but could you make a series about mario
Mario is in this series. He's a mob boss Sonic works for in Season 2. Then Sonic threw him into a pile of spikes in Green Hill Zone. He comes back in Season 6 because of Sonic forgot to hide his time machine properly.
Why does this show have to end?:"(
the best sonic series on the internet #sonicthehedgehog  
Jolly Jay Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
Time for some more Saturday morning cartoons... Sonic For Hire - Paperboy
Will there by a season 8
i like it but dont press eat it when the thing comes out somewhere after the start some freaky thing
That Moment When You Realize Sonic For Hire Launched At The Same Day ChimneySwift11's Channel Launched
6 hours of Sonic for Hire. Starting now
im sorry but xbox one can kill it self it has problems and ps4 doesn't already so I mean wut does that tell you
He now on front of newspaper!
wow. This Series lasted a long time.
Well, this is where it all started. Now that it's over, I wanted to come back and take in the series. Such a good series, the best Machinima has made. Hope you guys get to make that Kickstarter movie thing. I'd love to see it.
Sonic need be good paper person.
The birth of a legend. No sarcasm intended.
Ah, Season 1, back when Sonic was just a dumbass and not a total asshole.
Круто и я все понимаю
The one that started it all...
Lol "Luigi Still sucks"
I'm gonna watch the entire series again!
0:55 Unexpected pauses stump scientists, LOL
Feburary 13th 2011. What a cool time to me. Especially January and maybe March.
"You're watching a poster"
That poster... Just like it was a yesterday.. :)
Series ended? TIME TO REWATCH!!!!
lol POOP clean my plumer with poop
Alley-oop! He he, Sonic wins! ...not
He robs someone's tv instead of getting his own
407 people were watching a poster.
''Sonic death metal album'' ...what is he talking about?
And the greatest Internet Series began!
Probably referencing the failure of the majority of the new Sonic games.
Fuck you he loves that poster hahhahahahahaha jk dude
Season 5 is hardcore comparing to this! XD
Since when did Tails shave his arms?
Wreck-it Ralph's plot was totally taken from this show.
Here goes another sonic x scene reference...
News of the Season 7 release date brought me here.
me and you both excuse me MARATHON TIME \(^.^)/ GUITAR RIFT
This is bullshit! Stupid breakdancers! Get outta the way! Fuck this! *Throws newspaper at window*
use my playlist to see the entire sonic for hire, with the right order, no missed videos
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