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Skyrim - DEATH LORD - Part 226

by TobyGames • 146,139 views

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I miss videos like these.
Use your healing spell
Your joining the flesh eaters
Why don't you ever use the healing spell?
Lol I'm same lvl and I can one hit Draugr deathlords
How to get that armoured horse?
thanks any ideas what the mod is?
toby forgets he can transform into a doublee bladed buscus wolf of murder
Uh-oh, she just died!  Is she dead? That's not good. lol
@tobygames at rebels cairn ur supposed to take back red eagles bane after u kill red eagle
@fuflang It's not an xbox headset ya cunt. Haters gonna hate!
I've seen him do that so many times's hilarious....kind of reminds me of little kid throwing a fit lol
aside from the increased damage taken from silver weapons(which is common sense by now) i fucking love it! and if you're a lower level it makes taking down dragons a bit easier as well, worked for me.
Toby you can use cheats bro just press ~ and enter tgm to enter god mode and never take damage, have infinite magicka, infinite arrows, infinite use of enchanted weapons.
i found that same two-handed sword in a dungeon and the helmet with it
I wonder if Toby's horse will get Daedric armor before Toby does.
"No No! I don't wanna die from his pettt!!!. Ah I knew you didn't have a chance!"
I leaned forward right before he said "Don't lean forward like that dude." and I was like okay jeez lol
how do you get armour on your horse?
I also think that becoming a vamp is better then a werewolf at least thats what a lot of research says
LYDIA =DDD god bless her face :'D
"don't yell at me. i have a problem with authority" lulz
What happens if you join the imperials? I did the stormcloak quest line
what made Toby think that Eola died?
There is no real ending, only diffrent events when you come back from sovengard, dpending on weather you kill pathernax or not.
they also explode on use, but yeah, i'd bet he'll sell them before using them
DarkLordofMinecraft you win the war no matter which side your on, the only things that are different is at the battle for whiterun you defend instead of attack and you kill ulfrick, trust me I've played both story lines
Hey Toby, I'm an 11year old boy, should I get skyrim or am I too young? I am allowed to play war games so.........
Thanks, after watching more of his videos I started to feel much better :)
toby u need to take the arrows from the skeleton and keep the pickaxes or swords that u drop so u can reapir them
Imperial/Stormcloaks. the biggest side choosing portion of the game >> you learn about it within the first like 10 seconds of playing...
Oh lol, i guess youtube won't let you direct link cos it's flagged as inappropriate, just copy it into the youtube search... if u dare
You should make a small animated commercial for tide.
And he can't catch vampirismish... i wanna see Toby as a vampire o3o
"by contributions to your PBS station from viewers like you."
he didn't use any console commands for shouts, and the horse is nothing special, it's a horse armor mod
I don't think that matters in gameplay, but yes, you are right. There is a quest though that cures werewolfism (I know that there is actually a name for that, but I suck at remembering so), but you have to have 3/4 witch heads for that
How do u get the kill dragr quest again it seems it'swell worth my time
you said olá Toby it means hello in portuguese *o* P.S I´m portuguese from portugal not from brazil
why doesn't he use the scrolls he got from the guy in the college. They're suppose to do a lot of damage on the undead right?
"I'M DEAD! I'M DEAD!" Then do something Toby! Drink a potion for the love of God! You're carrying way too much anyway, that's what potions are for.
Is this the 2nd episode called Death Lord?
I really hate that when you have too many quests active some don't show up on screen. >.>
You wont get the Lover's Comfort bonus *wink*
it seems easier to just carry healing spells than to carry potions of course potions are better mid fight for burst healing, but the spells offer more sustained healing...meh i prefered the spells...
Don't kill yourself. No one would appreciate that. I know it hurts but just keep trying to smile :)
Well, that would make sense, but toby is toby and i'm sure he completely forgot he has them already.
u enchant a weapon then you press y to enchant it i will make a vid on it soon
And why do you even care, its his video his choice god your ignorance just Amazes me o3o. Lloyd : yay....look at me I play on Master <--- Everyone else's reply : IDGAF
I don't think Toby even knows how to get Daedric weapons. Hell sometimes I don't think he knows they exist.
@NomoregoodnamesD8 Noted, but pretty sure getting rid of my subscriptions will not make me weigh less so i can carry more. Thanks for the advice though
im 11 and i play it i guess it is ok it is a fun game
why didnt you pick up the ebony sword at 6:40?
toby join the stormcloaks there the true sons of skyrim
"She's not attacking me? Must be a friend." Words to live by when playing Skyrim.
@9:24 I used to be a drougr who attacked you, then I took and arrow to the penis.
I wish Toby had the little facecam when Lydia died...
I love how Toby uses nothing but the most WORTHLESS enchantments
Use JAZAROS SCROLLS.He is the cat man that spoke in third person in college
lol u actually get it from doing a quest from the dark brotherhood...
Why would I joke about that? You shouldn't take suicide lightly.
TOBY, How do you get that horse?! and how do you unlock all the shouts? :(
Toby just wait till you get death lords with daedric weapons xD
The only sexual type stuff I've noticed is that you can undress dead bodies to take their armor from them, and there's a woman in Whiterun who says "Looking for my husband? Check the jarl's backside. That's where he's been stuffing himself these days."
commentary: hilarious. the sound of you frantically hitting the controls even when nobody's around: hilarious-er.
Oh and Toby use the glass frickin axe
In that cart thing we rode in? I didn't pay attention to what they were saying until the end.. I was on the phone. :P
toby has TWO episodes named "DEATH LORD"
toby you should invest in some restoration spells
Be strong for her and enjoy all the time you have together :)
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