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@babylovzz1 You can buy coconut oil at the health food store but make sure it's organic for eating, not for skin. That it is pure and unprocessed.
Your smoothie looks so good. Check out the grossest looking smoothie that is actually "Delicious" at "Top Secret Smoothie Recipe" from BabyPandaTales
to much organic ever heard of name brands
Awsome! I'm going to try to make myself one.
kijk ook eens op mangosmoothies.nl voor meer recepten
Looks yummy! The smoothie looks good too.
Hey you have the super wave!
OMG...she spends half the video explaining what to put in the smothie!!! :^I lolz
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.. seriously?? .. dude shes explaining ... that why it takes 10 mins.. it is always longer when you need to explain.. like me right now.. i need to tell you why it take 10 mins.. when everybody dont care about that .. becauz they understan......
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"i dont like when stuff tastes too healthy" ? WOW people who say that are stupidd!!!!
Hi what does your complete daily diet look like?
Fruit smoothies are as fruit drink which is made by the use of a mixture of fruits. It can be used as a snack or even as a breakfast. Since this beverage drink is made basically of fruits, it means it is made of fibers, many vitamins and minerals this makes it very healthy for everybody that takes it.
You seriously don't know how to spell smoothie? What the hell?
just watch this on youtube. Codex Alimentarius 1 of 4 watch?v=spoucYXa3-A and google this: ig farben codex alimentarius IG Farben was a conglomaration of 3 German Chemical companies that runned the Cncentration camps in Poland during the second world war. their trick are patents, copying mother nature and selling it to us, don't trust anyone who tells you that vitamins are bad. DOYOUR OWN RESEARCH!! TRUST ME!
Obviously not everyone will be demonstrating how to make it, therefore it won't take as long.
Dairy and orange juice do not mix well in your stomach!!!!!
Why are the top rated comments always replys and they make me go back and look for the first comment and relize it was not worth it...
Hey, have you thought about this program called the Fat Blast Furnace? (google it). My father in law says it helps people lose weight faster.
what kind of cereal do you suggest ??
You spelled SmoothIE wrong! Why soy milk? What about the fact that it leads to infertility?
What a great video! I personally love a raw Durian Strawberry Smoothie. I have a yummy Nude Food recipe on my channel :-)
@ReadWriteAccess How is eggs, bacon, and pancakes quicker? All you do is blend a bunch of stuff together and drink it. It only takes a few minutes. The only reason it took her so long is because she was explaining everything. Not very bright are you?
This looks yummy! I usually put organic spinach or kale in to my smoothies, you can't taste it but it is really good for you. I've heard that when you chop greens up in a blender that your body obsorbs the nutrients better.
@ MrsBeana78 - Dairy and Oj are held together by the oils in the flax seed and the coconut in the same way soya or vege oils are held as butter alternatives. This shake looks great, I like a thicker creamier blend and use banana. Great video, you should do more of these.
Can you do a video on protein powders?
whats up with all the complications? goji, milk, protein yada yada yada... smoothie is best done with not more than 3 ingredients: frozen fruits of ur choice, sugar and yogurt..:p
Organic doesn't mean no pesticides. Just no synthetic pesticide. C'mon ppl.
gud one but never let the lemon seeds into blender koz tht ll make smothie bitther
Damn she didn't take off her shirt :(
@Lovesfoxes Soy may be harmful but it isn't as harmful as cow's milk
wow! that looks good enough to eat...........the smoothie looks nice too! lol! naughty pigsy
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Probably because it took her 4 minutes to get through the ingredients.
the blender your using looks durable can you tell me where i can get one of those?
Watch thos protein powders, often they have artificial flavors and colors as well as added sugars so read your ingredients. It's better just to add firm tofu if you can have soy products or have your protein in another meal. Instead of coconut oil I would add Flax seed oil for Omega 3 and omit the seedsl for better texture and less calories.. As a liquid I use goat milk or goat yogurt which makes it thicker. For fiber raspberries and blackberries are great. Frozen banana would make it thicker
only a cup of smoothy can keep away from hungry for whole morning?
@mermaid11236 Im refering to her use of milk which is only good for you in its raw form not pasteurized goji berry juice is good but expensive goji berries have the same effect if you use the left over berries from your tea...just a thought but milk is terrible
cause she is explaining also. Im sure it goes faster if u dont have to constantly stop and explain
why do you use protein powder instead of some REAL food that contains protein in it
Just google Fat Blast Factor and you will learn why some foods 'explode' in your stomach.
i am so going to buy all the ingredients to make this today because there are three days out of the week that i have no time to make breakfast and end up eating an apple and banana and i want all the nutrients for my best meal of the day and also since ive been working out an apple orange banana and hard boiled egg arent even enough to satisfy me. i love this channel!
where did you get your goji juice
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Why did you need to 'borrow' a kitchen? What happened to the one you used to have? :)
Won't the Orange Juice be loaded with sugar? General orange juice has close to 30g of sugar in just 1 serving.
@nobodyhj Do some research. Cow's milk is a food - one that has been used for thousands of years and that your body is likely equipped to deal with unless you are allergic/intolerant. Soy is not a food - it is highly allergenic and not fit for consumption unless it is fermented (PS: tofu is not fermented, it's curdled). I am not a huge fan of Dr Mercola but on mercola . com there are good soy articles. Soy is also hugely GMO, for your information. Look this up. Or keep your hazardous belief.
Best protein powder you can get is spirulina, its a great thing to put in smoothies
yee iv never even herd of half of those powder things....go eat some real food!!
ppl should shut up and try to stay healthy.i love healthy food from since i was a kid.u look very healthy to.good publicity for the video.blessed be
For getting out the door in the morning even faster, combine dry ingredients in a container, liquid ingredients in another container, then add frozen berries. You could also make up a weeks worth of portions ahead.
@sanderdebboer yea.. well i would think.. but i mean she has to explain everything and thats why it takes forever.
How bout bananas, apples, oranges, for ingredients well that's what i have right now in the pantry
@mariana26021 Hot worm's mixed with some powdered protein and flax seed ,then combined with organic Orange juice should start your day off just fine . ....also ..do not worry about the dirt around the worm ..it is also organic
You know hey found that organic food has no advantages or more vitamins etc etc over chemical treated foods. You just pay more and get to have the I'm better than you attitude that hippies seem to have.
wth this looks exactly like my uncles kitchen
becareful on the protein...if you have too much for the day..you can gain weight. I learned that lesson. Instead of protein, I add a powder vitamin mix.
Hey can i use coconut milk instead of regular cow's milk? or add it with the regular milk instead of juice?
it is delicious me and my frendz were bored so we looked this up and it was amazing thanks for posting this
fuck ur not boroing a kitchen you live in it
Have you ever tried making a homemade V8 juice? Fresh veggies that are home grown is the best. The Bucket Garden is what we use and it is the best choice we have ever made. Change your eating habits and feel better!
i cant belive u mixed orange juice with milk :L
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I absolutely love it! I add a little ice and blue Agave sweetener and it is like at the smoothie king.
HI, just wondering if you can explain what your full daily diet looks like?
Great video! Yes, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day--especially if you are trying to lose weight. People who skip breakfast tend to weight more. More shake ideas: .HEALTHYMEALSDIET.HOST56.COM
I love smoothies. Especially a mixture of organic spinach, kale and arugula. I normally add in some hemp seeds and some protein powder for extra kick. Been doing green smoothies for about 6 months now..
Sweet, good job. I recently made a smoothie with greens I harvested from the forest. Check it out on my homepage if you're interested :)
I like putting almond milk or green coconut water. I made one today with coconut water, pecans, persimmon, goji berries, aloe juice, chia seeds, fresh squeezed pomegranite juice, and cacao-hemp-maca powder!
im smoking a cigarette and watching this lol FAIL
Wouldnt the OJ curdle the milk?
this chick has no clue what nutrition is
Thanks psychetruth! I'm really gettin' into Smoothies... they're good and good for ya!
Did she say Hemp Protein??? lol
Hi Nathalie.... :) U R my 1st clip to watch on tjhis early monday morning to learn some great tips like you have just shown. My smoothie machine, which just arrived before the weekend, got me going with my own concoction... isn't that great?!! :) Luv yr clear, sweet appearance and fiber rich tips... you simply got mme going for a multi-smooth Monday... thanks again for your clip and I'll be subbing your smoothie clips... ;)
@sdaugh7261 Well You actually get more from non organic food. You get more health hazards. Some pesticides are causing cancer, some GMO foods are causing various diseases, etc. But why would You care about that?
Very nice, must be delicious! Please check out my video on how to do a simple & tasty banana protein shake! :) /watch?v=wCCzytUJDIQ&feature=channel_video_title
Try adding a Banana, it's even better that way (in my opinion.)
Your additional ingredients to your smoothie are great, eg: goji, hemp etc promoting organic - fantastic. But dairy and soy??? There is so much evidence out there that shows these are not only bad for you, but causes diseases of all sorts (too much to list here), please research. Most protein powders contain soy and other bad ingredients. Use something like the organic brown rice Sun Warrior protein powder.
I prefer to make raw fruit smoothies with just fruit. You don't even need milk at all. Just add some banana, frozen banana is even better. My recipes are super simple and only have3-4 ingredients. Check out my channel for some delicious ideas.
@sdaugh7261 Learn more about soil please. There are micro-organisms in soil. They convert dead matter, fungus, bacteria, dead animals, bugs, etc...etc....into nutrients...The nutrients are then absorbed by the plants...With commercial/conventional produce, they are drenched in pesticides and it KILLS all the microorganisms...What does that tell you? The produce doesn't have as many nutrients! I won't get into GMO's this time...
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