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Siv HD Friend Decline Remix

by Siv HD • 523,724 views

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Love the osu! part! xD
+EnderEncounter He pissed off 1.  Thats much more then enough. :)
lol, I play all those games :D
+RandomGaming It takes many months to get better..
I know.. I don't have that much time to play-doh.
this guy is a genius he can make a song out of anything
türk la bu :D skypedeki
Adamın adı İlkay'mış la sen söyleyince fark ettim :D
He lost 4k Rp when he joined the room..... 
It's the cost for a game with Siv HD
Problem of every known and liked player. :D
Looool mu name is ilkay to XD
0:26 osu..... dammit siv xD
Mortal Kombat is srs bzns.
siv is making the best out of every shit... U GOT SHIT give it to siv... SIV MADE SHIT TO GOLD! TO TRUE GOLD NOT SHIT COLLORED LIKE GOLD!
He got 32 friends by the time he accepted.
This video made me play osu now i m rank 70000 XD
+Rainbow Nati So much chinese join osu and the rank lower so hard at 2013
Siv HD's videos are so OP
that was one of the best things i've ever seen in youtube
All those declines cost him a lot of rp :3
so do the friend requests get layered above the invite. Or have those people added him after the invite?
I am GotK Roxas :-D
What is the game at like 0:45
32 people went online when he acctepted the invite x)
... youre rly mad :D
I saw my name on the request messages ;_;
20 % of those are probs mine :/
what was the last games name?
He done needed to edit this he is siv
oh he accepted one :D
Hey Siv hd i got a tip for you Do a video when you troll if you are a boy champ go to a girl and start flirt with her it's so fun i doing it almost every game xD you have to do it plz siv hd plz
Hampus tell me your name, we can play together and you can flirt :P
:P:P:P:P ok hampus e your?
Can anyone tell me how he edited this?  Thanks :)
actually with sony vegas you can cut the friend request because it stays at the same spot en keep moving it with other options, but still this takes some time to edit :D If he did this live That's what i would call magic
old... but gold
DId anyone actually see their name up there
friend limit? just make new groups
what religion do you play on sry for the spelling :P
I like how one of his friend invites were King Kong haha
could u make a guide about amumu solo top? pls
True story Declines every1 LOL!
1st game: OSU! 2nd game: Guitar Hero 3rd game: Audiosurf
Religion? xD and if you talk about the region, he's on EUW, though i think he has a NA account.
Do you know what is the name of song? I have osu and i want to play it :D
He is saying you would be stupid to not know the second one...i dont understand why people keep saying this
33 people didn't get there friend request accepted
guys what is the original one's name?
what gamei sd that a bit b4 00:50?
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