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Minecraft Fun Time Stuff! (HD)

by ChimneySwift11 • 110,015 views

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49 people dont know how to have fun on minecraft
You have a large mouth. First thing I noticed. not joke.
I hate it when you ate mining and you find a cave then you explore it but can't find your way out
I like TQF better because it has longer episodes, and fun interactive questions to answer!
hey guys if you like minecraft creative and soon survival, custom maps and lets plays make sure to hop onto my channel! my dream is to become an epic youtuber like Chim! -Dat Fellowfish
I like TQF because you answer 3 questions from your audience which is allways fun to listen to you try to answer them. Also I love how there are goals for likes each week because its soo cool how the like bar just shoots up! TQF!!!! I also like Melvin alot!
YES I'm a kid that is 7 so my spelling is bad i got my acowt when i was 5 oh and do you think im to yung to have MINECRAFT!!
I think you should start doing this kind of videos. :D I liked it :D
i like it cause your a great builder, miner, redstoner, and your funny. also because you CHIMNYSWIFT11!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D
ITS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow thats wat u look like :) (love u chim)
That's what you look like?!? trollface.jpg
i like mining vids its funny wat u say.
15 MINUTES?!?!? IT IS 14:57!!!! WHAT IS WITH YOU 3 SECONDS OFF!!!! lol I'm trolling xD
you use stuff. don't ask on youtube there Is a place called google look there
part because of quistions and because of the cool pictures of the video
if you could make a custom map for the swifters would you do it?
13:39 - 13:42 Those faces WERE PRICELESS
are your eyes really purple and green?
hey whats going on guys rjtrdlgjldrjglidrjld j here
You need to mine near lava to find diamonds !!
Whip a pipe bomb up your ass id actually enjoy watching this FUCK YOU!!!
That you answer Swifter's questions.
Yeah i really like the face cam to :)
@amiribledsoe25 HEY! It's a good texture pack especially since sly used to use it.
Yeah, good time-out from the Minecraft Files! Keep up making these vids, Chim!
I like the TQF coz you are the only minecrafter who can make amazing stuff on SURVIVAL! it is fun to see you be funny and have a WHOLE HOUR of amazingosity It is what I need, a whole our of chimney, so to sum up i like the duration, the humour, the admiration of your survival dedication and the AWESOMENESS! so everybody that sees this comment, clickety-clack that like button, I SURE DID!
chim love your videos but anyway i want to know when your videos come out is there anyway to tell?
i like your creativity and your Great building. :)
i love TQF for 1 reason:you ask Questions
First video I ever watched of Chim! I am a proud swifter!!
That was a disturbing metaphor for the like button and the comment section o.O
Not true. Lava actually has nothing to do with diamond (in minecraft), other than being around the same spawning layer.
watch funny minecraft status on channel george carey
dont mind skyblock but... mind enderswift please!!!
gold isn't that good though because it doesen't do much
TQF and give me idea for build for fun
maybe me and chimneys vids are the same
You should mine out your coal and redstone veins, they can often lead to diamonds!
you look like napolean dynamite (not an insult i love napolean dynamite)
I love TQF mostly because it's The Minecraft Files. can't get enough of it! :P
The best thing about TQF, is mostly that the vids are long and you are always very excited about TQF, that makes it more fun to watch!
You guys should check out SpritemanTV. He's a new commentator with some nice content. Peace.
I shouldn't because this is the first video i have seen
I'd say do more of these, when u want and feel like u got the time... :)
I went camping in my spring break and im subscribed to 4 people 3 mc people. i missed like 15 videos :(
Did you keep mining after you ended the video??
no diamonds nigga dats dat shit i dont like
You should dig out all gravel and dirt. I found 2 GIANT caverns with gold and diamonds this way.
@thecoolo11 he isn't a nerd he just got them a but ago just cox someone wairs glasses don't mean they're nerds
I never play that game, but looks pretty fun :)
Chimmney: my room smells! Me: nice to know :p that's why I'm a swifter wooooooo
I'm sorry comment box... he made me do it. :'(
All I want is u to say less nonapropriate things cause im only eleven and my mom will make me not watch anymore
I am one of the few people that enjoy mining. thumbs upif you agree.
i like TQF becouse its longer and that u awner 3 questions
honestly i like all four resons y TQF is great
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