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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures - San Diego

by Rooster Teeth • 3,267,312 views

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures #1 is the story of Geoff and Gus encountering some rude passengers on their flight to San Diego. Audio taken from Rooster Teeth Podcast # 71

There is no rear view mirror on a plane....
these 2 girls are exactly the same as 33% of the people on youtube. ignorant and stupid as fuck.
I like how Gavin got shit for saying a car has head lighter fluid, but yet I just heard Gus say the 'rear view mirror' of a plane ahah xD  
+Stibbs half of it is because its gavin anyways.. hes the go-to for making fun of someone
Please stop spitting idiotic bullshit about phones and planes. There are only four cases where your phones might cause problems to a plane. 1) Older phones using CDMA in Sweden (or near enough). 2) You're on GSM-900 3) Your phone uses something in the 2.5Ghz to 2.7Ghz range. 4) Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is always a problem, turn it completely off on a phone, and on a laptop, disable the Wi-Fi device. You might be able to find out which frequencies your carrier uses, and where, on the wiki: Problematic frequencies are anything near 400Mhz, that's the power frequency the plane uses, and anything close enough to 962Mhz, from which point, and up to 1150Mhz, frequencies are used by certain Avionics systems. The 2.5 to 2.7Ghz thing, along with Wi-Fi, gets close to certain other Avionic systems, though I don't think you'd find those on civilian planes just yet. Again, no point in risking it. Those are 4G frequencies, for those interested. I'd link you to the wiki with Avionic frequencies, but as a former Avionics tech, I can tell you that doesn't really list everything. Safest router if you don't want to get into the whole frequency thing, just switch to flight mode. Your device is perfectly safe in flight mode. And frankly, if you're not sure about the disabling of the Wi-Fi device on a laptop, just shut it down. People take this whole matter too far, without actually knowing anything about it. It's not that bad.
Yeah. I was a bit confused because I have never heard of the rule where you can't use any electronic devices on planes throughout any part of the flight. I've heard that you should turn it off during take off and landing, but at a certain point after take off they make an announcement telling u it's okay to turn ur devices back on. I only have an Ipod on which I play little app games and listen to music. My iPod does get internet and wifi, but the plane has airplane mode wifi. If they didn't want anybody using electronic devices and wifi "ever" on the plane, they wouldn't have wifi...😣
Oooooo! You just got TOOOOLD!!
one time, i was going to New York, and these 2 assholes sat next to me. one was snoring LIKE CRAZY and i used my headphones but didnt do shit. and the other one was behind me and it was a 9 year old kicking my seat like crazy, so i ask the parent "hey, u gonna do something about your kid?" and she Told ME to stop bugging the child. then later i asked someone to switch seats and they said yes, but that snoring asshole wouldnt wake up to move it took like an hour to wake him up! then when he wakes up i ask him to move and he said "hey keep it down! trying to sleep!" and im like F**K me! after we get off the flight i go to baggage claim, and i talk to the kids parent and im like "dont be an asshold that kid was ruining my flight!" and the parent calls security and i said F**K you and F**K you! so i grab my bag and get out of the airport
And thus the journey of the animated adventure began
YES! Done watching 1-155 of animate adventures! Imma take a nap now
In Gus' world commercial airplanes have rearview mirrors and they leave the door to the cabin open.
What would a rearview mirror in a cockpit even do?
I just finished watching the ENTIRE animated adventure from the playlist... WELP! time to review my favorite parts again
just realized that i have already commented on this. Oh well.
WAIT SLOW DOWN did I hear rear view mirror ON A PLANE??? WHAT WORLD IS THIS
Dude I love flights from awestin to whales vagina 🐳🐋🐋✈️✈️
"...Next to two. FUCKING. CUNTS."
After 2 intense days, I finally watched all RTAA videos
in all fairness, the whole 'electronics fucking up planes' is bullshit.  That being said I still love this episode.
Geoff always uses the word "cunt"
Little late to add to this post, but he also utters phrase "(Something) as dicks!" quite often.
Rear view mirror... on a plane... yeeeaaahhh.
I just watched the whole roster teeth animated adventures playlist!
Why would a plane have a rearview mirror?
it's not like smartphones have a "plane mode" option. nooooo, not at all. /sarcasm
"If that got in the rear-view mirror of the plane we would have been fucked." Alright kids! Can anyone tell me what's wrong with that statement?
The same thing happened to me but at the Movie theater and it was so annoying
We need Geoff in the new podcasts! He's hilarious with story telling.
Im on an adventure to watch all 151 RTAA, I've seen them all already but im going threw agian.
I watched all of these within 24 hours.  Now I'm sad )':....
3hrs because I was bored.
So true!  That's why I don't have a normal job!  I should have specified that it was, indeed, FUN life stuff :D.  Stay happy, dude!
Finished the entire RTAAs so far, best thing ever.
Did Gus just say rear view mirror? Aren't they in aplane. It is not a overhead thing, it is like one of those side mirrors for planes not rear view mirrors.
HOLY SHIT and American said the word cunt
"Fuck it I'm not paying taxes anymore."      Alright you win the internet. Nothing else can top that.
Except pilots who text while flying have proven it to be perfectly safe after take off
I had no idea this was the first AA
I have now watched EVERY SINGLE Rooster Teeth animated adventure :) love it more please.
Rear view motto of the cockpit? The door would be closed and they wouldn't have a readies mirror because there would be nothing to see lol
geoff pretty much IS church.
I just watched every single animated adventure. As of today there are 174. Right now its 1:47 am.          : |    
See how some say electronics do do anything to the plain but HELLLOOOOO! This is a plane with extremely flammable fuel on broad one spark and it all could go BOOM that's one the other is the tech in the front of it measures the speed how high you are and shit but using tech while taking off could fuck up everything and the drivers won't know what to do because they'er in the air. Who the HELL would be that stupid to use technology on a plane?! The flight attendant should have taken another look and then taken it out of her hands then report it. That would have pissed her off but would actually make it a safer flight.
+standuporshutup Could you imagine if every schmuck on the plane was talking on their phone... how irritating that would be
+josef959 No, you NEED to know your altitude at all times during a flight. Speed is less important because they could approximate it by knowing the attitude of the plane and the throttle of the engine. However, depending on the heading of the jet, it should be at a precise altitude to avoid collisions. This is a law,so even if there`s no way two planes will collide in the middle of a trans-atlantic flight, they still need to follow the air regulations. And before someone responds ''How do you know, genius'', I'm a pilot (not a commercial pilot, I just do it for fun) and I know that if my altimeter ever breaks, I'm going to be in deep shit.
I wonder if Geoff and Gus would have a PLAIN/PLANE day?
So. Just finished the RTAA playlist. dies
I thank you Jordan who made this wonderful animation and made a staple in why I love rooster teeth.
Wait, did that tax form say "WD 40"?  ...genius.
"I'm not gonna pay my taxes, and imma shoot a cop." Nicely said.
Watched all 166 within 6 hours XD (≧∇≦)
 I freaking love Geoff. XD
just finished all 134 videos in 1 go.... talk about animation overload.
Did anyone else notice the Ron Burgandy reference?
I just watched all 133 of these in a row without stopping. I started at night and it's 2 in the afternoon. This is my life now.
Grif & Simmons IRL(voices)
America... FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Watched all 144 in a play list XD
Oh my god look and the new animations and these xD haha wow they have improved haha congrats roosterteeth
Did he say rear view mirror of the pilot... hahahah
Honestly, nothing grinds my gears more than people who think the rules don't apply to them and cause problems for others. Especially in public settings.
Oh man the old ones are still funny as hell.
What did that cop do to you shoot a mall cop they are lazier
I feel like I did something, I just watch all of the animated adventures in a playlist in order. Hey, now I'm done! On to the rest of the other playlists they have!!!
Ahh, modern people huh -_-
R.I.P Geoff you will be missed thank you for all the laughes the past few years
And now I can say I've seen em all.
I like how they spelled Austin when they showed the map of the U.S. That go's the same for "Whale's Vagina" San Diego.
I just found the two dumb cunts
god i watched the recent ones and theres so much diference
We sat with two fucking cunts. Haha that is so funny
Was this the first episode
do pilots have rearview mirrors?
On the left and right sides yes To see the engines or any other aircraft
you can totally see the quality pictures
I watched ever rt animated adventure. IM NOW ALL CAUGHT UP
I just watched the entire managed series in one day...... IT WAS AWESOME
Mythbusters busted the electronics messing with plane communications myth
i just watched every single one of life is now complete
i live in San Diego lol
I am from San Diego
1. Shooting cops is illegal and you would be sent to jail 2. not paying taxes wioll get you a fine 3. airplanes don't have rear view mirrors nor do the pilots keep the COCKpit open. the whole thing about the flash endangering everyone is stupid 4. A camera wont mess with the airplane unless it has an internet connection or calling capabilities
my first thought when I saw the title was "OH MY HOME TOWN :D"
I... I watched them all... :O
Geoff's tax form said "WD40"
Just saw the whole Rooster Teeth Animated Series. Totally Worth It!
Why does the link to this playlist start with 130/130?
Newest videos play first
Could it be that the majority of the plane crash cause by stupid bimbo on the plane
Waaah Waaah Waaah, If you don't like it enough to bitch about it in two separate videos then you should've been a man and said something instead of sounding like a whiny lil "cunt".
Waaa waaa if you don't like it don't bitch about it in the comment section and message Geoff and tell him something. Ironic right?
After a few days, I finally watched every animated adventure! So many laughs.
Hey if your here u r a retared get a life u stupid ...........
Wow look how much animated has grown!
I just watched all 148 of these back to back to back and so on within the course of about 3 hours
electronics dont do anything to a plane, it would take thousands of computers just to make their stuff go wack.
this is the beginning of something great.  
1:11 that dog looks so messed up for some reason
A mirror on a plane?? (Pilot mirror thing) Usable...
Good job bitch you murderd a cop with a wife and kids
A rearview mirror on a plane............................... Sure. I'll go with that.
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