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Error Pokemon Cards - Pokemon Fact of the Day

by TheJWittz • 1,589,939 views

Nintendo fans, unite!► Welcome to today's fact of the day! Today's fact is about cards with errors on them! The Prof-It! Theme Song is finally available for .mp3...

I had a really rare Pokemon typo, instead of Eevee, my card said Lucario. It was eevee's description with eevees pic but lucarios name.............:p
+Moozensoo Ah. I don't use my cards for competitive play anyway.
I have an electric Pikachu. So rare I sold it on eBay for 1,000,000 dollars. Beat that!
IT WAS A ELECTRIC TYPE PIKACHU =O Wait nvm It was actually sold for uhhh 0.00000000000000000000001 Cent =P
I had a jigglypuff with 10000 HP And a Mew written in Aztec. I cost me $230 to get it translated
Lol thats a counterfeit card
If it's so rare why can't they just print again this raichu card with an error and sell it?
I have a Pokemon card with a Pokemon in it... Its super rare... I sold it on eBay for 1,000,000,000,000 dollars... BEAT THAT!
I have that vulpix, and that electrode!
I had that raichu but i put in my butthole in 2001
Most interesting misprint I ever found was unfortunately destroyed, along with 80% of my whole collection, when the area I stored them in flooded with water. (sadface) Anyway, I found the card when I took a trip to San Francisco and stopped in at a shop that was carrying Pokemon booster packs in Japanese. Odd place to find them, right? So the misprint was a Scisor, or I'm assuming that's what it was supposed to be, since it had a Scyther in the tiny upper left where "evolves from this" images go. I said "assuming" because the Pokemon's picture was completely missing. In it's place was a multi-color place holder like what you would see on TV several years ago when the broadcasting station was not actually broadcasting anything, or having technical issues. It looked extremely out of place on a Pokemon card, to say the least.
i have a starmie with icebeam... that parlyzes WHAT
i have alot of delta cards EX persian dark steel, pigiot dark steel, kingdra fire steel,those were yhe dual types
Delta species are special cards that can have a few different effects. As mentioned above, some Pokémon like Persian and Celebi got more than one type. However, there were changed-type Pokémon as well. Water Latios, Electric Mantine, Steel Magikarp, and, yes, Electric Psyduck are some examples.
What should i do if i have a 1st edition card in just about mint condition and two cards that aren't made anymore? Do i sell them or wait 10 years and sell them then?
Wait 10 years then sell em. Keep them mint, OK?
i have found a charmeleon card that is and electeric type
Same! I have that card too! And he is delta, I checked :D
My best friend has an error Psyduck. I pointed it out to her at school and she freaked out.
I had the charizard but traded it when I was younger for a holo beedrill, fuck.
I have an Arcanine, but it's named "Banette lv. 48". It refers to itself as Arcanine everywhere else in the card, and the word Weakness is spelled Weaknes in it's PokeBody. It's not worth anything though, is it? Google isn't very helpful.
Wait how'd your deck get destroyed by a hail storm?!?
I remember seeing one of my friend's card that said "Fap a coin".
Are error cards only gen1 because all I saw were gen 1 cards
Welcome to the comment section of this video! You will see people who are saying that they had the Raichu card and people with fake cards or cards from the Delta Species sets.
I'm so sorry but you sound liker Ernie from sesame street.
Ome time, I had a Seal card, but instead of saying the name "seal" at the top, it said "Headbutt"
+TheJWittz I can name 5 more error cards: in the WOTC era, there was a Dark Persain promo that had no HP.  Also, 1 of the 2 Jungle Snorlax cards (I can't remember if it was the holo or non-holo copy), had no symbol that said it was from Jungle, and finally, the Treecko, Torchic (regular), and Mudkip cards from Primal Clash all listed the copyright as 2014 because they had holo versions included in the treasure tin.  
Grass is weak against fire, poison and ice :D
One of my old friends actually owns, or maybe not anymore, the empoleon with the poke body and a grachomp card. Thats not a typo btw in garchomps name it just says that on the card.
I think I have those Vulpix and Vileplume cards! I'd have to check, but I'm pretty sure I do. And I've always called Phanpy "Phanphy" up until a couple years ago. Not sure why, but I thought in the anime they were saying "Phanphy" and never noticed there's no "h" in it's name. It was hard for me to start calling it Phanpy.
wow (sarcasm) ok no body has that kind of money unless you a millionaire (and I'm supprised I spelled that right lol then I don't spell that right (karma :/)
I have a clefairy with an attack titled "Zzzzzzzz" is this normal?
I don't know. But for some reason, my friend traded me an Onix. It had 490 HP. I didn't know why, it was one of my first cards.
I have a diamond and pearl legends awakened edition forretress, but one of his moves is supposed to say Iron shell but on my one it says Lron shell, every single other card from this card say iron she'll apart from mine, does that mean it's fake or a rare misprint card?
I have that Vulpix card :D
I have a Groudon card that has a misspelt word; "Discard 2 fighting Energy attached to Groudon and this attack dose 10 damage to each of your benched Pokémon". It says 'dose' instead of 'does'.
I have a pikachu with -999999999999 HP HOW
It's definitely a fake card
I have a Pichachu card that says Pökkotjo instead of Pichachu with 1 HP!!
I think the Pokkojo is Pikachu's either korean name or something and the 1 hp is a typo
Its maybe fake! Does i have a black line on the side!!
I have a Kakuna which has an attack which says: Your pokemon is now pokemon. Instead of your pokemon is now poisoned. XD
Nah-duh your Pokemon is a Pokemon, but at least its not poisoned, or is it????
I have a rare dark arbok im going to sell
I have the Base set 2 Vulpix that has the HP 50 error
I have a "Tail Whap" Pikachu
I have the richu but it says preorder....
My freind has an electric Charmander o_O
Wait how does he have that card
I had a gastly and nosepass cards both with the back side printed upside down
OMG Thanks!!!! I knew I had the Phanpy! Mine says "Phanphy" too! :D
Gotta cover em all lol
Hey, I have a question. I have a card that says Brocks Lickitung. I thought Jessie had the lickitung! Halp.
I have a axew thats a normal type XD
I have a regular Raichu thats not Pre-release. But sadly I did know a friend who had this back in 2008 and traded it for a Darkrai X, my friend thought he was ripping the other guy off but.. wow, boy was he wrong.
After half an hour of googleing, i finally realized that the text "pre-release" was the error. I was looking for a clefable on the card, rofl.
I have a butterfree card of the first edition and the HP OF IT is 70
1:29 most of my pokemon cards say "hp (hp number)"
Those because theyre not from kanto, non kanto versions have hp before in small letters
actually, i have it for some english gen 6 cards and some Japanese kanto ones that are kanto
I have the Phanphy card, as well as a Lugia LEGEND double card that has like 650 HP...
My friend gave me a bunch of fake cards
HEY! Do a "Fact of the Day" for the Pikachu Illustrator card(Known to be the rarest Pokemon card in existence)!
I also have a pikachu called pichu
i have a weezing called nidoking
I have a Vulpix card with that HP 50 error on it! (2 Actually!)
I have the HP 50 Vulpix. Quite a few, actually. Both my sisters and I got a deck at some point with at least 3 in the box.
Im confused. I found Pre-realease Raichu on ebay for £3.99 (I'm British, so that's about 5 dollars i think. I'M NOT GIVING A LINK! If its rare, i wanna buy it :3
DAMNIT, its an ACTUAL Pre-Release and NOT a error card. I don't know if its rare.
i once had a lucario that had hp hp hp 100
I have the Empoleon card!
I have a gyados that had no s so I sold it for 10$
i have that Vulpix!
I have the exact same Vulpix and Phampy!
I have a sigilyph that has water gun. Whst the fuck
I had a card that said your mom must be so proud of u all saying oh I have a freaking bidoof with a tackle with 100 damage I sold it for 9,999,999 just get a life.
I have the first 2 cards
It's Phanpy not Phanphy... WHAT!
I had a lucario card, that said Tauros instead of lucario Ripped in half...
I have a grovyle that says it evokes from Tangela, instead of treeco like it should.
i have a combusken card that is spelled as crombusken
just look at his hands in the video :I
Who wants my salemence lv x for free??
Wow I have that psyduck and weepinbell
I remember having a charizard which was of the ELECTRIC TYPE!?? I never understood that, really disappointing me at the time. 
It's just a Delta Species card
It's a delta card I have tons of those like a delta pikachu, latias, Latios, pidjy, ferow, and last but not least hitmunchan
I have a Vulpix that is an error
i have 20 vulpixes and 5 jungle electrodes >=D
i have a ekans that's a fire type...lel
I had a Meganium card with FREAKING overpowered health and underpowered attacks, like the one that puts a sleep effect on you and one that did 20 damage.
It's probably fake. What's the HP stat?
SHOOT I LOST IT! Its real tho. I probs lost it when I was moving.
While i was 7 itrade my wrumple card with my friends latios
I got a mew EX called new EX
I have the wheepin ell and phanpy
I have a psychic type Quilava. It's weird.
Is there a fire type mew in the delta series?
I also have a fire type horsea
look at the maganiums stage it said stage 2 when meganum is stage 3!
No, that's not how it works.  Chikorita is the basic Pokemon, Bayleef is the stage 1, Meganium is the stage 2.  There is no such thing as "stage 3" because no Pokemon evolves three times.
I used to have the raichu Prerelease card when i was younger. traded it for a atomic purple gameboy color and Pokemon silver here in wichita, ks. its crazy to know you had something of value and didnt even really know
I have both the error phanpy and weepenbell and psyduck I also have a Pikachu who's weight is 420 pounds and a weezing that's say its a nidoking instead of weezing.
I have the Empoleon lvl X
So do I! I have had it forever!
8:39 I have that Psyduck!!!
Does anyone know how much first edition pikachu is and how much ancient mew is worth?!!:)
Pikachu from which expansion?  Ancient Mew is worth about $5 in mint condition, less if it's in bad shape.
i have a glaceon that says it is a water type
Because there is no ice types
I have and arcanine named banette
+HaruhiismForever yeah i know that now. I received that card when i was little so i did not know any better then! XD When i first received that card i was like "Oh, wow! This card is super rare!" Now that I am much older I know the history of them types of cards and the backstories to them. I even own a Psychic type Treecko card! XD
I had a porygon with 240 base hp and an attack with 150 power.... Safe to say error card
He should be a scientist he is too smart to be making these videos for 5 year Olds!!
The comment you made needs to be removed immediately, in what world does someone who play Pokemon a scientist? Dear god, never let this person comment again.
I found a HP 50 vulpix in my deck and a 50 PV vulpix
Oh ok thanks for telling me
dude i have that vulpix and electrode! (im not sure if they had those errors)
and the vileplume!
My friend got a horsea, which was fire... idk if it is a delta card or actual fake one...
Is the darker background what makes the Raichu card special? Because I have that card, but it has a brighter background.
No, the only difference between Prerelease Raichu and a regular Raichu is that the Prerelease actually has the word "Prerelease" stamped onto the picture.
i have this charmander and charmeleon electric type card and idk if it is a error or something can you help
What are they ever Pokémon
I have a Torterra that says headsk
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