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Oasis- Up In The Sky

by westlifehateclub • 158,714 views

Another great track from Definitely Maybe - Up In The Sky.

starts off ''paperback writer'' then becomes its own-liams melody and voice make most oasis tracks unique and all the herd shout about how ''noel is the genius...''
Oasis - Up In The Sky (Definitely Maybe 1994)
i heard that the sheeiines gone outta yer liiiife
This song takes me back. Thanks!
@MinamuTV No, the beginning sounds more like the riff of Paperback Writer. But the whole melody of the song sounds exactly like Rain. Rain: When the suuun shiiine. Up in the Sky: When you're insiiiide me.
@marcustomo1 Definitely* Don't you dare misspell such a masterpiece.
@dfbhcf Really? I never thought that this beginning riff sounded like "Paperback Writer", I thought it was more rainy.
one of the best songs ever by Oasis- I can feel youuuuuuuuuuuu, can you feel meeeeeeeeeeee
It's not like Oasis copied The Beatles. The beginning only sounds like "Rain", not really the rest so much.
@mviejo1 There aint no bad nothing when it comes to Oasis.
Very well put together. Fookin' tops, mate!
didn't realize why i like this song so much, now i do!
@CWCC4 Personally I think Shakermaker is the worst song on the album, I would've released any of the other tracks ahead of it :/ Even Digsy's Dinner ;)
@liambrown0 Hahaaa...thank you man ! The main thing is that we all love Oasis, Monty Python or The Bottom (Rik Mayall)
Oasis are probably among 5 greatest bends ever !
Dear Sir or madam will read my boo - Oh, wrong song!
yeaaah m8! NICE TUNE RIIIGHT!!
Definitely maybe first album i eva got and its still the best!!! Up in the sky fucking great song!
@mviejo1 There aint no bad songs in any album made by oasis!
@liambrown0 Sorry, you're right man...but i'm from Croatia and i don't understand eNGLISH VERY WELL ;)))
want to hear the originial version from 1989? type in hey you noel gallagher
what's your favourite oasis song??? I love "sad song" and "don't look back in anger" *__*
this was the song used for Brian Cox's new show on science channel, wonders of the solar system, couldnt have picked a better track
The beginning pic: he looks like Rayden from Mortal Kombat.
there aint no bad song in Definitely Maybe!!!!!!!!
Does anyone agree with me that this song is fucking ridiculousity?
as soon as liam starts singing its fucking BAM!
@MrHomer11 well in that case well done coz i cant speak croatian!!!
1:25 ....ladies and gentleman the illegitimate child of mr. ian brown xD
Happy Brthday Paul 'Bonehead' Arthurs (June 23)
It does sound VERY similar to Rain by the Beatles... there was obvious inspiration there... however, listen to both of the songs one after another, and you will hear such a definite difference in the vocal performances... Lennon could never sing such a song as well as Liam... it makes Rain sound boring to hear this one.
i primi oasis erano grandi..poi hanno cominciato a fare i dementi..
@Diskobanger no song on definitely maybe was worst idiot
@misternoodle13 definitely! the line "i can feel you can u feel me" sounds so similar to "when the rain comes" and the overall melody and riff plus comparisms with "Up in the sky" and "Rain". Good call
why don't have a videoclipe of this great song? :\
This is just a piece of the masterpiece that is the album Definitely Maybe.
This song's best moment is when they used to blast it out at the end of Round Are Way in the Morning Glory. Always makes you feel fucking buzzing
@mviejo1 Twat... go and get laid and enjoy oasis!!!!!
jesus, I've never heard Liam's voice as nice as this, by far the best I've ever heard him sing.
Heard this jam for the first time on a promo for Pro. Brian Cox show Wonders of the Solar System and could not get it out of my head.
@rhys90210 so technically the stereophonics are a bit Oasis-ey xD
when they played wonderwall in the club i was in the other night the dancing literally stopped and people belted it other rock band could have done this also what a collosal tune this is!
first heard this about 5 years ago, this song just gets better and better
@byronmaine r u from usa. i luv americans wen they get the oasis vibe
@mviejo1 Married with Children is quite average, never liked it. But the rest is class.
best oasis song ever fukin awesome
haha! The first pic's awesome... bet all Liam's die-hard fans have that as a wallpaper! :P
@liambrown0 Yes...i saw some clips here on Youtube, but i'll have to download all the epizodes and the titles...because they talk so fast and English that is hard to understand a word
@MrHomer11 if like rik mayall u shud check 'the young ones' out
does anybody else think this sounds like rain by the beatles ?
This song and the ''Columbia'' are probably the best Oasis songs ever ! Listening them from 1995...when i saw ''Whatever'' spot on TV...
Oasis don't battle. They fucking war. HIMSHIE.
Liam is simply beyond words. Best vocalist of his generation? Fuckin' A right.
hey you up in the sky learning to fly!!!!!
great song great album great band but morning glory is a better album :)
I can feel youuuuuuuuuuuu, can you feel meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
1 fan of justin bieber don't like this song (:
BOLLOCKS TO WMG - Rejected but up & running! WARNER MUSIC GROUP - R.I.P
@redpillow100 the beatles r pussies compared to oasis
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