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Gotye, Somebody That I Used To Know - Acapella version

by Matthias Harris • 6,639,117 views

Acappella EP on iTunes

How do your knuckles Actually make those sounds in the opening? Steel plated finger tips?
Matthias harry has 13 illumate has 8 8-13=5 no illumate fuck sake
عيب عليك ياخي
Mathias Harris's a cappella version of Gotye and Kimbra's 2012 Grammy award-winning song, "Somebody That I Used to Know," is total genius.  His one-man-band approach is musicianship of the highest caliber.  It is mesmerizing to see and hear Mathias Harris perform this song brilliantly.  He's a force to be reckoned with.
You're dressed like a pretentious douche, but make no mistake, this is possibly the best acapella cover of anything I've ever heard,a nod you did it by yourself
Медведь мой так же может, особенно когда водки напьётся, то так на балалайке играет!
Достаточно неплохо но Mike Tompkins получше будет)
Amy Mooney Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
This is the most interesting remake of a video I have ever seen. Check this out +Gary Paulson​ Gotye, Somebody That I Used To Know - Acapella ve…:
Lol why? U hate this song?
It hurts my ears! LOL But each her own ;)
What program do you use? I want to do something like this but don't know how to combine videos like this.
wow. so cool. i like this. make the cover to russian song. please.
Τρομερό βίντεο......πωρώθηκα
thats not A Capella, your using a instrument
so you're going to nitpick a egg shaker and ignore all his work talent and tone? k then!
I wasn't saying that...
Better than the original!!!!!!
I honestly can't stop listening and watching this cover.  I just wish it weren't slightly out of sync! Regardless, fan-an-annnnntastic.
This is excellent! great great work! congrats from France! Go on!
Huzarzy Śmierci Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
no , niezwykłe;-D
Wow, this is awesome! Glad that I found your channel,  Matthias :) Can you do Otherside by RHCP? Would be great, I'm sure :) Greetings from Indonesia!
ESPECTACULAR ! Te felicito sinceramente, eres un gran artista. Saludo desde Colombia.
Gotye, Somebody That I Used To Know? - Acapella version Q3-Q4 2014 note
Great song, incredible arrangement, outstanding performances... and kinda sexy too.  (winking)
You are lucky you have a big talent 😃😃😃
OH MY GOSH it seems to be that i love you sweety :) great sound, sexy look 
Despoina Flouri Shared on Google+ · 5 days ago
Gotye, Somebody That I Used To Know - Acapella version:
Ficou da hora cara parabens!!
ainda mais com essa percusao de corpo é mo dificil me parça mais ta otimo parabens ta melhor q eu rsrsrs(sendo q ja estudei apenas uma vez isso )kkkkkkkkkk
your one of the only people that dosent fake "acapellas" good job
Como se llama el programa , para poder hacer este ensamble de voces ?
You looks like david de gea
Heck! I still love this song, and Matthew Harris makes it 10x better!
The first few seconds remind me of checking the camera in 5NAF
Unbelievable! Wow. Genius. 😃
Anyone Else Came Here From Pitch Perfect??
просто русский комент среди срача американцов 
How do you edit your videos? I would really like to know, seeing how I want to start making covers. 
like you, and i like you, an i like you
excellent job of curiosity can you tell me How much time invested in performing?
why did the korean crap gangnam style became a hit again?
Pitch perfect buddy. Very, very nice. Thx for this Song. I love it
This guy is sooo hot!!!
Eres demasiado guapo y cantas genia es todo lo que tengo por decir XD 
Very nice! Thank you so much for posting this! I really enjoy! :)
Пацан красавчик, это сколько терпения нужно иметь)) Респект :D
Totally worth watching! Great talent!
Incredible! Is there an android app for this? Where you can collage multiple videos at once?
صورتك فضحتك xD
I Can't StopING Restart This Song
really really impressed!
Marry me! no... seriously! 
Que bonito video, gracias Enviado desde Samsung tablet -------- Mensaje original -------- De "Google+ (CATALINA ARANGO SIERRA)" <****@**> Fecha: 03/11/2014 15:45 (GMT-05:00) A ****@** Asunto impresionante impresionante Responde a este correo electrónico para comentar públicamente en Google+. O bien accede a la publicación de CATALINA ARANGO SIERRA » Responde a este correo electrónico y comenta lo que quieras. CATALINA ARANGO SIERRA ha compartido esto contigo. Silenciar a CATALINA ARANGO SIERRA para dejar de recibir sus notificaciones. Silencia las novedades de esta publicación. Esta notificación se ha enviado a ****@** Accede a la configuración de envío de notificaciones para actualizar la dirección. Quiero darme de baja de estos correos. Consejo de privacidad: protege tu información. Elimina tu firma electrónica antes de responder. Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA
I think I love you that voice!
Fantastic! lots of soul too :)
chất quá (y) đỉnh quá (y) 
OMG  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so nice
Beautiful! Great performance.
OH MY GOD! It's really awesome!
Simply said...amazing and very talented!!
ماله نفس هههههه
Increíble. Saludos y gracias 😊
DAMN, great job!! And youre kind of a hottie <3
wow he is realy good and cuts on doing it all yourself
Yes, you have the skill dude, that's cool !!!
if i can met u.. hahahah,, if,, 
Florian Flo Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Dieses interessante Video habe ich auf YouTube gefunden:
Nice man) i love music
fantasico ma come fa a fare tutto ciò?
dude when I found this............I love this song!! Awesome
Mahyar Ghermezi Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
از آدمهای نیمه‌تعطیلی که یکشنبه‌ها را زیبا می‌کنند.
برای آنها که می‌پرسند اینجا چه خبر است
فقط رقص دختران ایرانی
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