How-To Repair Blue Screen and Safe Mode

by BetaFlux • 2,979,810 views

This video will explain how to start your computer in safe mode. Which can be helpful if your pc will not start normally. One of my next vids will delve into the registry and show you how to delete...

My problem is there is no device referenced. The error code I get is not listed in MS help or googling it. After 0x0000001E my numbers are out in the ozone somewhere. I receive the following #'s (0xFFFFFFFFC0000005, 0XFFFFF8000E8FED79,0X0000000000000000, 0XFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF) No known that I can find reference to what this code points to. Any ideas on finding what the codes point to?
+Sam Moss So you have already tried swapping the memory? reinstall windows using the repair option and it may be ok.
+BetaFlux yeah its not a memory issue, came to the conclusion my code points to a driver issue and video driver at that, i did a gfx driver update and hopefully that'll clear up the stop code, I'm thinking my old driver was somehow corrupted and had other old drivers mixed in with it thus causing the conflict; this time I scrubbed out the old driver completely (registry too) and went with the latest greatest. before i had not gotten rid of some of the older registry files on the last update. you know amd they come out with an update every few months and if you don't scrub 'em out completely it comes back to haunt ya.
Please help when i click safemode it just goes to that blue screen
Look at the down-left-edge of the video at 4:48 CONFIRMED
After I pressed f8 and selected safe mode it just went back to the Blue screen what do I do?? I haven't recently installed anything idk why its doing this
You may not have a software issue, read your blue screen at the top and see if it lists a cause or file name, then read the first set of numbers at the bottom and google them for more info.
I have a asrock z87m pro4 mother board, msi gtx 970 GPU, intel i5 4570 3.2ghz processor and 12 gb of RAM and I always get game crashes when playing online, watching a youtube video (or very rarely on my home screen with no programs open) but never get them when gaming offline, sometimes it will crash and i will get a blue screen but i can't for the life of me figure out why.  I know it's not the temp as (even though under a ton of stress) my cpu temp programs display a safe working temp. I have even gone through the trouble of removing the side cover and placing a full sized desk fan right next to my tower to keep it cool (overkill i know) and i still sometimes get this problem.  Any thoughts? 
You might try hooking up a usb wireless network adapter to see if it is your onboard network card. or it could be a bad network cable. 
Can you help me? I have not a driver error. My error is 0x0000000D1 i think.
after i hit f8 and click safe mode it goes straight back to the blue screen ... and the blue screen only appears for about 5 seconds then it restarts its self and do the same thing? any suggestions
I m able to go in safe mode and my erroris stop : 0*0000000A (0*0000001c ,0*000000002,0*00000001,0*82EoE71E) what shud i do in safe mode and i have no cd rom and i was updating my drivers from driver booster software and i have alrdy use restore settings no restore point
when i start google chrome it work properly for the next hr than the pointer of mouse get stoped at a place on screen and the screen get black and at the top right hand corner i see VGA in capital letters, smtimes my computer take an unexpected shutdown and the blue screen occurs. so what should i do nw to stop dis prblm??
Hey,does anyone here know how to remove a rootkit?Tried Avast,Microsoft Security Essentials,AVG but nope,no results.What is more worse is that its actuallyd deleting some of my games.I no longer have Far Cry 3,NFS,Minecraft on my laptop and it can actually get worse.Help!
 Win7 I have three hard drives in my computer and all had the same problem, it took me a long time to find the cause, I had run the memory test several time it said no problem, in the end I decided to remove the silver battery short out across the terminals put in new one, when I started it up it checked the memory in a different way and said there was a problem with one of my memory strips even told me which one, removed that memory, I do have 4 in there, haven't had the problem since.
No matter what I do it wont work
I need to know what your stop error code is, just the first set of #'s
Windows lacks in some features, I just use due to some software monopoly, I running Linux (Lubuntu 14.04 LTS) x86 on 2GB intel integrated graphics Intel pentium dual core notebook and it's faster than running Windows 8 x64 on a 4GB amd hd6290 Intel Core i3 notebook, the flash videos runs smoother, firefox is faster running linux.
my problem is 0x00000116 video cart shit
PLS HELP ME !!!!!!! HOW TO FIX               ''''''HARDWARE MALFUNCTION'''''''....:D
Can you help? I get a blue screen that pops up. But all it does is restarts the computer. It takes long to load, but it loads successfully. And for some reason, it only seems to happen when I run an antivirus scan from Avast. It'll get to a specific point. Than the screen will pop up again, and restart my computer. And I'm never connected to the internet, because I dont have that. I'm using my phone to comment. Please help.
It isn't doing anything, but I'm afraid it will eventually cause a Blue Screen of Death.
+Lee Swords its very obvious bruh, the problem is your anti virus.
Mine won't even open in safe mode. :( It starts to, but then just throws me back to normal start up, and either a black screen or this BSOD!! Don't have the disc it came with or another computer - at my wits end here!!???
Ended up having to 'restore to factory settings'. Was the only way around this!! Have had a lot of trouble with it crashing and running slowly since, but I'm starting to sort it out now and it's running a bit better.
How do you restor it to factory settings I want to try that and see if it works
My Pc is custom built and seems to do this every 2 weeks..I hate these..And you know it's gonna do it because when it's working really hard and I got like 30 web pages running it'll freeze up and then after about 2 min. blue screen and it has various ones: One saying about a error in the Kernel Page something..One saying about disabling shadowing or caching in Bios memory..Just annoying..They need to invent a PC that has no blue screen and freeze up features ever.
its not only to me my friend,the whole city im in has the same problem,i play TF2 on steam,it does that thru history i saw,so valve(the company)will just have to patch it up and all is better :D
so is this shit some one hacking and steeling?
When I try to open safe mode it starts to load then sends me to a blue screen it sends me to a blue screen with every option there is. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!
When you are at the blue screen you have to read it and look for a file name that may be referenced near the top, Also near the bottom you have to look at the stop error code and google it for more info on what may be causing it to crash.
.I get blue screen when my computer restarts after installing video card drivers . what's that problem? could it be that my video card is damaged? or have some other hardware problem ? I havent changed my hardaware its been the same for 3 years and this is happening since 3 months ago....I have also downloaded and installed the video drivers from the manufacturer website and same thing happens .. pls help me
If you can't fix your computer I recommend you to get a screwdriver and open up your computer. Then take the hard drive out. Go to the store and get a hard-disk to USB tool and go to a working computer and copy all your important data.
my problem is this my computer say Windows 7 Start-up Problems
hey, I get a blue screen but with out any error, it comes when i try to install OS and i am unable to open my safe mode gimme a solution
Well off the top of my head without seeing your pc, I would assume it was a bad hard drive, or the CD Rom is not reading the setup disk properly, fingerprints maybe?
+BetaFlux Thanks buddy... anyway I took a backup of that hard drive with Hiren boot CD.. :)
i am just connected with net and updated windows  now every thing working fine ..this may works for all...
i saw this pop up on my laptop and i was like uh-uh u aint gon do this today!! and took out the battery lol
known as blue screen of death
Thanks alot. The thing I needed to do was like this, Uninstal my graphicscard(geforce gt msi 610} reboot my computer he askedfor an update of the latsest version I installed it and now !! My p work GREAT!!  again thank you very much :) PS. it was on windows 7 64 -bit
I got a blue screen and now my monitor wont pick up the hdmi signal when I turn the computer back on? I've tried 3 time, I don't know what to do.
HDMI cable are cheap. try using a regular connector and see what happens, or get another hdmi cable, if you don't buy an expensive thick one they are not very durable.
This is for windows7?   i got blue screen cause  playing high games... PLEASE HELP sorry for my lg:(
+BetaFlux  Thank you for asnwer but now what i need to do? to buy new hardware? sorry for my english:)
+jiliazko georgiev no new hardware, just clean the dust from inside your pc. sounds like it is getting to hot. get a can of air from bestbuy or radio shack or walmart or someplace like that.
My laptop keeps typing on its own How to fix? Please help me
My code is 0x000000f4
Usually that is a code given when there is a hardware problem, I would try to run a chkdsk scan on your drive, if it will not boot long enough to do that then you may have to plug your hard drive into a working pc to run the scan.
Ok I did safe mode in my laptop put the death screen popped up. Plz melp me cause I'm going to cry cause all my folders are on that laptop plz help im beging
When you are at the blue screen you have to read it and look for a file name that may be referenced, Also near the bottom you have to look at the stop error code and google it for more info on what may be causing it to crash. you can pull your hard drive out and plug it into a working pc to get your files back and sometimes the working pc will even do a scan and fix your hard drive.
I cant open my computer
Help plz mine wont start up in safe mode or even any mode its keeps showing the blue screen an restarts my computer every damn time
What is iRQl_not_less_or_eQual ??
bsod yet often doing win7 my computer also. another solution what?
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It gives me a bluescreen when i launch in safe mode :(
hello. actually when my pc is going on blue screen i wait 10-15 sconds and automatically restart my pc and go on save mode...what is this ?? can some1 help
Well i think skype coz that to me and i cannot even uninstall it coz its like it doesnt exist on safe mode i can click uninstall but it says unable coz of some shitt then i brought it to previous condition like 1 month ago and now works proper
THANK YOU! It helped very much!
and ppl that BSOD message is not appearing when starting my PC its appearing when watching utube videos and other videos from other sites help plz?????
Usually when my computer blues screens it crashes too.There's only a split second between blue screen and crash.It's been a while since I had that problem.Whenever my computer blue screens I run spy bot search and destroy and remove any spyware detected.Then I run microsoft security essentials and remove any viruses detected.I guess any legit antispyware and antivirus software would fix any problems.If the spyware or virus seems to return everyday then do a system restore to date before it began after removing it.
i had a blue screen of death along time ago and i restarted my pc without safe mode and it worked
Hi guys, i'm on Pavilion dv7, so yesterday, i booted my pc, then, after the 'starting windows' screen appears, the blue screen appears for a very short period of time, then the pc restarts by itself, and it keeps happenning all over again, i took quick shot of it, it says: a problem has been detected then UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME, so i used 3rd safe mode option, and when it starts reading the drivers it blocks at CLASSPNP.SYS, and btw i've been playing GTA 4 for a couple of days, performance was good, then this problem occured. Any help or suggestions guys?
If you use the F8 key while your pc is first booting it will bring up the safe mode screen, there you will see a setting to turn off or disable auto restart, that way the blue screen will stay up so you can read it, 
omg i had this problem with my pc for the first time this night.. Anybody that know how to fix it with a windows 7 pc? Got a Dell Inspiron 620s that can't be older then 3-4 years.. Have also notice that my pc is very slow at starting up recently... Could i buy some sort of software that can fix it?
+HelmetVanga Yeah i thought that to.. But now it runs good again..  So maybe it was just having a bad week.. lol
Thanks man I fixed my pc. I don't need to spend money to fix. Thanks a lot !
if i get blue screen i shut down my computer and i restart it normaly and when it open is black screen...
when i press f8 it spams loading files and heaps of file names then just freezes and crashed, restarts, crashes, restarts, crashes, turns on, super super loud so i have to unplug it from the power.
My computer won't boot in safe mode at all, It actually returns to the same blue screen ( blue screen of death )...I don't know if this may be the cause but yesterday I tried a disk clean-up and then cancelled it because it was taking long. So what am I supposed to do to fix this problem?
The Safe mode Have a function with any file has been caused in the blue screen of death ( Or the BSOD) ?
Hi I have an Acer Aspire 4752. As i press the power button it makes 4 successive clunking sounds followed by one long clunking sound..       The problem started, my frientd took the laptop, as per him, he watche the movies and inserted old DVD. after insertion of few DVDs the pc freezed. so he directly pressed the power button directly. Here's what happened. When I power on the laptop, the boot screen shows up with logo(stuks there) and shows the line press <F2> to enter the setup, with the progress bar below, moves up to 75%. When I press F2 or F12, is says waiting.... But the progress bar doesn't go 100%. I tried waiting up to about 30 minutes but there's no luck, the system won't let mo go to setup bios or boot menu. I tried removing the hard disk ang booting it but the same problem occurs. i tried to flash the drive as per some tutorial in youtube but i didn't know which file to rename as the file i downloaded was different from what they showed in videos. Can you suggest me anything I can do? By the way here is my system specs: Intel Corei3-235M Intel HD graphics3000 2 GB DDR3 memory  500GB HDD. DVD drive. thank you
Make your friend pay you the damage.It is not your fault,you dont have to struggle to fix it.Your friend broke it,your friend is going to fix it,either by buying you a new PC/Laptop,or giving you money to fix the damage by removing the failed parts.
thank u thank u thank u sooooooooooooo much
my screen is froze on the blue screen, f8 wont work I read that space bar can work but that's not working for me either, I cant get the blue screen to go away to try anything else, anyone know why I cant get past it?
i got win32k.sys today...had to reistall windows 7 :( i hope there wasent a fix because i lost alot of stuff already 
thats the same one that i saw and took out the battery before anything bad happened
This is a computer undesirable mode. For hidden files or folders. Search into XP into Windows or Linux and Mac. This is not a laptop, A computer.
i have 2 devices which have that mark in yellow color is that mark is in yellow color????
The Safe mode Have a function with any file has been caused in the blue screen of death ( Or the BSOD) ?
Ok but after? What should i do from where to get a new driver??
Sorry for the late reply.. I have this problem too (can't even start on safe mode or anything, then goes to blue screen and it wont let me read it, when windows logo starts, then a sudden pause, goes to a blue screen for about 0.0000009 seconds.. Please help. I was about to install windows 7 ultimate then an update pop out, so I performed it, (the update has 22 files to download)after that , Restarted then that happens, I really need to use my RedFox PC because I have something to do in Minecraft.
Alsy my SP(Service Pack) is 3.
ok How To Repair Blue Screen Win 7 remov ati or Generic PnP Monitor
I don't know the blue screen of the death is a one on into one DELL computer is failed or the safe mode into it's the Windows, Mac or Linux, Devices or uninstalling adapter.
i try to safe mode and i fix problem broo!! thank you very much :D
how to fix the blue screen error: Registry_error
man can u help me? i have a laptop hp pavilion anyway and when i leave it for some time and goes off automatically i mean the screen goes black you know like all other pcs and when i go to open  my pc with any button from my keyboard i get blue screen exactly the same blue screen you show us at start   plz help ??
listen people if you dont know how to fix your computer just take it to a tech support in your area and they check every thing it may be a little pricey now some times blue screens wont let you in to safe mode or any thing cause some thing happened take it to tech support 
hey sir , this is my problem :( i know the benifits of safe mode now but i cant do antyhing if my keyboard cant function because of that fucking blue screen
thats nice i hope you could teach some of your's  technics  cause i really want to learn from the experts 
in my compyter some .dll file hes make blue screen
Antivirus Tech Support 1800 935 0537
Blue screen cant be fixed
We'll get to a google search into Mzu_Drv.sys?
I can't open safe mode .. why? I use windows 7 vista
what we do after uninstall display adapters?
My problem is when i start playing or watching something it freeze and a noise comes like bzzz and when i restart my computer from the front and comes in desktop it pops out windows error message that says blue screen OS:..... i cant really find the problem i changed ram but didn't work,should i replace the power supply or remove everything from the hard disk someone help pls
Sounds like a video problem, try uninstalling the video device then reboot and it will re-install itself.
you can fix the blue screen use antivirus
i have this problem when i want to instal realtek AC97 and i dont know what i can doo :( please help mee ...
You have to make sure you have the proper driver and it is best to not install the control panel. Just the driver.
krl video de 2006 '-' quem é BR curti ae :3
Most likely it is your video or sound. turn your pc off, then unplug any USB devices you have and restart, keyboard, printer etc.. then if that does not help, go into device manager and look for a device that has the exclamation mark next to it, Driver IRQ is coming up because two devices are sharing the same port, uninstall one of them restart and then let windows reinstall it and they will be fixed. device manager instructions are in this video.
When i run the computer in safe mode the desktop won't load... After minutes of waiting : A PROBLEM HAS BEEN DETECTED AND WINDOWS NEEDS TO RESTART
Thank you !!!! Thank you !!!! Thank you !!!! Could not have fixed this without ya! i am VERY appreciative of your video!!
Lmao video is from 2006 
:/ none of these work it just takes me to the blue screen again
He ends csrss.exe with the MZU_DRV in uninstall?
Awesome!! Sure this will help the noobs man! :D
+Ace Tabuada Whatever. You're a dick, so we're square.
i need computor help: i got a viruss alert and i clicked x and that delettes the virus, rite? it kept warning me abbout the virus so i delited the antivirus thingy & now teh warning is gone.... wat do i do?
Mines an aqua screen with no text
STOP 00000xc017 Unhalled Exebtion
hey my is window 7 how to repair it? when i was playing game it suddenly appear this blue screen error but when i want surffing internet like play fb it did not appear it what should i do? can u help me? i cant even play a proper game :(
Sounds like your video device might be getting hot, like when you play games it uses more power and gets hotter. check to see if there is a fan or heat sink on your video card and make sure it is clean.
gay drivers cause blue screen
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