A new 3D frontier in Google Earth for mobile

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http://www.google.com/earth/explore/products/mobile.html Google Earth has always been a fantastic place to start a virtual journey to any location in the world. Our new 3D imagery of entire...

This don't work in the Philippines
You're all a bunch of whining assholes, apple did this, or apple didn't do that shut up & get a grip
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Veja este vídeo no YouTube:
روووعة جدا أنصحكم بالتحميل
روووعة جدا أنصحكم بالتحميل
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"Todos estamos matriculados na escola da vida, onde o mestre é o tempo."
real amazing ,i like so much
ลองดูวิดีโอนี้บน YouTube:
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 اللهم إني ظلمت نفسي ظلماً كثيراً ، ولا يغفر الذنوب إلا أنت ، فاغفر لي مغفرة من عندك وارحمني إنك أنت الغفور الرحيم 
A New Way to Soar Above Your Favorite Cities in 3D on Mobile! - "...new 3D imagery of entire metropolitan areas brings a new frontier to your fingertips. Also, the new tour guide makes exploring the world even easier by suggesting landmarks or natural wonders that you might not know to search for." Read more: A new 3D frontier in Google Earth for mobile #googleearth   #3d   #mobile   #smartphones   #mobilephones   #tech   
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Nah that doesnt make sense. Google built maps from ground up while Apple just bought it then claimed they developed it giving the original devs no credit. Just like Siri. All Apple does is introduce outdated technology, then plaster "revolutionary" on it, overhype it then sell it for 10 times its cost. Google as you can see from the JB keynote actually did a hell of a lot of work with a simple version upgrade when Apple did basically nothing even though they jumped a generation (5 to 6). iDrones
And that has absolutely nothing to do with Google allegedly copying Apple.
...and, well, a really well-designed computer. Don't think in such one-dimensional terms as those of the specs sheet. Think INSTEAD of the raw POWER CONTAINED WITHIN that GLOWING, SHINY, BRIGHT APPLE OHH GLORIOUS DAWN ANOINT ME WITH THY FRUIT AND PERMIT ME TO EAT AT THE FEET OF STEVE JOBS HIMSE–
You should get a writ soon for leaving the preset volume at max thus damaging the loudspeakers and / or hearing of people with high value equipment/personal stereo connected to their PCs, you are total idiots.
People, its available now!!! For PC!! Just go to google maps page and use webGl
I use google earth EVERY DAY ALL DAY
Please, fanboy. Let the grown ups talk. Apple inovated nothing, they FUNDED innovators and BOUGHT said innovators copyrights, etc. That's smart business. However, Google, Android, RIM, etc, were all working on touch screen. Apple didn't re-invent the smartphone, they just were the first to release the new tech. They should get credit for that, but, as much as I admire Jobs and his Company, they're fueled by Heaven like most people buy into. They have GREAT marketing, and often superior DESIGN
You do know that google earth and maps have been around for a pretty damn long time right?
Apple bought three companies to do this, and it took them years. Google was also working on this for multiple years, but the image quality wasn't high enough and the elevation data wasn't precise enough. This isn't something that can be done in a few weeks. Sure, they can license imaegs and data, but that doesn't magically manifest itself into an Android, iOS, and PC program without any work. Google Earth is a giant program, and you can't add 3D buildings to a program like that in a few weeks.
Naah. What we really want now is to travel through street view, like with a car in the same way as the built in Flight simulator in Google Earth. Not much new things that are exciting in Google Earth for a very long time now.
Textures can't match Apples, but the areas covered seem bigger. Hope they keep it up
Apple didn't invent 3D buildings (like how they didn't invent touch screens), but like with the touch screens, Google still copies. 3D maps were available for desktop but Apple was the first to bring it mainstream on mobile. And please answer this (instead of avoiding): How did Apple maps copy Google maps?
(2/2) or that people who like Google are better than people who like Apple. Both companies aim at a different audience, and do so successfully, so I don't see a point in arguing over who is better. I understand the need to justify yourself, but really, it's getting pretty tiring having to sift through arguments trying to find an actual comment that's relevant to the video.
Nice video but why not give credit to the musical artist? You know, attribution, Creative Commons.
And? What is your point? Did they leave it like that? The same cluttered up Android 1 UI and system? No. Android has come a long way, run circles around iOS and jokes like you just keep denying it just to justify that over-hyped glass encased brick of a smartphone. The development work Google does is far, far greater than that of Apple, a company that until now showed off how "secure" OSX is until a virus hit it. Then they switched "most secure OS" to "safe OS". Apple and their iDrones lmao
As for Apple, well, when did Apple make such a good search engine XD That's the only thing I use Google for! That and gmail!
looks like a nice feature in future, but at the moment it's the best they can get with such low res photos. trees look like they are green rocks. pathetic.
So you're saying you're a no life yammering on about a company you hate and wasting your life time.
I downloaded the desktop client in hopes of seeing the new 3D maps going too. I can only imagine that they've got different teams for each client... and i'm with you, it is really annoying that there isn't a total parallel between all versions.
anonymous my ass And i knew people were stupid anyways for being Google Fans, but I at least expected you to understand the second part was sarcasm.
I do because that other guy keeps saying "Google is so awesome, they made the maps from the ground up, they dont buy data, blah blah blah"
google is still my favorite company, they r just awesome
Why is this even a debate? You can see who owns the copyrights to what you're looking at in Google Earth on Desktop - right at the bottom of the screen it tells you when and who they got the images from. Very few images are owned by Google, but who cares?
Switch his words around. "Apple wants to make our world a better place. Google wants to fill their pockets with ad money." Now you say "A Google user will never agree with this. lol fandroids :P"
i use google earth for my job in a real estate appraisal office downtown and was very stoked to see this was being released so fast. then i find out it's only for mobile. how backwards is that...the phone gets the 3d cities before the computer? seriously google come on lol. i need to be soaring over cities on the 26'' monitor at my job, surveying instead of "oh cool it looks crispy clean on my....4.3 smartphone screen..."
track* anonymous habits* There I fixed it for you. You got the second part right though.
No funciona para celulares en argentina :-(
No, really. Why can't I view this on a desktop?
I feel sorry for you if you don't have unlimited data plan.
Dkm sao ko hỗ trợ samsung galaxy mini
The problem is your facts are wrong. First of all, Google unveiled these maps weeks before Apple did. Secondly, there is no way any company can come out with a feature like this in a few months - Google has been working on this technology for years, so unless they have a time machine, they didn't copy Apple.
Wow, people seriously have no lives if they come here, and waste their time yammering on about a certain company they hate...
No words... you just told me I'm right and the guy I'm fighting with (who said Google makes all the data and doesn't buy it) is wrong so.... thanks XD My 'research' is defending me quite well actually. Maybe if you followed this fight you would be less of an idiot instead of calling others one, idiot.
Whether Google or Apple made it first or they bought it,Who cares.cant we just enjoy the fucking technology guys
1) Google Sketchup creations are completely different from the new 3D maps. My game from the 90's has 3D buildings in it! So what? COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TECHNOLOGY! 2) What about Apple Maps? They didn't copy Google (unless you think Google invented maps)
I think both companies (Apple and Google) hopped on the 3D cities bandwagon at about the same time. I mean how else could they have been announced at the same time? The problem I have with this is the way that Google doesn't want to put it on desktop Google Maps, because they might want to sell more Android devices. I know Apple's doing the same, but I think Google should still cater for their PC users, rather than leaving their PC users in the dust in order to compete with Apple.
An Apple user will never agree with this. Its exactly what keeps them in that ecosystem, lol ignorance. Also why they are known as iSheep :P
amo los delfines¡¡¡¡ Hoooo!!! DIOS MIO!!!! que hermoso es nadar con ellos.......jamás olvidaré esos momentos que vivi. ¡¡¡Tan felíz!!!! junto a ellos y a mis compañeras de ruta.....Estela Arce de Mar del Plata
It's kinda slow on the iPad the 3d buildings take forever settle
"Google took an algorithm and applied it a lot more successfully than yahoo." Isn't that pretty much exactly what you described in the second half of your comment?
Only for mobile. Stupidity at all.
Yes it does. I'm saying that Apples C3 acquisition was very public, so Google would know. They quickly developed/bought 3D mapping data (hence, the lower quality), made the maps, and purposely announced it at a seperate maps event a week before WWDC just to say they were first (cough, cough LOSERS). They had I/O to do that but thats just how pathetic they are. And user-made 3D maps don't even compare to photorealistic maps (really different technology).
I don't get why you're here. Since you're on a Google video almost no one is going to side with you, so this is a fruitless battle. On the internet people tend to get riled up about their favourite products and have these "debates" (i.e. attempts at putting themselves above others). Personally, I agree with Google more than I do with Apple, and I think what Google has done is superior. However, I see the appeal in Apple and don't think people who like Apple are better than people who like Google
1) If you know how lawsuits work, Apple would have been kicked out of the courts long ago if Samsung/HTC didn't copy anything, which they did 2) If you're saying Google connected the world through search, there were many others before (i.e., yahoo). Let's see, Apple re-invented the phone, the tablet, created the first consumer PC, etc. Google's pathetic for copying everything about Apple
If you watched the video (/watch?v=_7BBOVeeSBE&feature=p­lcp) you would know that Google's new 3D maps are horrible, and those old 'user-made' ones were even worse.
Google didn't invent this... they just made their maps better for their users and now you Apple fanboys thinks if Google gets better they must've copied Apple first.
parlo solo italiano come posso capire?
You do know this feature has been available on the PC for years now right?
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