Official Zombungee Launch Trailer

by TouchGameplay • 1,268 views

Zombungee by Aenji Ltd. Once in one of the distant villages there used to live people and zombies. They lived in peace, at least people thought so. When seeing people zombies put a fake friendly...

@smaug131 First of all this is not a rip-off. This only similar gameplay mechanics. Other staff is unique.
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that's a Garden Gnome Carnage rip-off >:(
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@sashathesaint And a similar stile... It's in winter, the building looks the same, even the minions look the same! Zynga atleast tried to make it look different... And in a minigame
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@sashathesaint @sashathesaint Part 2: ... The gameplay is the most important thing. They did add some fun stuff, but so far I know not a lot.
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