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Meat Cereal - Epic Meal Time

by Epic Meal Time • 2,958,217 views

LIKE/FAV this video EpicMealTime puts together a ridiculous video for a ridiculous meal: bowls of cereal made entirely out of meat and covered in gravy instead of milk. BUY AWESOME TSHIRTS!!!...

I have a message and it's going to be very forward. Do not be offended, rather view it solely as information. By 2050 our oceans will be dead from the 100 + billion animals each year we harvest out of the ocean. The dead zones we've created in the ocean of hypoxia are killing all marine wildlife. We are witnessing a major extinction of the ocean life and it will ripple around the world and not in a good way. The vegan fucking cows are the oceans biggest predators with 90% of small fish are made into pellets for them to fatten them up faster. This is utter madness and if you all want a planet to live on and for mankind and future generations we are reaching that critical point NOW. If we don't do something dramatically we won't be around much longer. If everyone in the world ate a western diet we would need 2 planets to sustain us and the one we have....well she is dying. The right to destroy the planet is not a choice anymore. We DON'T NEED meat (and please no arguments about this, there wouldn't be numerous vegan doctors, athletes and millions of people) and we are killing ourselves to please our tongue. NOT WISE. The pollution from factory farming exceeds all worldly transportation. Are we willing to trade all life on the planet, even our own, for fucking taste buds? Are you all kidding me?  And im being mean? Your forks and knifes are the new weapons of mass destruction. WAKE THE FUCK UP. I'm offering the solution. It is a much less violent one and a much much cleaner one and a waaay healthier one. This is our home we only have one and their are other nations of beings on it. Let's respect them and be the caretakers of the earth, not it's destroyers. Vegan. (Not a popular idea I know but its because im in the 1600's telling people slavery is bad kinda thing)
How you ever heard of reproduction? Yeah...
Have kids so i can eat them
Jesus, Harley looked like freakin Zach Galifinikinas back then
fucking disgusting!!  
+Chipper Python-Seven am i not allowed to watch this then?  or think it's disgusting?  living a full and satisfying life is SUCH a bliss!!  but apparently not for everyone...
were they high when they edited it? lmao
Dave said in an episode of Man Alive that he fell asleep while editing this episode so he might as well have been lol. 
Wow, I can practically smell the testosterone from here. Phew, damn.
This video looks so delicious -
what the hell was wrong with this episode
soundeffects like a boss :D
LMFAO Man Alive brought me here, and i fucking forgot how classic this was xD. 10/10 would recommend.
What in the actual fuck.
meat cereal heck yeah
Epic Meal Crime : Criminals of the Kitchen
them sound effects though
Lol I thought I was the only one who noticed how bizarre this episode was hahahah no offense xD
Epic Meal Time on acid
+Jay Evan so people who don't like the flesh of other beings don't belong on the internet? are you saying that because the internet is full of stupid people? 
The only meat in your cereal are these nuts
love it guys you are great
I wonder if you guys get diarrhea for doing this
They'll get extreme cases of diabetes.
"Now my dick's bigger because I put gravy on my cereal"
Im disapointed that you have to pay..
This would be EMT in an alternate universe.
I LOVE YOU MUSCLE GLASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The sound effect sound nasty
Wut just happened in the last three minutes and forty eight seconds?!
Muscles glasses is like Chuck Norris he doesn't sleep, he waits😎 #WeMissYouMusclesGlasses
I love to watch epic meal time on the morning where I wake up hungry but have no real chance of eating anything till later. This shit always takes away my hunger because they make disgusting ass food. I love it. But sure is epic to see bastardization of food like that.
i wanna make the bacon candy crunch! :D
directed by Michael Bay
So we're they eating the cereal with milk or was that ice cream or something?!?
Well there's something don't see every day.
Frosted ministeaks is really good for you head i think
I'm still debating if this is a Japanese commercial, or one hell of a drug trip..
Watching EMT wile making candied bacon. Slightly burned the candied bacon. But it's still candied bacon. Don't kill me please.
These fuckers must have iron guts... No they must be made of titanium and other alloys to digest this shit and not get sick.
I love the beginning with the "Good morning mussels" and when he whispers "candy bacon crunch"
danm now i'm hungry for bacon
Special effect overload XD
I love the candy bacon and chicken pops.
The "gravy" looks FUCKING DISGUSTING, like baby pike and milk combined with foreskin shavings.
I almost threw up at my desk...
How can the dude with the sunglasses keep his muscles? Alcohol and too many calories... I mean I don't judge U and I actually don't care about your diet but I mean seriously how does that work????? :O
Their worst episode.
+GenuineDorito I don't know, but statistically, this has the most dislikes of any of their videos. It's probably due to the corny sound effects and stuff. I still think it's cool and it has MusclesGlasses in it :D .. :c
I can't tell whether this is a japanese commercial or a HUGE drug thing..
Oh. My. God. Flashbacks to TV Shop in the '90s. Haha fucking YouTube Gold!
I'm always hungry after I watch these
This makes me cry with happiness
What the duck did I just watch:0
Them FX broo. Them mothaf*squark*ing FX broo. I love them so hard :-P
uh this is breakfast, shouldn't they be pouring cheez whiz on their cereal?
I want to see muscles real face
I bet people dislikeing this channel are vegan
Im surprised none of them are fat fucks yet.
people who dislike emt videos need more bacon in there life... and a kick in the trunk
What kind of weird gravy do you have in America? You heathens
They live in Canada.
I want some frosted mini steaks!
They must have been shrooming when the edited this one lmao.
It's been many months since I have seen these guys and I guess based on the sound effects, animations and such they went even further with the EPICNESSS
I have remixed this with cereal time. give it a watch on my page.
its fucked up that this makes me hungry
Epicmealtime was already fucked up, but this just defines the word internet.
Oh God, they have bacon seahorses in their oven.
This is a real mans breakfast.
damn this video pissed off so much veges
Your guys should start goes to soup kitchens. :/
I want Tyler's shirt
I feel like this forced me to take drugs through my eyes.
there was a weight loss ad before this!!!
Am I only one who finds Muscles Glasses both scary and awesome at the same time?
Damn u I want the bacon pancakes now
oh my god jack daniels with milk & meat
Muscles glasses is hot. Ridiculously so.
WTF IS THIS? like ''Epic Meal Time lost episod''
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