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6 in 1 Tomahawk

by GamingTheatreHD • 26,664 views

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It's not fake... They had a previous round the guy didn't use it in and he used it there at the beginning of the match. They all decided to go one way and non of them had flak jacket on so there u go...
@eriknumber9 are u fuckin stupid! its search and destroy
@DTBdownthebayou how can u record a fake match? & why oh why would somene spend all that time trying to get that lucky shot on the car?
@Boroviac who the fuck are you, people doubt and people belive thats the way the world goes, your arguement is void because you dont have a piont so fuckoff and die :).
@Boroviac i thought it was an amazing clip that you all would like to see thats why i posted it
@IRSxSniipzzZ then... how did some one on the opposite team get the kills?
Fake.... Surely some1 would have flak jacket and they don't all go the same way. For me at least.
If this isn't fake it's awesome!!!!
this is realllly old i first saw this when black ops came out
@GamingTheatreHD This was my video, i put i ton youtube to begin with = /
so after that the game crashed of awesomeness?
I have never seen every last player on the team take that single route before...
@1justinbieberisagirl Yea, but not that much plp get RC-XD cars in SnD so that was kinda luck.
no fucking way, thats a sick clip
Bad Quality but nice Tomahawk.
if you have such a doubtable clip at least make it longer so it looks more legit
that was epic mate well fuking played bro
This isn't a 6 in 1 tomahawk, that's just another 6 in 1 RC-XD. I'm actually getting tired of this.
holy shiz dude tht was legendary awesome :D
That was mother TRUCKING EPIC well played
Was that the final killcam? SICK, I know you stole this vid but still sick!
wow imagine how much bullshit those guys thought i was i believe this it happend to me in summit and in jungle once hahaha but it only killed 2 people and in summit just me
@mranderson521 i can tell that you dont play...
@Penguinman3000 because the enemy hit it kills the whole team
nah it wasnt de tomahawk the car blew up b4 de tomahawk hit anywhere
@trentoboy260 Technically, he killed them with a tomahawk, by hitting the RC
this was in xjaws top 5 plays /watch?v=zK9W1ICut9g
i saw this on the community clips section!!!!
@Boroviac the best thing to do man is just dont think about if its fake or not just enjoy it
@theBOBguides Even if they "staged" it, getting a tomahawk to land on an rc car across the map is very difficult and they can't just try every round because you have to have the killstreak
i think its set up, i've never had the whole team run down to the center, a few ALWAYS run down to A or go left inside to B... But dont forget even set up its hard to hit an rcxd crossmap >.<
lol this guy doesnt even geta link in the desc.
@cryropackter You got that right, so dissapointed when i saw the title then this....
Yea i saw the same thing twice it's gotta b set up for sure
@GamingTheatreHD So why do you still upload it, knowing people are going to doubt it and than remove all their comments. (No offense I love your vids)
@elfinlock20 it was the RCXD u can see it on the screen
You guys are bunch of hating fucking faggots give him some credit for killing the whole team by using a tommahawk!! Fucking queers these days cant respect a thing people do, what a shame to Americans !
alot of comments removed im guessing setup but still nice lol
@CheZzNii No... its tomahawk...the RC doesn't just explode by itself
lol its a 6 in one rc car, but still fuckin awesome!
@GamingTheatreHD This was my video, i put it on youtube to begin with = /
ffs, use doll cams, much easier in theater
This was a beast video and cod rocks
that was fucking sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
Thats pretty good but mines better. Check out the best kill ever on my channel
Wait who's Rc-xd did he hit? If it was the enemies it only would have killed the guy with the rc-xd, and if it was friendly it wouldn't have blown it up.
@CheZzNii thats good do u understand me?? just going to se
checkout my zombie challenge video 1. 1st room weapons 2. no sprint 3.beat my goal 4. commentate this if you checked it out or your gonna peace guys ~~KAOS~~
why is everyone saying its fake its not. but even if it was this takes skill to fit same with all his other videos
wait wait wait u no how tht is so fake because if the match just started how is he already goin to have an rc car
hey guys shaggy here aka gunit
That's the sickest thing I've seen for blackops.
Fake they were all looking at the RC when it blew up
this clip is extremely old like two or three days after release
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