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by BFvsGF • 604,349 views

Public Prank - NEW SHIRTS!!! Follow us on Twitter: Facebook:...

So cute Jesse will be very nice to his son or daughter
awww. so cute. pvpeeps on the street saaan!!!
GET MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like if u agree.
Its been nearly 10 yrs or over! No point tbh!
Get married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My friend has that shirt at 2:42
wow been watching since 2012 lr earlyer
I think Jessie would be a good dad
He would i'm sure but i feel like he's scared cause like he doesn't have any idea of what to do Jeana would have to be the one waking up to care for the baby and stuff 
you have enough views to account for ~1/7 of the worlds population... id call that famous
1/7???? both of their channels combined account for approximately 1/7th of the world's population...
you misunderstood me :D
you guys are so cool and funny BTW I LOVE COOKIES TOO!
jesse looks good with a baby girl
Make mor godfather videos dope freshness saan
That's his girlfreind
lol it actually cracked me up when he said," do they jump?" 
Yeahh.. that was my mob..
Elianna is so cute!!!
You seem like a very cool dude with a great wife. Now, what is it you do? Pranks? Where?
i have bin there and philly
When Jesse was play with the baby she was looking at Jenna like is he serious!!
Get married have a kids
I love it when Jesse carries Cute baby Elianna.Elianna is adorable.Make more baby videos.
You guys are such an adorable couple and would make great parents: )
when you say peace on the street you should put up the peace sigh then point at the sun and then bamboo because he is your sun right
I agree Jesse looks cute and caring and loving carrying Elianna.
Crazy. I grew up going to OCNJ and still do every year. I def remember the dollar bill trick. Wonder if it was Jesse. I think I remember you working at Wonderland too. Maybe I'll see yous down there this year.
You are the best godfather the baby ever had and when could you reaveel your tricks
Jesse would be a good dad
Get married!👑👗👚🎩👖👟👠
Jesse: Can I let her go WTF Bro No it's a baby
i like you films jes and i seend you for will
You tow should get married and have a baby
Aww Jesse looked soooo cute with the baby u guys should get married already and have a baby 💕💕💕
I could not hear you I was lagging
Wow Jeana just bought a bootleg toy for alliana
Elianna sismo cute!!!
More godfather videos!!!!!!
Whats jeana favorite song called?
Do they jump REALLY
damn im hungry...
u guys should get married and have a baby
Jeana you are going to be a great mom Jess is going to be a good dad
That's in diary of a wimpy kid dog days
the cat bite it and he put his moth on it
Jesse you look so cute you will be great as a dad
The baby is ear periced
Make more godfather vid saaaan
my baby cousin's name is eliana too
What's the baby's name and take care
Who really dis liked them
Jeana is a bad dancer but a good prankster
The manican looks a lot like u but in a pretty way
i fucking love when jessie acts like scarface
That looks like jeana no offense
1:23 she's like "what is this man talking about"
hey Jesse do you know that if you put the urban dictionary and type dope freshness there will be a video of you
Please tell me what is jeana fav song at 3:10
Anyone know the beat at 2:52 please tell me
Im pretty sure Jeana's favourite song is called Stereo Love
Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina - Stereo Love (Paki & Jaro Remix Radio)
Jessie you and Jenna should get marred and have kids it would look cute seeing you guys with a kid or kids
I thought the model was Jeana
i love watching your video you both are like the greatest couple ever in the world you guy seem so fun :D
lol That's the t shirt shop that the Jersey Shore cast worked
I like your tanktop, Jeana :D <3
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