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Easy Nail Art using Temporary Tattoos!

by cutepolish • 1,521,834 views

An amazing nail art design... all you need are tattoos! i was at the store last week and i saw these temporary tattoos. it got me thinking--- could these transfer onto my nails?! ... this video...

Seal in the desaaaawwwwwiin and add a beautiful shaaaaawwwwyynn
Should the cotton pad be wet? And should we wait for our nails to fully dry first?
Does anyone know where I can get some small, nail sized temporary tattoos? Can't seem too find any in the UK... xxx thanks
check out yvngpearl on etsy! cheap and cute!!
Use white roses to go all president snow style XD
her voice is annoying in this one
i agree tho, you guys shouldnt be so rough commenting on that. I get what Lime green means, i find it annoying too
I love Ur nails . I watch them every day
Which white do you use?
i am gonna use small Hello Kitty tattoos on my nails for Halloween! :)
I actually did this last night and I was very impressed! It came out beautifully! Make sure your nail polish is completely dry before putting on the tattoo and lightly wet a cotton pad to apply the tattoo (and hold it tightly onto the nail so it doesn't slip around). Will definitely do this again, thanks!
Ellery Witman Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
This is so cool!!  And it's perfect for people who can't seem to master those really hard designs you see in other videos.  Please - For me - Try it!!
What happens when it gets on your skin? Does it come off or is it stuck there for a little while?
I just love this idea of using tattoos on your nail instead of skin! I am so going out and buying tattoos for my nails!!!
I love the video. .I'm so going to try it out. .hope it comes out as pretty! !=)
That is so freakn awesome ;0) and easy! Thank you for your wonderful tips ;)
People will think it took you 1 hour!!!
love this!!! now its less work
Do you use water for the tattoo when putting it on?
oh i love cute polish ! my go to place! --- this one is just like nail stickers but nicer! im in love! :) .
I´ve done this but i always end up with the tatto thats close to the tip ripping off. What can I do? 
What brand of white polish do you use?? It always looks so nice and you only have to use two coats. I can't do that with mine. Thank you.
I'm pretty sure she uses opi alpine snow
That is so freakn awesome ;0) and easy! Thank you for your wonderful tips ;)
does you name have to be wet or dry before putting the tattoo
This is utterly incredible. I'm really enjoying watching your videos. You are extremely talented and you should be incredibly proud of your work. Keep the videos coming.
I'm actually pretty bad at painting nails..... but I can definitely do this!
Blue roses! EPIIC! OK, I am DOING this.
Oh my gosb this is awesome I yiu are so talented in all yojr vjdeos k just wish I had longer nails so I could do these! !!
wow never knew you could do that that's cool
And I had to hold it on for 20 sec.
I love it how do you do that
i love this look! i'm soo gonna try it. question: can you use other color backgrounds other than white? if someone already asked, sorry in advance. but cute nails!!
Tried it with difrent tattoos and it worked well thanks for the idea cutepolish and btw love ur videos thanks again
She sounds sooo horny!
This is so creative!!
im obsessed with this channel i am trying to grow my nails out and start a big collection! and i love yoir ideas
That's such a great idea. I love them <3
Absolutely love it!! So easy!
I did this with pony tattoos XD
im going to try this ...its a great idea.. SIMPLE CUTE AND FAST MY TYPE OF MANI :)
Can we use normal tattoos ?
yah, there perfectly fine but if u want to get pricier u can buy tattoos especially for nail ;)  
you make everything look so easy, tell me, how the heck do you do your opposite hand without messing everything all up?
she finishes the whole video in like 2 minutes and then i"m sitting there for 2 hours starting the first nail.. :-/
Wow I never would have thought to use fake temporary tats ....that's so kewl and pretty gonna try this
When I first saw this I had to try it immediately!! However, I cannot find any beautiful smaller temporary tattoos like this. They are either a giant picture, or they are kid related such as princesses or spiderman. Could you tell me where I could find some of these smaller tattoos?? Thanks!
O_O is it bad that im a guy getting excited about using this on my friend?????
That's a great idea ! I have a lot of tattoes I never used at home, some with little hearts that were so pretty on my nails ! Thank you for this idea, I LOVE IT !
That is an amazing idea I sure will try it! Thanks for sharing! =)
that is the smartest thing i have ever seen for professional looking, yet original nails! it's fun to wear all kinds of diy styles, but when going to a wedding, or being in one, hello kitty, or pika is not quite appropriate. This is amazing for any occasion you may need to look more "mature." thank you so much for sharing your ideas, and please keep them coming.
i love this because i am so nail challenged, but it looks beautiful and is sooo easy!!!!
They have them at the dollar stores and pretty ones too like butterflies, flowers and even glittery ones if you like. Hope this helps.
do an aztec pattern nail design!!
you're like the michelle phan of nails...
I'll definitely have to do this for school!
from where did you get these tattoos? :-/
i'v tried it. It was very easy and it looked beautiful :D
love that idea i have so many temp. tattoos that i never used as a kid and this would be great because i love the design on the tattoo but i dont want it on my skin
In her "Perfect Prom Nails" video, she has a red nail color, and she says "pick a color that matches your prom dress" and there is a darker red dress that matches the nail color she uses. So, 1) it is her in the red dress 2)she did them on someone else but it looks like it is her 3) she could have been filming so then it couldn't have been her. I don't know if this helps. Check the video out and tell me what you think!
thumbs up if you cant get it off! i cant be the only one...
You should always apply a base coat before painting your nails. It helps the polish adhere to your nails and protects them from getting damaged or stained :)
I would hesitate puting on that much top coat😜
r u a pro? or r u like an at home teen doing vids? u seem awesome i wish i knew u!
I love ur videos u should do a leo and sitch
ummm really good but it almost seams like you have a accent what state do you live in
thats so awesome would never have thought to use those
Alredy did this, and they are awesooomeeeeeee!! and they come easu with acetone
You make everything work!!! Great job
hey um i love your videos ive been watching them for a week now there amazing
Cutepolish should really show her face!! She is a very good nail artist
Are you kidding me?! This took an hour for me..
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