ArmourDillo cam protector for compound bows

by HEDOGArchery • 6,023 views

Tired of worrying about how you set your compound bow down or where you set it down? If you are like us, at one point I think I had a permanent cam indention in the top of my hunting boots. The...

Test speed difference with and without..then I'm sold
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Great looking product and idea.I have a suggestion for something I'm looking for that I cant find a product for: a limb pocket protector that protects the outside from scratching and taking a beating. When I crawl stalk, my bow it constantly having contact on the top limb joint/pocket and my stabilizer(both joints w/ short one) from being drug around trying to keep a low and steady profile I'm going to purchase a new bow and I cant find anything to help and I don't want unnecessary punishment.
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