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What Most Schools Don't Teach

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Learn about a new "superpower" that isn't being taught in 90% of US schools. Starring Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg,, Chris Bosh, Jack Dorsey, Tony Hsieh, Drew Houston, Gabe Newell, Ruchi... Shared on Google+ · 5 days ago
2 years ago today, was born with this video. It became #1 on +YouTube in 1 day, and it's still pretty great, if you ask us :)  Share this with a friend today. You never know who it might inspire. 
Found this on /r/pcmasterrace Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Exactly 1 year ago, was born with a video that became #1 on +YouTube  in one day. Share this if you think more students should learn the new "superpower" that 90% of US schools don’t teach.
I'm 13 and I learned how to code(Java) at age 12. It's not that hard especially Java. Java is probably one of simplest programming languages out there. It truly is a language. You have grammar and vocabulary. The grammar is the easier part but the vocabulary is kind of unique. You can use your own vocabulary if you create an API or you can somebody else's vocabulary. To study the vocabulary just search up the apidocs for that specific API. That's all you need to know.
+BuildMeASnowmanBiatch Although true that scratch has it's cons, the pros vastly outweigh it when you're a beginner. Basically what I was trying to get at was that for beginners who want to know how to start coding is perfect for them. After that they can can start learning java, c++, etc. Y'all gotta start somewhere fam
This. I own my company (editorial) and I'm pretty proud of that. But, really, if I had to do things differently, I would start all over again and learn to code. I can guarantee you that in today's economy being a skillful programer is a freaking blessing for the gods. The coders have the power, the others watch and pay. Don't be those ones. Learn how to code you will not regret it.  
Congrats on your 2nd Anniversary! ¡Felicidades por su segundo aniversario! #code   #código  
I only came here for Gabe Newell
I came here for Jack Daniels and Muhammad Ali.
Don't fall for it, people. Programming is extremely boring. 99% of all coders will wind up programming database applications, which are true snorefests.
+FreeEd4All The websites that let you create website with a pre-designed template don't let you have complete and full customization of your website. You're right, it's not needed as much as before, but it is needed. Just think about what would happen if every web designer disappeared and no one knew how to make a website and do web design. Things would go downhill fast because the websites that do everything for you will not be there. If our posterity doesn't know anything about it, then there will be no websites.
I believe that gamers should especially learn coding skills. I use logic for AI scripting in AoE2 and Python too edit AI's in Civ 4. Lol
Lord GabeN,Give me me the summer sales.
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Justin Brink Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
I miss my Commodore 64!   I think I did some sort of coding back in the day, shoulda kept it up...Getting back into it with the #hourofcode2014  at #tcisbkk  tomorrow ! 
I loved playing Commodore 64 games! Winter Olympics, Summer Games, Major League.were awesome.  I still remember Load"*", 8, 1 wait a few then type - run.
Just started learning basic on the C64 this month. Really enjoying it so far. Didn't realise that the C64 scene was still so strong. Loads of new games being released :D
Davvy Singh Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Everybody in this World should learn how to program a Computer....Because it teaches you how to think
When I was 10, my teacher put up this video... This video changed my life. I became more inspired to code because you can do great things with computers and this habit is becoming more in the future.  I started out with the basic coding classes, Simple, easy, fun and decided to move on after finishing it. The next level was Simple, easy, and fun.  Then I went to another level. I took 2 classes in 5th Grade, all classes were Python. I decided to become a game developer, until I found out about a mobile app creator.  In 6th Grade (which is now), the beginning of the year, there were another 2 classes opened for computer science. I joined and learned so much. By myself I learned, HTML, CSS, and all the basics. But with classes, I am learning much more such as, Java, Javascript, Objective C, and more.  "Programming is the future." Thank you for this education.
Good for your bro! You will go far with that kind of attitude:) hope you succeed in life, take care dont sway!
my scool teaches coding but so porrly that i dont even try. the teacher does not know a single line of code and most of the time were not even doing code. some times where made turn photos into gifs using a browser and i say that ive had enough i want to write the code that changes the files not click :INPORT and then SAVE.on a pre made program
Bought a domain name and didn't know what to do with it so I'm just gonna use it to learn code starting with html & php.
Lord gaben these people are not worthy enough to be in your precess
Guys there are millions of coders coming from Asia. You can learn how to code but don't make it your primary job!
Very important to point out, but thats a bit defeatist.
Schools thinks about coding and game making as time wasting hobbies :(
Lol i thought Will.Iam was Bill Gates for a second b4 i saw him
lyke dis cumment if yu dink dt skools shud teech cude :'(
What they need to teach is better English
I am 13 and I am learning C++
Good job! Keep up the work man! 
GDG Delta University Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Watch these guys !! #GDG_Delta_University #im_googler_and_proud
Jamie Gustin Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Pulling out the video about the power of coding again.  Coding is "the closest thing we have to a super power."
Wow, I found this video so cool, I always thought coding was quite difficult but these people make it seem like anyone can do it! 
stop focusing o us tho asses
We should provide all students the opportunity to get involved in the computer sciences early on in their education. Teaching them chess would also help them to develop the mental skills  required to face an ever increasing technical world.
Just a comment: C++ is not logical. Apple Basic was logical. Most webpage creation tools are not logical. Netscape Composer was logical. The problem is that the tools used today have become over-thought and made more complicated and as a result cannot be used by the average person. We need a Windows-type revolution in programming.
Why are Richard Stallman & Linus Torvalds not apart of this video?
yo quiero aprender programación,   abuuu  mi hijo sera el mejor programador del mundo Joder lo preparare de pequeño joder.....
i want to be a race car driver but .......................... 
I just went on this video to say to gabe TO RELEASE EPISODE 3
4:02 starting musıc plssss :( 
Great video. I am a teenager who created apps for app store. I started coding when i was 13. It doesn't matter how old you are, when you have a dream, just do it! 
We don't need technology for s&+#. It's not giving us more safety it's taking our freedom technology is not good.
What's the song at 2:15 please??
Sauske, you're interested in programming?
Must be hard to program with only one arm
Sarah ving Shared on Google+ · 4 days ago
2 years ago today, was born with this video. It became #1 on +YouTube in 1 day, and it's still pretty great, if you ask us :)  Share this with a friend today. You never know who it might inspire. 
LOL @ all these pasty nerds thinking coding is some kind of super power. Stop spending all your time behind a computer screen and get a life you fat hambones
Rather than great coders, these people are great entrepreneurs. You just don't create Facebook or Twitter only by coding, it requires ambition, creativity, leadership, team work, insight... Anyway, I'm glad coding is taking more relevance everyday, I wish I was immersed this world of computer science before, 'cause I love coding!
Achint Satsangi Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Programming is an art....a skill...and is fun too! But unfortunately its what most schools (even in India) don't teach in the way it deserves to be taught! Hope that the scenario changes for the better soon...
I know I'll be a programmer, but it's not for everybody. Programming requires lots of thinking, planning, learning, patience, testing, bug fixing, and tea.
What is the office that they work in?
Came for code. Stayed for that office.
Praise The Lord Gaben
There are countless coders with 40 years’ of coding experience that find themselves in the unemployment gutter.  What big business is looking for are young, cheap, and naive coders that are eventually positioned into 24/7 support where the stress turns them into ancient expendable sleep deprived zombies whose unsalvageable careers are inhumanly and prematurely sunsetted. Superpower? Get a grip on reality before reality gets a grip on you.
Espero no proximo ano que a "hora de código" aconteça realmente connosco na Praia. ;)
What kind of programme/code should I learn if I am a beginner?
what type of language do they use to programm like facebook etc? 
HTML for the structure, PHP for the servers, and CSS to make it look pretty.
Didn't know coding was in agriculture.
pingboo Ü Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
"You don't have to be a genius to know how to code, you need to be determined" - Vanessa #Indeed  
Michał Turek Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
To czego większość szkół nie uczy
Took this seriously until I saw
THAMMARAT SANTAD Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Learn about a new "superpower" that isn't being taught in 90% of US schools.  Starring Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg,, Chris Bosh, Jack Dorsey, Tony Hsieh, Drew Houston, Gabe Newell, Ruchi Sanghvi, Elena 
0/10 not enough sweet sweet gaben
Gabe Newell working on new code?! Half Life 3 Confirmed! JK But it already is. And Five Nights at Freddy's might be bought out by Valve.
Crazy Japanese Subtitle
Clyde Castro Shared on Google+ · 4 days ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
Thought this might be a little interesting for introduces the importance of computational thinking. #computational  
I'm currently studying Software Design at Scottsdale Community College in Arizona. In one of my classes on Wednesday we watched this video. Since then, I've been trying to get others interested in coding because this video presents how magical coding is.
There's nothing "magical" about programming. It's all computers.
magical ADJECTIVE "beautiful or delightful in such a way as to seem removed from everyday life" © Oxford University Press This seems like how they presented coding
Natalia Lemoyne Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
A must watch!  We NEED these skills be taught to our students NOW! How can we achieve that in the constraints of standardized testing? Let's change that!
+Matt Hladun  I know right! I am planning to share with admin and teachers too.
Winsome Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Have u seen this?
Our school teaches coding and yes I have done my hour of code
Good. The world needs more coders.
DJGeorge8 Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
Emmanuella Kogda Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
Is 26yo too late to learn to program?
Of course not! You don't hit "too old" for anything into you're in your 50s.
It is never too late to start coding. 
I am 7 and I am learning C#
I'm not understanding... What do we do with this skill?
It really depends on what you need it for, programminh is writing software code and/or utilizing technology to make something easier. Do you have an idea that has not been developed yet that you think will make something easier than what is already out there? Stuff like that.
Writing logic on text to create apps, operating systems, games, api, and so on.
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What Teachers Don't Teach - 23/2/15
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Niềm đam mê máy tính của bạn bắt đầu từ đâu?
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neue coole internationale Sprache ...
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Simplemente increíble
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