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"It's against the rules to be under 13 on Youtube, come back on your 13th birthday." k den *Continues watching video* "If you feel unsafe about something, tell an adult." WAIT, WHAT THE FUCK? ARE YOU FAGGOTS HIGH?!
not ask for our emails  BS
Stay safe on youtube what when you have some 5 year old kid who is like "Omg you have a pony profile picture" or calling bronys gay when most of us are not gay
По закону РФ если съемка велась в общественном месте, то не нужно спрашивать разрешения на публикацию лица (если оно не являлось основным объектом).
3,758 people can not be trusted 
You broke hashiramas trust
"People under the age of 13 are not allowed on the site." And yet, people under 13 still make an account here. "If you aren't 13, come back on your 13th birthday." ...that's tomorrow. "If you see something that isn't safe, tell an adult." Yeah. And by that time you'll be old enough to report it yourself.
they obviously have never seen anyone who is a failtroll before.
we are one, we are strong, no one shall stand in our way. DEATH TO THE GOOGLE+!!!!!!
JOIN THE YOUTUBIAN REBELS! we are one, we are strong, no one shall stand in our way. we shall, continue to upload as we wiiiiiiiish! death to the Google Nazis. Death, To the UTTP, death, to Google, Death, to SOPA. we shall stand untied as one. we are, the YouTubian Rebels.
^^^^^^ !!!!!!!!!!!!
Well I know why I disliked this bullshit, 1. I've gotten a hate speech as YouTube calls it before, me and 4 other people flagged it... same guy swore and insulted everywhere.... nothing happened.......... 2. Another hate speech at me :D I made a reply video (THAT DID NOT INSULT) and it was taken down but his stayed... 3. Copyright, I showed a foot from a chapter of Naruto, A SIMPLE FOOT! And got the vid removed, no reasoning why. 4. This guy kept cry on my Youtube, I blocked him then his Gf attacked me argghhh... all I said was "ugh please no, find a a life :|" then her 600 subs flagged me for that........... they said I was being hateful and violent, WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!? The things they said were more then hateful yet always me, why? I never get a reason either so I can see what I did wrong, I asked one of the Youtube team he refused to tell me, Wtf ? Youtube is a shit, half of the dislikes are probably kids though and thats one thing I agree on with Yotube, ---kids SHOULDN'T BE ON THE INTERNET PERIOD--- 14 is when kids mature properly so I agree strongly, sadly Youtube doesn't do much of a shit about this anyway... now I'm gonna get flamed like hell, oh well.
+AquaInfinity AJ That sort of logic makes entirely no sense. I never said the internet should only be for adults, but for at the least 14 year olds and above, I hardly think that's all that'd be there, the internet is used to learn things, play games (Yes! all ages play games, I bet you didn't know that...) talk with friends etc, order things online etc, etc and you're telling me without any 10 year olds everywhere calling people bitches etc... the internet would be a place for porn etc only?!?! please don't make me laugh, besides that... you can simply lock your Internets so forums and Youtube etc are blocked but "fun" little kiddy games etc still work, thus my point of parents giving 0 shit for there kids is proven.
+ZaichiZ me and you will get along very well...
0:37 "If you receive three strikes, we'' disable your account and it's a violation of the rules to open a new one"  A lie is a lie is a lie.  You said it, the world heard it, the world heard you say, I heard you say it, and I gave you no mind and I did it anyway.  I've received three strikes for my previous You Tube name I had before since like a few years, and I kept getting into fights with morons on here (Go figure)  And I got this name and here I am!  So 0:37 is a lie. It is not true.  First of all, if your account gets disabled and you make a new one, You Tube has absolutely no idea that person is making a new account or their previous history, so that is nonsense all the way. So it is not a violation and you can do it! Like I said, that part of the video is a lie and a lie is a lie is a lie. That's how it is. 
It's not a lie, it's just breaking the rules.
You should really bring back mrepicosts, Like seriously what violation did he even do? YouTube believes false reports and never follow there own community guidelines.  Youtube: Think twice, maybe you should lol. 
I have some problems with this bullshit. 1. You can't report users that are advertising on other channels (spamming) 2. People getting false flags on their accounts or videos 3. Reports being ignored at times 4: Not enough reasons to report someone, I often find myself putting the dot on "Other" and getting the bullshit page every time. 5: This video is full of lies 3. Google. 4. Google+ Fix your shit youtube. Oh, by the way. This video is reported for misleading content. Ex: Youtube will never ask for your email or personal information. Yeah, bullshit.
Y'all can have freedom of speech... As long as you don't post anything bad targeting religion, race, gender etc. What kind of freedom is that?
+kevin989able I want the freedom to say that Islam is an evil religion..
Holy fuck, they lied about what they said at the end... daym, "Remember, this is your community" google no all you did was change it to TheirTube for fucks sake -_-
Notice the upload date: Sep 15, 2009
you have to be 13 yet this video looks like it is designed for 4 year olds on KidsTube. Yes, that is a site.
Oh, ok. So if these are the rules, then why did a channel I used to follow get deleted by NOT VIOLATING the rules explained here? And what about the public opinion? You take down a channel with 350,000 subscribers... that many people ENJOY the content of those videos!! content that didn't include sexist or racist connotations Oh, and screw freedom of speech, right? I mean you guys say we can speak about whatever we want as long as it's not this, that and that or the other thing. Can you people even guess how much pornographic or hurtful content there is on YouTube per total? How much shit there is in some videos? But no, why would you first check that when you can delete a channel that gets you butthurt just because first...
Yeah, follow the rules, follow the guide lines, do a lot of hard work, and then get your  channel banned because some "13" year old flagged it for no reason. And then the "smart" youtube listened to him/her/it. Yes, I try to keep my comments clean, and I think my grandma will agree with me when I say this: Bring back MrEpicOst!
Things u See Are Thing I. Like and IF you still. Day what. Dont Hate.
+Danny Mason Are you for real? You are so fucking cringey!
IS THIS ALLOWED? Okay, Don't immediately flag me at first sight. Let me explain myself a little bit. My parents made the account, and are held liable for it. They get paid the monetization money from it. But I still use it all the time, and upload on it to my leisure. The reason they made the account so then it's legal for me to make videos, and post stuff as long as they approve. They allowed me to use it. I'm not sure if this is allowed. I'm under 13, but I'm just wondering. Don't delete my channel, please, though, since I promise I won't violate any more terms if I already have. In fact, I swear I won't. I've tried to keep my videos for all ages, and many people try to do this too, so I still don't understand the exact reason for this. Please explain it, then I'll explain why this shouldn't be happening. Try to understand I'm only making videos for innocently having fun, laughing at videos. And it's truly inevitable to my mind not being able to use this amazing site.
you tube needs to make random subcribers open to confirmation from the channel that is being subcribed to. the fact someone can just subcribe to your channel is irresponsible,as they end up with a shady picture in your subs and some stupid troll page .even if the channel is blocked you cant get rid of the picture in your subcribers page.
"Keep your comments clean." Wait, so I'm not allowed to swear in the comments? That's a fucking guideline?
lol btw i spammed the comments section on the vid, by writing: we are one, we are strong, no one shall stand in our way. DEATH TO THE GOOGLE+!!!!!!
+7REPTILLIAN7 I aint sellin' you anymore drugs, mate.
I love the YouTube community guidelines. Staying safe on YouTube is very important when it comes to safety. YouTube, thank you for making this video. :)
Why is there 4000 dislikes
"TheIdiotGamer99" I was going to insult you but it looks like you have done it for me...
They have subscribers...well fuck me
GO TO STAYING SAFE ON YOUTUBE POOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Issue reported: Spam or misleading > Misleading text Timestamp selected: 1:43 Additional details: Google+
lol, and now YouTube/Google wants everyone to use their full-names by DEFAULT.
Flagging this video, so autistic it's shocking.
Love all the content great pass time.
if youtube is about the community, give us our old youtube back that we loved and knowed, where everything was easy to access, before the confusing and misleading google "+" took over.
no u can be on youtube if your 8 or 9 or 10
is a violation to open a new one LOL WHO CARES they can't stop ppl
You can see how much Youtube cares by NOT UPDATING THEIR VIDEOS FOR 4 YEARS.
Google bought YouTube a while back, and it's GOOGLE'S fault. Google ruined YouTube with their stupidity. (Among other things...)
My Sisters 6 yrs old and she playes YouTube.
lel 3k dislikes goodjob
you glomming other peoples lives I am only 10 and you broke my heart SafeyCenterVideos these three comments are for you  LIVE CRUSHERS    
Kids shouldn't be on the internet PERIOD.  The reason they chose the age of 13 because it is when most people mature.
stupid is fucking video ever, dont post personal info? REALLY BITCH THEN WHY THE FUCK IS GOOGLE ALWAYS ASKING FOR REAL NAMES FROM GOOGLE Shit +
This video is the best for staying safe on YouTube.
I don't understand why people disliked this video so much :/  ...oh wait....under 13 year olds.....makes sense
Well I'm not too safe I think so I did all my videos private.I did only the my last video one public.Should I continue youtube or not?Your choice.
I got one view on a video that I just posted and it randomly got reported, the video got deleted and I got a warning, there was no bad content.
we are one, we are strong, no one shall stand in our way. DEATH TO THE GOOGLE+!!!!!!
R.I.P Comment System.
God damn it youtube! You used to be cool!
i want porn on youtube 
Bring MrEpicOSTs back please!!
the system is messed up... I get flagged for no reason all the time
this isnt iraq we dont need to stay safe, wen ur on the internet be a man!
Youtube will never ask for your email address, or other account infomation... SEEMS LEGIT
this video is way out of date and needs to be revised.
YouTube, I'd like to thank you for making this video about staying safe on YouTube!
why did u shut down my channel for no reason though
13 years old? Bullcrap!
This is so fucking outdated.
my video got flagged because of inappropriate content WOW this flagging is messed up 
dude be careful bro., MrEpicOSTs channel (Trailer music channel) got terminated for violation yet he didn't even violate any of the community guidelines. It is indeed messed up. Youtube service is dying,.
"Keep your identity a secret by not posting personal information like your phone number or address." Alright, then riddle me this, Google- why do you so aggressively and persistently ask for my personal information?
0:48 What about Fair Use (Fair Dealing in the UK)?
well I am flagging this shit video.
eh this is not where u put all the care into... u PUT ALL THE DAMN CARE IN TO PUSHING THE ADDS BACK WERE THE BELONG!!! not in r videos...
I adheared to all of rules around infrigments and due to it getting flagged under "Community Guidelines" are having to dispute it..... this is contrary to the fact the thing that was banned that i posted about had no copyright issues and was not considered spam, pornography and so on..... soo ANNOYED right now :,(
Thay do ask you for you email wen you sign up
Tom Batkin Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
YouTube is for the Community along with Google+   Remember that this is your community! Each and every user of YouTube and Google+  makes the site what it is, so don't be afraid to poke around and get involved.. 1 Have fun with the site.  2 Let folks know what you think politely and respectfully.  3 You may not like everything you see just move on as there are just a few other videos to watch #YouTube   #community  
Its not our fucking community for fucks sake, there adding stuff we dont want, e.g. forcing us to use Google+, forcing us to use Channel Art, etc. Sir i would rather have facebook that that crap.
''Keep your identity a secret-'' LOL WHAT?! HA! YEAH, OUTDATED MOTHERFUCKER! 
Bring back Mrepicosts
1:27 "Sexual content is not allowed on You Tube"........ Nor is it allowed in Cuba, Malta, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Burma (Now called Myanmar, like it makes a difference!) China, North Korea, Guyana, Botswana, Kenya, Senegal, Somalia, Ethiopia, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Belarus, Ukraine (Sexual content for medical purposes is allowed.) Morocco, Egypt, Palestine, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, The Maldives or Papua New Guinea. Oh and Thailand (Only not allowed to distribute.....)  Lolol. 
Yeah but google is not a country and consequently has the right to decide what content can be on their site
I know I was just demonstrating and joking LOL
you can flag 7 videos at time
Explains why channels can get terminated so easily. lmao
+god thin IKR I got my channel removed for having one! I've got this one now, just waiting for it to get deleted. 
Bullshit there are thousands of fucking five year old on here
I am really unhappy about some of the recommends coming up, specifically recently a video about a male to female transitioning 14 year old.... my problem is not she is accepting herself as a girl early on its that the still used could be considered as promoting paedophilia.... i don't want anything to do with paedophilia present on my mobile or laptop. I have a 21 year old daughter and have always consider child abuse inexcusable!
I adheared to all of rules around infrigments and due to it getting flagged under "Community Guidelines" are having to dispute it..... this is contrary to the fact the thing that was banned that i posted about had no copyright issues and was not considered spam, pornography and so on..... soo ANNOYED right now :,(
Then come on YouTube! the site google fucked up!
how do you even do the grandma test?
Children 10-13 are becoming mature...
I find her voice a little... Annoying..
VIRENDRA SINGH Bisht Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Jay Rapper Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
I watched this video 2 years ago, just over half of the ratings were dislikes, when I watched it now, there are so much more dislikes than before. I can see why.
at I post that I started to cry and I said to myself I NEVER COMEING TO YOU TUBE EVEN WHEN I AM 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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