Sen. Barack Obama on drug policy--Sept. 29, 2007

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Two Nouns for you that all americans, and most of the world despise more than your prime minister...GEORGE BUSH
"the more effective, we are, in reducing, resinnamissements" what's that?
lol yeah man.. i fukin pist off wid this system
I think he hit the nail with his own head! Drugs are a moral individual descision, not a descision that should be made by the majority. The prohibition against alchohol was illegal with the same results as the war on drugs. The war on drugs is illegal, at least to a free society that still believes in the constitution.
i wish our prime minister Gordan Brown thought like this dude. Gordan Brown is the most hated man in the U.K hes fucking our country right up. most of the population can just about afford to feed them self and family! I wish i was born 100 years ago than live through all this bollox our government are dishing out. there is no pleasure left in living here in the u.k the government as fucked it all up by taxing the fuck out of anything that ppl enjoy doing. DOWN WITH BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL what kind of dumb logic is that? I should be able to do WHATEVER I want on my own private property? Does that include gassing jews, raping children and launching ballistic missiles? Homosexuals use the same logic to argue that there's nothing wrong with the shit they do, and it's the most ridiculous flaw of logic I've probably ever heard being argued
If I told you to jump off a cliff would you? No I wouldn't believe you sorry.
You're disillusioned, over 1 million non-violent "drug" offenders are in PRISON because of using marijuana. County jail my ass...
It is sad to say that unless the American people get off their fat Asses and pressure their politicians to legalize cannabis then it will never happen. Right now California is closer then it has ever been to legalizing it completely on November 2nd with most of the population polled at 65% approval for legalization if that does not pass then we are fucked
If he atleast Decriminilzes marijuana it would be a miracle. McCains stance on Marijuana is pathetic, hes even against medical marijuana. There is no excuse for not legalizing/or atleast decriminalizing marijuana, its Safer than alcohol and old fucks will never realize that.. Legalize marijuana or go kill yourself, seriously..
so if u get caught smoking weed will u get arested beacuse he was talking about dealers. not about smokerrs.. ??????
right on man (nice profile name too lol)!!!! but honestly i dont think that any legilizations of anything would happen anytime soon, but i think that it would be very smart to legalize weed. and i think he would agree the problem isnt gonna be solved by arresting the drug trafficers but it CAN be solved by looking to the people who need the drugs and HELPING them!!! i mean to help out all of our addicts independently!!
but you sound like a fool. i am much less likely to listen to a fool
this is a person of much wisdom. agree with you 100%
Cmon Obama, legalize it and tax the SHIT out of it! Save the American economy and stop the unfair treatment of the harmless victims merely enjoying a harmless herb. PEACE!
lol that's a good idea for a storyline of some sort
Maybe if you didn't smoke so much weed, you'd pay attention in school and know how to spell.
If America was truly free you could walk down the street and smoke a joint.
so we are practicly hostage with trades and shit? well wouldn't it suck for the US too if we would close the trade between them
The need for the ak47's is because it's illegal stupid. Most violent crime is caused by alcohol!People have a right to defend themselves against the cowards and sociopaths of the DEA and their para military raids which are reminiscent of Nazi Germany.
@stethoscanomaly You are right sir, Obama is merely a front for the conservative agenda. Obama started out in support of reforming our ludicrous drug policy. Unfortunately he seems to have changed his mind. I can understand why universal health care got canned due to the covetous nature of the rich and of course the state of our economy. Having said that, lets hope for a. legalization of marriage between homosexuals, b. end of this "drug war." If these things happen the economy will improve.
i love this guy ,i think he'll be your best president
I have had 2 possession of marijuana charges in the last year so I'm facing a 6 month jail sentence. Do you really want you're tax dollars being spent on imprisoning people like me who aren't a threat to society? Obama '08!
If you legalize drugs thier will still be violence. Organized crime black markets medical drugs, alcohol, and tabacco. The same will happen with "street drugs". I work as a paramedic I see all angles of drug use ( including alcohol). Personal freedom is checked when one's habit jepordizes the many. Personal freedom also means personal responsibilty.
I agree. Running a stop sign might actually cause someone else bodily harm if they were to get in a wreck. Whereas someone sitting on their couch smoking pot hurts no one but themselves (less harm than the fat ass slurping down bigmacs daily who develops heart disease- the # one killer of Americans). Which is the greater crime? hmmmmmm Oh and I happen to be facing 15 years for growing a plant in the privacy of my own home but yet I've never run stop signs.
Like you speak from the crack of your ass you dumbshit. How in the hell can you be smart on drugs. Your about a big a loser as the dumbass Obama. Yea you cash023tube.
you forgot the part it can make you feel good :P run for senate please?
this guy talks alot of sense i live in england and wanted him to be president but now i want him to prime minister because this country is a complete load of shit i hate the politisons becuase they only talk for themselfs they are to weakon every issue
da hell? a drug addict is an addict from birth, people don't progress through drugs because of weed influence, they progess because their searching for a high that weed doesn't give u
finally someone who understands in fact there is x10 way more money in the illegalized pot market but if done correctly there could be money in leggalization of pot i would never want to see people smoking it in public but in your own presance away from your kids should be ok i also do not not believe it should be legal to smoke and drive just like alchohol if your responsiple than why not its better for you than drinking
This is completely ridiculous. Is there any reason why, if marijuana was legal, marijuana farming would lead to any more violence than tobacco farming?
wihtout us, the states would loose money, and without the states we would loose money. so i seriously doubt the states would ever even ry to cut f trade, but thet's what they use as a threat if we don't obey THEIR laws in OUR country
I agree that legalization would be a great idea but I don't think that rational argument is going to work unfortunately. The reason I say this is because there is very little logic in the War on Drugs. Its largely a result of fear left over from the moral panics created by Harry Anslinger in the 20's and 30's in which Marijuana was demonized in the public's eye. As illogical and invalid as the claims are, they still linger on, such as the gateway drug myth.
Obama understands that NOTHING is simple in this world, including the war on drugs. What a man!
Tabacco 'n alcohol kill more and they're legal; if all were legal, it'd all rely on the individual's own self-education and responsibility; it'd lead to an empowering of the individual - and a lot of morons would be wiped out.
that's our major problem, the reson pot is illegal hee in canada, is because it's illegal in the sates. back in the early 2000's canada was on the brink of legalization we were almost there, ther were stores selling seeds, and even a couple selling pot. near-legaly, taxing it and supplying the government with loads of tax dollars. but the states got mad, adn fought with U.S agencys to control canada's laws.
hell yeah this is total common sense stuff
vary, VARY, well said. I never thought of it like that, thanks
On his decisions of decriminalizing marijuana... if you follow him you would know. He says one day he will do it. Then the next day... he says you should be punished for it.
everything Obama said in this speech was correct...do you not agree that locking 18 year olds up for 8 years on drug offenses will make them career criminals???
If you knew what to be truly free meant you wouldn't say that. To have freedom you must give up certain freedoms. You can just as well say you should be able to steal a car or hurt someone. Now i'm not saying we shouldn't be able to walk down the street and smoke a joint. in fact I'm able to where i live, in California you can go to the doctor and receive a medical license for marijuana. Obama has some work to do he probably won't last another term... and for God sake's his name is a 'typo'!
Obama we nominate Dr. Nadelmann, for Drug Zar. Makes sense America, that we beging to make sense.
man if Americans legalize Marijuana before Canada im gonna be piss haha and a little disapointed in Canada...
Anyone who supports the drug war is hopelessly immoral
If you buy drugs you are buying violence. Drug dealers at all levels are supporters of violence. Look at the boarders. Pot growers in America booby trap fields.
Who got us involved in WWI, thats right, democrats. Who got us involved in WWII and drop 2 atomic bombs on 100's of 1,000's of inocent people, its ok, we all know, democrats. Who sent us to Viet Nam, you can say it, democrats. Who is going to send your children to Soviet Georiga possibly start WWIII,,, NOW you got it,,, this quiff. PAUL / BALDWIN '08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please explain to me why people dont die from marijauna. if you use filters and stuff its healthier than smoking cigarettes. sit on that for awhile if anything maybe cigarettes should be put on a list of drugs they kill a hell of a lot more people than marijuana ever will..
I don't think that would be necessary. Although weed isn't addictive to the extent that tobacco is, it is still habit forming in the same ways that big sellers like fast food and energy drinks are. Essentially, the "high" alone would make a lot of people want to but it on a regular basis.
i dont understand, are you saying obama actually supports just locking more people up to lower crime rates, or that he supports something else entirely? or are you saying he makes good points here but really doesn't know anything, or that he makes bad points here and doesn't know anything? i just dont know what you're trying to say about obama, you seem to know a lot more about him than i do. do you know him in person?
Dude what he means is the cops will do what they SHOULD be doing which is do patrols. Maybe just more often. In some areas I'm sure that alot of cops just sit in speed traps and pull people over. Or wait for a 911 call. He didn't mean Climate of cooperation in that way. I agree with you on how to end the drug war.
decriminalizing marijuana is at least a step in the right direction after a 70 year witchhunt on drugs.
yeah i bet he still does that cough in the beginning was very suspicious
I really dont know who to vote for. If Ron Paul was still running, i'd vote his ass in several times over.
In Holland Marawana (Canabis) is legal and u dont see alot of dirtys there once its alowed and normal then its just a normal thing like smoking tabaco in a bar (wich isnt alowed any more buit back then) but im not saying all Dutch people smoke weed im just saying once its there its a normal thing and that doesn't mean that everyone is going to be a Drugadict in 10 years just smarten up people and know dont think i take drugs cause i dont and probably never will.....
I'm facing 15 years for growing marijuana in the privacy of my own home and I never hurt anyone. I've never even been in a fight.
H elps E very M ajor P roblem
flip flopped on what? i think you'd be surprised by how much McCain campaign propaganda has effected your judgment.
he thinks differently from other presidents
what a fucking lying piece of shit, just like Bush, just like those before him. drug arrests have INCREASED since obama took office. Also, busts of medical marijuana care centers have DOUBLED since he took office. Obama is Bush wearing a progressive facade. vote ron paul or gary johnson, get this lying asshole out of office.
i know man. thats what i just said. it doesnt have the chemicals and shit cigarettes have.
that alone is enough for my vote!!! OBAMA 08!!
It's change or stagnation that you're voting for.
I agree with him... marijuana should be legal... BUT obama will never decriminalize or help us in any way... he has flip floped his mind so many times... and his current view is to make it illigal... he justs sends out a mixed messege so people will vote for him. But he his a better choice. Mccain is worse when it comes to marijuana. Obama... he has hope, but mcCain simply SUCKS.
What a stupid comment. Freedom is not about giving people the right to do anything they want -- what you see as a right might be a restriction to another person. For example we do not have the freedom to murder -- if we did that would be against the freedom of other people. Much like peddling drugs and being in an intoxicated state of mind directly and indirectly harms others and takes away their freedom.
Perhaps your saying if I were truly free I'd be free from "drug addiction". I'm not a puritan or straight edge, nor am I some hippy who needs to smoke constantly. Sure, there is much more to life than pot, but it's should be my right to partake if I so choose. Besides, because of the racism and demonization that were involved in making it illigal, I believe that it is an injustice for it to be illigal, therefore I feel it is my duty as an American to point out this injustice. Have a nice 'J'.
Obama nailed this topic right on the head for the most part. The cycle of crime and drugs gets out of control once the person's been to jail: their chances of getting pulled back into that life go up because of having less opportunities and more problems. What he still doesn't get (or refuses to say yet) is that the drugs themselves are not the problem. He knows the system is not set up right, but he still needs to acknowledge that legalization/regulation would lead to the best outcome.
CO2 does not "corrode away" the ozone. CO2 has nothing to do with the ozone layer. CO2 is a greenhouse gas which acts like an insulator and holds heat in our atmosphere. CO2 makes it harder for our planet to radiate heat outward. You are right however that smoking does not do much to raise CO2 levels. You'd have to smoke pounds of pot or tobacco daily to equal the amount that a car makes in a year.
U have a fucked up family stew4lunch
but he didn't say it was a first step. I doubt a person like barack obama would trust citizens with stronger drugs.
all in all...we NEED change, not just the states, or canada. but the wrold. I challenge anyone, anyone to give me a good reasonable reson against decriminilization/legalization of marijuana
it's crazy to think that both aren't in on it. Either way the people lose, but thinking they have to vote for one of the two when there are 4 other candidates running whose beliefs are more in line with them than the corporate candidates.
so the US is controling some of the Canadian laws? who was dumb enought to let them take charge?
The fact that there is such a booming black market caused by the illegal nature of marijuana is appalling. It is not acceptable to wage war over drug distribution territory and this could very easily be remedied by legalizing, regulating, and subsidizing cannabis and cannabis horticulture.
I am completely a republican but I believe his drug policies are correct for the most part. Cannabis needs to be legalized. It is ridiculous that we're wasting billions of dollars a year enforcing these outdated cannabis laws.
hes such a brilliant man. we gotta get him in the white house.
this ia a world issue not only for america,i smoke weed but i think he is right
How many people really know the story.? Obama is a dissident terrorist; and this is not to say that he no longer has any affiliation. 911 was a beginning step in many options to his campaign if he succeeds the white house. (Look @ the bigger picture) Forget comparing the two candidates. Obama was not born in US; a pre-requisite to run for the presidency. A year ago this was said to me by someone, who of course I didn't believe and left them for NuTTy.! (I was more for Obama then) Not now.!
fuk them people clapping! ur making him say what u want to hear u dick heads! now look at him! what is he doing now? hes a puppet cant u see hes getting orders from the higher power. he dont decide what should be done, its the men behind the government lol let them make more laws and make life more stressful
The WAR on drugs has failed. I dont really favor either candidate. :(
get off your ass and do it dude!CHANGE!
He damn well better do something about it fast. Our country is fallin apart and our tax dollars are paying cops $100K plus salaries for this drug war BS
I agree with whiteandrightuknow.....Oh man look at kids these days they are so into drugs that they would vote for Obama FOR THAT REASON. And gives thumbs down on comments that are in opposition. Bunch of weed-high dumbasses laying around in the street, or some heroine or crack heads trying to rape your mother. Or shoot you in the street.
You should protect your children from doctors pushing drugs(I mean pharmaceutics).
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