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Think Skateboards - Business As Usual

by ThrasherMagazine • 455,313 views

Don't call it a comeback, but Think skateboards is looking better than ever. If San Francisco street skating is worth its weight in gold, feast your eyes upon a fortune. Enjoy. Soundtrack - Intro -...

Lee Yankou is the fucking truth
The Think Skateboards team needs to re-"think" their whole lives, because if you're on Think Skateboards you've made a series of horrible decisions and will forever live a life of misery. Fuck Think, although my boy Eddie had a Think board once. He's crazy. 
2 years after and i continue to say that this is an amazing masterpiece, shows how skateboarding and art walk together. Solid skate, awesome music. Perfect video.
Lee Yankou definetly deserved the last part
This really takes me back to the days when me and my buddies skated trying to out do each other on spots back home before I joined the military. Love this video!!!
One of my favourites for sure
Like all the SF parts
I can watch it over and over again. It just has a back home skating feel to it. And Cody Mcentire has the best part
Anyone know what year this is from? 
Cody mcentiyre is my favorite skater on think.
+josh luck i know, my blind skateboard has a flat tail because of like one day of skating
Blind's dope as fuck. They got a kick ass team to.
had a couple think boards, never seen any of their videos, it was tight, digging the vintage look! come watch vhs skate edits on my page for a similar look!
When I get health insurance, I want to start skating again. This video has got me stoked.
Adrian Williams putting it down for Alaska
When I get health insurance, I want to start skating again. This video has got me stoked.
name of the songs in the part of josh matthews
Soundtrack is in the description...
a lot of the footage is in Portugal
Nice.... All natural, not a goofball between them...
this is sick loved it!
anybody know where the spot is @ 8:26
lee yankou went the hamest
i love this video. the music, the city, just peffect
Josh Matthews song? Anyone know it?
Other Side by Family Portrait
Fuenzalida always skates the sickest spots. Love his parts.
Why the fuck does this not have more views? Adrian williams and cody mac best parts i have seen ever
cody mcentire reminds me of actor edward furlong. yknow, john connor 80s terminator?
This Must Be The Best Video I've Ever Seen.
Its blocked from copy right issues.. I can't view it :(
could someone tell me how think skateboards are cause I'm really interested for a board.
It's a skate video, they're supposed to be that long....
Whats the name of the first song?
They really should have tried selling this online via berrics, itunes, or whatever. I would have happily spent money on this one. It's one of the best videos of 2012. It has full and dope parts from everyone (with the exception of Reeves and Bachinsky, who are still amazing).
This video is too damn good to be free. Everyone had an amazing part.
adrian williams switch tre over the strret gap is the best trick in the video
Does anyone know how old this is?
true story; it kind of reminds me of the "Physics, Dream Reality" video
oh look at you big shot skating for 5 years.. when you actually know anything about skateboarding open your mouth. Till then shut and sit down. "POSER"
tight! cody mccentire always killin killin it!
Anyone else thinks Cody Mcentire looks like Daryl Dixon?
Get hyped for Josh Matthews part in the upcoming Transworld Perpetual Motion video! He is so sick!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you a faggot ive been skating 13 years search Ben Narloch - Minnesota Militia and youll see that ur the poser
I would have never thought to do a caballerial on a curb like that. 14:47
it was ok there wassnt much i couldnt do myself!
think has such a rad team, this video is legendary.
I think that after this it's safe to say Think has one of the better teams around right now.. All rippers.
I called Lee out last night for being in a disney show hahaha fuck yeah dawg!
the only time I'm ok with HD is when it's porn haha
Just a tip. Keep away from the cinema. the movies there are easily three times as long. just saying.
I can't help but to comment again as to how great this is. I love the actual film used. It's a breath of fresh air to know that skateboarders haven't been fully sucked in to this whole HD, commercial post-modern technological bs aesthetic. Aside from that, the music was also exceptional.
Is Cody Mcentire off Think? His decks arent on the website anymore, and he's not on the team page anymore either... anybody know whats up?
Fuck yeaaaaa wellington represent!! miss that place so many skate spots and chill as locals <3
i always read the description with Phelps´s voice
thumbs up if you own a pair of brown slacks
is this video in stores? I need to go buy it to support these guys more, this video is so amazing skate wise. I have so much respect for them. In addition, they probably filmed a majority of this video in sessions less than 15 minutes due to skating in San Fran trying not to get kicked out, so they must have gotten then tricks fast, in a rush, yet this video turned out amazing. The parts were mind blowing as well.
Swith big flip bs grind? Common Russ Miligan...
This had 0 dislikes when I first saw it... I love this video and soundtrack.
even though it isnt this video seems wicked east coast
Im not sure if they're still doing it but with the purchase of any Think deck off their website it comes with a free DVD of the video
Lee yankou, cody mcentire go hard.
hahahah if youve been skating 5 years an dont even know how to appreciate a skate video this good then your retarded
HAHAHA bro I stayed like 7 mins with a joint in my mouth without givin it fya just stuck dumb watching this masterpiece. it was awesome.
was murdering 3 up 3 down a requirement to get a part in this vid?
i heard danny fuenzalida had a smoking contest with his friend and he got so high that he turned green and his nose started bleeding hahaha
26 min of some of the best and gnarliest skating ever. Segment it if you have to pussy this shits worth the time.
Every trick in Josh Matthews part was seriously perfect.
Grande Danny Fuenzalida, siga pidiéndole.
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